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Dirge of Cerberus

Final Fantasy VII: The Dirge of Cerberus is the sequel to the most popular and highest reviewed RPG (Role playing game) of all time. However, it is not an RPG like its predecessor, but a third person shooter, and has been described as Similar to Devil may cry . In this sequel you play as Vincent Valentine, one of the playable characters in the playable characters in the original game in our control one year after the events in Advent Children. The details that are known about Square-Enix's newest title are few, but the game begins as a mysterious group known as "DG" attack a peaceful town leaving Vincent no choice but to fight back. As details are very scarce there is not much known, but Cait sith is also a character in the game (possible playable) so there could be more famous ff7.

In Dirge of Cerberus, players take control of Vincent, a former member of the Turks. The game takes place a year following Advent Children, which means it follows the events of the Playstation Final Fantasy VII. The story begins as a mysterious group called "DG" suddenly begins attack of a peaceful town, leaving only one choice for Vincent -- to fight back!

Vincent Valentine:

Vincent Valentine, once having a secret past with the evil Shinra and previously working with the Turks, joins Cloud in an effort to resolve the torture in his soul and the horror Shinra inflicted upon him. Although he is quiet and frail, a dark and frightening power hides within. Although it seems Vincent was merely a subject for experimentation, his existance hides a deeper and darker secret.

Caith Sith:

Cait Sith was the second character to appear in screenshots for DoC. It is not known what his role is or even if he is playable. We also don't know if his controller Reeve will appear in the game, though Reeve has been mentioned by Vincent in an early screenshot.


Cait's controller Reeve was recently revealed to be in DoC. We know that he and Vincent are to meet at one point in the game, and he wears a completely different outfit than he did in FF7. Not much is known about his role at this time.


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