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There are many kinds of people existing in the Hume race. They have genes which differ from one another, such as the intelligence level and body features. There are also higher ranks within the Hume race but majority of the race are average everyday people. As for the other races whose intelligence are lower than average, they engage in manual labor which they have to find themselves, in order to earn a living.

The Hume Family is the widest ranging in Final Fantasy XII. It is active, and the family is being expanded steadily. Hume are approximately 40% of the population of Ivalice.

Humans adjust to warm climate, and they wear light dressing. Since the homeland of the Hume race is unstable, most of the people there have little interest in politics.


Viera are the people with long ears, thin and tall bodies, and live in the forests. Their silver hair is one of their special features, and they live 3 times as long as humans.

There are kinds of Vieras, Veena Viera, which have white skin, and Rava Viera, which have Brown Skin (Fran is part of the Rava kind). Their eyesight and hearing are much more superior, can see ahead for 10 kilometers.

Ancient Viera families lived by making commune with the inner part of the forest, in the same biosphere as most humans. There were no disturbance the war broke out not long ago. The forest lost large portions of its land and the Vieras lost contact with the humans.

The Veena and the Rava mixes are quite common, however it is very unlikely for a Viera and a Hume to mix, those who did went off on their secluded place to live.


The Seeq people evolved from the pigs. They’re almost as tall as Humes but they are very fat. The Seeq people are not very smart, as can be seen in their features. However they are very unexpected and they’re fast. They have good battle strategies. They have great defense. The Seeq people live as mercenaries and guardians. There are many who disguise themselves as thieves. They love gold and usually use it to decorate their ugly bodies.



They are the people who evolved from snakes. You can tell that their whole body is covered with hard scale. There are four kinds of Bangaas. The Bangaa-Faas have bronze skin, the Bangaa-Ruga has yellow brown skin, the Bangaa-Bista has copper skin, and Bangaa-Sanga has iron color skin. These four kinds have not been divided cleanly and there are a lot of mixed races.

You can clearly see their difference in appearance as well as in intelligence and living habits. The Bangaas have good hearing but bad magical defense.


Their bodies are covered with Judo Kana hair which makes their body really soft. Their special feature is that they have a red candy ball at the top of their body. They’re usually 80-120cms tall. The moogles rival the Humes in intelligence and they live in the same environment.
The moogles have high technology known as Machine-Engineering, and the first plane was made by the moogles.
Most moogle families know machine engineering, it contributed a lot to society and everyday life. The person who learns the ultimate technology within machine engineering is the Etoria, and the large portion of Etoria belongs to the moogle family.

The capital where the moogles live is recently inhabited by some Humes also. The city seems small at first but it is really big. The machines that don’t exist in nature are produced here also. In the moogle history, there was a battle where the people used the machines to win.

The moogles are highly excelled in combat and a lot of people are horsemen.


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