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Battle Flow

Battle Flow
1. Come in contact with the enemy to trigger a fight.
2. Fight the enemy within a confined area, in which you will be able to move freely around in.
3. Receive experience points and items after the battle.

Battle Basics
There are three basic moves you do in battle. Remembering these three basic moves and how they work will be the key to mastering Star Ocean's unique battle system.

Minor Attacks
Are fast attacks that are used to stop an enemy from using a major attack. You can tell when an enemy is using a major attack if a purple trail is following them.

Major Attacks
Are slow and powerful attacks that are used to damage an opponent who is standing still and guarding.

Will deflect a minor attack, stunning or damaging the opponent who used the attack.

Battle Controls
Minor attack-Press the (x) button to execute a minor attack on the enemy.
Major attack-Press the (o) button to execute a major attack on the enemy.
Guard-It is activated when your fury is at 100% and you are standing still.
Battle Skills-Hold down the (x) or (o) button to execute the battle skill that you assigned to that button.
Move-To move the character use the left analog stick or the directional buttons.
Open the Camp Menu-To open the camp menu press the (triangle) button.
Switch Targets-To manual switch targets press the (square) button.
Sidestep-Use the left analog + the L2 button or the direction buttons.
Switch Characters-To switch characters press either R1 or L1.
Toggle Auto or Manual battle mode-To switch between the two just press the R2 button.

Things You Should Know
After using an item, magic, or battle skill you will be vunerable to an attack for a second or two.
There is a wait time for spells, the time depending on the spell you use.
If either your HP or MP reaches zero your character becomes incapaciated.

A battle trophy is a certain condition that you must perform during battle to collect the trophy. Completing the condition will add the date and time of the completion to the list of all completed trophies. To view them simply go to the main menu and choose battle trophies. In order to collect these trophies you must create the data at the battle simulator at the beginning of the game. Starting a new game and loading the same battle trophies data will allow you keep all of the stats from your last game. Here are the following things you can unlock for completing a certain percentage of battle trophies.

15%(45 Trophies):Allows the use of each player's 2P costume.
25%(75 Trophies):Allows the use of the Universe difficulty mode.
40%(120 Trophies):Allows the use of each player's 3P costume.
55%(165 Trophies):Allows the use of music test.
65%(195 Trophies):Allows the use of 4D difficulty mode.
80%(240 Trophies):Allows the use of each player's 4P costume.
95%(285 Trophies):Allows the use of Full Active Mode.

Bonus Battles

The gauge on the right of the screen is called the bonus battle gauge. When the gauge is filled you will enter a bonus battle. Winning bonus battles result in rewards to futher boost your experience points or the amount of Fol acquired. It can also allow you to heal more HP and MP.

How the bonus battle gauge works:
1.Attack enemies to charge up the gauge.
2.Fill the up the gauge completely.
3.Enter bonus battle mode.
4.Defeat all enemies with bonus battle still activated.
5.Receive bonuses.

Your battle gauge will break if:
1.Your character takes a critical hit.
2.Your character is killed.
3.Your party escapes from battle.
4.You reset the game.

Fighting Mode is a mode where can fight against your party members, to unlock fighting mode you must do the following things.
1.Explore the Aquatic Garden of Surferio.
2.Obtain the Paracelsus's Table at the end of the dungeon.
3.Show the treasure to Craftsman's Guild in Peterny.
4.Go to Peterny and choose to go to the fighting arena.

Setting up Fighting Mode
In fighting mode you can choose from four different fighting formats. You can also choose any of the playable characters, certain ones will have to be unlocked.

Select a Time Limt
You can choose from three different time limits: 90 seconds, 180 seconds, or unlimited. You must select
the time limit before the fighting format otherwiste you will get the default time of 180 seconds.

Select a Fighting Format
In fighting mode you can choose from four different formats: 1P vs CPU, 1P vs 2P, 1P vs CPU vs CPU, 1P vs 2P vs CPU.

Select a Character
1.Select the character you would like to fight with.
2.Select which color twin you wish to use.
3.Select which type of skill set you wish to use.

Select a Stage
You can only choose a stage if you have visited that area in the game. Stages that have not been unlocked will be displayed as ????.

The Match
The match will go on until either you or your opponent is defeated, or time runs out. If time runs out the match is considered a draw. You will return to the character screen after the battle.



This is where you can select battle tactics for your AI characters, switch party members, and change the starting battle formation.

Tactics-Setting a Battle Plan
To set a battle plan for your character, select the character bring up another menu. A menu with six tactics will appear. Select which one you want and when you are in battle the AI character will execute actions based on the plan you set.

Replace-Replace Battle Participants
This is where you can switch party members who will participate in battle. To replace party members select the character you want to take out and then select the character you wish to replace the character with.

Formation-Determine Battle Formation and Leader
This is where you can change who you want to control when the battle starts and what formation the party starts in. There are ten formations to choose from, select the one you what and your party will start in that position. To select a leader press the (triangle) button to bring up a menu and then select which member will be your leader.


Line-Vertical Line.
Loose Line-Widely spaced vertical line.
Forward Line-Aggresive formation near enemy.
Triangle-Triangular formation.
Inverted Triangle-Inverted triangular formation.
Escape-Formation for making a quick escape.
Spear-One brave hero out front.
Guard-Aggressive formation protecting back.
Right Flank-Protects right flank.
Left Flank-Protects left flank.


Tactical Skills and Status Skills are special skills that are used as support skills. Although they are not used directly on an enemy, they can greatly influence the outcome of the battle. Tactical Skills are effective, but exert a large amount of Fury and HP/MP. So save your Tactical Skills for when you face bosses or tough opponents.

There are four different types of Status Skills which you can distribute your SP to level up the skill.
HP:Increase the max HP, Amount increases with Level
MP:Increase the max MP, Amount increases with Level
Attack:Increases effectiveness of attacks
Defense:Increases ability to evade enemy attacks

Here is a list of all the available Tactical Skills

Skill Name Item Name Location
"Standard" AAA Beat-Up Textbook Makafy (Dropped)
"Ring Wave" AAA Dilapidated Textbook Sphere 211, 211F
"Homing" AAA Neglected Textbook Kirlsa Training Facility
"2-Way" AAA Shabby Textbook Shrine of Kaddan
Combat Training Decayed Tome Item Creation - Writing
Convert Damage Tattered Tome Item Creation - Writing
Cure Condition Deteriorating Tome Item Creation - Writing
Berserk N/A Level Up
Scan Enemy N/A Level Up
Taunt N/A Level Up

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