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FF12's battle system is called Active Dimension Battle, or ADB for short. This is not to be confused with ATB in FF10-2. This new battle system takes a different approach to fighting monsters. Instead of breaking away to a battle field, monsters and player characters will be fought on the same field you travel on. As you encounter an enemy or monster, battle will begin right where you are. The character you are controlling may move freely throughout the field. ADB introduces target lines which show who is doing what to who. As for the battle menu commands, there are dozens you can choose such as, "Attack" or "Magic."

Basic attacks start out as automatic unless you specify a command before the auto attack. Timed intervals repeat the automatic attacks until the command menu is brought up. The whole field and battling stops as the command menu is shown, leaving you with time to choose any skills or magic you would like to use.

There are many different ways a battle can start. The first is running up the the enemy. If the enemy sees you, it will also start coming to you. Another is by sound. Monsters can hear footsteps, depending how loud you are, they will attack. It is important to be cautious where you are because sometimes there may be sudden attacks from below or above. 








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