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108 Stars of Destiny

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Suikoden IV Unlockable: Cleared Game
Beat the game and start a new one using your cleared data. You can play through again with all of items and money you earned the first time through as well as the option to choose a new party leader.
Suikoden IV Hint: Stay on the Island
On the deserted island after the ship is wrecked you can convince your party members to stay on the island and live there. Eventually they will agree and you will become stuck on the island. The character portraits will also be different. Note: This will end your game so have a saved game before deciding to stay.
Suikoden IV Hint: Deserted Island
If you are trying to collect all 108 stars of destiny then you'd better listen to this. Finding the island would be a difficult task if you didn't know where it was. Just head west of Nay and always look to the ship's right. After you sail for awhile you will see land. Head towards it and you will be back at the island. Coming here will enable you to get two new characters. Good luck with the other 106.


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Suikoden IV



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