Auron's Sweet 666

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  Star Ocean Tiill the end of Time

The Walkthrough

Grantier Resort Hotel
Items: Shake

Take time to explore the surroundings with Sophia and take part in a whole lot of Private Actions. If you bring up the map screen, you'll notice a series of triangles. These are open doors. Green arrows indicate a store, while blue arrows indicate a place to heal. To go to the main lobby, take any of the transporters found at either end of the hallway. In the main lounge, you can find a Shake by searching the food replicators with the X Button. The transporter on the east side of the lounge takes you back to your hotel room. The transporter on the west side takes you to the private beach.

When you are ready to advance the story, go meet Peppita and the Rossetti's on the northeast side of the lobby. She'll give you a nice autograph on your shirt and the Rosetti Performance Ticket. Then, head to the center of the lobby and Examine a console near a Game Room.

In the Battle Simulator

A Battle Trophy is something that proves you have satisfied certain conditions in battle (plus they unlock bonus features). You must initialize the Battle Trophies at this point! If you don't, you won't be able to earn any for the entire game. Select Battle Trophies, then Start Initialization when prompted in the Simulator.

The Battle Simulator is a glorified tutorial. You can go through all of the tutorials, or just read our section on Basics. Use your time in the Simulator to practice and learn the controls. Don't worry if you lose, you'll simply exit the Game Room. You can win up to three times before you will be forced to leave.

The resort is suddenly under attack. At this point, all Transporters will bring you to the Evacuation Terminal. Go to a Transporter. Once through, you'll be greeted with your first real fight. Three groups of Incapacitator VASS will attack you. Sophia will help out in the first battle, then Peppita will add her services in the second and third. You should have no trouble defeating these enemies by simply hitting attack repeatedly.

Evacuation Facility
Items: None

Head to Room 509 (the room numbers are on the doors) to check in with the Rossetti's. If you need to heal, you can go to Room 502 where a man will heal you with Symbology. Next, go to Room 506 to watch a scene with Sophia. After Sophia falls asleep, you can save the game and explore more, though there isn't much to see. Follow Sophia's example and get some rest by Examining a bed. When you awake, head around the corner to a Tansporter Room. Proceed down the hallway to initiate the next cut scene.

Transport Ship Helre
Items: None
After watching the cut scene, you must talk to every person that you can in the Hallway and the Lounge (17 of them). When you have done this, return to the Lounge and the next event will begin.
Escape! - But the way to the pods is blocked. Run up the Corridor. Go to the Bridge to talk to the Captain. Next, head back down to the Corridor and go to the Escape Pod.

Vanguard III

Pesotto Forest
Map Complete: 1/144th Scale Bunny
Items: None

You can heal your wounds at the Spaceship. The only monsters you'll run across here are Noblemen and Young Slimes. They're real easy, so just pound on them.

See that Percentage Marker next to the words Pesotto Forest on your screen? That is how much of the map you have uncovered by exploring. To uncover it all, you have to hug all of the edges (inner and outer) of the trails. Uncover it all for a Bunny Statue that gives your party a movement boost! You won't be able to complete this until a little later, so head to the northeast to get to Whipple Village (the northwestern side has guards blocking a path, so you have no other choice).

Whipple Village
Items: Blueberries, Aquaberries, 600 Fol, Blackberries (x2)
Must have item locations: 600 Fol - Across the road from the general store.

Your Simple Sword has been taken away. To get it back, talk to the Village Chief in the house directly above Niklas and Meena's house, Then return to Niklas and Meena's house.

There is a place to heal your character at the northern end of the village (check your mini map for a blue triangle). On the western side of the village is the Manybloom General Store. It is a good idea to stock up on Blueberries and buy the Ring Mail armor. Come back to these areas to restock and restore your character any time you are getting weak.

Your new quest requires you to go back to the Pod and synthesize a part for Meena. With your sword, head back out. Head back down to the Escape Pod to find it has been tampered with, then back to the village to Niklas and Meena's house. After the events occur, the folks blocking the path to the northwest in Pesotto Forest are gone. It is now possible to 100% explore that map without them blocking you. You get rewarded with a 1/144 Scale Bunny that gives your party +5% Movement Rate.

Go through the previously blocked path on the northwest side of the map to the Ruins of Coffir.


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Ruins of Coffir
Map Complete: 1/60 Scale Bunny (not possible yet)
Items: Blackberries (x3), Fresh Sage, Cooking Ingredients (x2), Blueberries (x3), Aquaberries (x3), 200 Fol, Ripe Berries

The main enemies you'll face in this area are Thieving Scumbags, Noblemen, and Shriekers. Scumbags and Noblemen are easily defeated by simply pressing the Minor Attack Button repeatedly. The Shriekers can cause MP damage and also can poison you. Carry Aquaberries with you to cure the poison inflicted by them. Also, watch out for being MP killed (you will die if your MP goes to zero).

You can't explore 100% of this area yet. Later on in the game, you'll get the Ring of Disintegration that enables you to destroy rocks blocking your path. It is still worth it to explore this area. The monsters are still fairly simple, meaning you can level your character up for the first big battle that is in the near future.

While exploring the ruins, pay attention to the walls. You should come across 3 numbers written on the walls. Remember them, as you'll need them later. To find all of the items, you'll need to rotate the camera using the R1 and L1 Buttons.

Your goal on this map, is the far northern edge. From the beginning, go to the north several times, then east, and north to the top of the map. You'll know you are in the right area when you run into Norton's Henchmen. These guys guard the entrance to Norton's Hideout. Boss Battle: Norton's Henchmen
Prize: Beat-up Textbook
Tactics: Use a combination of Major and Minor Attacks to take them out. They won't be a problem if you have been fighting monsters instead of avoiding them. If you have not leveled up more than once, you will have difficulties, so go back and fight more enemies. Try getting some practice in with the new Skills you have learned.

Norton's Hideout
Items: Jewel of Refuge, Fresh Sage

The room south of the entrance hallway contains both items. Keep heading south until you reach a fork in the road. Go to the west here (the east is a locked door) to a room with a Save Point.

Search the computer and you'll be asked for a 3 digit password. Remember those numbers on the wall? If you didn't bother or couldn't find them, the numbers are 2-5-6. Enter them, and the eastern door in the hideout will open. Go east to that door.

Boss Battle: Norton
Prize: Decrepit Tome
Battle Trophies: 79, 80
Tactics: Cliff Fittir will help you on this battle. Use him! It's easy to obtain a Battle Trophy by beating Norton in under 30 seconds. Attack just after Cliff breaks Norton's Anti Attack Aura, and the battle is a piece of cake. Norton attacks with a laser that he fires everywhere. Get ready to dodge when it tells you Norton is going to begin his Shooting Spree attack and you can get a trophy for taking no damage in this battle. If you're having problems, you can always run around the outside of the map while Cliff does the heavy work.

After beating Norton, Cliff joins your party. Head back west to the save room. Here, Fayt will collect the parts to Meena's music box. When you have them, leave the hideout and Cliff will blow the Hideout up. Go back to Whipple Village to fix Meena's music box.

Before leaving Whipple, talk to the Village Chief one more time. He'll give you the Medecentra Pyroxene (an accessory) as a reward for your good deeds.

When you are ready to leave Vanguard III, go back towards where your Escape Pod crashed. There is a cliff near the Save Point. Walk towards it and Cliff will call for a ship to pick the two of you up.

Elicoor II
After you've crashed, talk to Mirage and Cliff several times to advance the story.

To get out of your cell, you must agree to help Nel. She'll let you out and join your party just in time to face a battle.
Boss Battle: The Inquisitor
Prize: None
Tactics: Now that you have a full party, it is a good idea to configure your auto-controlled characters. Set them to tactics that reflect their strengths. Cliff and Fayt are melee fighters, while Nel uses a mix of attacks and Symbology. In the battle, you'll face an Airyglyph Soldier and the Inquisitor. Try to take out the soldier first so that your party can team up on the stronger Inquisitor.

Airyglyph Aqueducts
Map Complete: 1/60 Scale Bunny (not possible yet)
Items: Blueberries, Worm Eaten Tome, Fresh Sage, Warrior's Bracelet, Blueberries, Ring Mail
Must have item locations: Warrior's Bracelet and Ring Mail - From the initial Save Point, head east and then south. In this room, leave to the southwest to find the Ring Mail or go south to find the Warrior's Bracelet.

You are first placed in a room that has a Healing Spot right next to the Save Point. This, and other places like it in the game, is a great place to level up your characters. Every time you leave a room, the enemies return. Simply fight enemies until your health is low, then return to gather your health and save.

There are many places that look like they are blocked, but in fact are archways made out of ice. If you are confused about where to go, try walking towards ice barriers in rooms to see if you can get through. Your goal is to make it to the east, and then north.

Eventually, you'll run into solid ice that looks like a slide. Don't go down if you're not ready, as you cannot make it back up the first slide you go down. Make sure you hug the walls (keep running towards the north) when sliding, or else you'll ram into the wall at the bottom. If this happens, it will place you back at the top. You can walk along the edges if you want to go back up the second slide. There is a box with Blueberries in between the two ice slides.

At the base of the second ice slide, you'll notice a Save Point. Make sure you use it before going through to the next room.
Boss Battle: Giant Crab
Prize: None
Battle Trophies: 81, 82
Tactics: The only thing to watch out for on this boss is being frozen. If you get frozen, you can be killed in one hit. The crab is vulnerable to the Fire Element, so Nel's Fireball attack is useful.

Once the Giant Crab is defeated, you'll need to walk across thin ice. Hold down the O Button to walk. If you run, you'll crack through and be brought back to the beginning of the room.

Royal City of Airyglyph
Items: Blueberries(x4), Blackberries (x2), 2000 Fol, Cooking Ingredients (x3), Perfect Berries (x2), Compounding Elixirs(x2), Ripe Berries (x3) , Aquaberries|
Items in Airyglyph Castle: Compounding Elixir, Blueberries, Jewel of Avarice, Synthesis Materials, Smithery Materials, 1100 Fol, Magical Berries
Must have item locations:

  • Perfect Berries - Alleyway behind the Grocer.
  • 2000 Fol - Dragon's Breath Tavern (north side of town).

You cannot do any of the Private Actions available in this city yet. So, simply explore the town to collect the items. Heal in the Inn if your party is in danger. When you are ready, head out of the town to the east.

Traum Mountains
Map Complete: 1/144th Scale Bunny
Private Actions: None
Items: Ripe Berries, Jewel of Alertness, Blackberries, Blueberries, 400 Fol

The enemies in this area are probably a little above you at this point in the game. Luckily, you are dropped off a short distance from the town of Kirlsa. If you want to explore this area, the only things to do are collect the items, and attempt to uncover 100% of the map. Head east to reach Kirlsa.

Mining Town of Kirlsa
Items: Compounding Elixir, Cooking Ingredients, Aquaberries (x2), Perfect Berries (x2), Ripe Berries (x2), 1400 Fol, Blackberries, 520 Fol, Blueberries
Items in Woltar's Mansion: (not available yet) Fire Pixie, Blackberries (x2), Synthesis Materials
Must have item locations:

  • Perfect Berries (1) - Outside of cemetery on the northwest side of town.
  • Perfect Berries (2) - Outside of workshop (must enter alley from backside) in the southwest side of town.
  • 1400 Fol - Private home, across the street from the Armorer.

When you split up from Nel and Cliff, go talk to the Sermonic Old Man in the southwest part of town about the war. Then, head to the Cemetery north of the Inn to spy on Nel.

Before heading into the caves, you can do several things. This is your first opportunity to buy new weapons and armor. A Scale Armor and the Falchion are in the cave ahead, so don't buy them. It is a good idea to upgrade everything else that you can.

To go to the Kirlsa Caverns, leave Kirlsa to the north.

Kirlsa Caverns
Map Complete: 1/60 Scale Bunny (not possible yet)
Items: Blackberries (x2), Scale Armor, Charm of Insight, Falchion, Ripe Berries, Aquaberries, 5000 Fol, Earth Pixie
Must have item locations:

  • Scale of Insight - Follow the tracks from the entrance until you can take a path to the south.
  • 5000 Fol - Southeast corner of Hauler Room.
  • Earth Pixie - Southwest corner of Hauler Room.

From the entrance, follow the tracks until you find a save point and a healing spot. Be sure to save before entering the next room.

Boss Battle: Earth Smasher
Prize: Decrepit Tome
Tactics: The Earth Smasher is a slow moving enemy. If you dart in and attack, then run away when he winds up to hit you, you will easily be able to beat him. The Earth Glaive can get you even if you're far away if you don't watch it. Keep Cliff and Fayt on the front lines during this battle and allow Nel to support you from a distance.

After the Earth Smasher, pull the lever in the middle of the room. Then exit through the opposite door. Follow the path back around until you find a row of machines on the eastern side of the cavern.Hauler Beasts
There are five different types of Hauler Beasts that you can choose from.

  • Steady - This is the average Hauler. It has mid range speed and endurance.
  • Carefree - This Hauler only turns to the right, except when it needs to turn left to get back home.
  • Whimsical - This Hauler is difficult to command, and sometimes will not listen to you. However, it can jump farther than others, and you must use it to collect the Earth Pixie.
  • Ill-natured - This Hauler turns in the opposite direction that you direct it. Don't bother using it.
  • Aggressive - This Hauler can move faster than the other Haulers and can break through walls to open the paths to several items. Use him first.

Hauler Basics
If you stress your Hauler out too much, he will head home regardless of your commands. He will get stressed by moving quickly, being hit by rocks, or by fences. You can only get off the Hauler at certain points and they will be indicated on the screen. To stop, you must slow down below 15 km/h. Your Hauler can jump over short pits, but must be traveling faster than 25 km/h to make the jump. Prompts on the screen will let you know when you can switch tracks and directions. Slow down below 25 km/h and push the direction you want to turn when you are prompted. If your Hauler gets stressed, you can get off at any stopping point and he will calm down.

First, use the Aggressive Hauler to break through all of the walls on the east side of the cavern. Then get into the Steady Hauler to collect the items. The Hauler will automatically stop and let you off if you are going slow enough. Be careful though, there are enemies around the item chests. Make several loops around to ensure that you find all of the items.

When you are ready to leave the Hauler Room, get on the Steady Hauler. Go left at your first opportunity. Then go right. After that, at each turn go to the left. There is one place where you can stop to relieve stress, so be sure to do it. When you get the first falling rocks warning, slow down and it will fall in front of you without damaging you. After that, make sure you are not going too fast for the last left turn, or you will not be able to make the turn and your Hauler will creep home.

When you make it through the Hauler Room, you'll be greeted by an old soldier. Gregory, will take you back to the entrance of the cavern, or he'll let you take a Hauler yourself. If you're ready to leave, continue past him.

Bequeral Mountain Path
Map Complete: 1/144th Scale Bunny
Items: Aquaberries, Writing Materials, Compounding Elixirs, Crafting Materials, Blackberries, Ripe Berries

This path connects several places you'll need to get to later in the game. On the far northeast side of the map are several items that you can only get by going through a hole in the fence. From there go directly south to get to Arias.

Riverfront Village of Arias
Items: Cooking Ingredients, Perfect Berries, Multi-flask, Ripe Berries, Blackberries, Aquaberries
Must have item locations:

  • Multi-flask - Northeast side of town.
  • Perfect Berries - Private home, northeast side of town.

Upon arriving at Arias, you must head to the military headquarters to talk about helping Aquaria. Head to central block of houses. On the northern side of this block is the Mansion you are looking for. At the back of the house on the right is the Conference Room that you have to enter. You will be assigned a room upstairs that has a Save Point and a bed to sleep in. This bed remains free to sleep in for the rest of the game, making Inns in this area a waste of money.

At this point you can go exploring in the city and buy new items. We would not recommend buying the Long Dagger, as you'll find one soon enough, and you won't be able to use it before then.

Go back to your guest room and sleep when you are ready. After sleeping, go downstairs to the conference room to find Nel gone. Time to go rescue her. Without Nel, your party now goes back to only two members. Go out of the now open gate on the western side of town.

Aire Hills
Map Complete: 1/144th Scale Bunny
Items: Blueberries (x3), Compounding Elixirs, Jewel of Refuge, Blackberries

Simply follow the path back to Kirlsa. It is best to avoid the Storm Brigade (horse mounted soldiers). They are most likely too difficult for your small party at this point.

Back in Kirlsa, go out of the southern exit to the Granah Hills

Granah Hills
Map Complete: 1/144th Scale Bunny
Items: Steel Armor, Blueberries, Blackberries
Must have item locations: Steel Armor - Northwest corner of the map.

After finding the Steel Armor, head directly south to the Kirlsa Training Facility.

Kirlsa Training Facility
Map Complete: 1/60th Scale Bunny
Items: Aquaberries (x2), Blueberries (x3), Long Dagger, Cooking Ingredients (x5), Anti-poison Amulet, Blackberries (x2), Compounding Elixirs (x2), Worm-Eaten Tome, Neglected Textbook, Symbol of Courage, Steel Gauntlet, 8000 Fol
Must have item locations:

  • Worm-Eaten Tome - At the elevator, go to the second floor.
  • Long Dagger - First floor, northeast corner of the room before the staircase.
  • Steel Gauntlet - Prison floor, head around the perimeter to the south side. Go north into a new hallway and the chest is in the first room to the north
  • Neglected Textbook - Training Area, follow the perimeter around to the west side. The chest is through the only door on this side
  • 8000 Fol - Prison Floor, chest is in the room southeast of the room with the save point.

    Immediately upon entering, you'll be attacked by 3 Soldiers. They should be easy. If they're not, go back and level up outside. Inside, you'll find a locked door to the west. Travel east around the perimeter until you are on the west side. There is a hall leading to the center of the building. Go down that hall and exit it to the north. Leave the next room out of the other door to the south and find the stairs leading up to the Training Area.

The Training Area has a staircase on the northeast side of the map. The easiest way to get there is to head south and west out of the stairs until you reach a long hallway that runs to the east. Follow the perimeter around to the northeast

On this floor you'll run into Animated Armor. They perform a Hammer Quake attack that does some decent damage in a large area. To deal with these guys, juggle them by doing your heavy attack from long range, or attack mercilessly with your light attack to prevent them from using the skill.

Follow the perimeter to the east side. Then look for a hall going towards the center. Head north out of this hallway to find a Save Point and a Healing Spot, as well as the Cubrite Key you need to get to the elevator. Talk to Mayu to get the Key.

After you get the key, make use of the Healing Spot to fight some enemies and collect the good items on this floor. Then head back down to the first floor and find two doors on the northeast side of the map. If you go through the door on the left back to the Healing Spot near the entrance, you won't be able to come back through the door and will have to trek all the way around the map. Through the other door, three soldiers will attack. This is the same as the battle that you encountered when first entering the Training Facility, but you'll get Nel back, so this battle is even easier than the first.

Take the elevator to the 2nd Floor to pick up the Worm-Eaten Tome. Then go to the fourth floor. Follow the hall to a Save Point, then go south.

Boss Battle: Shelby
Prize: None
Battle Trophies: 83, 84
Tactics: Shelby has an Ice Attack that can freeze you, and a Giant Swing that will knock you on your butt. Remember, if you're frozen you can be killed in one hit, so be wary of frozen party members. The Battle Trophies are hard here - because Shelby has several guards at his side. You have to ignore them and go straight for the boss if you want to beat him in one minute. The safer way is to take the henchmen out, then gang up on Shelby. With Nel back in the party to heal you, Fayt and Cliff can safely pound away at the front. If you trap Shelby between Fayt and Cliff, you can prevent him from pulling off his Giant Swing and Ice Breath by continuously attacking.

After beating Shelby, head back to Arias. Leave Arias to the east into the Palmira Plains.

Palmira Plains
Map Complete: 1/144th Scale Bunny
Items: Aquaberries, Jewel of Refuge, Cherubic Bust, Ripe Berries, Blueberries
Must have item locations: Cherubic Bust - Just off the path on the eastern side of the map.

Simply follow the path to the north. This map is easy to 100% explore and receive another Bunny Statue. These can be sold for 9000 Fol, so if you're short on cash, then explore the area.

Items: 3400 Fol, Cooking Ingredients, Blackberries (x3), Blueberries (x2), Ripe Berries, Aquaberries
Must have item locations: 3400 Fol - Tavern on the eastern wing of town.

Peterny is important because it is the first place that you are allowed to invent items (see our section on Item Creation for more details). The first thing you should do upon arriving in town is go to the Craftsman's Guild and sign up. This allows you to create new items at workshops, begin signing up inventors to work for you, and adds a new option to the Main Menu that allows you to check in with the Guild and learn new information. This game will become very difficult if you choose not to invest the time and Fol needed to invent items.

The Craftsman's Guild will give you 1000 Fol to renovate the workshop across the street. Do it, and a girl named Welch will walk you through the process.

Rest on the steps in the Central Plaza to trigger the next event.

After more storyline unfolds, head to the western side of town and go to the Inn. Talk to the receptionist and they'll set you up with a room. Cliff says he's going to the bar and Nel says she has to check on a subordinate. You can go see Cliff at the bar, but to advance to the next event, you have to travel down the south passage on the eastern wing of the city. Talk with Ameena to learn more about her situation. Then, go back to the Inn. Talk to Nel at the end of the hall and sleep tight. When you wake up, just leave the Inn to trigger another event. Finally, head out of the town to the west

You may notice a new NPC on this side of town. He is a rabbit whose shop selection changes over time. However, if you talk to him twice, he'll leave! To ensure you buy the items you want from him, save before shopping with him. His items do get better with time, so don't talk to him until after you have been to Aquios.

Sanmite Steppes
Map Complete: 1/144th Scale Bunny
Items: Blueberries, Blackberries, Cooking Ingredients, Smithery Materials, Perfect Berries
Must have item locations: Perfect Berries - Follow the river all the way to the south.

You need to get to the Duggus Forest. Before that, you have the Steppes. There are two ways to go. You may go south and under the waterfall. Or, you can go north and over the bridge. If you head north, you'll run into tougher bad guys who will probably kill you and get turned around when you try to exit. Stay to the south and move west to the Duggus Forest.

Duggus Forest
Map Complete: 1/60th Scale Bunny
Items: Blackberries (x3), Compounding Elixirs (x3), Aquaberries (x2), Blueberries (x2), Orb of Alertness, Wind Pixie, 12000 Fol, Alchemy Materials, Crafting Materials, Water Shielding, Perfect Berries, Limited Edition Doll, Heavy Armor
Must have item locations:

  • Orb of Alertness - Head north at the end of the Falling Rocks that come towards you from the top of the screen.
  • Wind Pixie - Right next to the Orb of Alertness
  • Limited Edition Doll - Chest in the middle of third Falling Rock area
  • Water Shielding - Room to the east of the save point.
  • Heavy Armor - Mudman area (must defeat mudman first), southeast corner.

You'll be blocked from going most places at first. Head west and search for a Fairy. She'll ask for a drink. You can be nice and give her the Glittering Water she asks for. Or bring her back some from a pond that is steaming and get a Private Action that will make everyone dislike you. Either way, you'll end up having to bring back the good stuff. The type of spring will change every time you enter the room.

Once you give her the Glittering Water, the Fairy will be your guide to finding which trees are really monsters and you can go to more places. You'll have to fight these trees as mini-bosses. They give decent experience, so the battles are worth it. Watch out for their 10 hit Combo. Fayt's Blazing Sword and Nel's Shadow Wave will MP kill this guy in no time. However, you'll begin to encounter roaming enemies when you venture through the holes they leave. If you have been using Cliff as a Symbology user, watch out for him being MP killed by the baddies in this area.

After clearing the area of Grapebinds (trees), head to the west. In this section of the map, there are more Grapebinds, as well as Falling Rock traps. You begin in the southeast corner of the map. Your goal here is to make it to the southwest part. You'll find the Moonshadow Clan's Hideout there.

Watch out for falling rocks. They'll appear anywhere you see an opening near a cliff. To avoid them, just hug the wall near the cliff. They can still hit you there, but it's easy to dodge. Sometimes the rocks will come straight at you down a path, in this case, hug the edges of the forest and make you're way up. If you get hit, you'll be sent back to the beginning of the screen.

In the southwest corner of this map, you'll find the Moonshadow Clan's Hideout. In the middle of this event, you'll have to fight two bandits. They're the same as ones in the forest, so you shouldn't have a problem.

Inside, you'll find Roger S. Huxley. When you meet him, it triggers a private action. You can decide to take him with you (temporarily) or leave him. Either way, you make about half of your friends angry. Take him with you though. If you do, later you'll have the opportunity for him to fill an alternate party member slot. If you don't, no such luck.

As soon as you leave the area with the hideout, you'll be confronted by the Chief of the Clan.

Boss Battle: Moonshadow Clan Chief
Prize: None
Battle Trophies: 85, 86
Tactics: The Chief is just the same as the regular Clan Members, but has stronger stats and does not know any attack spells. He does Heal himself occasionally making it difficult to defeat him in under one minute. Chop away with Fayt and Cliff while Nel uses her long range attacks.

Continue along the path to the north and the west. Eventually you'll come across a Save Point. Save and move through to the west.

The next room is foggy. To access all areas of this section, you have to defeat the Mudman. To find him, move west, then north past the Grapebinds.

Boss Battle: Mudman
Prize: Synthesis Materials
Battle Trophies: 87, 88
Tactics: The Mudman has some serious attacks, but he is slow. If you attack him with a series of light and heavy attacks, he will not be able to strike you back. He sometimes heals himself (for 4000 hp). That makes it difficult to beat him in under a minute. Keep him off guard, because his Mudman Punch, Blast, and Poisonous Punch are strong.

Now that the fog is cleared, you can explore the rest of this area. To the west, you'll find Ameena. Save Ameena, and you'll be transported back to Peterny.

You can begin the Ruddle and Rumina Side Quest now. Also, the trail to Suferio becomes open. To get there, head west out of Peternity and cross the bridge to the north. Careful, the enemies in this area are tough.

To advance the story, head north out of Peterny.

Items: Machinery Materials , Blueberries, Aquaberries, Smithery Materials

If you took Roger into your party in Duggus Forest, you can find him and recruit him into your party (for a while). If you do, Roger will give you the Ancient Books and you have the option of beginning a side quest. There is no Inn in Surferio, but you can sleep for free at the house to the far west side of the town. After talking to Roger and picking up the items, go back to Peterny and leave to the north.

Irisa Fields
Map Complete: 1/144th Scale Bunny
Items: Magical Berries, Blackberries, Jewel of Alertness, Synthesis Materials, Perfect Berries
Must have item locations: Perfect Berries - North of Aquatic Garden

Follow the path straight to the North to reach Aquios.

This map is unique because it has two sections. If you head to the northwest, you'll find the second section of the map. This second section is small, but will give you an additional map complete reward. There you can find the Aquatic Garden. This is an extra dungeon that is not pivotal to the game, but is worth exploring - just not at this time. The enemies are most likely too strong for you at this point in the game. Come back later.

Items: Synthesis Materials (x2), Aquaberries (x4), Ripe Berries (x2), Compounding Elixirs (x3), Cooking Ingredients, Blackberries (x2), 1800 Fol, Smithery Materials, Jewel of Alertness, Jewel of Refuge, Fire Shielding, 4700 Fol, Magical Berries
Must have item locations:

  • Magical Berries - Queen's Quarters, leave the throne room to the east.
  • Fire Shielding - First floor of Castle Aquaria, second room on the left of the eastern hallway.

When you've finished exploring the town, head north to the Castle Aquios. Inside Castle Aquios
After talking to Nel, you can follow Nel to the West. If you wander off in another direction, you'll get a Private Action of her chastising you when you catch up with her or head upstairs and she'll ask you to follow her again. If you explore the second floor, get ready for another Private Action of a similar nature when you do meet up with her in the center. Both Private Actions don't exactly help your relations with everyone. There are plenty of items to collect on the first floor and several on the second, but you'll have a chance to get them after meeting with the Queen. Follow Nel!

Cliff says he is off to see the Chapel. Before you can continue your quest, you must go talk to him there (just head North from the exit Nel is blocking). Then, head back to the room with the Save Point (eastern hallway - first door on the right).

After a brief cut scene and a nap, its time to meet the Weapons Director. Head upstairs, then over to the west side of the castle. Enter the room there. Before you leave, be sure to search the castle for all of the items.

Before leaving Aquios for the mines, make sure you upgrade your weapons and armor at the shop on the western side of town. To leave, just head to the south of the city to meet up with Cliff and Nel. To get to the mines, head back to Arias, then leave from the northwest exit. This will put you in the Bequerel Mountain Path again. Go to the northwest to enter the Bequerel Mine.

Before you can enter, you must fight the Legion DragonsBoss Battle: Legion Dragons
Prize: None
Battle Trophies: None
Tactics: The Legion Dragons hover above your party, making it difficult to attack them. Equip the Aerial skill and use it often. Watch out for the Fire Breath. If you get caught in it, it can mean lights out.


Bequerel Mine
Map Complete: 1/60th Scale Bunny
Items: Cooking Ingredients, 15000 Fol, Blackberries (x2), Amulet of Freedom, Aquaberries, Compounding Materials (x2), 23600 Fol, Ripe Berries, Worm-Eaten Tome, Magical Berries, Synthesis Materials
Must have item locations:

  • Worm-Eaten Tome - Northeast side of shack with mine cart
  • 23600 Fol - Northwest side of Abandoned Refinery
  • Magical Berries - Path to the west inside shack with mine cart

The lighting in this area is dim, so it is tough to see where you are going and to find items. You can light some torches along the way to give yourself a better view.

The dragons often paralyze you. Bring items to heal yourself or it could be problematic. Soon after you enter, you'll run into a scripted battle where you'll fight a Brass Dragon group. When you defeat them, you'll receive the Lightstone. Only Fayt can equip it and it casts a beam of light in front of you. Shortly after obtaining the Lightstone, you'll fall into a trap where Dragons and War Chameleons attack you in succession. Be prepared. To the west of that you can Examine the Dragon Rune - Weave the two into a single line of darkness. This is a hint for the next room.

The next room is a puzzle. It is a wide-open room with two torches in the center. You have to stand in between them so that your shadow "weave's the two into a single line of darkness." Leave this room to the western door that is now open.

There are only 3 items on the far north end of this first map in the cave, so don't bother exploring every corner unless you are keen on 100% completing it. Also in this section, there is a baddie you need to beat. It is a Brass Dragon that carries the Key to the Barred Door. You'll need that to continue on your quest. If you're not interested in fighting every enemy to find it, the one you want is the one that will run away from you on the Quest Screen.

You'll find another light puzzle through the door you unlock with the Key you just obtained. This one requires you to extinguish all light sources. You'll also have to remove your Lightstone. If it tells you the door is too heavy, leave the section and return (with the torch out and no lightstone). Go through the door to the second section of the Mine.

There are only two items to be found in this room. Both are located to the far northeast.

Follow the path to the north, and you'll come across the third and final light puzzle. When you enter the room, all of the doors will shut and the lights go out. Walk to the center of the room and look for a circle on the floor. Step in the center of it, and the lights and doors will open. However, the doors will shut if you try to just walk towards them. The trick to beating it is to turn off the lights for the doors you do not want to go through, but leave the door you wish to exit through with its light on. Turn off the lights by Examining the Dragon Head's next to each door.

Head north, then down the hall to the east to pick up the items in this area. You can go to the North now to head to the boss fight, or go back down to the puzzle room and head west to go to the Abandoned Refinery to get some items now (you can get them later also).

If you go to the Abandoned Refinery the only thing to do is collect the items and talk to Grats the inventor inside the shelter. Also, you can collect an Ancient Book treasure here. When you are ready, exit to the northeast and follow that path to a Save Point. Search for the Copper in the northeast side of the room.
Boss Battle: Cockatrice
Prize: Synthesis Materials
Battle Trophies: 89, 90
Tactics: This boss is easy if you are around level 17. The only danger is that it can turn you to stone, so be sure you have Sage in your inventory. Just keep pounding on it. Using Fayt's Sidekick and Cliff's Electric Fists make this bird an easy boss. The Cockatrice is immune to Earth based attacks so don't bother using them.

Just move to the North to continue this event after defeating the Cockatrice.

After you've found the Copper, head back out towards the Abandoned Refinery. Enter the shack in the south. There, you will find a man who will let you rest. Good idea after a boss fight. When you've awakened, you can talk to the guard next to him to cart yourself out of the mine. Boss Battle: Demetrio and his Soldiers
Prize: Synthesis Materials
Battle Trophies: 93, 94
Tactics: Part 1 - Airyglyph Soldiers - these guys are easiest if you can bunch them up and hit them all at once. If you allow a teammate to get double teamed, they will go down fast. Try to keep your health up, because you won't have a chance to before the next part begins.

Part 2
Demetrio and the Dragon Brigade - This fight is the same as the ones you had entering the mines, except Demetrio is stronger and has extra HP. In the same manner as the initial Legion Dragon fight, use Aerial attacks and watch out for the Fire Breath. Focus on the weaker soldiers first so that you can team up on Demetrio. Demetrio has a weakness against water based attack, so use your Ice Symbology and Skills.

When this battle is over, take the game's advice. Head back to the mines so that you can rest up and save your progress. There is now a man who will take you to the Abandoned Refinery just inside of the entrance.
As you try to return to Aquios, you'll be confronted by another Boss. Albel will greet you at the border to Arias.

Boss Battle: Albel Nox
Prize: War God's Symbol
Battle Trophies: 197
Tactics: The key to beating him is to corner him between your three characters so that he cannot attack you with his Charge or his Air Slash. As usual, take out his soldiers first. Albel has an unusually low amount of MP (2600), so try to take advantage of that. Since you can triple team him, trap him to restrict his movement. Albel is clearly the coolest character in the game. He definitely should have been the main character.

When you are victorious, head back to Aquios.

Back in Aquios
After talking with Ameena, you need to go find Dion. He's in the Castle on the west side of the second floor. Take him back to the second floor of the Inn.

At this point, you should complete any loose ends you have floating around. When the war begins, you won't be able to go to many areas. One thing you should consider is checking in at the Queen's Audience Chamber. You'll find a temporary ally there in Adray Lasbard. Adray is great with Symbology and magic skills and has a ton of MP. His defense is low, but he comes ready with a lot of Skill Points that you can up his defense with. This is your last chance to begin the Ruddle and Rumina side quest. If you haven't begun (or completed) it yet, do so now.

When you are ready, go to Arias and head for the Conference Room. After the war plan is laid out, rest up for the night upstairs. Then, talk to Clair for a Private Action that asks if you are ready for war to begin. If you say no, women respect your cowardice. When you are ready, talk to her and let her know you want to go.

The war takes place in the Aire Hills. Make your way across the battlefield, avoiding any soldiers. You need to conserve your energy for a battle with Vox on the other side.

Boss Battle: Vox
Prize: None
Battle Trophies: None
Tactics: Vox is the equivalent of a super Dragon Brigade Soldier. Use Aerial attacks and watch out for his Fire Breath. He has 30,000 HP and 20,000 MP, so defeating him is going to take some time. Set your magic user (Nel or Adray) in the back, using Ice skills, and attack with Cliff and Fayt in the front double-teaming him. Watch out for the Searing Breath, Dragon Brigade Slash, and Searing Rend attacks. Be sure to attack him to knock him off balance before he can get these skills off.

Surprise! The Vendeeni are back, and they laid waste to the battlefield. Head back east to Arias. If your HP is low, watch out for the soldiers still out on the battlegrounds.

After watching Fayt freak out, he comes around back in Castle Aquarias. Dion got hurt, and Fayt is worried. Head to the room on inner part of the lower west side of the castle on the first floor. Then go find Ameena at the Inn to reunite them once more.

After the long event, go to the Queen's Audience Chamber. You now have a new addition to your team. Maria Traydor. Her Blaze Gun can be bought at the Retail Rabbit in Peterny (unless he is gone). Otherwise, you will need to invent a weapon for her, because her initial weapon is very weak.

Now, go to the Great Temple of Apris in the Castle of Aquios and Nel will open the passage to the Sealed Cavern for you. Of course, the passage has been neglected and all sorts of beings have taken up residence. Before you enter, talk to the Priestess and she'll give you Disintegration Hammers. You need these to get through the Sealed Cavern.

Sealed Cavern
Map Complete: 1/60th Scale Bunny
Items: Lunar Talisman, Blackberries, Anointed Chain Mail, Earth Shielding, Blueberries, Cooking Ingredients
Must have item locations:

  • Lunar Talisman - Room north of the save point.
  • Anointed Chain Main - Top of the stair case in the room that has the lever.
  • Earth Shielding - After walking across the tops of the moving boxes, head east out of the hallway going north.

Walk straight north when you enter the cavern. Bronze Brutes can be tough - be sure to take out any little guys they have helping them first. The first one you come across is in a room that has a Lever in the northwest side. The Lever makes blocks in the previous room begin moving up and down. Go back to the original room, and enter the other door. You can climb on top of the moving blocks now and access the next room.

In the next large room you come across, you can use the Disintegration Hammers. Hit the Square Button to go into hammer mode the area will light up in a green box when you can disintegrate it. Be sure to back up after activating it, or you will be sent back to the beginning of the room when the debris hits you. Through the wall are two boxes and another Lever. This opens up the passage back to the first Bronze Brute. Go back up the stairs to the large room again and exit through the other door. Head through the hallways until you come across a room with two Mages. Kill them, and then check the south wall for a crack. Break it in the same manner as before. Through this door is another Statue with a switch on it. Flip it.

The next room to the East contains the Lunar Talisman and south of that is the Retail Rabbit who will sell you more hammers. Get those items that you need, then head back west and then south to the second Bronze Brute room.

It now should have moving boxes that you can run underneath. Walk through for an easy boss fight.Boss Battle: Flying Knight
Prize: None
Battle Trophies: None
Tactics: The Flying Knight has extremely low MP and is vulnerable to water. Use Shadow Wave or Ice Blade. The boss will go down fast whether you take advantage of this or not.

Shrine of Kaddan
Map Complete: 1/1 Scale Bunny
Items: Compounding Elixirs (x4), Heavy Armor, Blackberries (x4), Cooking Ingredients (x3), Shabby Textbook, Hammer Charm, Book of Prophecies 1, Synthesis Materials (x2), Saint's Stone, Blueberries (x2), Aquaberries, Orb of Foe Finding, Anti-stone Amulet, Alchemy Materials, Celestial Pixie, 54000 Fol
Must have item locations:

  • Book of Prophecies 1 - Use disintegration hammer south of first save point.
  • Shabby Textbook - Use disintegration on north end of room west of save point.
  • Celestial Pixie - Second moving block maze, east side.
  • Orb of Foe Finding - east side of room that contains moving bits of tile.
  • 54000 Fol - Second moving block maze, south side (around the corner from the entrance).

In the center of the second room, you'll see what looks like a pile of crystals. It's a Crystal Statue. To beat it, use Ice Blade - they are vulnerable to water. When you do, you'll get the Saint's stone. The second one you come across will give you another Saint's Stone. After this, you can skip fighting them if you want because you have the necessary items you'll use in a little while.

Head south from the room that you find the second Crystal Statue in. Continue along until you get to a room that starts shaking. This will actually crack up several walls on the map. Look for one that you can use a Hammer on in this room on the southwest side. Then head through to the Workshop. Get the third Saint's Stone from the chest, and then approach the Workshop. You'll make the Saint's Amulet - something you'll need to beat the boss of this map. Head back and look for other cracks. You can find one in each room that you fought a Crystal Statue in, as well as one in the Save Point room. When you've gotten your fill of goods, heal up for a Boss Battle, then head north past the Save Point.

Boss Battle: Crystal Cerberus
Battle Trophies: 91, 92
Tactics: If you did not get the Saint's Amulet, you will not be able to damage this enemy. Additionally, this guy is immune to ALL elemental attacks. Plus he moves around a lot. Making it tough to attack him. His most dangerous move is Tri-Spike. It sends an ice beam out in front that can freeze your players making them prone to instant kills. If you can, corner him between Fayt and Cliff to stop him from skipping around the battlefield so much.

Several sealed doors will make it so you only have one way to go. It'll lead you to a room with some item boxes. Poke around near the two already opened ones just after you walk in and it will set off another Earthquake Point. This makes a wall on the west side of this room hammer-prone. The next room has suspended pieces of the ceiling swinging around. If you bump into them, it will restart you at the beginning of the room.

Get the Orb of Foe Finding, and then head back around south to the room on the opposite side of the Sealed Door in this room.

On the east side of this room is another wall you can use a Disintegration Hammer to create a door. The chest in this room has a bomb inside and will just blow you up. Don't open it. Follow the path to the north and into the next section of the map.

In the next map, you can simply head north. There are two Crystal Statues that you can fight if you want. Soon you'll run into a statue. Examine the statue to start a series of four individual battles.

You have to use a different character for each fight, so choose them wisely. The first battle is really easy. Send a weak player in to fight it. It is a slow soldier (Stalker). The second room contains a Dark Rider. The rider is fairly quick, so sending Adray in to fight this can be difficult (you won't have time to cast Symbology very often). The third room is an Unholy Terror. He can cast Steal Life and Thunder Flare, which take decent HP off. Send in Fayt or Cliff to this battle. The last enemy is the Ghostly Hag. It is a slow fighter that any of your characters with decent speed can pummel and not allow it to get any attacks off. The way you approach these battles depends entirely upon which characters you have been strengthening.

When you win, you will receive the Anti Stone Amulet. You can skip these four battles entirely by looking for a hole in the wall near the statue.

Head north into the final section of this dungeon. In this room, follow the path south. You'll find plaques on each side of a door heading north that say "Send in a fool to touch the red gem." First, head through to the north and clear the area of items. When you reach a sealed door, head back down to the room with the plaques. Time to be a fool. Follow the path east and north to find the Red Gem. Touch the Red Gem and the sealed door opens. It also makes blocks begin to move in the Maze Rooms. Travel through the Maze Rooms without touching the moving blocks. If you touch them, you get sent back to the beginning of the room and have to start over. Hint - Use your mini-map to plan your moves.

At the end of the maze, you'll go to a room with a save point. Head north for a boss battle. Boss Battle: Vendeeni Soldiers
Prize: None
Battle Trophies: None
Tactics: You'll be up against 4 Vendeeni Soldiers. Each one is a little tougher than the ones you've been encountering in this map so far. Their weakness is in MP (336). The danger is that they can petrify you. Use the Anti Stone Amulet if you obtained it earlier. Attack with your skills that do MP damage such as Ice Blade (Fayt) and Shadow Wave (Nel).

Leave the Shrine and go back to Castle Aquios. Meet up with the Queen in her Audience Chamber to tell her the Orb is safe and to get your next assignment.

Maria's Flashback
Talk to everyone in the room to continue the event each time it allows you to walk around.

After you head back to talk to the Queen, head to Surferio. From there, exit on the west side to get to the Mosul Dunes. On your way, you will be ambushed. Around the bridge in the Sanmite Steppes, you'll be attacked by Schweimer and Two dragon Riders. These guys are no more difficult than your average map battle. Just be ready for it.

Passage From Parch to Plenty
Map Complete: 1/144th Scale Bunny
Items: None

The only thing of note in this map is there is an old man who will sell you a map of the next area for 10,000 Fol if you talk to him after his initial warnings. Go west through the cave to the exit and you'll find him waiting there. Buy it if you'd like extra help navigating the next area, then head out to the Mosel Dunes.

Mosel Dunes
Private Actions: None
Items: Alchemist's Stone, Blueberries, Synthesis Materials, Smithery Materials, Machinery Materials, Perfect Berries, Cooking Ingredients, Aquaberries (x2), 22400 Fol, Blackberries
Must have item locations:

  • Alchemist's Stone - Northwest corner
  • 22400 Fol - Southeast corner

Your thirst meter will drain very quickly in this area. Find the Oases to replenish the bar. Hit the X Button while standing in the water to drink. While standing in the Oasis, your thirst meter will not drain, so use them to find your bearings. There are plenty of items, but if your thirst runs out, you'll be sent back to the beginning of the map. It gets easier to explore this area soon, so hold off on getting the items.

Your goal is to make it to the northeast edge of the map from the southwest by hopping from oasis to oasis. Along the way, watch out for Dragon Zombies - they are tough and resistant to elemental attacks.

Ancient Ruins of Mosel
Map Complete: 1/1 Scale Bunny
Items: Aquaberries, 40000 Fol, Aqua Veil, Blackberries (x2), Blueberries, Perfect Berries, Synthesis Materials Must have item locations:

  • Aqua Veil - Northern edge of the room with a save point.
  • 40000 Fol - Northwest corner of Ruins

In the first room, you'll trigger a cut scene when you walk into the central ring (you need to do this to unlock the door ahead). This cut scene is a hint on how to solve the puzzles ahead. It breaks down to a game of rock-paper-scissors.The Warrior can beat the Thief. The Thief can beat the Symbologist. The Symbologist can beat the Warrior.

The map is set up as a sort of ring with a central area. Your goal is the central area that you can enter from the western hallway. Make a loop around the outer area to collect all the items and solve the warrior/symbologist/thief puzzles. You will not be allowed into the central area until you solve all of the puzzles.

Make sure you pick up the Aqua Veil in the center of the map. This will allow you to walk around without getting thirsty in the desert.

After you have met with the King of Airyglyph, take the Queen back to Peterny. Next, head to Airyglyph Castle to pick up Albel Nox. On your way there, you might notice that some maps now have tougher enemies. Get used to it. From here on out, various maps become more difficult as you progress.

Back in Castle Airyglyph
You can participate in two negative Private Actions here. Similar to before, you choose not to follow Woltar, the rest of your party will not appreciate it. At the beginning, you can also rush him by talking to him twice. Your party does not like you to rush an old man either. Although it may look like one, there are two Private Actions. The first is when you enter and are asked to follow him. When you reach the dungeon (or rush him and get transported down there), he will ask you to follow him again. If you don't follow him this time, you'll get a second negative Private Action (although he won't scold you and you'll never really know that it happened). Eventually, you'll need to enter the dungeon in the basement to find Albel.

Now that you have Albel, there is a shortcut that opens in the Traum Mountains just outside of the Royal City of Airyglyph. Talk to the Dragon Rider there. He'll take you to the Bequeral Mountain Path. From there, head to the northwest to find the entrance to the Mountains of Barr.

Mountains of Barr
Map Complete: 1/1 Scale Bunny
Items: Writing Materials (x2), Smithery Materials (x2), Blackberries (x2), Aquaberries, Ripe Berries, Steeled Earth, Superior Chain Mail, 46000 Fol, 18100 Fol, Blueberries, Wind Shielding, Wind Pixie, Magical Berries, Damask Plate, Wind Charm, Spirit Stone, Masterwork Plate, Synthesis Materials
Must have item locations:

  • Wind Shielding - Inside the Caves, third path leading to the east from the entrance
  • Steeled Earth - North and west of Misty Lear's workshop
  • Superior Chain Mail - South and east of mini dragon's nest
  • Damask Plate - Ruins of Barr, through the western door in the central puzzle area.
  • Magical Berries - Next to the Damask Plate

Follow the path. There is a hidden shortcut behind the second waterfall (there are items behind the first). Go through it to quickly go to the Barr Caves. Then head north as long as you can, then east. In the next room, go to the north and west, past the workshop to a Save Point. Time to fight a boss.Boss Battle: Blue Dragon Zombie
Prize: Pulse Gun, Dragon's Wind Pipe
Battle Trophies: 97, 98
Tactics: This boss is resistant to all elementals. However, he only has 2500 MP. Equip attacks that do MP damage. If you are using melee fighters, equip Increase MP Damage and then just pummel on him. With all 3 characters doing this, he will last less than a minute for sure.

When the boss is dead, head back to the Workshop and stop by there. You'll turn the Dragon Windpipe into a Dragon Bone Flute. Next head South all the way back to the Waterfall entrance. Continue along this path until you reach an area filled with dragon bones. Stand beneath the dragon shadow to be carried to another area.

Follow the path down to the South and back into the Barr Caves. Watch out that you don't fight too many of the baby dragons, or you'll find yourself low on HP and MP by the end. Here you practice playing your Dragon Bone Flute. Depending upon how long and hard you press the O Button, you'll play a different tune.

The Happy song is played by pressing the O Button short and softly. The Playful song is played by pressing the O Button long and softly. The Sad song is played by pressing the O button short and hard. The Angry song is played by pressing the O Button long and hard.

Once you have practiced playing the flute so that you can play all 4 songs,continue along the path back into the Barr Caves. Now, head East until you find a Happy Dragon Relief. Play the happy song to be allowed into the Ruins of Barr. If you play the wrong song, a dragon will materialize out of the picture and attack you.

In the Ruins of Barr, go north and open the "Happy" door. There you'll find a cross on the floor of tiles. Your goal is to light all of the tiles and to hold the Dragon's Cranium up in the middle of the lit cross.

To find the Cranium, go back to the entrance room to the Ruins, and head east through an "Angry" door. Search the back wall to find the Dragon's Cranium.

Some of the tiles in the cross will light up when you walk across them. To light the others, there are switches. Two are through the east door and two through the west. The final switch is through two paintings to the north.

To get all of the good items in this area, you'll need to go through some dragon paintings that are shifting from one to the next. To open these doors, you must play the corresponding tunes in the correct order.

When all of the tiles are lit, stand in the center of the cross to open the passage to the Ursa Lava Cave. Then go north to enter it.

Boss Battle: Robin Wind

Battle Trophies: 99, 100
Tactics: This battle is very difficult, especially if you don't avoid the Rising Stream Attack. It is an attack that casts a tornado around Robin. It will deal both MP and HP damage in large quantities. Heal your characters very often, or they will likely be knocked down. Robin is a very fast enemy. If you have items or attacks that can stun, use them. Try to attack Robin before he can start any of his attacks and use your faster, weak attack.

Ursa Lava Caves
Map Complete: 1/60th Scale Bunny
Items: Book of Prophecies 2, Crafting Materials, Damask Gauntlet, Blackberries, Cooking Ingredients, Trading Card EX12, 25500 Fol, Ripe Berries, Compounding Elixirs (x2), Writing Materials (x3)
Must have item locations:

  • Damask Gauntlet -From the entrance, head east and then quickly north.
  • Book of Prophecies 2 - East of Vanilla's workshop.

You'll need to find the Rabbit Ears Key to get through a locked door to the west. The key is behind a bunny statue to the east. Then, go to the western wing and use the key to go north.

At the start of the Caves, head west. Then go north and take the first passage east to find Vanilla. Be careful, because this room is tough to navigate - you can't rotate the camera and your controls are changed slightly.

When you find Vanilla, he will offer to make you the Ring of Disintegration. Vanilla needs a gem to create the ring. To find it, go back to the Airyglyph Aqueducts. Use the Disintegration Bombs that Vanilla gives you to break through the ice to get to the Glowstone. The ice you need to break is on the north end of the room with ice that will crack if you run on it (the first room you are in if you enter the Aqueducts from where you left them). Use the Disintegration Bombs the same way you used the Hammers to break the walls before (press the Square Button).

Now return to the Ursa Lava Cave to find Vanilla and give him the Glowstone. Vanilla will give you a choice of three prices for the Ring of Disintegration. If you pay 10,000 Fol, he will give you both the ring and the Gutsy Bunny accessory. If you pay any other price, he will only give you the ring.

When Vanilla gives you the Ring of Disintegration, you can now go find the Marquis. Head back to the entrance to the Ursa Lava caves, then go North. When you reach the end of the path, use the Ring of Disintegration to open the entrance to his lair. As soon as you go through the door, the battle begins, so prepare yourself.

How to use the Ring of Disintegration
The Ring of Disintegration allows you to break through certain objects in the game. When you do, crystals will be dropped. If you string together enough crystals, you will be rewarded with prizes. Keep in mind that if you reenter a room that you already used the ring in, it will break your chain. Also, if you are hit by falling debris, your chain will be broken as well. If your Ring runs out of charges, you can find Retail Rabbits in all cities to recharge it at a hefty price.

It is now possible to go back and fully explore previous dungeons and collect extra items by using the ring. If you are short on cash or items, it is a good idea to do this.

After you fight Crossell, you cannot explore the world outside of Aquios for a while. So do anything you need before entering this battle.

Also, this upcoming battle is the first battle where it is almost necessary to upgrade your equipment using the Invention skills. Without upgrading your equipment, the rest of the game can be exceptionally difficult. With the proper upgrading, the rest of the game can be easy. See the section on Item Creation for more tips.Boss Battle: Crosell
Prize: 101, 102
Battle Trophies: None
Tactics: This battle takes place in two parts. You can win the battle trophies in either section (you do not need to defeat both parts in under a minute). In the first part, Crosell has significantly less HP and MP than in the second part.

Crosell's most dangerous attack is simply stepping on you. If you use ranged fighters, he can be defeated easily. If you use melee fighters, watch out for his steps. Try to stay behind him and knock away. His other big attack is the Doom Raid. He'll fly and send airwaves down at you that do both MP and HP attack across the whole field. The only way to avoid this is to stop and ready your Anti Attack Aura. Be ready with healing items if you get caught in it.

Back in AquiosYou need to talk to each member of your party before you can move on.

  • Cliff is in the front hall of the castle.
  • Nel is in her room on the East side (above your room).
  • Maria is in the castle chapel.
  • Albel is on the main road of Aquios.
  • Roger is in the grocer's.
  • Mirage is in your room.
  • Adray is across the hall from Nel.

Flagship Diplo
You can save and heal in the first room. Go to the front of the ship to trigger the next event. Off in search of Fayt's father, you'll be asked if you want to save the data up until that point.

From here on out, you're on to the second disc.

After the negotiations, you must talk to all 14 people on the Diplo to trigger the next event. There are 3 downstairs, so don't forget them. After talking to all of them, head up or downstairs to hear the message to meet by the transporter room.

Back in Kirlsa Training Center
You'll confront Biwig and then run away. This is good, because you may not have been using Cliff and Maria in your party (and you have no choice now). You'll be on the 3rd floor of the training center. Use the Healing Spot to build up your characters until you are comfortable with their skill level. The soldiers and robots only exist on the 3rd floor, so if you want to explore the 2nd or 1st floor, you can do so without being attacked (look for areas that you can access now that you have the Ring of Disintegration). When you're ready, head to the 1st floor and take the elevator up to the fourth floor to fight Biwig.

Boss Battle: Biwig
Prize: Ring of Vigor
Battle Trophies: 103, 104
Tactics: At this point, your 7th party member (who will join you permanently and varies depending upon which Private Actions you have engaged in) comes to your aid, although you won't be able to fight with him or her just yet. Biwig has a lot of MP, so try attacking for HP damage. He only has double the HP of a normal Vendeeni Soldier. Run in and pound on Biwig to prevent him from pulling off any skilled attacks. Leave the other guards until after you have him beat.

Battleship Aquaelei
Explore the ship and talk to everyone, as there are several interesting private actions onboard the ship. Also, you will run across a virtual reality room that will give you access to the workshop, armorer, and outfitter of Peterny. This is useful mostly for Item Creation purposes.

When you are ready, head to the southeastern corridor and look for a room on the northeast end of the hallway. Choose to rest at the bed.

After you rest, you are asked to return to the bridge. After meeting at the bridge, you can head to the south in the central corridor to the transporter to Moonbase.

Items: 32000 Fol, Ablative Shield, Runic Cloak, Spike Shoes, Battle Armor, Trading Card 1, Ablative Armor, Ripe Berries (x3), Cooking Ingredients, Trading Card EX1, Blackberries, Life Saver, Sunrise Dictionary, Synthesis Materials (x2), Carbonite Armor, NC Program Disk, Magical Berries (x2), Jewel of Alertness, 19000 Fol, Perfect Berries, 24000 Fol, Laser Weapon, Aquaberries, Mind Saver
Must have item locations:

  • Sunrise Dictionary - Center of South Research Zone
  • NC Program Disk - Center of West Research Zone
  • Ablative Armor - North end of East Recreational Zone
  • Ablative Shield - Red Eye bar (with Peppita in your group)

Head west through a series of events until you meet Peppita. Afterwards, head back out to the Recreational Area. It is worth it to fully explore the Moonbase for all of the items. However, if you are looking to move on…

First, at the north end of the center circle is an Armorer shop. Upgrade your weapons and armor. Then head down the southwest corridor. Head west through the next room. Then take the corridor that is moving southwest. Somewhere along the way, (it doesn't matter which way you go), you will run into a boss battle with The Proclaimer.

Boss Battle: The Proclaimer
Prize: Battle Trophies: 105, 106
Tactics: If you have been participating in item creation and synthesizing, then the Proclaimer will be no problem. If you have not, this can be one difficult battle. Much like every other battle you have had, the key is to prevent the Proclaimer from pulling off any special attacks. Using two brawlers, you can pin the Proclaimer and prevent any dangerous attacks from being initiated. Don't bother trying to MP kill the Proclaimer as they have just as much MP as HP.

Peppita joins your party at this point. Head back out into the Main Recreational Zone. On the northwest side, there is an elevator. Take it down to find that Peppita is friends with the bar owner. He'll let you into a room with extra items.

Continue back along the previously mentioned path to the Central Research Zone. In the next room to the east, follow the outer ring around until you reach an elevator and a save point. Head up the elevator into the Research Lab.

After you watch the cut scene, head back to the transporter room. Peppita will ask to come along with you. If you accept, she joins your party permanently. If you do this, two other characters will be left out of your party at the end (from Roger, Nel, or Albel). Peppita starts at Level 1, so she requires more training than some of the other characters in the game.



Back Aboard the Aquaelie
You're told to get some rest. Head to the eastern wing to rest up in your room. When you wake up, make your way to the Bridge for the bad news. Then head down to the Long Distance Transporter room.

There are no rewards for uncovering the map on this planet. There are also no items to be found. Make your way to the north. The enemies are Proclaimers (same as the last boss) and Enforcers, as well as the robots you faced before on the Moonbase. Try to MP kill the Enforcers and robots. The Proclaimers come in groups now, and will probably MP kill your players. They are not really worth fighting. Your goal is the Time Gate, on the northern side of the second map screen. Just keep walking north.

Head through the Time Portal and into the Arkives

Items: Ripe Berries, Smithy Hammer, Ripe Berries, 35000 Fol, Cooking Ingredients, Jewel of Alertness, Physical Enhancer
Must have item locations: Smithy Hammer - Just before going into the Sphere, come back to the Arkives and go to Flad's House in the Northwest corner of the ground floor.

When you first arrive, you'll meet a young boy named Flad who will give you his Authentication Disk. This item allows you free travel around the 4D Space. After learning more about the situation, you'll be faced with a sub - Boss Battle. Don't worry, you fight six Security Soldiers. They are extremely easy and will die in one or two hits.

After the battle, explore the city. Don't bother to upgrade your weapons or stay at the Inn, as you can do all of this at the next town with no battles in between. When you are ready to go, go back down to the Eternal Sphere Terminal Room which is located on the first floor in the southwest corner.

Items: Synthesis Materials, Ripe Berries, Rapid Invocation, Book of Prophecies 5
Must have item Locations:

  • Book of Prophecies 5 - Immediately upon arriving at Gemity, go out of the building and follow the path around to the south.
  • Rapid Invocation - Right next to the Book of Prophecies 5

Gemity is a sort of circus town. It contains all of the mini-games you can play. It also has an entrance back into the Eternal Sphere allowing you to revisit any area of the game (aside from the Resort where the game began). Use this as an opportunity to go back and find items with the Ring of Disintegration and find several Private Actions. Also, if you haven't already, you may recruit another party member at this point.

To recruit Albel, go to Woltar in the Kirlsa Mansion. He will send you to the Ursa Lava Caves where Albel is waiting for you. He will fight Fayt one on one and is extremely difficult. If you do not fight him now, however, he will come back later in the game in an even stronger form. If you want him in your party, now is the best chance. Make sure your sword is upgraded and that Fayt is at least at the same level as Albel (49).

If you didn't see Adray before the War, he will join the party automatically when you enter the Queen's Audience Chamber. If you did allow him into your party before, he will automatically join your party later in the game.

Nel is found in Castle Aquaria. Find her in her room and when she asks to sit and talk, tell her you do not have the time. This will pique her interest and she will ask to rejoin the party. If you tell her you have plenty of time, she will not join the party.

Roger is in his home in Surferio. When he talks, you may recruit him, reject him, or simply walk away. If you walk away and still have an extra party slot open later in the game, you still can recruit him if you change your mind.

There are several Mini-Games you can play in Gemity. The Battle Arena is located at the north end of the central plaza. Runic Chess is to the northwest or northeast. The Bunny Races are on the southwest or southeast. You may enter the Eternal Sphere by going through the transporters in the center of the plaza. See the section on Sub-Quests for more information on the games.

At the south end of the commercial area are Eutelupe (who will heal you for free) and Merpomet (who will remove any status afflictions you have for free). Use these two people to heal in between your Battles at the Arena.

When you are ready to leave, head back to where you entered Gemity. Keep in mind that once you leave, you will not be able to return here until after you have completed the game. Don't worry if you have not completed all of the Mini-Games. It is extremely difficult to defeat every opponent in the Battle Arena at this point in the game.

Before you go to Sphere 211, go back to Arkives to get the Smithy Hammer. Then use the Transporter to get to Sphere 211.

Sphere 211
Map Complete: 1/1 Scale Bunny
Items: Perfect Berries, Cooking Ingredients, Ripe Berries (x2), Analeptic, Trading Card EX2, 15000 Fol, Synthesis Materials (x2), Metal Enhancer (x2), Physical Enhancer, Dremela's Tool Set, Wind Pixie, Ceramic Dagger, Trading Card 2, Laser Weapon,
Must have Item Locations:

  • Dremela's Tool Set - 4th Floor, northeast corner
  • Trading Card 2 - 5th Floor, south of Elevator Control Panel

Upon entering Sphere 211, you'll immediately be confronted by four Security Soldiers. These guys go down fast, but are immediately followed by Azazer.Boss Battle: Azazer
Prize: Charm Of Tranquility
Battle Trophies: 107, 108
Tactics: Azazel uses two Skilled attack. A gun attack called Sniping that has long range and Crystal Prison, which can freeze your characters. Azazer only has 9000 MP, so attacking that will be the easiest way to take him out.

After defeating Azazer, you are left on the 1st floor next to a Save Point and a Healing Spot. Simply walk through the halls to the staircase to reach the 2nd floor. Keep battling your way up to the 5th floor.

On the 5th Floor, you will meet Blair and her team. They will give you lots of items. Most importantly is the Uninstaller. The Uninstaller is the program to rid the Milky Way of all of the destructive Executioners. Talk to each of the development team members. Aire will heal you if you need it. Leira will give you Blueberries, Blackberries, Fruity Potion, Verdurous Potion, Resurrection Elixir, and the AI Program. Talking to Leira again will allow you to access her severely limited shop. When you are ready, continue on to fight Berial and Belzeber.Boss Battle: Berial and Belzeber
Prize: Scholar's Bracelet
Battle Trophies: 125, 126
Tactics: Attack Berial first. He is a slower fighter, has only 5000 MP, and is vulnerable to wind based attacks. His attacks are strong, but its take him out quickly. This allows you to focus on Belzeber. He has a Special Attack that can Steal Life and is extremely quick. When he is alone, just gang up on him to restrict his movement.

After this battle, head to the north end of the 5th floor. There you will find the Switch to turn on the elevators enabling you travel to the 211th Floor where the Creator's Office is. After you turn on the elevators, you are free to explore floors 6-100. However, it is totally optional. There are many items that can be beneficial (tons of Synthesis Materials). The best items are on Floors 13 (Silver Chalice), 16 (Trading Card EX7), 18 (Intellect + Berries), 30 (Book of Prophecies 4), 50 (Trading Card EX8), 85 (Book of Prophecies 3). At Floor 211, you won't even have to face an enemy. Time to travel back to Styx.

Boss Battle: Proclaimer, Enforcer, Convictor
Prize: None
Battle Trophies: 109

  • Part 1 - You'll face a Proclaimer. This is the same as the one's you've faced before, so you should be fine fighting him. Conserve your energy because there is no time to heal before the next battle.
  • Part 2 - You'll face the Enforcer. The Enforcer is another enemy from before.
  • Part 3 - The Convictor. The Convictor is immune to fire, ice and only takes half damage from wind. Be sure that you do not have elemental weapons equipped, or you will not be able to do any damage. The Convictor attacks with the Aeroblast (whirlwind). Be sure to avoid this or you'll have a repeat of the damage inflicted by Robin Wind.

After the battle, simply head to the south to board the Diplo. The Diplo will put you in the Irisa Fields. Go to Aquios and find the Queen to ask permission to use the Sacred Orb. If you did the Ruddle and Rumina Side Quest, they've now opened up their Ultimate Shop in Aquios. When you are ready, go to the Shrine of Kaddan through the Sealed Cavern.

Shrine of Kaddan
At the entrance to the Shrine, you'll be confronted by a boss.Boss Battle: Lesser Eye
Prize: Synthesis Materials
Battle Trophies: None
Tactics: The Lesser Eye's most dangerous attacks affect only those closest to it. When the Eye begins drawing a pattern on the ground, retreat away to avoid the Misery Circle. Also, make sure you watch out for status changes in your other character, as the Eye can inflict a whole host of them on you and your team.

The second boss comes just past the first Save Point inside the shrine.Boss Battle: Dark Armor (2)
Prize: None
Battle Trophies: None
Tactics: The Dark Armor are slow enemies who use the popular Hammer Quake skill. Keep attacking them furiously with your melee fighters and they will not be able to get an attack in edgewise. They are also prone to being MP killed.

Just prior to leaving the second map screen, you'll be confronted by yet another boss.

Boss Battle: Crystal Statue
Prize: None
Battle Trophies: 113, 114
Tactics: The Crystal Statue is nearly identical to the one you faced in the Shrine earlier in the game. The Statue is still immune to all elemental attacks and can move quickly. Try to stun it or surround it with your melee fighters.

At the end of the hallway in the 3rd map screen, you'll come across the final boss of this area (we swear, no more bosses in this dungeon).

Boss Battle: Dark Eye
Prize: Scholar's Bracelet
Battle Trophies: 115, 116
Tactics: The Dark Eye is simply a stronger version of the Lesser Eye that you fought at the entrance. Use the same strategies, but be prepared for a longer fight.

After Beating the Dark Eye and securing the Sacred Orb, leave the Shrine of Kaddan and go to the Queen's Audience Chamber.

Head back through Surferio to the Ancient Ruins of Mosel. In Surferio, Adray will catch up with you and join your party permanently if he has not done so already. After you go through the Passage from Parch to Plenty, you'll be confronted by the Chimera.

Boss Battle: Chimera
Prize: War God's Symbol
Battle Trophies: 117, 118
Tactics: The Chimera can attack with both the heads and tail. In fact, the tail can paralyze you making it perhaps more dangerous than the front. Long distance attacks work best against this monster. If you try to go in toe to toe, be ready to take some serious damage.

When you get to the Ancient Ruins of Mosel, head to the central area. You'll be confronted with another BossBoss Battle: Stone Golem
Prize: None
Battle Trophies: 119, 120
Tactics: The Stone Golem is immune to all elemental attacks. He is extremely slow, so take advantage of this. His Anti Attack Aura does big MP damage, so be careful with your weak attacks. Pound away so that he can't get his powerful attacks going.

At this point, you can head down the door to the left, and you will go to the Lower Floors of the Ancient Ruins of Mosel. This is an optional dungeon, that you may or may not be interested in tackling at this point. For more information, see the Secrets and Side Quests section.

Head to the right passage to enter the Firewall.

Map Complete: 1/1 Scale Bunny

The Firewall contains no items, so it is not worth exploring to its full extent. Upon entering, simply go to the right and follow the passage around the outer edge until you find a passage that leads to the north.

The second room is not so straight forward. Here you will come across Green Doors and Blue Doors. The Green Doors can be passed through, while the Blue Doors cannot. When you travel through a Green Door, it turns Blue on the other side. This means all doors are one way. To make matters more complicated, there are little balls rolling around on the ground. If you touch one, it will reset you to where you entered the room.

To get through, take the passage to the right and go north. Ignore any switches you see until you make it as far to the northeast as you can. There are not a lot of ways to go, as most of the paths are blocked by Blue Doors. When you find the switch, it will reverse the color of all the doors. You can now go directly west from here until you find a Save Point. Make your way through the maze to the north, avoiding the moving balls. Use your mini map to judge your moves and avoid being reset. Follow the path north and to the east until you find another switch. Then make your way back to the Save Point. Save and go through the door.

Boss Battle: Battlecopter
Battle Trophies:
123, 124
Tactics: The Battlecopter is a beefed up version of the other hovering robots you have faced throughout the game. Keep attacking while dodging his gunfire. Fayt's Dimension Door attack works well as a hit and run tactic. The Battlecopter has a large amount of MP, so its not so easy to defeat him that way.

Spiral Tower
Map Complete: 1/60th Scale Bunny
Items: Blackberries (x3), Trading Card 3, Bunny Shoes, Fenrir's Crystal (x2), Perfect Berries, 62700 Fol, Efreet Crystal (x2), Worn-Out Textbook, Magical Berries, Compounding Materials (x2), Synthesis Materials (x2), Ripe Berries, Fire Absorption

At this point in the game, you have either made the decision to completely beat this game and do all of the bonus dungeons after the main story is complete, or you have had enough of this incredibly long game and will be happy to see the end. Well, the end is near. This is the last dungeon of the main story. But for the rest of you, don't worry - there is more to do beyond the main story.

On the 1st Floor, simply make your way to the elevator on the northern end of the map. On the 2nd Floor, you'll be confronted by a Blair look a like.

Boss Battle: Pseudo Blair
Prize: None
Battle Trophies: None
Tactics: Pseudo Blair is actually really easy. Attack using Fayt's Dimension Door, and after several attacks, she'll fall.

After beating Pseudo Blair, go straight north until you find the real Blair imprisoned in some sort of energy cage. There are three wings going out from the elevator that doesn't work. At the end of each of them is an odd structure that you must Examine to activate a crystal. Each one will present you with a battle as well. The Green Hallway will lead you to a fight with Ruktogias. This monster is slow but strong. Attack it the same way you fought all the other slow moving monsters up to this point. The Red Hallway will pit you against two Death Monsters. They can poison you. Outside of that, they are easy to take down. The Blue Hallway will lead you to a battle against 3 Chimera Hawks. Use Fayt's Dimension Door to attack them all at once with a powerful blow.

When you have all of the crystals activated, head back to see Blair let free, then go south to the now working Elevator.

Floor 3 contains the puzzles with colored gems. To activate one of the puzzles, you must find the colored door that corresponds to that particular puzzle. There are 5 such puzzles on the floor. Your goal in each puzzle is to change the colors of the gems until they add together to make the color in the middle. To change the color of the gem, you must use the Ring of Disintegration.

For example, if you are trying to make a green gem, yellow and blue would do the trick. The trick is that you are only given a certain number of "turns" on each puzzle. If you solve the puzzle in under the set amount, the door will open and allow you through. If you solve the puzzle in the exact amount of moves allowed, the door will open and you will receive a prize. Here are the solutions to each of the 5 doors so that you can get the bonus prizes.

  • Purple Door - Turn the Red Pedestal 1 time, then the Blue Pedestal 1 time.
  • Green Door - Turn the Red Pedestal 3 times, then turn the Blue Pedestal 3 times.
  • Orange Door - Turn the Red Pedestal 9 times, then turn the Blue Pedestal 1 time.
  • Red Door - Turn the Blue Pedestal 8 times, then turn the Red Pedestal 1 time.
  • Yellow Door - Turn the Blue Pedestal 14 times, then turn the Red Pedestal 2 times.

To solve all of the puzzles, you must explore the floor entirely. If you'd simply like to move on to the next level, first go north and to the east to find the Purple Door. The corresponding puzzle is back to the west. After opening the Purple Door, go east and then north to find the Green Door. Again, you must backtrack to the west and north to find the corresponding puzzle. Through the Green Door, travel to the northwest and then follow the path until you can travel west. There you'll find the Yellow Door. The room to the north contains the gems for the Yellow Door. Through the Yellow Door is the Elevator to the next floor.

Floors 4 and 5 are just brief paths to the next Elevator. Floor 6 has a Save Point and another broken Elevator to the north of it. To fix the elevator, you must flip 3 Switches located around the floor. From the broken elevator, one switch is down the northeast corridor, one is to the far west, and the last is to far southeast. You must use the Ring of Disintegration to break into the rooms with the switches. To activate the Switches, simply stand in the middle of the ring.

Boss Battle: Luther
Prize: End of the game - cut scene and credits.
Battle Trophies: 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 189, 190, 191, 192, 193
Tactics: Be ready for a two part battle. The first part is easier than the second, but still no cup of tea. Luther takes half damage from all Elemental attacks, so it is not advisable to use any Symbology or Elemental based attacks. If you have been using Fayt's Dimension Door, it works exceptionally well against Luther. In the first part, Luther only has the Laser Beam skill, which can be dodged by watching for the light symbol Luther draws on the ground before it fires.

Part two of this battle brings you a stronger Luther with more HP and MP. If you have two melee fighters, set them to Attack with all of your might. Keep a healer in the back to constantly bring back their HP and let them do some damage. Use your Skills that are not Elemental based. If your level is high enough (around 70), this battle will seem easy.

Congratulations! You've successfully completed the main game. Want some more? Parents won't buy you a new game for another week? Check out the section on Secrets and Side Quests for information on the Extra Dungeons you can go explore and Mini Games you can complete. Your latest Save Game will be tagged with a Clear sign. This means you can go back and explore the entire world. You can also go and fight Luther again as many times as you want to get all of the Battle Trophies. Leave to the South from the Save Point to find a Bunny who will transport you to Mosel, Surferio, or the Firewall.

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