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Battle System

Final Fantasy X-2 uses an enhanced version of the classic Active Time Battle system, in which each action will require variable length of time to complete. For example, using an item takes very little time comparing to casting a spell, some special skills also take more time to execute than regular attacks. In addition, the battle order panel from Final Fantasy X (located in the top right hand corner) will return as well, which lists the order of action between your party and the enemies.

A new Attack Chain System is also included in Final Fantasy X-2, which allows multiple characters to chain attacks. The chain attack usually initiates by Yuna's Quick Trigger command.

Crimson Spheres


There are a total of 10 Crimson Spheres to be obtained throughout the game. These spheres allow you to enter the Den of Woe, located on the bottom level of Mushroom Rock Road. This cave is a very special place. There are no items within the Den, but you get to fight a series of very interesting battles against fiends or should we say your friends! That's right, within this Den is the true representation of Woe, as there is no worse feeling than attacking your own friends. Well, unless they have absolutly fabulous items, then it's ok. You get to fight Rikku,, Paine, Baralai, Gippal, and Nooj, but be warned, Yuna must endure the Woe alone.


Crimson Sphere Chapter Location
Sphere 1 3 Found on the ground in the Vegnagun's room after clearing the area.
Sphere 2 3 Obtain directly after defeating Ixion
Sphere 3 3 Obtain directly after defeating Ixion
Sphere 4 3 Obtained from a chest in Leblanc's treasure room (where you fought them in Chapter 2) within the Chateau.
Sphere 5 4 Obtained from Leblanc after te 1000 Words concert.
Sphere 6 5 Obtained form a man on entering Cloister 0 in Bevelle.
Sphere 7 2 Received by visiting the Den of Woe after the chocobo event on the Mi'ihen Highroad, regardless of your alliance with either New Yevon or the Youth League
Sphere 8 5 Obtained from completing Cloister 20 in Bevelle.
Sphere 9 1 Received upon reaching the Den of Woe during the Foggy Fiend Frenzy Mission at Mushroom Rock Road.
Sphere 10 2 Received upon finding it in Ormi's room within Chateau Leblanc during the infiltration of the Syndicate's hideout.





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