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Final Fantasy IV



An FMV shows Cecil departing for Mysidia as Rosa looks on worried about him.
Robbing of Mysidia
Party: N/A
Party's level: N/A
Items: None
Key Items: Ring
Monsters: None
The infamous air fleet of Baron is on their way back to Baron after taking
Crystal of Mysidia. As the fleet heads back Cecil thinks about his actions
against the innocent people of Mysidia. He takes the lives of innocent people
so that the King of Baron can have the Crystal, but for what purpose? Before
the Elder of Mysidia gives the Crystal to Cecil, Cecil's men had killed
innocent lives to get his demand. His men also share Cecil's regret, but
Cecil knows that the King took Cecil in when he was a young orphan and he
cannot disobey the King's orders.
Suddenly the fleet is attacked by a horde of monsters that appear out of
nowhere. Cecil easily dismantles the monsters and his crew suffered only
minor injuries. Why are so many monsters appearing now these days? Where did
they come from? After the battles with the monsters the fleet heads back to
Baron. Here he hands the King the Crystal, Baigan talks to the King Cecil
questions the King's orders. The King is furious and relieves Cecil as
commander of the Red Wings, Kain overhears and tries to defend Cecil, but he
too is asked to go with Cecil. Before he leaves Cecil and Kain is given a
ring to deliver to the Village of Mist. Once you leave the King's throne Kain
thinks that after Cecil completes this mission the King will restore Cecil as
Commander of the Red Wings again, but for now Kain tells Cecil to get some
rest for tommorow.

The Night Before The Journey
Party: Cecil, Kain
Party's level: 10
Items: Potion, 300 Gil
Key Items: None
Monsters: None
After the scenario you can talk to Kain if you want. You'll know why Cecil
has decided to wield the Dark Sword, because the King of Baron had asked
him to do so. Now head down into the next room, on the right side of the
screen is a door with a switch that will open a room with three treasure
chest, one is 300 Gil, another one is a Potion, and the other is a TENT. Now
head to the left side, after that just head towards the stairs, in this room
you'll see Rosa who comes and tries to talk to Cecil, Cecil is somewhat
disturbed by the recent event and Rosa wishes to see Cecil later. For now just
continue on. Once your outside head for the tower on the left side above you,
but before you can reach the tower Cid, the Chief Engineer of Baron sees you
and wishes to talk to you.
Here you'll get a brief history about Cid. He builds airships for Baron but
he doesn't like them to be used as weapons, he then leaves as his daughter
might worry about him. Also you can choose to explore the rest of the Castle if
you want but you won't get very far due to the fact that the guards around the
Castle of Baron will not let you through unless they have the King's orders.
Once you reach the tower a maid will be standing in front of your room to tell
you that your sheets were made. When your in your room just go up to the bed
and the room will darken and Cecil will take a rest. During the middle of the
night Rosa will come to Cecil.
She seems questioned about Cecil's recent behavior. Cecil tells Rosa that he
feels alot of guilt about stealing from innocent people. Rosa is shocked to
hear this and Cecil vows that he will never again do indecent acts among
innocent people even if ordered the the King of Baron himself. Now Cecil will
tell Rosa to take a rest. Until the next morning the two head off into the
unknown land. For years Cecil and Kain have relied on the transportation of
the Red Wings, but now they must set foot into the unknown. Here before Cecil
and Kain leaves you'll see a prologue about the things to come, Why has the
King been behaving so differently? Why are there so many monsters appearing
lately? You don't have the answers right now and you'll have to find them
Town Of Baron
Party: Cecil, Kain
Party's level: 10
Items: N/A
Key Items: None
Monsters: None
Once your outside to the sides of the Castle of Baron is the Twon of Baron.
Inside hear there really isn't much to do except talk to the people and
gather information if you want, but right now its not neccessary. The door
on the left side of town is locked also the doors leading to the Weapons
and Armors shops are locked. You can't unlock them now, but what you can do
is go buy some items for your long journey ahead. What I would recommend is
buying two Tents and buying three Potions. You really don't need to
buy exactly what I say because the battles ahead really aren't that hard,
and if you want to stock up on more items you can fight battles outside.
The battles outside really won't give you much expierience points but they
can give you some good amounts of gold. Also there is a training room in
this town, if this is your first time playing an RPG I suggest you get to
know the basics first like I said before, so that it can help you advance
further into the game without much hassle. Also notice one of the students
telling you that Lightning damage is weak towards water opponents. Once
your done head north pass the bridges until you see a cave.
Cave of Mist
Party: Cecil, Kain
Party's level: 10
Items: Potion, Eyedrops, Tent, Potion
Key Items: None
Monsters: Mist D., Imp, Evil Shell, Pike
You'll notice that when you check your status that both Cecil and Kain are
at level 10. Kain has to gain nearly double the expierience points to gain
a level than Cecil has to, but for some reasons I'm not sure. You can gain
levels by fighting monsters inside the Cave of Mist if you want, and if you
do stay near the entrance and once your outside use a TENT to heal your
wounds. If your too weak to fight anymore battles hold the L & R buttons
down at the same time during battle to escape from battle. Once you have
reached the entrance of the cave you can save the game if you want. You don't
have to really since the battles inside are pretty easy.
When your all set to go enter the cave and take the right side to find a
ladder. In this cave you will also notice a fog or mist of some sort
surrounding the cave that's gives the cave a white transparent look. Be sure to
collect the treasure chests in here as there are two POTIONS and Eyedrops.
Occasionally when you advance deeper into the cave of Mist you Cecil and Kain
will hear a voice telling them to go back. Don't worry about it, just keep
advancing through until your near the exit. Once you've reached near the exit
the mysterious voice that is talking gives you a second warning to leave, don't
bother to listen just keep advancing. Once you've reached the exit the
mysterious voice will ask you one more time if you want to leave, if you choose
"No" you will not be able to advance but if you choose "Yes" you will initiate
a fight with the Summoned Monster.
BOSS FIGHT: Mist D.      HP: 465
This boss fight shouldn't be too hard but I'm here to help incase your
stuck! First off just continue to attack the mist having Cecil pound the
Mist D. with his regular attacks and having Kain Jump the Dragon. Continue to
attack the Dragon until it starts forming into a Mist or when the message box
on the top of the battle screen tells you to stop. If you attack the Mist
Dragon while it's in Mist form it will counter attack with COLDMIST which is
double the damage of its normal attack and it hits both Cecil and Kain. For now
when the Mist Dragon is in Mist form just wait until the message box gives you
the signal or when the Mist starts to form back into a Dragon. When your HP
falls below 60 use your Potions you found earlier to heal the wounded party
member and continue to attack. Repeat this process until you have defeated the
Mist Dragon. By now Cecil should have easily gained a level and don't be
surprised if Kain doesn't.
Once your done head out of the Cave of Mist and you can choose to save the
game before entering the town of Mist. Before you enter the Town of Mist make
sure you deequip Kain. After you have saved the game enter the Town of Mist.
Town Of Mist
Party: Cecil, Kain
Party's level: 11
Items: Potion, None
Key Items: None
Monsters: None
When you reach inside the BombRing that the King told you to deliver
suddenly pops out to reveal fire monsters that sets the town of Mist on
fire. Cecil and Kain are shocked to see that the King of Baron would do
this. The little girl that is above Cecil and Kain is crying over the death
of her mother. Here Kain tells Cecil that killing the Summoned Monster also
kills the Summoner. Kain saids that both he and Cecil should be rid of the
little girl and Cecil is dumbfounded to hear what Kain has to say. Cecil
vows that he will not hurt innocent lives and Kain realizes what Cecil is
trying to do and says that whatever Cecil wishes to do Kain will always be
at his side. The little girl over hears the conversation between Cecil and
Kain and hates them for what they have done. Cecil and Kain tries to rescue
the girl out of the town before she is taken along with the town. The girl
refuses and Cecil and Kain have no choice but to take the little girl out
of the town by force.
Here the girl initiates the battle, but there is little that Cecil and Kain
can do as the girl summons a Titan that rips the ground apart sending Kain
into the underground and most of town with it as well. Afterwards Cecil finds
the little girl unconsious and he decides to help her to a near by town to
help heal her wounds. Also you'll notice that the mountains are caved in
blocking your way back to Baron.
Town Of Kaipo
Party: Cecil
Party's level: 11
Items: None
Key Items: None
Monsters: General, Soldier
After the scenario head towards the town of Kaipo which is found on the
south side of an oasis in the middle of the desert. Once inside Cecil helps
the little girl by sending her to an inn. The innkeeper realizes that the
girl is hurt and does not wish to charge Cecil any money. As the little girl
wakes up Cecil tries to talk to her but to no avail. Then the two take a
rest, during the middle of the night soldiers from Baron ask that Cecil give
the little girl to the King of Baron. Cecil refuses to give the girl to the
soldiers and he decides to defend the girl.
BOSS FIGHT: General/Soldier    HP: 27(Soldiers) 221(General)
Well this battle shouldn't be too hard, I'm not even sure if I'm suppose to
use the word hard at all! You can choose to take down the Officer if you
want, but mainly focus your attention on the Soldiers. If you take out the
Soldiers first that means the Officer will just retreat. However if you do
manage to take down the Officer along with the Soldiers you will recieve a
significant amount of expierience points.
After the battle, the little girl will realize that you were trying to
protect her. Cecil can't ask for her forgiveness, but the least he can do
is try to protect her. She tells Cecil her name which is Rydia. She's at
level 1 with very little HP and MP. At first she doesn't know any WHITE
or BLACK magic but later after gaining a level or two she will learn some
basic BLACK and WHITE magic.
Afterwards heads towards the northeast side of the town of Kaipo and in the
room you'll find Rosa, who is serverely sick and can barely speak. She has an
extremely high fever and the only thing that can cure her condition is the
Sandruby located in the cave of the Antlion. For now head outside and look
for a weapons shop. By a Bow for Rydia amd about 25 Iron Arrows. In the armor
shop you do not need to buy anything because Rydia is equipped with all the
armor the store has to offer, but if you want buy the extra CAP HELMET for
now. When your done leave the town and head northeast towards a cave. Now is
the ideal time to save your game.
Water Cavern-South/Water Cavern-North
Party: Cecil, Rydia
Party's level: 11
Items: Potion, MaidKiss, Tent, Ironring, Bomb, Potion, Ether1, Icerod,
       580 Gil, Bomb, Potion, HrGlass1, Dark(sword), Ether1, Notus
Key Items: None
Monsters: CaveToad, Waterbug, EvilShell, Pike, Zombie, Mad Toad, WaterHag,
          Tiny Mage
Once you have reached inside go up and take both treasures in the treasure
chest which is a MaidKiss and Potion. Now head to the left side and you'll
see an old man near the end of a bridge, first take the treasure chest below
you which is a TENT and talk to the old man. He will tell you that a Bard has
tricked his daughter into running away with him at Damcyan, coincidentally
where Cecil and Rydia is headed to find the Sandruby to heal Rosa's high
fever. Afterwards Tellah the Sage will join your party and he will need the
help of the Black Sword to defeat the monster that dwells in the waterfalls.
Surprisingly Tellah's stats are higher than Cecil's. Tellah's knowledge of
both BLACK AND WHITE magic should help back up Rydia as she is just learning
her magic potiential. However this is just the icing on the cake because
Tellah has lost most of his knowledge of the stronger spells. Also Tellah's
MPs are pretty high as of now, but even if you gain him levels his MP will
not rise also he is at level 20 with about 340 HP, but he cannot attack very
well with weapons.
Here continue on but don't forget the treasure chest to the right, you'll
need to enter the waters to retrieve the treasure chest. Inside the treasure
chest is an Ironring. Equip it on Tellah and also the Cap you bought earlier
at Kaipo. Now continue on back and make your way to the next room. In this
next room head up and you'll have to walk in the water again and then make
your way to the left side and pick up yet another Potion. Now continue along
down and take the next ladder, to the left of this room is an ETHER1.
Afterwards just make your way to the room to the left side. Here in this
room, luckily Tellah already has a TENT, so you won't need to worry about
using one of your own. Here you will see Rydia sleeping and Cecil and Tellah
have a quiet conversation.
Tellah notes that he sees alot of potiential in Rydia and he will also give
you a brief rundown about why his daughter Anna has run away. Anna is his
only child and she ran away with the Bard because Tellah would not agree to
his daughter Anna's marriage. After the little scenario you will be given the
chance to save, your wounds are fully healed and your magic points are
completely restored. Now would probably be a good time to save. When you
head out of this save room continue on and don't forget to take a look
inside the treasure chest to the right to pick up an Icerod.
Afterwards make your way through to the middle of the room and enter through.
In this next room there really isn't much here except for a POTION, also you
will see some regions of the room that are oddly shaded with a black color.
Go through that region and go towards the right, on the right side is a
Leather Helmet, its hidden at the right side of the room. Here in this room
you'll see the vast region below you, don't worry you can't fall off because
it would be stupid if you could anyways. To the left are two ETHER1's and to
the right at the bottom is a yet again, another CURE1 POTION, also pickup the
DARKNESS sword for Cecil. When you reach outside, save your game and continue

Party: Cecil, Rydia, Tellah
Party's level: 10
Items: Hades(Helmet), Hades(gloves), Hades(armor), Hermes
Key Items: None
Monsters: Octomamm, Mad Toad, Cave Toad, Tiny Mage, Water Bug, Pike,
          WaterHag, Zombie
Once you enter this cave just keep going right, there is only two treasure
chest in this room one is an Ether1 and the other one is another Hades
equipment for Cecil. Equip the new piece of armor and continue on. Also in
this room are only two treasure chests. Both of them contain Hades equipment
for Cecil, equip those on and head towards the middle of the waterfall to
engage in a battle that was foretold by Tellah the Sage.
Although there are eight parts to OCTOMAMM he is still only going to be one
target. At first OCTOMAMM can attack rather fast, but as you start to attack
he will begin to slow down. Here have Rydia attack with her CHOCO summon or
you can lose LIT1, but Rydia learns LIT1 at level 5 so incase your levels
with Rydia are not up there yet, then just stick with the CHOCO summon, which
will do more damage than her LIT1 attack, and have Tellah attack with LIT1.
Cecil's attacks should do quite a bit of damage against OCTOMAMM, probably
about 130 HP of damage with each hit. As you continue to attack you will
notice that each leg of OCTOMAMM dies, so I think that every 150 HP you lose
OCTOMAMM, an arm dies off, except for his last leg which is about 350 HP.
This boss fight shouldn't be too hard and when you hear Tellah saying that
you have slowed down the monster your about near victory.
NOTE: If your attacks were strong enough earlier, one hit can kill Octomamm
      even if it has three legs left, and if Tellah is not alive during the
      battle, no text message will appear.
After the boss fight head through the waterfall and onto your next
destination, the Castle of Damcyan. Also its not a bad idea to save here
after your battle with OCTOMAMM, but don't bother using a TENT.

Damcyan Castle
Party: Cecil, Rydia, Tellah
Party's level: 15
Items: Tent
Key Items: None
Monsters: Bard
Before you reach the Castle of Damcyan the Red Wings come out of nowhere and
bombard the castle reducing it to a pile of rubble. Here just enter the
castle. Midway through you will see a room full of treasure chest, all of
them are already opened except one on the top of the room, open that treasure
chest to obtain a TENT and continue on towards the center of the castle of
Damcyan. Upon entering the castle you will see the remains of the once
beautiful castle of Damcyan and also the downed guards. Once you have reached
the center of the castle you will see Tellah's only daughter Anna lying on
the floor almost dying.
Tellah becomes enraged as he attacks the "Spoony  Bard." You can't control
this battle and everything the Bard is trying to say Tellah ignores, when
Anna speaks Tellah comes to his senses and stops his attack against the Bard.
Here Anna explains what had happened, it appears that when Edward and Anna
was about to leave they were attacked by the Red Wings of Baron, also they
had taken the Crystal of Fire. Anna explains that Edward is the prince of
Damcyan and he was disguised as a Bard so that he can go to Kaipo and find
Anna. Anna saved Edward's life by shielding him from the arrows that were
brought upon by the Red Wings fleet.
Afterwards Anna dies and Tellah is once again enraged, he wishes to take
vengence upon the one called Golbez, who led the Red Wings' attack against
Damcyan. Cecil says he can't go alone but Tellah is too fustrated and angry
to listen and he goes off on his own. As Anna dies, Edward lets out his tears
of emotion...yet he is not the only one who has lost a loved one. Edward does
not care and he wishes to stay with Anna, Cecil comes over and literally
knocks some sense into him. He tells Edward that Anna would not like it if he
was just to stay here and Cecil desprately needs Edward's help. Edward
wonders how he can help and Cecil tells him that he needs to find the
Sandruby to cure Rosa's fever.
Edward tells him that he has a Hovercraft and with it you can reach the cave
of the Antlion. Before the party leaves out of the castle, Edward comes and
says the final goodbye before leaving to help his new friends. Once your
outside you can get off your Hovercraft by pressing the A button and re-
entering the castle, if you have bothered to talk to the guards you'll notice
that one of them said that a recovery pot is above, the guard that told you
that was in the same room you got the tent. Once you've reached inside the
middle of the caslte you'll notice that all the down guards are gone, the pot
on the left will completely heal your party members and also reverse any
negative status effects, also you don't have to talk to the two mages that
are around the pot since they won't give you any info that you already don't
know. The pot to the left will completely restore your loss MP. Once your
done head out to your Hovercraft.

Antlion Cave
Party: Cecil, Edward, Rydia
Party's level: 15
Items: Potion, Silk Web, Potion, Soft, Tent, Potion, Notus, Lamia(harp),
       HrGlass1, Silk Web, 210 Gil, 190 Gil, 250 Gil. Life, Ether1, Exit
       NOTE: If you are playing the SNES version, the Exit item is replaced
             with a Tent.
Key Items: Sandruby
Monsters: Basilisk, Imp, Imp Cap., Turtle, Weeper, Sand Worm
From Damcyan go northeast through the shallow rocks and you should find
another part of the continent. When you reach this place you will see Mt.
Hobs, when you enter Mt. Hobs a thick block of Ice blocks the way, for now
there is nothing you can do here. Now head down into the cave below. You
should save it right now because the enemies inside are pretty strong.
Inside here there are several treasure chests. To the left side of the cave
is a Potion and 190 Gil, to the right of the cave is 210 Gil and Potion.
Towards the bottom left of the cave is a Tent and a Potion yet again. After you
have collected the six treasure chests head down to the bottom right. In this
next room you will find a your first Life Potion of the game in the treasure
chest below, the door next to it contains Edward's strongest harp, the Lamia
Harp. The treasure chest above the door contains a Notus. Go into the door and
when your in the next room go into the door and you will see a save point and
also three treasure chests, collect the Life Potion, Ether1, and the Tent/Exit
from the three treasure chests and save and heal your
wounds if any. Now continue back to the room before and head to the left side
to pick up 250 Gil and head towards the center of the room and into the
Antlion's nest.
The Sandruby is just ahead, but as Edward tries to grab the Sandruby, the
Antlion attacks it.
This boss fight is fairly easy, but a few mistakes can cost you. Here the
Antlion attacks are nothing to worry about because they only do 1 HP of
damage, but watch for the COUNTER attack. There isn't much you can do about
this because each time you attack him with a Physical attack he will counter.
Each one of those counter hits are about 21 HP of damage which can be very
serious towards Rydia and Edward because Edward starts out at level 5 with 60
HP and three shots can easily swoon him. But Cecil's attacks are too strong
to pass up so just have Cecil constantly attack the ANTLION, have Rydia use
her CHOCO summon and Edward be the healer and part time attacker. Once your
HP starts to drop below 40, you should consider using Potions to help keep
your HPs up. After a while you should be rid of the ANTLION and obtain the
Afterwards Edward will question why the ANTLION has attacked him. Cecil
reveals that there are too many monsters appearing these days and the
ANTLION must defend itself. Afterwards you should head out of the cave and
back to the desert town Kaipo. With your newly aquired Hovercraft you can
reach the desert town of Kaipo rather easily by going all the way to the
west side and you will see shallow rocks that the Hovercraft can travel by.


Return To Kaipo
Party: Cecil, Rydia, Edward
Party's level: 17
Items: None
Key Items: None
Monsters: Waterhag
Here return to the house you saw Rosa in earlier. When you enter here talk to
Rosa and your item box will appear, hit the "A" button over the SANDRUBY to
use the SANDRUBY over Rosa. Here she will awaken and she will tell you about
Golbez controlling all of the nation of Baron. She also tells you about the
Crystal of Air and Crystal of Earth. The Crystal of Fire is already in the
hands of Golbez, and Rosa wishes to join Cecil, but Cecil refuses. Rosa
followed Cecil because she heard that Cecil was swallowed by the earthquake
in the Village of Mist.
Also she points out that the Crystal of Air is towards Fabul, but right now
they need to get over Mt.Hobs which is covered by a thick block of Ice, she
asked Rydia to cast fire but Rydia hesitates and saids she can not cast fire.
Afterwards Edward realizes that Rosa wants to be with Cecil and he convinces
Cecil to bring her along. Here Cecil tells Rosa to get a good night's sleep
before they go. Here  in the middle of the night Edward goes out and plays a
tune in memory of Anna. During the middle of his play he is attacked by a
Here Edward must fight this battle alone, Anna will help guide Edward towards
victory as Edward should be able to easily conquer this battle. Just have
Edward constantly attack and the WATERHAG should be gone.
Afterwards Anna tells Edward that she must leave, but Edward doesn't want to
be alone, but she tells him to give the love he gave to Anna to all his
people. Here Anna leaves and Edward questions himself as what he is suppose
to do. Before you leave make sure you stock up on a good amount of Arrows for
Rosa and Rydia(if you have bought Bow and Arrows for Rydia earlier), Rosa
starts off at level 10 with 150 HP, but her defense is still weak so keep her
in the backrow. Now head back to Mt.Hobs via the Hovercraft, which is
northeast of the Antlion's nest.

Mt. Hobs
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Edward, Rydia
Party's level: 18
Items: Potion, Tent, Soft, 960 Gil, Holy(arrows)
       NOTE: The SNES version only reveals 350 Gil, not 960
Key Items: None
Monsters: Gargoyle, Skeleton, Red Bone, Spirit, Mom Bomb, Cocatris,
          Grey Bomb, Bomb
Here there is the thick block of Ice that I told you about earlier. Rosa asks
Rydia to cast Fire but she can't. Rydia will not cast fire because she is
afraid of fire because it burned her home down, but Rosa tells Rydia that she
believes in her and she is the only one who can melt the Ice blocking the
entrance of Mt.Hobs. She persuades Rydia to use fire because she tells her
that if they don't get through many more people will be in danger, here Rydia
sums up all her inner strength and casts fire, the Ice block of Mt. Hobs
melts and Rydia has now learned FIRE1.
Afterwards the party thanks Rydia. For now continue on towards the mountain.
When you first see a door, take the door and you will be on the side of a
mountain with a save point and four treasure chests, they contain a TENT,
POTION, Soft, and 350/960 Gil. Save your game and heal your wounds if
any and continue on back to the right side of the mountain. Also take a
chance to look down at the valley below, despite it being 16-bits it looks
quite breathtaking doesn't it? Now head to the Summit and you will see a
Karate Master being attacked by a group of IMP CAPTAINs, Yang easily
dismantles them, but the MOMBOMB comes after him, the party realizes that it
will be a difficult battle alone and they decide to help.
BOSS FIGHT: MOMBOMB      HP: 11000(total)
Now this is what I'm talking about! 5 against 1! Despite your overpowering
numbers this is still going to be a very difficult fight. Have Rydia use her
CHOCB summon, have Cecil attack normally, have Rosa use her AIM command, have
Yang attack not Kick, and have Edward be your part time Attacker and Healer.
After you do about 1500 HP of damage the MOMBOMB will change form, just
continue to attack and if your party's HP drops below 75, then keep them up
there. The MOMBOMB will give you a warning when its about to explode, that is
the sign to heal yourself if your HP is below 75. When it does Explode the
party suffers extensive damage about 50-60 HP of damage to every character,
quickly heal your party because your party's HP(besides Cecil) is still
pretty low. Now it turns itself into 3 BOMBs and 3 GREYBOMBs. That's 6
targets for you to attack now, each one of the targets only have about 50-100
HP and this time have Yang use his KICK command to attack all the BOMBs at
once and continue your usual attack pattern.
Afterwards Yang thanks the party for helping him out in battle and they
tell Yang that the Crystal of Air is in danger and they must protect it
before it gets into the hands of Golbez. Here they give each other a
briefing on their backgrounds and why they are willing to help Yang. It
appears that Yang is the only survivor of his forces and the people at
Fabul are still in training. After the little scenario go towards the east
side of the mountain and continue on. Once you have reached outside keep
going east and past the mountains to find the Castle of Fabul. Here save and
use a TENT just in front of the Castle before entering the castle.
Castle Of Fabul
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Edward, Rydia, Yang
Party's level: 10-20
Items: Hermes, Silk Web, Demon(shield), Ether1, Bomb, Notus, Potion,
       ThorRage, Bacchus, Tent, Death(sword)
Key Items: None
Monsters: Captain, Fighter, Imp Cap., Weeper, WaterHag, Gargoyle, Dragoon
Here once you get inside keep going and you will see a Weapons/Armor shop to
the right and the INN is on the left side. Go buy Yang an extra claw of your
choice, buy Cecil all the available Demon armor, helmet, and gloves. Sell any
Shadow and Hades equipment you may have and continue on towards the center of
the castle. Here you will approach the King of Fabul. Yang informs him about
Golbez's forces and they must set up a defense immediately.
The King of Fabul has trouble trusting in Cecil because he is the Dark Knight
of Baron, but Yang persuades the King that Cecil and his friends came to his
aid when he was attacked. Here Prince Edward tells the King that he is glad
to see him again but he tells the King what he had lost and the King is sorry
for his misunderstanding. Here the King will ask you if you want to help
defend the castle. If you choose "no" then you will be given time before the
battle, if you choose "yes" the battle will begin.
Here you will only be a party of three, so Cecil, Yang, and Edward is the
castle's main defence(that's how they spell it in the game) and Rosa and
Rydia will be the healers of the wounded people of Fabul. Here the three take
stand at the entrance of Fabul as they prepare for battle. Also make sure you
can keep your HP during the middle of the battle because the battles keep
going on and you will not be given time in between to heal yourself or your
party members. Here after first battle defeat the FIGHTERS and ignore the
General. After this first battle the RED WINGS of Baron attack the castle and
the party does not have any defense against the airships so they must retreat
back into the castle(lousy cheaters!).
From here on out, you will fight a long series of battles without time to
heal in between, so be prepared and keep your HP up. As you defeat them, the
party tries to pull back Edward slips and falls as the soldiers of Baron come
in. Afterwards the party makes their last retreat back to the Crystal Room.
Here Kain comes in and Cecil is shocked to see Kain alive. Here Kain wants to
fight Cecil and Cecil has no choice. Here you shouldn't bother trying to
fight Kain because he keeps using that JUMP attack and it will knock you out
in a few blows. Here afterwards Kain will try to put Cecil out of his misery
and Rosa comes in and tries to stop Kain, but Kain is somehwat startled and
then Golbez finally meets the party.
Here Golbez knocks out both Edward and Yang, and commands Kain to take the
Crystal of Air which Kain happily confirms. Here Golbez realizes that Rosa
is important to Cecil and he kidnappes her and Kain tells Cecil he had a
narrow escape. Afterwards Rydia is helpless against Kain and she performs
the CURE magic towards the party and they are revived out of their wounds.
Here Yang will help Cecil this time, but Cecil's spirit has taken a hard
Before you head out, search around the castle(like the switch on the right
side of the throne room) and inside pots to pick up various items. Just take
your time to explore the castle and go to the inn when you are ready.
As the party enters the INN they need to find a way to take the Crystal of
Air back, but they need an Airship. Here the party finds out that Baron's
main force is the RED WINGs, the sea is relatively weak. Yang asks about Kain
and Cecil replies that he used to be his best friend, but now he is under the
control of Golbez. Here Yang tells Cecil that the King will ahppily offer his
ship to the party. In the morning the King of Fabul offers the Death sword
left by the Dark Knight years ago, but it cannot stop True Evil. The ship the
party asked for is to the east of Fabul. So exit the castle and outside you
will find the ship that leads to Baron. Inside beofre Yang leaves, his wife
says goodbye.
Here the ship departs for Baron and during the middle of the voyage Yang asks
what Cecil will do when he reaches Baron, he decides that they must find
the Chief Engineer of Baron, who is Cid. Before the party can reach Baron
the mythical sea God Leviathan stops the party. Here the waves come crashing
on the party and Rydia is thrown out of the boat, Yang then goes after her to
help save her, but both of them cannot save themselves. Here the ship gets
sucked into the Whirlpool created by the Leviathan as the entire party is
separated. Afterwards you will find Cecil alone on the beach, he wonders
where the rest of his party is but to no avail.

Party: Cecil
Party's level: 22
Items: None
Key Items: None
Monsters: None
When you reach ashore, to the right is Mysidia. Here ignore the people
because they will turn you into a Pig or Toad to avenge the death of their
friends. Just in case you did not listen to me talk to the person who casted
the spell on you again and you will be changed back into your normal form.
Now head towards the center of the town and talk to the Elder of Mysidia.
Here the Elder sees that Cecil has gotten a taste of his own medecin, but he
also tells Cecil that he cannot depend on the Sword of Darkness if he wishes
to achieve his goal. He tells him to go to Mt.Ordeals, but warns Cecil that
many have gone to Mt.Ordeals to become a Paladin but none have come back yet.
Before Cecil leaves the Elder of Mysidia tells him that he will need two
Wizards. Here Porom comes in but Palom is nowhere to be found, then Palom
pops out of thin air and appears. here you already meet the giant ego of
Palom and the politeness of Porom. After the scenario go to the Weapons shop
and buy Porom about 60 Holy arrows and buy Palom a FlameRod. Also buy Palom
and Porom every Gaea equipment you can buy and head out. When your out here
head towards the east, its a long walk to Mt. Ordeals so make sure you have
enough healing supplies as well. Also Porom the White Wizard starts out at
level 10 with 110 HP while Palom starts at level 10 with 100 HP, so you
might want to consider some level gaining before you head on.

Mt. Ordeals
Party: Cecil, Palom, Porom
Party's level: 12-25
Items: Potion, Potion, Ether1, Ether1
Key Items: None
Monsters: Soul, Revenant, Ghoul, Skeleton, Red Bone, Milon, Milon Z., Dark
Here you will see fire blocking the way of the entrance of Mt. Ordeals.
Afterwards Porom and Palom will knock out the fire, but a scenario comes. At
this exact time at another destination Golbez summons Milon, the fiend of
Earth to stop Cecil. Here Kain wishes that he were to stop Cecil, but Golbez
refuses and asks him to watch over Rosa. After the scenario continue on but
don't for get to pick up two Potions. Also monsters here are in the
undead category, so make sure you have plenty of Holy Arrows and have plenty
of MP to use FIRE magic. In the 3rd station you will once again meet up
Tellah. Here he explains why he came to Mt. Ordeals.
He wishes to learn METEO so that he can avenge his daughter, the twins
realize who he is, he is the Sage Mysidia has been raving about. Here Cecil
tells him that he came to Mt. Ordeals to become a Paladin. Afterwards Tellah
joins your party. Now continue on and in the next area be sure to pick up an
ETHER1 and another ETHER1. Continue onto the Summit and you will a save
point. Save your game and heal your wounds. When you continue on the twins
will hear something, but Palom says its not him, when you encounter the
bridge you will face off against Milon, the Fiend of Earth.
This fight will drain you down quite a bit. Here have Palom use his FIRE2
spell against everybody and have Tellah use his FIRE1 spell as well. Always
have Cecil attack Milon. Use Porom as your healer. Also keep your HP up above
50 for the twins, above 100 for both Cecil and Tellah because MILON can and
will use his LIT1 spell serveral times in a row, this is enough to weaken
your party. Afterwards you should be rid of Milon. NOTE: PALOM MUST BE AT
LEVEL 14 TO LEARN FIRE2. There really isn't much you can do about Milon's
Lit1 attack since he counters with it practically everytime he is attacked
with it anyways.
For now do not continue to go forward, but yet go back to the save point and
save your game. Also don't forget to heal your wounds. Here switch the rows
of your party members, putting Cecil in the back and Palom, Porom, and Tellah
in the front. Now continue onto the bridge, but just as you try to reach the
end of the mountain MILON once again attacks you. This time he back attacks
you but luckily you switched rows, but for some odd reason you did not listen
to me you can switch rows during the middle of your battle by hitting the
direction pad left on your command box.
NOTE: Switching rows is not neccessary, but you will be back attacked soon
      and your weaker party members will get swooned in one blow most
If you have Fire2, use it. It does anywhere from 400-700 HP of damage to
Milon, have Porom and Tellah be the healers and have Cecil attack as normal.
If you put Cecil in the back row, he'll virtually be unstoppable provided you
have all your Demon equipment equipped since every hit Milon does against
Cecil in the back row will result in 1 HP of damage. It's a long way to
defeat Milon, but this is the option you might want to consider since I think
this is the easier way.
Don't bother healing yourself after this next battle because after this next
event your party will be fully helaed. After the battle Cecil will see a
reflection of himself in the mirror. The mysterious voice talks to Cecil, and
suddenly Cecil becomes the legendary Paladin. Here the Dark Knight of Cecil's
past comes out of the reflection, the other party members try to help but
Cecil tells them that it is his fight alone.
All you have to do is survive this fight. As long as the text messages are
completed, the battle is over as long as you remain alive. Basically defend
for about three rounds and it should be over.
After the boss fight Cecil is officially a Paladin now, his stats are
significantly higher than those of a Dark Knight and his HP is way up. Here
Cecil wonders who was that light that kept calling him son. At the same time
Tellah learns all his past magic and the fabled legendary spell METEO. Even
though Tellah has learned METEO his MP's are still too low to cast METEO
successfully. Here the party leaves Mt. Ordeals, when your heading out take a
few battles to earn Cecil some levels. After one battle you can find Cecil
gaining 5 levels! Once you leave, outside you can save and use a TENT if your
HPs are low.
You do not have to take that long walk back to Mysidia because there is a
small square shaped forest surrounded by another forest just south of Mt.
Ordeals. Inside is a Chocobo Forest. Look for the fast moving White Chocobo,
each time you talk to it, it will refill your entire MP. Also look for the
large gap at the north part of the village and press the "A" button and it
will smell like a Fat Chocobo. Use a Gashyl if you have bought one and a Fat
Chocobo will appear. There really isn't much to do here because all the Fat
Chocobo will do is just store your items. So incase all your 46 slots are
filled in your Item Box, you can store your items here. Now talk to one of
the yellow Chocobos and you will be able to ride one of the Chocobos. Here
return to Mysidia, you really don't have to ride on a Chocobo you can just
return back by walking if you want.
Return To Mysidia And The Mysidian Legend
Party: Cecil, Tellah, Parom, Palom
Party's level: 15-20
Items: None
Key Items: None
Here just go to the middle of the town and talk to the Elder. Here the Elder
is shocked and amazed to find that Cecil is a Paladin, also when you talk to
the people of Mysidia they will no longer turn you into a Toad or Pig. Also
the Elder admits his wrong doing by sending Palom and Porom to spy on Cecil,
but he sees now that there was no need for that. The Elder is once again
shocked and amazed to find the Legend of Mysidia written on the sword, it
Afterwards Tellah and Cecil are about to part for Baron as the Elder of
Mysidia has opened up the Serpant Road(Devil's Road in Japan) to travel to
Baron. Before the two leaves Palom and Porom wishes to join Cecil, but the
Elder tells them that their job is done, but they still wish to help Cecil.
Then the twins finally convince the Elder. The Serpant's road is to the
right of the town, before you leave make sure you buy all the Paladin
equipment for Cecil. They are quite costly but if you had fought every
battle you encountered along the trip you should have had more than enough.
Also buy some equipment for Tellah because he is poorly equipped. Afterwards
head for the Serpant Road and continue your way to Baron.
Return To Baron
Party: Cecil, Tellah, Parom, Palom
Party's level: 10
Items: Potion, Life
Key Items: BaronKey
Monsters: Karate, Guard
When you arrive here you will be at the town of Baron, make sure you go to
the Inn first, but before you go in, check the pot to the right outside of
the Inn to collect a Potion and collect the items in the stored room
inside the Inn, the switch is the two crossed swords, you should get a few
items. Afterwards talk to Yang and the guards around him will attack you.
BOSS FIGHT: GUARD   HP: 280(each)
This fight won't take long, but the attacks of the GUARDs can be pretty
damaging. Also watch out when they try to cast Mini on one of your party
members, quickly Heal that person that is changed by using the Mallet or
Esuna spell. They can attack very hard, even if Cecil has all of his Paladin
equipment they can still do about 100+ HP of damage. Try to finish them off
as quick as possible.
After the battle you will still hear the boss music, this time Yang will
attack your party.
BOSS FIGHT: Monk      HP: 5600(rough estimate)
This fight can be pretty hard, but with Tellah's newly aquired magic you
should even things up. Here Yang will always use his KICK command, it will do
quite a bit of damage to all your party members, have Tellah attack with LIT3
and Palom attack with FIRE2, and have Cecil attack with his normal attacks
and have Porom be your healer. Quickly dispose of Yang so that you do not
suffer extensive damage. Try to avoid bringing back characters to life unless
you use Life2, Yang is too offensively quick with his Kick that it'll most
likely instantly kill off weak party members.
After the battle Yand will come to his senses, it appears that he was under
the influnce of Golbez's powerful mind control and he will tell Cecil what
had happened to Rydia and Edward. He does not know what happened to Edward
but Rydia was swallowed up by the Leviathan. After the scenario the two
decide to talk at the inn so that the guards won't hear them. The innkeeper
will let you stay for free because you have gotten rid of the guards, in the
Since you defeated the guards and Yang, the innkeeper will let you stay for
In the Inn they discuss plans of how to free Cid, they realize that they have
to break into the castle of Baron but the guards won't let them through. Also
Yang has the Key of Baron that was given to him while he was commander of the
guards. Here with the KEY OF BARON use it to unlock the weapons and armor
shops. Yang is poorly equipped so buy him all the neccessary equipment, and
you might need to fight a few battles before you go on. After you are done go
to the left side of town and you will see a locked door, unlock it and enter
Party: Cecil, Tellah, Parom, Palom, Yang
Party's level: 10-30
Items: Potion, Ether, Ether, Hermes, Ancient sword, Silk Web, HrGlass1,
Key Items: NA
Monsters: Guard, FangShel, Hydra, Piranha, AquaWorm, ElecFish, Crocdile, Pike
Once you enter through here the enemies are quite strong, but luckily you
listened to me and bought all those equipment for Yang right? Now continue on
and make your way to the top of the room and enter through the stairway.
Continue on to the next not so hidden area and make your way to the center of
the room to recieve a LIFE POTION. Continue onto the next room to the right.
In this next room you will find an ETHER1 POTION, after you have taken that
proceed to the next room. In this next room immediately head for the door and
in there you will find a save room. To the right side is the ANCIENT SWORD.
Do not bother equipping it on Cecil because its a bit weaker than Cecil's
current sword. Now proceed outside and onto the moat of the castle of Baron.

Return To Baron Castle
Party: Cecil, Tellah, Parom, Palom, Yang
Party's level: 10-32
Items: Unihorn, Ether1, Life, Bacchus, Hermes, HiPotion, Tent, Elixir
Key Items: None
Monsters: Baigan, Left Arm, Right Arm, Cagnazzo
Here when you are outside keep walking to the left and at the bottom left hand
side of the castle is the entrance to the castle. Incase you were left hurt
during those battles in the old Water Way you can rest in Cecil's room in the
left tower. If your not hurt from those battles in the Old Water Way then
proceed right and head towards the King's Throne Room. Before you reach the
King's throne room Baigan comes to greet you. Then Baigan joins your party,
that makes a total of six party members! Its too good to be true, but now you
will stand an excellent chance against the King of Baron. Just as you go off to
find the King of Baron the twins smell a monster, Baigan looks or acts like he
is surprised. The twins already know he's a monster and they accuse him of
having poor acting skills. You know what to expect now.
This fight will leave you wounded, so you must make quick moves. At any given
time BAIGAN will set up a WALL on himself but not his arms. So if Palom is at
Level 19 have him cast Bio on BAIGAN which will do about 1200 HP of damage.
Also when BAIGAN does set up a WALL have Tellah cast WALL on any other party
member and have your magic user focus their magic attack on your party member
with the WALL. Don't do it too often because the WALL can only bounce back
attacks about two or three times. Quickly eliminate the ARMs because that is
what's causing most of the damage against your party. Continue to attack and
after a while BAIGAN will lose his WALL, have Palom use Bio to finish him
off, but only when you know he has lost his WALL, otherwise it will be a
gamble. Or you can have Tellah use ICE3, FIRE3, or LIT-3. After the battle
you might want to return to Cecil's room and heal yourself and continue on
towards the King's throne room. You can use a WALL on Tellah and have him
reflect his own magic as well.
Now head towards the King's Throne room which is on your way. Also before you
head anywhere go to the right and take the staircase. Then you will be
outside the castle, continue on to the next staircase, in this next room you
will notice a hidden door. Use the "A" button to switch open the door, the
switch is on the left torch and enter through the hidden area and collect six
treasure chests. After that go outside the castle and go past under the gate
and into the tower. In this room right here are two staircases to the right
and left and four treasure chests. The treasure chest on the top of the
starcase can be reached if you enter the staircase and then re-enter the
staircase you should stop right infront of the treasure chest. Now take the
left staircase going down and check the second pot from the left to recieve
Don't advance any further because a "mysterious" force will push you back and
you will lose some HP if you do go near the "mysterious" force. In the next
room is a room full of treasure chests and pots, however there are only three
treasure chests that can be accessiable to you because the others are already
opened and out of your reach. Also check the pots for another ETHER1 POTION.
Afterwards head towards the King's Throne you can expect, Cecil
becomes enraged at the word that the King of Baron was overthrown,
the battle starts.

BOSS FIGHT: Cagnazzo    HP: 5312
This boss fight is extremely easy, if you know what to do. Have Palom use his
Bio magic attack to easily wipe away 1000 of his HP, then have Tellah use
LIT-3 to cleanly dust off about 3000 of his HP, if he is not done by that
then just keep attacking him until he's nothing but plankton.
Here after the battle Cid comes in, and the party introduces themselves to
Cid. Now the party must hurry to retrieve the airship. But before they can do
so Cagnazzo has already set a trap, the doors are locked and the walls are
caving in. Here the twins turn themselves into Stone and stop the wall from
caving in. Tellah tries to break the spell but to no avail, the twins
willingly let their lives go to save the rest of the party. Tellah was the
one who wanted to go first, but Cid re-groups the party.
Meanwhile...In the Tower of Zot, Kain plans up a plot to capture the last
crystal, they will exchange Rosa for the crystal, and Kain will be the
messenger, Rosa tries to stop Kain, but Kain is too much under the influnce
of Golbez's powerful mind control. Meanwhile back at the castle of Baron...
Cid unlocks the hidden entrance to his airship and the Enterprise flies off,
then suddenly the Red Wings come but they do not wish to fight this time.
Kain delivers a message to Cecil, about trading in Rosa for the Crystal of
Earth in Toroia. Now land your airship infront of Baron and return to the
King's chambers in the basement below, remember the place with the mysterious
force? Its gone now so enter it and the real King of Baron wishes to tell you
something. He tells you to go to the Land of Summoned Monsters and return
back after your trip, then he leaves. That's for later in the game. Now head
back to your airship and fly towards Toroia, which is northwest of Baron.
Also Cid starts out at level 20 with 788 HP, he can be put in the front, also
he can do quite a bit of damage even though he carries a WOODEN HAMMER.

Troia Castle and Chocobo Village
Party: Cecil, Tellah, Cid, Yang
Party's level: 20-35
Items: HiPotion, Ruby Ring, HiPotion, Ether1, Ether1, Tent, RubyRing, Tent,
       TwinHarp, Bacchus, Ether1, Ether2, Illusion, 1000 Gil
Key Items: None
Monsters: None
Here enter the castle of Troia. Inside is some music that's pleasant to the
ear and the beautiful design of the castle. For now keep going towards the
center of the castle and meet the eight Clerics who govern the country of
Troia. Talk to the eight Clerics of Troia and they will give you some info.
It appears that the Dark Elf has taken the Crystal of Earth and sealed the
cave with a metallic seal so that weapons of metal will become weak and
heavy. Now head out and take the right staircase and take the path down
towards the door. Inside this room you will find three staircases, the
middle one contains an ETHER1 POTION, the staircase to the left contains a
lady guarding the door to the secret treasure of Toroia, you don't have
permission to obtain those treasures yet, so take the right staircase and you
will be in a room with eight treasure chests. First flip the switch in the
middle of the room by standing on it, and take the treasure chests and equip
the RubyRings for whatever metallic weapons you have.
Now head back to the 1F of the castle of Toroia and take the left staircase,
and head towards the door on the bottom and in this room you will find
Edward, this is the first time you have met up with Edward since your
encounter with the Leviathan. Here Cecil tells what has happened with Rosa
and Yang tells Edward that Rydia did not make it. Here Edward gives you the
TWINHARP, which no one but Edward can equip. Now leave the castle and head
towards north of the castle of Toroia, which is the Chocobo's village. Here
is home to many Black Chocobos that have the ability to fly and land on the
forest. Talk to the Black Chocobo and head towards the cave which is
northeast of the Castle of Toroia and souteast of the chocobo's Village.
Cave of Dark Elf
Party: Cecil, Tellah, Cid, Yang
Party's level: 21-35
Items: Silk Web, HrGlass1, 2000 Gil, Unihorn, HiPotion, Exit, Fairy Claw,
       Ether1, HiPotion, Ether1
       NOTE: You will receive 500 Gil in the SNES version.
Key Items: Earth Crystal
Monsters: Cave Bat, CaveNaga, Mage, Ogre, VampGirl, Dark Elf, Dark Dragon
Here in this cave the metallic seal goes into effect, Yang can use his Claws
and Tellah can go with his Magic, Cecil should have a Bow and Arrow equipped.
If you want you can just run away from battles in this area until you face
off against the Dark Elf. Now continue on to the wooden bridge, here take the
right path to collect the HiPotion and continue on keep going until you find
the next ladder, also pick up the treasure chest to the left to collect a
HEAL POTION and enter through the ladder. In this next room take the right
path and collect the ETHER1, now continue onto the the northeast corner of
the room to find a white door, enter it and in the room are two treasure
chests, they are the ETHER1 and 2000 Gil.
Now head to the left and enter the ladder, in this next area you will see a
door to the left which is a save room, go ahead and save your game and heal
your wounds if neccessary. Now keep going and in the room below is a LIFE
POTION, and two HiPotions. Now head out and continue onto the left past the
bridge, take the path in the middle and enter through the door. Here a
treasure chest is straight above you which is a Fairy claw for Yang, equip it
and move onto the left. In this next room which is B4F, take the bridge to
the left, when you reach an area with a bunch of candles take the right path
across the bridge and you will be gievn yet another chance to save. Save your
game and head out now head to the door, but make sure you go around and pick
up an HrGlass1. In this next room the music changes, its the Crystal room and
inside it is the DARK ELF. Here he will not let you take the crystal of Earth
and a fight will start.
BOSS FIGHT: DARK ELF       HP: 23890
Just lose this fight and save your energy.
Afterwards the party is weak and if Cecil cannot use his weapons then he
cannot defeat the DARK ELF. Meanwhile Edward wishes to help out the party, so
he plays his harp which is painful to the ear of the DARK ELF and it lowers
the DARK ELF's metallic seal. Here take this chance to equip yourself with
all your metallic gear.
Just keep pounding on this guy, until he is gone. After you lose him about
1500 HP of damage he will change form. Tellah's magic is basically useless,
but Cecil using his LEGEND sword will do about 700+ damage against him. Try
too keep your party's HP above 250 and have Tellah be your healer.
Afterwards the DARK ELF dies, so take the Crystal of Earth and return to
Toroia. To make a short cut have Tellah use his WARP magic(or use the Exit
item you found earlier) once he is outside the Crystal Room. Now head back to
the center of the Castle of Toroia where the Clerics are. Inside the Clerics
greet you, then suddenly Kain tells you to take the Crystal to his airship
and he will show him where Rosa is. Beofre you leave go to the room where the
lady was guarding the treasure earlier, now the treasure of Toroia is now
Now head back to Edward's room, and a short scenario will take place, Tellah
now respects Edward and will avenge Anna's death and also avenge Edward's
injury. Now leave Toroia and head for your airship and make sure you save
your game before you enter you airship.
Tower of Zot
Party: Cecil, Tellah, Cid, Yang
Party's level: 25-40
Items: Flame Armor, Flame Sword, Wizard Robe, Gaia Hammer, Flame Shield,
Key Items: MagmaKey
Monsters: Valvalis, Cindy, Mindy, Sandy, Carapace, Centaur, EpeeGirl,
          Gremlin, IceBeast, Ice Liz, Marion, Puppet, Slime, SwordMan, Witch,
Now immediately when you board your airship Kain tells you to follow his
airship after Cecil has shown him the Crystal of Earth. From here you will
never bea ble to enter this tower again so make sure you collect everything
you find and watch for the monsters here, they can get pretty tough. Now make
your way towards the top left corner of the room and collect the FIRE armor
and continue on to floor 2. In this next room is only one treasure chest
which contains a Flame sword. It is guarded by a FlameDog, so make absolutely
sure Cecil did not equip the Flame Armor or he will get seriously burned. Try
not to fight many battles here because enemies can get quite tough. After you
have collected the Flame sword continue onto the next floor.
In this room the door to the next room is directly above you so make your way
around, and there are no treasure chests in here. Now in this next room there
are three doors in the middle and another door to the right. Here take the
first door to the right in the middle and pick up the WIZARD robe, equip it
on Tellah, but remember to de-equip it off of him later. In the middle of the
middle rooms is a EARTH hammer for Cid, equip it on Cid and don't worry about
the treasure chest above it.
Now enter the next room to the left and to the right is the treasure chest
above the one with the Gaia Hammer. Inside you will find a HellClaw for Yang,
equip it and continue on to the left. At the bottom here you will see a
treasure chest, open it to pick up a Flame shield for Cecil and return back
to the room you were in before. In this room take the room all the way to the
right. Enter the door and you will be back at the fifth floor again, before
you enter the room in the middle make sure you save it in the room before it,
heal your wounds and continue on. Here before you make it to the next room
the Magus sisters will stop you.
BOSS FIGHT: Sandy, Mindy, Cindy     HP: 2590(Mindy), 4599(Cindy), 2591(Sandy)
This fight is fairly easy. First attack the Fat one(Mindy). They will use
their DELTA attack which is a pretty lame attack that can cause gradual
petrify, which is about it. Sandy will use a WALL on Mindy, while Cindy will
use either FIRE2, ICE2, or LIT-2 to reflect off of Mindy. Have Tellah attack
either one with Bio besides Mindy one because she has a WALL on. Have Cid use
his Gaia Hammer as an item repeatedly to do about 240 damage to all three
sisters(don't worry you can use this over and over again), have Yang and
Cecil attack as normal. Afterwards the Magus sisters shall be defeated.
Here the sisters will fade away, continue onto the next room. In this next
room you will see Kain and Golbez. Cecil hands over the crystal to Golbez
but he will not let them through to Rosa. Tellah dislikes the fact and  blurs
out at him, Golbez has no business with Tellah, but Tellah does.
BOSS FIGHT: GOLBEZ       HP: 10000
This boss fight, Tellah fights alone. If you notice Golbez in this battle
scene looks a lot like EXDEATH from FF5(then again, Ex-Death came after
Golbez), but I'm not going to get into it. Here Tellah fights automatically
with Bio, FIRE3, LIT-3, and ICE3. All those spells have very little effect on
Golbez, then Tellah decides to use METEO, but how, he doesn't even have
enough MP! Tellah turns his HP into MP and casts METEO, it knocks Golbez out
of submission.
Here Tellah is lying on the floor. Golbez escapes and calls Kain, but Kain is
unconsious, the METEO spell had broken Golbez's link over Kain and Golbez
escapes alone. Before Golbez leaves Cecil wants to end his evil life right
now, but Golbez shocks him away with lightning. Cecil questions why doesn't
he finish him off, but Golbez seems to question who Cecil is. Here they go
over to Tellah who is critically wounded. Tellah blames this on himself
because of his own hatred, he slowly dies and the party gives their final
respect and Cecil will promise to avenge Anna and Tellah.
NOTE: This is just a small tidbit, but in the easy version(FF2, SNES), an
      iron ball was in place of a guillotine in the hard version(FF4, PSX).
      So basically it was just a completely different animation from the
      two games.
Now go over to Kain, the door behind them is locked. When Kain wakes up he
realizes that Rosa is in danger and they quicly dash into the next room and
save Rosa in time just before the iron ball drops on Rosa. Here Kain puts his
head down in disgust because he nearly let Rosa get killed, and its pretty
funny when you here Cid's remarks! Here Kain admits that he just wanted to be
with Rosa and asks both Cecil and Rosa for their forgiveness, then Cid
quickly tells them to leave now, then Cecil pulls together Kain and they
leave. But just about as they were to leave the fiend of air comes through
with an evil laughter that scrimishes across the hears of the party. Valvalis
said she should have gotten rid of Kain, but she will have to defeat the
entire party to do that.
BOSS FIGHT: VALVALIS          HP: 8636
This boss fight is pretty hard and will drain alot out of your party. When
she turns into a whirlwind, have Kain jump to stop her spin. Also she will
use WEAK quite often and will use RAY directly after WEAK as well, so make
sure you heal your party quickly and cure them if need. Also Rosa is not
equipped with any weapons so equip her with a BOW and ARROW if you have some
and have her attack when the party is still healthy. Have Cecil constantly
attack, and also Yang and Cid attack as well. Keep this up and you should be
able to defeat her.
Here Valvalis will tell you that the strongest of the four elements still
exist. Before she leaves to the afterworld she will destroy the tower, but
Rosa will tell the party to hold on, as she casts the spell of EXIT. Then the
party arrives at Cecil's bedroom in Baron. Here Kain tells the party about
the Crystals, Golbez has all four crystals and the world is doomed right?
Wrong. Here Kain tells the party of the other four crystals known as the Dark
Crystals. So Golbez has only gathered half the crystals and the hidden side
of the Earth is the underground.
Kain also tells them that when all the crystals of both the Earth and
Underground are gathered, the way to the moon opens. Here Kain gives them the
Magma key, but they don't know where to throw the key in. Then Cid's music
comes on and tells them that they will find the place to throw the Magma key
in not time with the help of the Enterprise. But I thought it was lost in the
Tower of Zot, but never question Cid's genius, the Enterprise flew back to
Baron by remote control.
Here Cecil wonders why Golbez didn't finish off Cecil, but he tells the party
its nothing and they go to sleep. Here you can visit back to where Palom and
Porom was stoned, if you click the "A" button you will see your menu screen
pop up. But you are not suppose to de-stone them nor can you ever. Now head
outside and make it to your airship. Before you go start looking for the
place, you can visit the Town of Mist again, if not then head for the town of
Agart, which south of's a semi-large island with a town below a
giant mountain.
Town Of Agart
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Yang, Cid, Kain
Party's level: 28-42
Items: Boreas(FF4)/Cure2(FF2)
Key Items: None
Monsters: None
Here this place is Agart, a peaceful nation that will talk alot about
Dwarves. Here in this town a treasure chest is hidden in the green grassy
area with a Cure2/Boreas. You really do not need to buy weapons because most
of the equipment you have is better than the stuff they sell, now head
towards the bottomless well, the guy infront was talking to you about and
throw in the MAGMA key, which will cause an earthquake that will split the
mountain. Enter the mountain with your airship.
Underground World
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Yang, Cid
Party's level: 28-42
Items: 5000 Gil, Dwarf Axe, Bacchus, Elixir, Ether1, Elixir, Bacchus, Ether1,
       Strength Glove, Cabin, Gyashl, HiPotion, Cabin, Gyashl, Cabin,
       HrGlass2, Gyashl
Key Items: None
Monsters: None
Here when you enter the mountain the ship is suddenly taken down by shots
from the Red Wings. This time the Red Wings are not after Cecil. It seems
like a War is going on between some tanks and the Red Wings. The Enterprise
trys to dodge the firepower but a couple shots hit the Enterprise and they
fall down. Here Cecil has suffered only minor injuries but the Enterprise is
serverely damaged. The enterprise lands in front of giant castle. Here save
your game and enter through. Also I would like to mention that
congratulations! You have achieved half-way through the game, and the other
half is tougher than most battles you have encountered.
Dwarven Castle
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Yang, Cid, Kain
Party's level: 28-42
Items: 5000 Gil, Dwarf Axe, Bacchus, Elixir, Ether1, Elixir, Bacchus, Ether1,
       Strength Glove, Cabin, Gyashl, HiPotion, Cabin, Gyashl, Cabin,
       HrGlass2, Gyashl
Key Items: None
Monsters: Cal, Brina, Calbrina, Golbez, Shadow
Here enter the castle and go directly in the middle. The conversation will
automatically start. Here they introduce themselves and Cecil asks for the
cyrstal but apparently two out of four were taken from Golbez. However the
crystal in his castle is still safe. Here the King asks the party to help
support them with their airship but the Enterprise is badly damage and can't
even fly over magma. Cid will leave the party. The party say there goodbyes,
but suddenly Yang's incredible instincts point out that he feels that someone
is evesdropping on the party. The party and the King's men look but nobody is
there. Then the King opens the door to the Crystal room and when the party
enters they see wierd dolls jumping around and also the door behind them is

This boss fight is pretty tough(since your one party member short) so don't
be surprised that you find yourselves losing early on. First have Cecil
attack the CALs, have Kain JUMP the CALs, have Yang perform his KICK, and
have Rosa AIM at the BRINAs. Continue to do this until they are all gone.
However if by any chance you leave one of them standing they can still form
into CALBRINA, who's attacks are very powerful and has alot of HP. If this
happens hit CALBRINA with your best attacks, also if you do not destroy
CALBRINA in time before she forms back into the 6 dolls, that means you will
have to face the 6 dolls all over again despite the fact that you may of
destroy 5 out of the 6 dolls earlier. I really can't offer much strategy
because I've barely won this battle.
After the battle Golbez appears. He tells you why is he is after the
crystals. Apparently with all eight crystals in his hand he will re-activate
the Tower of Bab-il and open a path to the moon. Legends says that the Moon
possesses limitless power. Here Golbez has only one more crystal to collect
after he takes this one. Here a battle will start with Golbez.
Here the party's attacks continously but all their attacks miss, then
suddenly he puts a HOLD GAS on the entire party which paralyzes them. Here
the battle seems hopeless. Here the party goes down by SHADOW's attacks one
by one, until Cecil goes, but suddenly the Mist Dragon Cecil and Kain had
destroyed earlier comes and blows them with a Mist that destroys the Shadow
Dragon.  Here an unknown mysterious voice heals the party and they can move
now. Suddenly its Rydia! She's back and this time with more powers than she
left with! She has 5 new summons and much more new Black magic attacks, use
anyone of her summons and have Cecil attack. After that Golbez will fall like
a rotten cookie.
Here Rydia tells the party that Leviatan had swallowed her up and took her to
the Land of Summoned Monsters, where all Summoned Monsters live. There time
flows much quicker and Rydia's appearance is much more adult like. Here
Golbez's hand takes the Crystal and the party reappears at the King's room.
Here the party knows that the last Crystal is at the Sealed Cave to the
south. The King has devised of a plan to lure the Tower of Bab-il's fire
power to the tanks so the party can sneak in and take the crystals. Here the
King tells you that the exit to the Tower of Bab-il is at the bottom of this
Before you go anywhere make sure you explore this castle, its pretty big and
has some nifty items. Also right after the King finishes talking to you have
Rydia Warp and you will be in the Crystal room, even though you saw Golbez
take the crystal the crystal is still there for some strange reason.
Tower of Babil
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Yang, Rydia, Kain
Party's level: 28-42
Items: Ice Arrows, Ether1, Bandanna, IceSpear, Ice Arrows, HiPotion, Notus,
       IceArmor, IceShld, Boreas, Archer Bow, HiPotion, Ether2, Life,
Key Items: Tower Key
Monsters: Alert, Egg, EvilDoll, FlameDog, FlameMan, Chimera, Medusa, Naga,
          Stoneman, Tofu, Dr.Lugae, Balnab, Balnab-Z, Lugaborg
You'll see tank fire when you arrive at the Tower of Bab-il, so while they
distract the Tower enter through. Now take the right path of the room and
pick up an Ether1 and enter the middle of the room. Now in this next
room pick up the BANDANA to the left and continue down. Take the very next
door you see, inside is a treasure chest inside is an ALERT, each time you
attack it when a monster is not present it will call another monster. After
you defeat him equip the IceSpear and continue on. Now take the right door
and inside is another treasure chest, and also another battle with an ALERT.
After you win the battle you will recieve a ICE BRAND sword, equip it and
move on. In this next room take the treasure chest to the left and pick up a
CATCLAW for Yang. From here to the right is a HiPotion, after you have picked
that up go to the right door in the room and also pick up the LIFE POTION.
Here in this room is another LIFE POTION and an ARCHER BOW, equip the Bow and
head back into the room. Now head to the left door. In this room go to the
left and enter a save point, save your game and continue onto the right side
of this room.
Now enter the room to the bottom, you will have to fight an ALERT here, but
win the battle to pick up an ICE SHIELD. The room to the right has nothing
inside so go to the room at the top to fight another ALERT, this time if you
win you recieve an ICE SHIELD. Equip both ICE equipment on and continue
through to the top left. Now in this next room go get the treasure chest to
the right contains 2,000 GOLD. Now continue to the right, but ignore the room
in the middle because its locked. Also pick up a HiPotion on the way and
continue upwards into the next room. Here just go to the door on the left.
In this next room take the right side and into a door to find a SAVE POINT,
save your game and continue on. Also pick up an Ether2 right before
the next room. Here just continue on and make it to the left side of the
room. Here you will see Dr. Lugae and Rubicant having a conversation. Here
after Dr. Lugae has transported Rubicant out he is excited that he is the
only one here. Rydia calls him a  "Wierd Guy...!" and then finally Dr.Lugae
notices them. Here Kain makes a few smart remarks and Dr. Lugae calls his
robot BALNAB.
Here in this battle start things off with Cecil attacking Dr. Lugae and have
Kain Jump Dr. Lugae, also have Rosa aim at Dr. Lugae as well as Yang attack
Dr. Lugae. For Rydia have her summon INDRA. Keep pounding on Dr.Lugae until
he is gone so that he doesn't constantly heal BALNAB. At first BALNAB will
attack Dr. Lugae, but then he will attack you so his hit is actually a
freebie. This fight isn't too tough, but if you do not kill BALNAB in time
before he explodes, then most likely one of your characters will die because
the EXPLODE takes off loads of damage, or depending on how much HP he has
left will tell how much damage he will inflict. Note that if you defeat
Balnab first before you finish off Dr.Lugae, he will control Balnab, which is
basically Balnab-Z.
After this battle Dr. Lugae still stands, but this time he has a trick up his
BOSS FIGHT: Lugaborg             HP: 10101
This fight is a little tougher than the last so take some extra precautions.
First take a few swings at him before he turns into a skeleton. Have Rosa AIM
and heal if neccessary. Have Rydia cast INDRA or JINN, have Kain JUMP and
have both Yang and Cecil attack. Watch out for the LASER attack, it'll most
likely kill off one of your party members, so revive them also watch out for
the GAS, it will paralyze your party member, but you can wait and have DR.
LUGAE heal you or heal the party member yourself. Afterwards you should be
able to win and collect the TOWER key.
After the battle the Super Cannon is almosted charged up so head back to the
middle room that was locked earlier. Here when you enter this room the Super
Cannon is about to fire, but Cecil interrupts their play and the three DARK
IMPs attack them. Finish them off like yesterday's lunch.
Here the DARK IMPs make their final move by detonating the Super Cannon. Here
Yang decides to stop the Super Cannon from exploding, but Yang knocks them
out of the room. Here Yang sacrifices himself and the Super Cannon explodes.
Now exit out of the Tower. Before the party leaves Golbez interrupts them and
knocks out the bridge and the party falls below. Luckily Cid is back from his
trip, and they tell Cid about Yang.
Suddenly the Red Wings approach them, they try to out manuver the Red Wings,
but somehow the Red Wings were re-modified, and without Cid! Here the party
can't shake off the Red Wings and Cid says his last goodbyes before he
denonates the bomb. Its a shame too see a good friend go off like that, so
that's 6 six people lost at the hands of Golbez. Its time we show Golbez how
the party feels. Before Cid left he told the party to head towards Baron to
ask his workers for help.
Modified Airship
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Yang, Rydia Kain
Party's level: 28-42
Items: None
Key Items: None
Monsters: None
First when you enter here make your way to the right side of the castle and
you will see two people standing outside below the right tower. Talk to them
and Cid's crew has already been informed to attach a hook to the Enterprise.
After the crew is done now that party can hook and attach the Hovercraft. To
attach the Hovercraft, simply go over it and press the "A" button. Here the
crew tells you that you can reach the Cave of Eblan near the Tower of Bab-il.
So remember where you last left your Hovercraft? Yes you got it, near Mt.
Hobs directly northeast of Baron. Now go southwest of Baron and land your
Hovercraft and go to the Cave of Eblan just under the Tower of Bab-il.

Eblan Caves And The Tower of Babil
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Yang, Rydia, Kain
Party's level: 40-43
Items: Vampire, Shuriken, Remedy, HiPotion, Ether2, BloodSwd, Soft, Kamikaze,
       Cabin, Tent, Potion, HrGlass2, Silk Web, Elixir, Life, Elixir, Ether1
       NOTE: In Final Fantasy II(SNES), 800 Gold, 850 Gold, 2000 Gold and
             Heal potions replace items such as Silk Web, HrGlass2, and
             Kamikaze items.
Key Items: None
Monsters: Giant Bat, Skull, IronBack, Ballon, BlackCat, Mad Ogre, Sorcerer,
          BladeMan, Grudger, Lamia, King Eblan, Queen Eblan, Rubicant, Red
          Bone, BlackLiz, Q.Lamia, Egg
From here go to the right and pick up a SHURIKEN dart. To the bottom right of
the cave is 1200 GOLD, after that go to the next room. In this area monsters
will not attack you, and the people of Eblan are now living in the caves,
take a look around and buy some new equipment. You can buy an extra ICE armor
and also an extra ICE shield for Kain if you like, but since he is jumping
most of the time I don't think that would be neccessary.
Also I would consider buying a BLACK gown for Rydia because it suits her
better than her current equipment. The weapons shop is a complete waste of
time because you already have the equipment they are selling. So continue on
to the bottom left room. Here you will get information that the Ninjas of
Eblan are defeated rather easily and also check the pots at the end of the
nursing room to pick up a Potion and also the pot near the entrance of
the nursing room to pick up another Potion. After that's all done and
done head out and onto the next area.
In this next area is the Pass to Bab-il. Continue onto the next room and you
will find nother downed guard. To the right of this room is another SHURIKEN
dart. Continue and in this room through the hidden passage is two treasure
chests containing two ELIXIRs.
Continue onwards to the top and onto the next room. Here in this next room is
a save point, you might want to save before collecting the treasure chest to
the right. If you do decide to pick up the treasure chest, it contains a
BloodSwd sword for Cecil, but you must defeat two STALEMANs to obtained it.
After you have saved your game exit out of the save room and go to the top,
but before you do pick up the LIFE POTION to the left side. When you reach
the top you will see a mysterious Ninja battling the almighty Rubicant.
Here you will know that the man's name is Edge. Here at first all looks well,
but then Edge casts FLAME which is Rubicant's strength and suddenly Rubicant
uses Scorch(Glare in FF2), a powerful attack that knocks out Edge. After the
battle Rubicant tells him he is strong but not strong enough and tells him to
fight him once he has become strong enough. Here the party talks to Edge and
tells them that they are on the same side. Obviously it will take some
convincing to have Edge in the party.
Before you proceed to the next room pick up an ETHER2 before you go. Here in
this next room is the other side of the Tower of Bab-il. The party wonders
how they will get in, but Edge is a ninja remember? He easily slips by the
wall. After that go around and find your way to the next door, but before you
enter the door pick up another Elixir to the right. In this next room
is a treasure chest in the middle. Pick it up to recieve an OGRE axe, but you
must fight for it, against four MAD OGREs that is! After that continue on to
the next room.
Here proceed to the right, and along the way pick up the treasure chest to
obtain a Ashura blade for Edge and proceed to the left and onto the next
room. In this room ignore the orb in the middle and proceed to the right of
the room and enter the first door. Inside this room is a save spot, heal your
wounds and save and continue on to the right room. Here just go to the room
on the left. When you enter here you will see a center room, which looks alot
like the Super Cannon room, but its not the Super Cannon room this time.
Before you enter the room Edge sees his parents, but they are not themselves.
BOSS FIGHT: K.EBLAN, Q.EBLAN       HP: 65,535(K.EBLAN) 65,535(Q.EBLAN)
In this battle you don't have to do anything. Keep your party healed and the
King and Queen of Eblan will come to their senses. Here in this battle both
Queen Eblan and King Eblan tell them that they are no longer human. They say
their final farewells and they die themselves.
Here Rubicant will appear and Edge is fustrated with him, Rubicant tells him
that it was Dr. Lugae that turned his parents into monsters and he apologizes
for it. He tells them that he fights fair and is unlike the other Fiend of
Elements. Here Edge releases his Rage and learns FLOOD and BLITZ. Before you
fight Rubicant you can pick up the 82,000 Gil treasure chest to the left if
you want or after the battle and make sure you do not heal yourselves if you
are about to fight Rubicant, Rubicant will autmoactically heal your wounds
for you. When you are prepared talk to Rubicant to start the fight.
BOSS FIGHT: RUBICANT        HP: 34,000
This boss fight isn't too tough. Have Kain JUMP which causes almost 4,000 HP
of damage with each hit and have Cecil attack which causes about 2,300 HP of
damage each hit. Don't bother trying to hit him with ICE spells because if
you get your timing wrong and he closes his cape that means you will heal him
instead. Have Rosa AIM with her ICE arrows and have Edge dart with his
SHURIKENs, and also have Rydia use Bio. Now continue and keep pounding on him
with the same pattern and he should be gone.
Here Rubicant admores them because weak people can join forces. Here
Gramps and his troops come to help Edge out, but Rubicant is already
defeated. The party tell Edge about Golbez, and they hurry off into the
Crystal room. Before they can obtain the crystals they fall into a pitfall
dropping them to the floor below. When you reach 6F continue down and to the
right is a HiPotion. Here in this next room is an Airship. Edge decides to
take it, but not without Rydia's concerns and Rosa's concerns. Edge tells
them not to worry and he calls the new airship, the Falcon(that's how they
spell it in the game). The party leaves the Tower, but the airship cannot
travel through Magma. For now head back to the Castle of Dwarves.
Return To Dwarven Castle
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Kain
Party's level: 45-50
Items: None
Key Items: Necklace
Monsters: None
Here just proceed to the center of the castle. Here the party talks to the
King and they believe that Golbez is trying to force open the Sealed Cave.
Here the King tells Luca to give the party they Key to the last crystal
before he can take it away. But the ship can't travel through Magma so how
can they get to the Sealed Cave? Well for now head to the nursing room to the
left of the entrance to the Dwarves' Base. Inside here you will find Cid.
Here Edge's lousy mouth goes off on Cid.
Here the party tells Cid that they have defeated the all the Four Fiends, but
the Airhsip cannot travel through Magma. Even though Cid is injured he jumps
at the chance to help his party. After the long remodeling of the airship Cid
is back in his bed, but then suddenly he does not speak, but then the party
realizes that he is just sleeping. Now afterwards head towards the Sealed
Cave southwest of the Dwarf Castle, it looks like a square shape in the
middle of rocks.
Sealed Cave
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Edge, Rydia Kain
Party's level: 50-55
Items: Bestiary, Ether1, Kotetsu, XPotion, Ether2, Fuma, Light Sword, Life,
       Kotetsu, HiPotion, MuteBell, HiPotion, Ether1, Ninja Helmet, Ether1,
       Star Veil, Star Veil
Key Items: Dark Crystal
Monsters: HugeNaga, Manticore, Were Bat, Yellow D, Screamer, TrapDoor,
From here just unlock the door and proceed to the first floor. Proceed down
and pick up a LIFE POTION and enter the door above, but watch out, every door
in here is a TRAP DOOR. He will often take out a party member, so make sure
you heal at the end of battle. Now head out of this room and proceed to the
left, Here you will see another Door which is yet another TRAP DOOR. Defeat
and move on through. In this room pick up a HiPotion and proceed to the 2nd
door from the left, because the first door doesn't have anything also make
sure to pick up an ETHER2 to the treasure chest to the left. Well here just
continue to the ladder below.
Here in this next area proceed down through the rope walkway and pick up a
LIFE POTION and continue on to pick up another LIFE POTION. Now proceed to
the second door from the right because the 1st door has absolutely nothing.
In the second door defeat the TRAP DOOR and inside is a LIGHT sword, equip it
on Cecil and continue on to the 3rd door. In this room is a NINJA dart, an
X-Potion, and 5,000 GOLD. Here ignore the 3rd door, unless you want to gain
some levels, and go to the fourth door. Defeat the TRAP DOOR and proceed
inside and in here is a save point, save your game and heal your wounds and
proceed to the fifth door. Defeat the TRAP DOOR and inside you will find gear
for Edge which are a NINJA helmet and a Kotetsu blade.
Afterwards proceed down and fight yet another TRAP DOOR. Defeat and enter
through the room. In this next room is a HiPotion and a LIFE POTION, ignore
the door to the left because inside has nothing, unless you want to fight a
TRAP DOOR for some high expierience points. Here in this room go to the right
and pick a Life and enter through the door if you want to earn some
expierience because there is nothing inside the room. Now continue to the
middle of the room and take the rope ladder going down. From here go to the
right and defeat the TRAP DOOR and enter through. In this room contains an
ETHER2 and a X-Potion. Now head out and go towards the left and take the
ladder into the next room.
Here in this room is a save point, save your game again and heal your wounds
and proceed down. From here just ignore the rope ladders to the sides and
make your way around to the middle and proceed to the center room. In here
you should be on B5F, now make your way to the center of the room and pick up
the crystal. Now leave the crystal room and make your way outside. Here
before the party leaves a trap has been set.
BOSS FIGHT: EVILWALL         HP: 28,000
This boss fight will not be easy. First have Cecil attack regularly, have
Kain JUMP the EVILWALL, have Rosa AIM and heal if neccessary, have Edge dart
his NINJA darts he picked up earlier and then have him attack regularly and
have Rydia cast Bio. If the EVILWALL crushes you just bring back that party
member with LIFE1 don't bother healing him again since the Evilwall basically
has a one hit death attack. Keep up this pattern until he's gone.
After the battle have the party leave this floor and in the next floor have
Rydia use WARP and continue to WARP until she reaches the entrance to the
Sealed Cave. Here before you leave Golbez's presence is here and he takes
control of Kain again, the party tries to stop him but to no avail. Kain
leaves with the crystal and the party is helpless to try and stop him. For
now there are three things you can do:
a) Return to the Dwarf Castle
b) Proceed to the Land of Summoned Monsters
c) Proceed to the Sylph Cave
NOTE: If you need help with the other two events(b,c) then refer to the
      bottom of this FFIV walkthrough in the Side Areas section for
      some help.
Its your choice and choice b and c are completely optional in the game. But
if you are following this walkthrough go to the Dwarf Castle. After this
tough fight have Rosa EXIT. Now head northwest and towards a cave, but before
you enter inside heal your wounds and save your game.
Cid And Dwarven Castle
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Edge
Party's level: 52-56
Items: None
Key Items: None
Monsters: None
Here he informs of King Giott that all the crystals have been taken. Here the
King tells them of a Legend that the Big Whale. The party needs to make it
back to Mysidia, but the way to the overworld is blocked, but Cid once again
proves them wrong. In the middle of the remodeling of the airship Cid
collapses and they take him back to the nursing room. Afterwards head out of
the Dwarf Castle and onto your airship, remember where Cid blew up that bomb?
Well now go to that spot and press A, a new way will open for you. When you
reach outside there are 4 things to do:
a) Head for Mysidia like the King told you to.
b) Head for the basement of Baron.
c) Head to the island near Silvera.
d) Go to the Castle of Fabul and talk to Yang's wife.
NOTE: If you need help on the other three events(b,c,d) go to the bottom
      portion of the FFIV walkthrough in the Side Areas section.
It doesn't matter which area you go to, but if you are following this
walkthrough go to the town of Mysidia. But first attach your Hovercraft to
the Enterprise.
The Mysidian Legend
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Edge
Party's level: 52-55
Items: Nonw
Key Items: None
Monsters: None
Here the Elder comes to you and tells you to hurry and come to the tower of
wishes. Then you see the Mysidian Legend again. Here the Elder and a bunch of
Black and White mages wishes for the Legend of the Big Whale. Then suddenly
their wish has come true. The ship of light from the moon has come through
the oceans of Mysidia. While the Elder was wishing he heard a voice call from
the moon.
FuSoYa And The Lunar Palace
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Edge
Party's level: 52-55
Items: Au Apple, MoonVeil, Stardust
Key Items: None
Monsters: Crawler, Grenade, Juclyote, MoonCell, Procyote, Pudding, Red Worm
Now when your in the Big Whale talk to the Crystal and it will take you to
the moon. Here you can take a look into outer space. When you are on the moon
make a landing just horthwest of the giant Crystal palace. Here you will have
to walk your way to the Crystal palace. So take the cave to the left. When
you are in this cave take the right and inside the treasure chest are 2
JUCLYOTE and 2 PROCLYOTE. Defeat them to obtain an Au Apple. Now to the top
right of this room is a MoonVeil and a Stardust. After you have picked
that up exit out through the top. Now when you are outside go southeast into
another cave which is the LUNAR PATH. In here is basically nothing. When you
reach outside again all you have to do is make your way to the Crystal
In this palace and to the left is an HP and Status recovery spot and to the
left is an MP recovery spot. Step on them if you are badly injured. Now head
towards the center of the Crystal Palace. Here an unknown voice speaks to
you. Then suddenly he appears on the chair of the crystal palace. He tells
you his name which is FuSoya the guardian of the Lunarians' slumber. He tells
you that about 1000 years ago that the planet between Jupiter and Mars was
about to be destroyed, but after the destruction of the planet the people who
have survived the calamity headed for the Blue Planet also known as Earth.
But the people knew that the people of Earth was still in the middle of
evolution so they had created a second moon so they could sleep.
A Lunarian named Zemus wanted to control the Earth but he wouldn't listen.
He needs the crystals of Earth to awaken the Giant of Bab-il to destroy those
living on Earth. Then Cecil asks about the Blue Whale, it was actually
FuSoya's brother Kluya that had made the Big Whale so that he can travel to
the Blue Planet. He taught the people of Earth how to build airships and also
the infamous Serpant Road. Kluya fell in love with a human woman and gave
birth to two children. One of them is Cecil. Then Cecil realizes that the
person who was talking to him was the spirit of his father. He gave Cecil the
power to thwart the machination of Zemus.
Then the party must hurry to the Tower of Bab-il. But how will the party get
through its shielded, but FuSoya can break through. Here FuSoya joins your
party now head back to the Big Whale, but I highly reccommend that you go to
Bahamut's cave first, but since its optional, you don't need to bother.
Bahamut's cave is located on the on the middle cave that has a giant ring
around a rock in the middle. Also FuSoya starts out at level 50 with 1900 HP,
but his defense is very weak so keep him in the back. Also he knows all the
Black and White magics as well.
Giant Of Babil
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Edge, FuSoYa
Party's level: 56-60
Items: Shuriken, Elixir, Ag Apple, Ether1, Yoichi Arrows, SomaDrop, Alert
Key Items: None
Monsters: Beamer, Horseman, Last Arm, MacGiant, Machine, Mech D., Seracher
When you arrive on Earth the Giant of Bab-il has already been activated. Here
the Giant of Bab-il makes his way through but an unexpected help comes along
the way. A group of tanks lead by King Giott fires multiple cannonballs at
the Giant of Bab-il. Also your firend Yang is in one of the tanks as well
then a fleet of airships led by Cid attacks the Giant of Bab-il(what
firepower!) Also a pleasant surprise is on the airship as well, its Palom and
Porom! The Elder has removed their petrification. In another airship is
Edward he wants to show the courage Cecil had taught him. Here the Giant of
Bab-il has never seen such heroics and firepower before and it feels
intimidated. But the party must get in and destroy the core. Here the party
asks for Cid to get them to the Giant's mouth.
Now when your in here proceed to the top to reach it's neck. Then go to the
Chest area. Here to the left is a SHURIKEN dart. Continue down and also pick
up a CURE2 POTION along the way. Here continue on and pick up an ETHER1
POTION and also a set of 10 Genji arrows at the top and a CABIN. After that
proceed to the stomach area in here is a LIFE POTION and another LIFE POTION.
Then continue onto the left. Here in the Passage pick up the ELIXIR but you
must fight a Last Arm for it, which is not that hard to beat(unless you're a
party of one). Also watch out for its FISSION attack, so destroy it quick.
Here proceed to the top which is a save point and heal your wounds if
neccessary. Here you will be in the Lung part of the Giant. Inside here you
will face off against the Four Fiends again, this time they fight together.
Also Rubicant will heal any of your wounds.
BOSS FIGHT: ELEMENTS         HP: 112,000(total)
In this boss fight you first face off against MILON Z. This fight is too easy
actually, have Cecil attack normally, have Rosa heal if neccessary, have
Rydia use FIRE3 or the summon JINN if she is not up there in levels yet. Have
FuSoya use FIRE3 which will do unthinkable damage on him and have Edge use
his FLAME magic which will do about 4,000 HP of damage against him. After you
get through that warm-up this time you will have to fight RUBICANT have Edge
use FLOOD, have Cecil attack as normal, have Rydia summon SHIVA, have FuSoya
use ICE-3 and have Rosa be your healer. Here in this next battle is CAGNAZZO,
have Rydia use LIT-3 or summon INDRA depending on what level you are at, have
Rosa be your healer, have Cecil attack regularly, have Edge use his BLITZ
attack and FuSoya cast LIT-3. After this battle is VALVALIS have Cecil attack
regularly, have Rosa be the healer, have FuSoya cast LIT-3, have Rydia cast
LIT-3 or summon INDRA depending on her level, and finally have Edge cast
BLITZ. Also heal immediately once VALVALIS has used STORM because it will
leave your party at only a few digits of HP. This fight shouldn't have been
too hard tough, but it does drain on your MPs quite a bit though.
After the battle the four fiends perish one by one. Now go back to your save
point, heal your wounds and save. Now go back to the Lung and into the core.
Here the alarm goes off. FuSoya tells the party to destroy the Defensive
system first otherwise all damage will be repaired.
Here just have FySoya cast WHITE on the CPU if he does not cast WALL on
itself, then have Rydia just use BAHAMUT, Have Cecil take out the DEFENDER
and have Edge attack the CPU, always leave the ATTACKER alone otherwise if
you attack the CPU when it is without the DEFENDER and ATTACKER it will
counter with GLOBE99 which will do 9,999 damage to a single party member,
also if both the DEFENDER and ATTACKER are gone the CPU will simply revive
them. Try to avoid using Bahamut too much since he'll easily knock out the
other two(Defender and Attacker) and prompt the CPU to use Globe199.
After the fight the CPU will be destroyed. Then suddenly Golbez comes
through, but FuSoya breaks Golbez out of Zemus' mind control. Here Golbez
wonders why he had all the hatred in him. Also he remembers his father's name
which is Kluya!!! That means Cecil has been fighting his brother all this
time? Cecil and the party is shocked and amazed to discover what they have
heard. Apparently Golbez's blood was easier for Zemus to control than Cecil.
Here before Golbez leaves to settle things FuSoya decides to come with him.
Here Golbez says his goodbye but Cecil doesn't say a word. Then suddenly the
Giant of Bab-il is collapsing, the party can't seem to find a way out but
Kain comes in.
Edge already knows Kain's trickery, but Kain tells the party to hurry. Here
the Giant explodes, Kain apologizes and he is ready to pay for his
consequences, but Rosa tells Edge to stop. Here they tell Kain about Cecil's
brother and also the fact that FuSoya and Golbez went to the moon to settle
the dispute. Also Kain tells the party is he is hipnotized again then they
should get rid of him. Here Cecil tells Rydia and Rosa to leave off the Big
Whale and Kain ,Edge, and Cecil will go to the moon. Cecil doesn't want Rydia
or Rosa to come back dead, Rosa leaves uneasily, and Edge makes yet another
sassy remark to Rydia, she also leaves uneasily.
Here the party reaches the moon, but before they leave Rosa appears and she
did not leave the Big Whale after all. Cecil tells Rosa to get out of the way
but she won't unless she comes with Cecil, then Cecil makes a promise to
protect her in no matter what danger. Then they kiss, but not before Rydia
has shown her way through. Cecil finally agrees to let Rydia come. Before you
go to the Crystal Palace go to the cave just south of the crystal palace to
restock on supplies.
Moon's Core
Party: Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Rydia, Edge
Party's level: 60-64
Items: Dragon Armor, Dragon Shield, Dragon Guantlet, Dragon Helmet, Crystal
       Helmet, Crystal Shield, Crystal Guantlet, Stardust, FireLash,
       Murasame, Sage Staff, Ninja garment, White Robe, Masamune, Whistle,
       Ragnarok, Au Apple, Minerva gown, Fuma, Artemis Arrows, Fuma,
       Protect Ring, Fuma, Protect Ring, Blizzard, Artemis Arrows, Cabin,
       HolyLnce, Stardust Rod
Key Items: Crystal
Monsters: Blue D. D.Fossil, Red D., Tricker, Veteran, PinkPuff, Mind,
          King Ryu, EvilMask, Mind, Breath, White D., Wyvern, Plague,
          Lunasaur, Ogopogo, Zemus, Zeromus
When you reach the crystal room you will get a chance to talk to the
crystals. You will learn that there are eight crystals of Earth and eight
crystals of the moon. When your done proceed to the middle and the crystals
will automatically take you to the Moon's Core. Also make note that there are
many tough opponents inside the Moon's Core and it will be quite a while
before you reach your first save point in the Moon's core. When you first
reach here go to the left through the hidden passage and onto the portal,
here you should see a door in front, enter it and go through.
Here you will see a treasure chest to the top which is a LIFE staff, but you
must win a tough batle against two WARLOCKs and TWO KARYs. After that heal
your wounds and proceed to the left and enter through the portal. In this
next room just go down and enter through the door. Here you will be on the
3rd floor of the Subterrean and you will see a sword above it as well. Touch
the sword and a boss fight will ensue.

BOSS FIGHT: White D.       HP: 32,700
This boss fight is rather tough to win. Make sure Rosa casts FLOAT on the
party so the party can avoid the GaiaRage attack and also she should be the
healer. Have Rydia summon BAHAMUT, have Edge attack regularly as well as
Cecil, and have Kain JUMP. Also the White D.'s attacks are awfully strong so
make sure you heal quickly and bring back any members from the swoon
condition. After the tough battle heal your wounds.
After the White D. has been defeated you will recieve the MURASAME, equip it
on Edge and go back to the entrance of the Moon's Core. Now go to the top
right and enter the hidden passage. Here go around and you will find a
treasure chest which contains a NINJA robe for Edge. But you must fight a
very tough battle against two REDGIANTS. Now go back around and down into the
next room.  In this room is a treasure chest to the left through a not so
hidden passage which contains a Firelash for Rydia, equip it and move on.
To the top left is a Dragon shield, equip it on Kain and move on.
In this room you will see a door in the middle, before you go into the room
at the bottom right is a Dragon helmet, equip it and also to the right
through a hidden passage is a Dragon armor, proceed to the left to collect a
Dragon guantlet. After that head to the middle door and continue through. In
this next room go to the right and pick up a set of 10 ARTEMIS arrows. Now
continue down to the left room and inside is a treasure chest which contains
an ELIXIR. Now head out and go to the right and down and into the next room.
Inside go to the top right and pick up a X-Potion and continue to the left
and at the end is another X-Potion, after you have picked that up go to the
next room. To the left is a treasure chest with a STARDUST rod, but a
BEHEMOTH guards it. Defeat him, collect, the treasure and continue to the
right and into the walkway. In this next room you will see a sword to the
right, but you can't get it yet, and I wouldn't reccommend you trying either.
To the bottom left is a treasure chest, make sure Rosa is equipped with the
ARTEMIS arrows before you open it. Open it and a RED DRAGON and a BLUE DRAGON
will appear. This fight is extremely tough so I'll consider this a boss
fight(since you're not use to fighting these two guys at the same time yet):
Make sure Kain is in the backrow otherwise you probably won't stand much of a
chance. Kain is the only one in this party that can take the hits of the
BLIZZARD attack by the BLUE DRAGON. Have Cecil attack regularly, have Rosa
AIM at either Dragon which will cause critical hits. Have Rydia summon BAHAM
and have Edge attack regularly. After a while Kain may possibly be the only
one standing, have him continously JUMP at all times and have him heal
himself when his HPs drop below 600.
After this incredibly tough battle you will recieve a special reward which is
a CRYSTAL shield. Equip it on Cecil and move on. Here in this next room go to
the top right and you will see a treasure chest, pick it up to collect a
PROTECT ring, equip it on anybody and continue on towards the bottom of the
cave. Here in this area go to the right and pick up the CRYSTAL armor, but
you must defeat a BEHEMOTH for it. Now go back into the room and go up. Here
you will see a treasure chest to the right, pick it up to recieve a CRYSTAL
guantlet, but you must win a tough match against two RED DRAGOns, but this
time the fight isn't nearly as hard.
After you have picked it up and defeated the RED DRAGONs go to the left and
into the next room. Here to the left is a WHITE robe for Rosa, equip it and
move on. Out here to the right is a CRYSTAL helmet guarded by a WARLOCK and a
D.FOSSIL, after that go to the left and inside is a CABIN collect it and move
on. Also you might encounter a FATALEYE often, don't fight it, just have Edge
use SMOKE because you most likely will not kill him in time before the timer
goes off on your character. Here in this next room to the left is a set of 10
ARTEMIS arrows and to the right is a Fuma dart, after picking those two up
go to down and continue to the bottom right path, but make sure you pick up a
CABIN to the left.
In this next room to the left is a Minerva gown guarded by three KARYs and
one WARLOCK, defeat them, collect and equip the Minerva gown, and move onto
the right. Here in this next room go down and enter the first door, here is
your first save spot of the Moon's Core. Heal your wounds and save your game.
Then continue onto the right. In here there is a lance in the middle touch it
and a fight will ensue.
BOSS FIGHT: PLAGUE      HP: 33,333
He will immediately begin the countdown timer on your entire party so you
really have to move quickly. Here Have Cecil and Edge attack normally, have
Rydia summon BAHAMUT, have Rosa use FAST on Cecil and Edge, and have Kain
JUMP. Also when your timer reaches "0" keep pressing A so that you character
won't die off(if you are using the SNES version). You might also want to kill
off one of your characters quickly and then revive them, this will prompt
Plague to recast Doom to reset the timer.
After the battle the party has won the HolyLnce, equip it on Kain, but
return to your save spot and save your game and restore any lost MP. Now go
to the next room to the right. Here in this room before you can reach the two
treasure chests, two D.LUNARs approach you.
BOSS FIGHT: Lunasaur         HP: 23,000(each)
Here the first couple of attacks put out by the Lunarsaurs are pretty much a
joke. Then they will put a WALL on themselves. Here have Rydia summon
BAHAMUT, have Cecil and Edge attack normally, have Rosa be the healer and
cast FAST on Edge and Cecil, and finally have Kain JUMP. Here they will cast
WALL on themselves, that means they will get ready to use Bio, there really
isn't much you can do about it, but have Rosa use LIFE2 on any fallen party
member. Also whenever you use magic against them they will counter with
REMEDY which will recover 2100 HP, but that's okay since BAHAMUT does close
to 5,000 on the both of them.
Now return back to the save point, save your game, and heal your wounds.
Before you go forward remember the room with the CABIN to the left? Well
return back there and to the left of the previous CABIN is an invisible
bridge. Go to the left and at the top through the middle of the block is a
staircase. In this room is the B6 floor, at the bottom is a LIFE POTION, and
continue to the right to find a portal. Here just continue up the stairway
and into another portal.
Here you will be at B5 just continue straight up to find a treasure chest
which contains another PROTECT ring, but you must defeat a BEHEMOTH to obtain
it. After the battle heal your wounds and continue upwards and into another
portal. In here is a save room, save your game and continue on. In this area
you will see a sword that you saw earlier. Also try to fight a few battles
and duplicate a couple of EXCALIBURs and try to gain Rosa's level to 49.
Touch it and you will be attacked by a WYVERN.
BOSS FIGHT: WYVERN      HP: 60,000
Ouch! He will most likely start the battle off with MEGAFIRE which will
probably kill off a few of your characters. You can use a WALL or MoonVeil to
reflect the MegaFire right back at him just like you did with Bahamut. Then
he will put a WALL on himself then just start casting endless barrages of
NUKE spells. This battle is probably too difficult, but it can be won. First
have Cecil and Edge dart the EXCALIBUR swords, have Kain JUMP and have Rydia
summon BAHAMUT, and have Rosa heal the party or use WHITE if she has it. Also
use LIFE2 on anybody that is down. Keep this up and you should win the battle
even though it will be an extremely difficult fight.
After the tough and difficult battle, you will recieve the CRYSTAL sword,
equip it and move on. Here go back to the B7 save point and save your game
again. Also try to duplicate as many EXCALIBUR swords as you can as well.
After that go up and in the next room you will be in the Moon's Core. Also
pick up a NINJA dart along the way and at the bottom is yet another very
tough and very difficult boss fight if you decide to pick up the MASAMUNE
blade that is. Also in this area and from here to the last boss fight you
will encounter enemies that are as tough as bosses, you cannot run from them
unless you use Edge's SMOKE magic. If you do decide to pick up the MASAMUNE
then hopefully you are ready for a very tough boss fight.
BOSS FIGHT: OGOPOGO       HP: 50,001
Ouch again! He will start off the battle with a double BIGWAVE attack that
can shave off about 1,200 HP of damage to every party member. Also he will
use the BIGWAVE attack frequently along the battle causing about 500 HP of
damage to every character. So hopefully you did duplicate those EXCALIBUR
swords. Have Edge dart the EXCALIBUR swords, have Rydia summon BAHAMUT, have
Rosa bring back any party member from the swoon condition with LIFE2 also
have her heal the party and hopefully she is at level 49 so she can cast
Holy. Then have Kain JUMP and Cecil attack regularly. Keep this pattern up
until he is gone. Also note that you really cannot defend against BigWave
since it does more damage if you have more HP.
After the tough battle you might want to go back to the save point and heal
your wounds and save your game. Then continue towards the next room past the
room where you had defeated the OGOPOGO. In this room to the bottom right is
an ELIXIR, collect it and continue downward. Down towards the bottom of this
room is a WHISTLE, after that continue onwards to the next portal. In this
room here to the bottom right is a Fuma dart, and to the left is another
Fuma dart. Now continue towards the bottom right hand corner of the room and
into the next area. In this area there are no treasure chests but alot of
MINDs and BREATHs. Run away from the MINDs with Edge's SMOKE command, also
the BREATHs basically do nothing(unless you wait 10 rounds), but have alot of
HP. Here just continue onwards to the next room. Here you will see FuSoya and
Golbez fight off against ZEMUS on their own.
BOSS FIGHT: ZEMUS          HP: 10,000
This fight you cannot control. After the two continuously cast useless magic
they form up and cast the ultimate magic which is of course the W.METEO.
Zemus falls easily, but he tells them that it is just the beginning.
Here the party reunites with Golbez and FuSoya, Cecil still doesn't want to
talk to Golbez, but before the celebration starts Zemus' body gets burned and
a presence even more evil than ZEMUS erupts, his name is ZEROMUS! Here the
party is stunned by the attacks of ZEROMUS. Golbez and FuSoya fight against
ZEROMUS. Here Golbez and FuSoya both cast METEO but ZEROMUS absorbs the METEO
and counters right back with METEO. They fall to the power of ZEROMUS.
Afterwards the scene shifts back to the Earth. Here you will see your other
friends in the Wishing Tower of Mysidia. They are wishing for your party to
return safely. Then the scene shifts towards back to the Moon's core. Cecil
then becomes consious and goes after ZEROMUS, but he is still very weak. Then
his friends wish for him on the wishing tower at Mysidia, Cecil and his party
members have been given the strength of his friends to fight.
FINAL BATTLE: ZEROMUS         HP: 133,333
First have Cecil use the CRYSTAL, this will make ZEROMUS change forms. And he
must use the CRYSTAL otherwise all your attacks will miss. Then have Cecil
attack normally, have Rosa cast Holy and heal if neccessary, have Rydia
summon BAHAMUT, not METEO because METEO takes far too long to come out. Then
have Edge dart the Knife dart and Holy lances and EXCALIBUR swords and
finally have Kain JUMP. Repeat this pattern while keeping your MPs up. Watch
out for the BIG BANG attack which will knock off a few thousand HPs and drain
your party's HP afterwards. Also ZEROMUS has a METEO attack but it is
extremely weak doing only 900 HP of damage, and it doesn't even hit every
character. Also his BLACK HOLE attack which will remove any positive status
effect from your party like WALL or FAST. Keep attacking and make your
decisions quick. You should win the battle after a while.
NOTE: Before you use the Crystal on Zeromus, you may want to have Edge steal
      DkMatter from him, this will ease the effects of some of his attacks.
Congratulations! You have beaten the game! Below is the ending, so this will
spoil things for, and if you do not want to read the ending I suggest you
turn away.
-------------------------------- [ Ending ] ---------------------------------
Here ZEROMUS gives his last words telling them that he will not perish as
long as there is evil in the hearts of peope. Here FuSoya his surprised that
he didn't know the party had such power, then again Edge makes another
egotistical remark. FuSoya tells the party that as long as evil exists so
does good. Rydia finds it unbelieveable that ZEROMUS didn't use Edge instead,
but he makes another remark. Here Golbez leaves and thanks Cecil for calling
him brother, Golbez realizes that he cannot ask for forgiveness, Cecil is
still silent. The party tells Cecil to say his last goodbye, but Cecil is
still in conflict with his brother, then Cecil comes out and gives his last
goodbye. Afterwards a picture of the sun, Earth, and moon appears along with
the Mysidian Legend.
Here the second part of the ending takes place one year after the defeat of
ZEROMUS. It starts with Palom and Porom, but not before the Big Whale departs
back to where it belongs. The Elder wishes to start today's lesson but Palom
is nowhere to be found, then outside Palom is out there boasting about how he
had melted the block of ice in Mt. Ordeals. Then Palom gets punished for it
by transcribing 1000 spells. Then the scene shifts towards Eblan, here Edge
is the new King, but he doesn't want to be King and he constantly thinks of
Then the scene shifts towards the Land of the Summoned Monsters where Rydia
is, both Asura and Leviatan are overwhelm to see her back. The baby monster
asks if she is different but Rydia tells them that they are the same on the
inside. The next scene takes place at Fabul with Yang being the new King also
his Wife being Queen. The next scene shifts towards Damcyan, he wishes to
rebuild Damcyan, but he still thinks of Anna. Here the next scene shifts
towards the underground at the Dwarf castle, the castle has been completely
ruined and they have no more material to build the castle, so they decide to
scrap the tanks because there won't be another war.
And also they have been invited to Cecil and Rosa's ceremony at Baron. The
next scene is shown with Kain, he apologizes for not being at Cecil and
Rosa's ceremony because he wishes to become a True Dragoon Knight. In this
next scene you will see Professor Kory looking through a telescope and they
are astonished to see what they find. Here in this next scene is Cecil and
Rosa, Cecil thought he heard his brother's voice, but Cid abrubtly tells them
to hurry up.
Then Cecil realizes that he did hear his brother he called him brother. Here
in this last scene the people Cecil met up with throughout the game besides
Tellah comes to the ceremony. Rydia comes and tries to talk to Edge but he is
too shy to see her. Then they wave to you giving you their last goodbyes.
Afterwards you roll the credits sequence. The end.

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