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In the beginning, you’ll see a short FMV with all the characters shown. After
that, it’s onto the stadium. There, our hero is being greeted by his fans
since he is a Blitz Ball star. Now, you’ll be able to take control of him for
the first time. Try to familiarize yourself on how to move the character. I
suggest using the analog controller for ease of use. Then, go south towards
the screen and talk either to the 2 girls or the children. You’ll be asked
for the name of our hero. Let us use his default name, Tidus. You may then
talk to the other persons here. After that, a cue for the start of the game
will be heard. Tidus will leave. When you regain control of him, just head
east. You’ll be able to hear the voice of Tidus himself. You’ll now notice
that Tidus is actually narrating his story. Move on to the next screen.

Here, Tidus will be at the center of the crowd (just incase you can’t find
him). Just go north towards the building. You’ll then see another FMV. A
short while later, a disaster will happen. You’ll be able to regain control
of Tidus once more. This time, check out the small map on the upper left
corner of your screen. Take note that there is a red arrow there. It is
actually the exact point (or the direction to that point) where you need to
go to in order to advance in the game/story. Now, go south to that point and
meet up and talk with Auron (I really thought it was Aaron back then ^_^).
You’ll then see a short time-stopped event. You’ll also be introduced to
“Sin” by Auron. After that, you’ll have to fight your way through the spawns.
Just attack them normally. Later, you’ll meet up with a boss.


HP:      2,200+
AP:      0
Gil:     0
Items:   none
Equip:   none
Attacks: Demi
Steal:   not applicable

This is easy. Just use normal attacks and perform Overdrives when possible.
Just try to finish the battle quickly since Demi will cut off quite a chunk
of your HPS.

After that, follow Auron while fighting on the way. You may save your game in
the save sphere here. When the enemies just keep on coming, hit the machine
on the right to destroy the ground and give a chance for you to evade them.
But then, it seems fate laid its hand on Tidus and he is sucked inside Sin
along with Auron.


Treasures: Potion, 200 Gil, Hi-Potion x2, Flints, X-Potions, Ether, Withered

You’re now on another world it seems. First, familiarize yourself with in-
water navigation. Pressing the Circle button will let Tidus dive. Now, head
to a location where you see a boy. After that, you’ll be in a ruin area.
Here, go west for an Al Bhen Comp. Sphere. You’ll be able to use it later in
the game. Near this is a chest with a Potion. Go back to the water and head
east. Get 200 Gil from a chest there. Finally, go north towards the Red
Indicator on the map and you’ll eventually reach the first Save Sphere of the
game. Don’t hesitate, just save your game.

- you’ll be able to save your game here. Also, your HP and MP will be
replenished as well as for the Aeons (summons). There will also be other uses
for this later in the game.

After saving the game, continue to the next screen. Here, you’ll see an
intersection. Go left first and get a Hi-Potion from a chest. Go back to the
intersection and go north. In the water, go north. You’ll now encounter your
first underwater battle. After beating the opponents, another boss will


HP:      500+
AP:      0
Gil:     0
Items:   none
Equip:   none
Attacks: Normal Physical Attacks
Steal:   not applicable

Again, here’s another easy one. Just use normal attacks against it. Use
Potions if necessary. 

After a scene, go north and go up the stairs at the end. You’ll be in a main
hall. It’s cold here so you’ll need fire. First, go southwest and you’ll see
a Save Sphere. Save if you’d like. Then, use the south door and get the
Flints inside. Next, in the main hall, get a X-Potion to the east. Use the
northern door. Here, get an Ether to the Lower Left area. Then, continue
north. On top, get the Withered Bouquet. Continue to the next screen and get
another Hi-Potion. Now, head back to the main hall and examine the center.
You’ll see a couple of scenes here with a battle. Some people will arrive in

HP:      1,500+
AP:      5
Gil:     100
Items:   Ability Sphere x2
Equip:   none
Attacks: Normal Physical Attacks
Steal:   Grenade

In this battle, the woman is on your side. Use her grenades to inflict a
sufficient amount of damage to Klikk. As for Tidus, just let him attack
normally and use Potions. Also, if you run out of grenades, you can steal
some from Klikk. Just use the woman’s steal ability.
After that, they will take you on their ship afterwards.

Treasures: Potion x3

Here, you’ll hear their weird language. But then, talk to the girl and she
will speak normally. You’ll now learn more about the Sphere Grid. After that,
the girl will tell you that you’ll have to work. When you regain control,
talk to one of the guys and he’ll give you 3 Potions. Save at the Save Sphere
on the upper left area of the deck. Talk to the woman again. You’ll be able
to control Tidus in the water. Just press Circle until you shift to the next
screen. In this screen, just follow the chain down to the underwater ruins.


Upon reaching the ruins, I suggest that you save your game first. Then,
examine the blue panel here. It will open up a new path. Go in. Examine the
center then go back. You’ll meet up with another one of the bosses.

HP:      2,100+
AP:      5
Gil:     100
Items:   none
Equip:   none
Attacks: Tentacles
Steal:   Grenade

In this battle, you’ll see a new variation of moves. Tros will, first, go
around the battle area. It will make Tidus and the girl unable to attack.
Just choose the Stand By actions for both. Tros will lunge an attack. Just
use the girl’s grenades and let Tidus do normal attacks. When it goes around
the second time, choose the Pincer attack. Tidus and the woman will sneak up
on both sides of Tros. It won’t be able to escape anymore. Just pummel it
until it dies.

When you regain control, follow the girl towards the exit. In the water, keep
on diving down towards the Red Indicator on the map. After a short while,
you’ll be back on the Ship.


You’ll see some scenes here where the girl talks to Tidus. Her name is Rikku.
They will talk about Zanarkand, Blitz Ball and more. After that, when you
regain control of Tidus, go to the Save Point and save your game. Next, talk
to Rikku again. Later, Sin will do a surprise attack on the ship.
Unfortunately for Tidus, he’ll get sucked inside again.


Treasures: Moon Crest, Antidote x2, Phoenix Down

You’ll find yourself in a new area. Tidus will show off his amazing Blitz
Ball moves and the people will be stunned. When you regain control of Tidus
in the water, go east and get a Moon Crest from a chest. Now, go back and
talk to the people. Tidus will show off the move again. Then, one will
introduce himself as Wakka. He is the Captain of the Besaid Aurochs. After
some talk between the two, you’ll control Tidus again. Follow Wakka. You’ll
talk more about Zanarkand. Then, save your game. Follow him again. When you
reach the lake, Wakka will push Tidus onto the water. In the water, just
follow the channel. Dive along the way for a chest with 2 Antidotes. Near the
end of the channel, you’ll see a short scene with Wakka and Tidus, about
Blitz Ball.

You’ll now arrive at the Village. You’ll meet the Crusaders on the way. At
the Village, Wakka will show you the different places you can go to. Then,
he’ll ask you about their prayer. You may answer whichever you want. After
that, Wakka will tell you to head for the temple and present yourself to the
Temple Summoner. When you regain control of Tidus, go to the houses here. The
first one on the left is an Item Shop. Buy some Potions and Phoenix Downs if
you’d like. After that, you may talk to the people on the houses on the right
side. There’s a Phoenix Down just outside the Item Shop. Wakka’s house is in
one of them. Then, go to the Crusader’s House. The Crusaders (Luzzu and
Gatta) here will tell you their purpose and objectives. After that, you may
talk to the person in the counter for a free nap. This will replenish your HP
and MP. After that, leave and head for the temple to the north. You’ll see a
short scene when you enter. When you regain control of Tidus, try heading for
the Northwest door. An elder will talk to you more about High Summoner Braska
and about Yevon. After that, try to go up the stairs to the west door. The
elder will stop you. Now, head all the way back to Wakka’s house. Talk to him
and take another nap. You’ll see him leave with the elder. Now, go back to
the temple and then, talk to Wakka. It seems the apprentice summoner has
taken too long. Tidus will not hesitate to break the rules just to save the
apprentice summoner. Tidus will head for the cloister of trials.


Take note, these types of trials consists of puzzles. They are easy but
later, you’ll encounter more complex ones. First, you’ll see 2 glyphs here.
Examine the one on the north. Then, examine the one on the right (which will
open). Go down and examine another Glyph on the way. You’ll be told about how
to use the Glyphs and Spheres. You’ll receive a Glyph Sphere. Always remember
that you can only hold one Sphere at a time. Now, continue down and examine
the recess on the door. Place the Sphere and it will open. Go through. In the
next area, go west and you’ll see a pedestal at the end. First, examine the
symbols on the wall just opposite the pedestal. Get the Besaid Sphere. Put in
on the pedestal. The path will open. Now, push the pedestal towards the
glittering light. Wakka will come in. He will now tell you that he himself is
one of the guardians. You’ll then move on to the Fayth (inner chamber of the
temple/cloister) where the apprentice summoner prays.

Note: To use the Destruction Sphere (which will reveal a treasure), put the
Glyph sphere on the left recess. It will reveal the Destruction Sphere. Put
the Destruction Sphere at the recess inside the small room (with lights that
form lines inside) and the path to the treasure chest will appear. You’ll
receive the Rod of Wisdom.

There, you’ll see the other 2 guardians. After a short talk, the apprentice
summoner will finally come out. She is now a full-fledged summoner. You’ll
see more cutscenes afterwards. When you regain control of Tidus, leave the
temple. You’ll see a demonstration of the Lady summoner. She will summon the
Aeon Valefor. Everyone will be overjoyed. After that, you’ll see more scenes.
Later, Wakka will introduce Tidus to the Blitz Ball team. When you regain
control of Tidus, head left and try to talk to the Summoner. The people won’t
allow it but the summoner will approach Tidus. She will introduce herself to
Tidus. Her name is Yuna. After a some talk (Wakka comes into the scene also),
go back and talk to Wakka, who is now with the Aurochs, to take some sleep.
During the night, Tidus will have a weird dream. You’ll be able to control
him through. Just move on and talk to Yuna. Rikku and Jecht will appear too.
After that, Tidus will wake up and see Wakka and Lulu. You’ll see more scenes
later with Tidus and Wakka talking about Wakka’s little brother, Chappu.

The next morning, Wakka will give you a new sword, which he gave to his
little brother way back. When Yuna arrives, the party will move on to pray
for victory (Blitz Ball) and safe journey. On the way, you’ll learn some
battle basics such as the elements. After that, when you regain Tidus after
they prayed, save your game. Now, follow the Red Indicator. A beast will come
in. It is one of Yuna’s Guardians. Just beat it with normal attacks or use
your Overdrive if possible. Wakka will stop the fight. Yuna will tell you
more about Kimahri. After that, just move on. On the way, you’ll learn how to
use Yuna’s Aeons. Use Valefor for the meantime since there are no other Aeons
at the moment. To finish the battle quickly, use the Overdrive of the Aeon
when the Overdrive bar fills up. From here, just move on until you reach the
beach. Save your game, then board the ship. Yuna will say goodbye to the
people of Besaid.

Treasures: Remedy

Now, you’ll be able to see the new world map for FFX (I do admit that this is
a flaw since it deviated from the original world map concept of the previous
games). On the ship, you’ll first see a naughty Tidus. When you regain
control of him, go and talk to Wakka. Then, go to Yuna and you’ll
automatically talk with her. After talking to her, go down to the cabin and
meet O’aka. He is a traveler merchant whom you’ll be seeing many many times
in your journey. You can buy weapons and items from him. After that, go to
the south door behind the stairs. You’ll see the Chocobos here. They are
powering the ship (just as in FF9). Go back out and go inside the room beside
the save point. Get a Remedy inside. You may save your game if you’d like. Go
down off the deck into the cabin below. Head into the room on the left.
There's a small rectangular box on the right side of the screen. By pressing
the action button Tidus will kick it and receive a potion! You can do it
several times.

After that, go back up to the deck and talk to Wakka then to Yuna. You’ll
talk more and more about Zanarkand, Blitz Ball, and more. Suddenly, Sin will
appear from nowhere and you’ll have to do battle once more.

BOSS: SIN (and Sinscales)
HP:      2,236
AP:      0
Gil:     0
Items:   none
Equip:   none
Attacks: none
Steal:   n/a

This is a rather simple battle, if you know what to do exactly. First, your
priority should be to defeat Sin’s fin. To be able to attack it, you must use
either Wakka, Lulu, or both of them. Yuna should be in the party to heal.
Now, as for the Sinscales, just leave 1 of them alive so that more will not
come anymore. Concentrate your attacks on the Fin and heal when necessary.

After that battle with Sin, Tidus is nowhere to be found. Wakka jumps in and
saves him. But then, another boss comes up.

HP:      2,268
AP:      10
Gil:     573
Items:   Power Sphere x2, Mana Sphere x13, Ability Sphere x2
Equip:   Yellow Arm Guard, Harpoon
Attacks: Blender, Drain Touch
Steal:   n/a

This is a long match. First, your main concern should be the Blender attack
and the annoying Sinscales. Let Wakka kill the Sinscales and let Tidus handle
the boss. Do not hesitate to use Potions. You’ll be using several of them.
Now, when available, use your overdrives to give you more advantage to the

After that battle, you’ll see a sad scene where Sin obliterates Kilika. Then,
you’ll finally arrive at Kilika Village.


When you arrive at the ill-fated Kilika Village, Yuna will offer her services
as a Summoner to perform the “Sending” ritual for the souls of the dead. When
you regain control of Tidus, save your game first then head north and then,
go west. You’ll see the entire ritual here where Yuna sends the soul to the
farplane to give them peace. The next morning, leave the inn. Datto will talk
to you and tells you that Wakka wants to talk to you. Go west first and save
a girl here who is on an unstable platform. After that, go all the way to the
east and talk to Wakka. After that, go west and keep on moving until you
reach the Woods.

Treasures: Elixir, Scout, Hi-Potion, Luck Sphere

You’ll see a scene with Yuna where she asks Tidus to become her guardian.
Well, Tidus isn’t a guardian yet but he’ll still stay close to Yuna and
protect her. When you regain control, you may want to save first, go all the
way to the north until you meet up with Luzzo and Gatta. They are confronted
by a Lord Ochu. Do battle with it.

HP:      4,649
AP:      40
Gil:     420
Items:   MP Sphere
Equip:   Echo Arm Guard
Attacks: Poison Claw, Water, Earthquake
Steal:   n/a

You can use Valefor here. Let Valefor attack until it vanishes. Then, use
Lulu’s Fire magic and let the others attack the Ochu. The most devastating
attacks are the Poison Claw and the Earthquake. You’ll need a couple of
Antidotes or Yuna’s Esuna Magic. When the Ochu is asleep, it will Regenerate
its HP by 300+ gradually. You wouldn’t want that since it is hard to damage
it. Just attack it with physical attacks to wake it up. Watch out, he’ll
perform earthquake when he wakes up so heal at once.

After the battle, go south and save your game again. Don’t forget to talk to
Luzzo and get an Elixir. After saving, go back up to the intersection and
head left. At the next intersection, go north and get a Scout. At the next
intersection, move north once more. You’ll meet up with several people here.
Get a Hi-Potion from one of them. Go north here and get a Luck Sphere. Go
back to the previous intersection and continue to the east. At the next
intersection, go north. You’ll finally reach the temple area. Here, you’ll
see a short scene. After that, go and save your game at the save point.
Follow Yuna and you’ll be battling another one of the Sinspawns.


HP:      3,000 (2 tentacles: 450 HP each)
AP:      82
Gil:     350
Items:   Ability Sphere x2, Power Sphere x6
Equip:   Bright Arm Guard
Attacks: Venom, Water, Staccato
Steal:   n/a

For this boss, attack its tentacles first. His body will be armored so use
Lulu’s Magic. When he reveals himself (including his tentacles), use Valefor
to punish it. Then, when Valefor is gone, use your most powerful physical or
magical attacks on it.

After that battle, save your game below once more if you’d like. Then,
continue up towards the temple. You’ll see some scenes with Lulu. 


Here, go north and you’ll be greeted by the Luca Goers, the best Blitz Team
in Spira. After that, you may save again if you want then go into the temple.
Talk to Wakka here and pray too. You’ll see some scenes with another
Summoner, Dona, and her guardian. When you regain control, go up into the
door. Tidus will be left behind since he isn’t a Guardian yet. Now, wait till
the platform comes up again. Dona and Barthello will come and places Tidus
onto the platform forcefully bringing him to the bottom. Below, go inside the
chamber. You’ll reach another Cloister of Trials.

Treasures: Red Armlet

First, get the Kilika Sphere and place it on the recess on the door. It will
burn. Remove it again and place it either to the left or the right wall
recess. Go through the door. This is the second room. All you have to do is
to touch the Glyph to the far north. A door will open leading to the 3rd
room. Here, get the Kilika Sphere on the right then step on the Glittering
Panel. A Pedestal will appear. Put the Kilika Sphere on the Pedestal and push
it onto the glittering panel. Next, get the Glyph Sphere and put it on the
east recess (near fire) and the fire will be put out. Get the Kilika Sphere
below and put it on the door first. Now, go back to the door that was opened
using the Glyph Sphere. Get the Destruction Sphere inside. Place it on the
recess at the bottom and the wall will crush. Now, remember that the
Destruction Sphere opens up secret treasures in Cloisters just as what you’ve
learned earlier. Get the Red Armlet here. Finally, remove the Kilika Sphere
from the burning door and place it elsewhere. Go through the door. You’ll see
more scenes. When you regain control of Tidus, talk to Wakka and you’ll learn
more about the Fayth and Aeons. When you regain control, try to leave the
chamber. Yuna will finally come out. After that leave the temple. You’ll see
a couple of scenes and a flashback outside. When you regain control of Tidus
again, go all the way back to the ship.


See some short scenes here. When you regain control of Tidus in the Cabin,
leave the room and move on to the deck. Go to the south of the deck and keep
on talking to Yuna about Zanarkand. After that, go to the west side of the
ship and go up. You’ll see Lulu and Wakka talk about Tidus. Keep on going
back up to hear the entire story. When you are able to go to both of them
talk to them then go back down. Now, go north and examine the Blitz Ball.
You’ll see another flashback of Tidus. It’s now time for the Jecht Shot
Challenge. Here, you’ll need to perform the Jecht Shot to finally remove the
bad memories Tidus had. There are 9 locations on the screen where memories
(text) will appear. You’ll then have to push the corresponding direction plus
the X button. Example, if the text/memory appears on the upper left, you
should press Up+Left and the X button. That goes the same for all directions.
If it is in the center, just press the X button only. You will be given a
short practice. Then, the real thing begins. Just keep on pressing those
buttons with accordance to the memories until Tidus finishes the move. If you
fail, Tidus will miss the ball. If you managed to get it right, Tidus will be
finally freed of those bad memories. Also, you’ll be given the Jecht Shot
Technique that you can use later in the Blitz Ball games if you successfully
performed it.

If you weren’t able to complete the Jecht Shot Challenge, you can search
around the ship for the blitz ball and try it again. ^_^

You’ll then see lots of scenes with Yuna, Wakka, and the rest of the Aurochs.
You’ll then be asked to save your game. After that, you’ll finally reach


Here, the announcer will introduce some of the teams that will participate in
the opening tournament. You’ll hear an annoying introduction for the Besaid
Aurochs who didn’t have any win at all. After some more scenes, you’ll be
able to control Tidus once more. Just follow the Red Indicator on the map.
You’ll meet Maester Mika and Maester Seymour here. After seeing this scene,
you’ll be asked to save your game once more. At the Locker room, you’ll hear
the news about the match. Luckily, you won’t have to face the Luca Goers for
now. The first match will be against the Al Bhed Psyches. Now, you’ll be
shown a massive tutorial for Blitz Ball. I do suggest that you go over these
tutorials if you play for the first time. After that, Yuna will come in and
informs you that Auron has been sighted in the city. Tidus will go with Yuna
for a while. You’ll see a short scene with Tidus and the Al Bhed here. After
that, when you regain control of Tidus once more, just follow Yuna towards
the Red Indicator on the map. You may save your game on the way. At the bar,
Auron isn’t found, but you’ll see Kimahri face 2 more of his Ronso “friends”.
But then, the tournament has started. Then, Tidus will notice that Yuna is
gone. Lulu will fill you in. Yuna is most likely to have been kidnapped. When
you regain control, just follow the Red Indicator towards platform 4. You’ll
have to battle some Machinas on the way. Just use Lulu’s Thunder Magic and
you’ll be fine. You’ll also see Wakka giving it up to the Al Bhed since
Yuna’s life is in danger. Then, Tidus and the party will catch up to an Al
Bhed ship. You’ll have to battle a boss.

HP:      6,000
AP:      36
Gil:     58
Items:   Elixir
Equip:   Metal Ring
Attacks: Physical Attacks
Steal:   n/a

This battle will be easy. First, let Tidus cast Haste on Lulu. Then, have
Lulu use her Thunder Magic on the Crane a few times so that it will be
activated. When it is activated, operate it using Tidus. It will destroy the
machina and swill damage it by 5,500 HP! Use 1 more Thunder Magic on it to
obliterate it.

After that, Yuna will be safe. You will also know the lineage of Yuna. Then,
Lulu will send a signal to Wakka that Yuna is safe. He will then give it one
last shot to give the Aurochs their first taste of victory! After that, just
follow the map to go back to the Locker Room. It’s Tidus’ time to show off
his Blitz moves. After some scenes, you’ll regain control of Tidus. Go back
inside the Locker Room and talk to Wakka. After that, the match begins with
Tidus acting as the captain. Now, you’ll be playing real Blitz Ball yourself.
The Luca Goers’ stats are very very high. Even if you are good at playing (if
this is your second time through the game), you’ll have a hard time playing
it. Tidus’ shooting is also weak and can’t penetrate easily through the
goalie. Their shooters are excellent and can easily score from your goalie.
During the second half, Wakka will come in and replace Tidus. The Luca Goers
will most likely win but the Aurochs will prove that they are a team to be
reckoned with.

It is possible to win this Blitz Ball match. You just need to have the Jecht
Shot ability. You should have acquired this while Tidus has a flashback of
Jecht doing his Jecht Shot. With this ability, you’ll have a better chance of
scoring even if there are 2 defenders in front of Tidus. After that, try your
best not to allow the goers to score.

After the match, Tidus will go to Wakka when suddenly, fiends appear and
you’ll have to do battle with them. Just keep on fighting until you get out.
Later, outside, you’ll be able to control Auron. One slash is all that is
needed to beat the enemy. Then, Tidus and Wakka will finally meet him. You’ll
do battle again. Use everything you’ve got. When all seems lost, Seymour
comes in and demonstrates the power of his Aeon. It will pulverize all
fiends. Nothing will be able to escape. Then, after those scenes, you’ll be
asked to save your game once more. After that, you’ll see Wakka say his
goodbye to his team. Then, you’ll see Auron. You’ll then hear the story of
Auron. He will also reveal something about Jecht and Sin and that he is a
guardian too. After that, when you regain control of Tidus, just follow the
map and you’ll see your next destination. Then, go talk to Yuna and you’ll
see her and Tidus do some laughing and whistling. Time to go to Djose.


Treasures: Hi-Potion x3, Hunter’s Spear, Antidote x6, Ice Brand, Seeker’s
Bangle, Remedy, Red Ring, Level 1 Key Sphere x2, 2000 Gil, 500 Gil, Eye Drops
x3, Mega-Potion x2, Mars Crest, Ether

In this area, while going through it, talk to people and you’ll receive
various items from them. First, save your game. You’ll be given a notice that
the Save Sphere has been improved to level 2 and now, you can play Blitz Ball
at save points if you’d like. After that, move on. Talk to the old man by the
statue and he’ll tell you more about Mi’ihen and the Crusaders. Continue. Get
a Hunter’s Spear and 2 Antidotes on the way. Then, you’ll see ruins of an
ancient machina city. You’ll be introduced to Maechen, the scholar. Then, get
the Ice Brand behind the ruins. If you examine the center of the ruins,
you’ll see some Al Bhed writings. You may not be able to read it even on your
second game. Check out the Al Bhed primers section of this guide for more
info. Continue north. You’ll see a short scene with the Djose Chocobo
Knights. They’ll tell you about a fiend. When you regain control of the
party, go to the ruins on the right. You’ll meet another summoner, Belgemine.
She will challenge Yuna to a summoner battle. She’ll be using Ifrit and
you’ll be using Valefor. This is a 1 on 1 match so no one can interfere.
After the battle, you’ll be given the Seeker’s Bangle. She’ll also mention
something about the past. After that, continue north to the next area.

In here, go east and get a Remedy. Continue heading east. You’ll see a scene
with Cali and about the Calm. After that, continue. Get a Red Ring on the
way. Continue towards the next area. In here, go north and get a Level 1 Key
Sphere and 4 Antidotes on the way. When you reach a ruin to the right, go
there and get 2000 Gil. Continue north and you’ll see a caravan. After that,
move on. Get a Hi-Potion and 500 Gil on the way. You’ll then see Luzzu and
Gatta at the ruins on the right. After that, continue north and you’ll meet
up with an acolyte, Shelinda. After some talking with her, continue north and
get 3 Eye Drops on the way. When you reach a shop, go in. You may save your
game here and/or buy some items and equipments. After that, leave the shop
and outside, talk to Yuna. There will be a long scene with them. After that,
go back inside and save your game. Inside, talk to the person on the left and
you’ll receive a Level 1 Key Sphere. You’ll also be taught on how to use the
Sphere Grid. Then, you’ll meet the owner of the shop, Rin. He’ll tell you
more about Al Bhed and their language. He’ll give you Vol. VIII of the Al
Bhed Primer (check Al Bhed Primer section on this guide). Then, trouble
arises outside. You’ll be given 2 Mega-Potions. Prepare for battle. Save your
game then go out. Head north and you’ll meet...


HP:      10,000
AP:      90
Gil:     970
Items:   none
Equip:   Moomba Mage
Attacks: Physical Attacks, Push
Steal:   n/a

You’ll need to kill the Chocobo Eater quickly if you want to defeat it. Your
main concern is his push attack. If he manages to push you off the cliff, he
wins. First, let Tidus cast Haste on everyone. Let the other characters
attack or use Magic. But first, use Wakka’s Dark Attack on it to blind it.
Then immediately, use Yuna’s Aeons. Try to gain a full Overdrive bar so that
both Ifrit and Valefor can use overdrive attacks. If you attacked it
properly, it will fall on its back. This time, attack it with everything
you’ve got to push it back (thus preventing you from falling down the cliff).
Just keep on doing this until it dies.

If you managed to defeat it, Rin and his assistant will thank you for dealing
with that fiend. They will offer you a free Chocobo Ride. If did lose, your
game won’t be over yet. You’ll just be using the road at the bottom. Let’s
continue. First, save your game if you’d like so that your HP and MP will be
replenished. Then, go out and talk to Rin’s assistant for a free Chocobo
ride. Riding the Chocobo will stop fiends from attacking you, therefore there
will be no random battles. Just continue until you reach the end. You’ll see
an intersected there. The path to the right is the path to the bottom road,
which you would have taken if you lose to the Chocobo Eater. Go there and get
the Mars Crest and you’ll also meet O’aka. When you’re ready, to the north
gate. You’ll be told to disembark the Chocobo. You may then save your game if
you’d like. After that, talk to Summoner Dona twice. Continue north through
the caravan and see Luzza and Gatta. After that, talk to the guy on the left.
He’ll ask you for donations. You’ll be given something in return also.

100 Gil    - Scout
1,000 Gil  - Ice Lance
10,000 Gil - Moon Ring
0          - nothing

Now, talk to the Gate Captain. Just ask him about the operation. Go back and
you’ll see Seymour. He will help you to pass through the gate. Now, go north
to the next area. You’ll see Seymour and the Crusaders. After that, you’ll
see some scenes. When you regain control move on. Talk to people for an Ether
and a Hi-Potion. Move on and at the intersection, you’ll meet up with Clasko.
You’ll now have to go west.


Treasures: Hi-Potion x4, Potion x10, 1000 Gil, Remedy, X-Potion, Serene
Armlet, Mega-Potion x2, Soft Ring, Phoenix Down x2, Ether

You’ll be battling fiends again. You’ll meet up with O’aka again. Move on and
talk to people for a Hi-Potion. Use the elevator platform at the end. Talk to
the man that you’ll see beside a chest. He’ll give you 10 Potions. Then,
examine the chest for 1,000 Gil. Continue and you’ll eventually reach another
chest that contains a Remedy. Move on and meet up once more with Shelinda.
After that, get another chest on the way for another Hi-Potion. At the end,
use the platform to go up.

Next, talk to people on the way for a X-Potion. Go west to a spiral and get
the Al Bhed Primer Vol. 10. Then, you’ll see a platform to the north and one
to the west. Use the west platform first and get the Serene Armlet. Go back
up then use the northern platform to go up. Talk to the people again for a
Mega-Potion. Now, talk to Gatta. You’ll see a scene with him and Luzzu. Then,
talk to Luzzu. He’ll tell you more about Wakka’s brother Chappu. After that,
save your game and use the large platform to go up. Continue south to the
next area.

On top, you’ll see lots and lots of machina. Wakka will be mad. After more
scenes, continue to the Command Center. You’ll meet up with Gatta, who is
quite upset. Auron will teach some something. After that, go inside and
you’ll meet Maester Kinoc. After the talk, prepare your party and save your
game. Then, talk to the guard at the lower right corner of the command center
(indicated by the red arrow on the map). When you’re ready, you’ll be dealing
with another sinspawn.


HP:      12,000 (Head: 2000, Arms: 800 each)
AP:      0
Gil:     0
Items:   none
Equip:   none
Attacks: Physical Attacks, Thunder, Demi, Venom
Steal:   n/a

First, let’s talk about how Gui attacks. It uses all of its parts to attack,
the head, body and arms. The head attacks using venom and magic. Both the
body and the arms deal quite strong physical attacks. You have to remove both
its arms in order to be able to hit its body with physical attacks (it won’t
be able to block magical attacks to its body). Then, destroy the head
immediately. Once the arms are gone, pummel its body as quickly as you can.
You may use the Aeons to further deal damage to it.

Auron should attack the arms while Wakka (or Lulu) hits the head. Also, the
head does not regenerate, while the arms do. While this battle isn't too bad,
many people have had difficulty with it. Also, note that the body's attack
pattern is Demi, Attack, Demi, Attack - so if the head is dead, he can only
kill one guy per two turns, tops. Stocking up of Phoenix Downs from O'aka
guarantees victory.

After the battle, you’ll see Sin itself. It will obliterate everything that
stand in its way. After that, you’ll see Seymour and the Sinspawn. You’ll
fight it again but this time, Seymour will be with you.


HP:      ?
AP:      850
Gil:     4,500
Items:   Lv. 1 Key Sphere
Equip:   Nightmare
Attacks: Physical Attacks, Thunder, Demi, Venom
Steal:   n/a

With Seymour in your party, you’ll have a very easy time against it. Take
note also that you can only use Auron and Yuna here. To beat the Sinspawn,
just use Seymour’s Level 2 Magic attacks.

After that, you’ll see a scene where Machina goes head to head with Sin. When
you regain control of Tidus, go north and talk to Gatta. He’ll be hysterical.
Then, Tidus will go after Sin. After that, you’ll be able to regain control
of Tidus once more. Save your game. Talk to Auron and Kinoc. You’ll also see
Yuna and Seymour. Then, talk to Auron. You’ll see more scenes here. When you
regain control of Tidus, go west and get a Hi-Potion inside a chest. Follow
the red arrow to the northeast. You’ll be able to hear Kimahri talk for the
first time and smile! When you regain control, save then go north. On the
way, talk to the people and receive a Soft Ring. Get a chest on the left side
for 2 Phoenix Downs. Continue. Talk to the people again for Hi-Potion, Ether,
and Mega Potion. At the intersection, you’ll see a short scene. Go north.
Tidus and Auron will have a short conversation.


Treasures: 4000 Gil, Ability Sphere x4

Here, go north. Talk to Captain Lucil on the way. When you regain control, go
west for 4,000 Gil. Then, go northeast. Check behind the house for Ability
Sphere x4. You’ll see Gatta here. Then, buy some weapons and/or items from
the merchant. Save your game and head for the temple.


Inside, you’ll meet a new Summoner. Isaaru and his 2 brother guardians. After
a short conversation, you’ll be able to regain control of the party. Go up.
Isaaru will talk to Tidus for a while about Summoners disappearing. Continue
to the Cloister of Trials.


Treasures: Magic Sphere

First, put the 2 Djose Spheres on the door to open it. Go to the 2nd room.
Here, you’ll see a pedestal and a symbol in the middle, 2 spheres beside the
door, glittering panel/glyph to the left, and 2 recesses to the right. First,
get the 2 Djose Spheres beside the door and put them one by one on each of
the recesses on the right. Push the pedestal (w/ a Djose Sphere) to the right
until it becomes a brighter Djose Sphere. Now, take the new Djose Sphere and
put it on the recess to the right of the north door. It will open. Then, put
the 2 Djose Spheres (at the right recesses) both on the pedestal. Then, push
it forward until it drops on the electric currents. The pedestal will stay
afloat. Jump on it and push the pedestal to the north, which will activate a
part of the symbol. After that, go back to the symbol and go left. Step on
the glittering panel. The pedestal will now be back at the center. Now, get
the New Djose Sphere and put it on the recess to the left of the door. Next,
get the 2 Djose Spheres on the pedestal and put them on the recesses back in
the first room. The symbol will be complete and you can see a platform in the
center. Step on it to move on. If you have the destruction sphere, take it up
and put it in the lone pedestal to the south. It will reveal an opening to
the treasure, which is a Magic Sphere.

At the next area, just push the 5 pedestals. Go up and talk to Lulu. Then,
Dona will appear. You’ll see a scene with Barthello and Auron. After that,
when you regain control, talk to everyone and try to leave. Yuna will come
out of the chamber. You’ll then be asked to name the 3rd aeon, Ixion.


Treasures: Hi-Potion x2, Halberd, Potion x10

Outside, talk to everyone. Then, go back inside and go to the upper right
door. Talk to the woman beside the bed. Yuna will wake up and they will go
back to the party. You’ll see a short scene outside. When you regain control,
go south and keep following the red indicator on the overhead map. Talk to
people on the way for Hi-Potion x2, Halberd, Potion x10. You’ll then meet up
with Lucil of the Chocobo Knights. Just continue south afterwards. At an
intersection, head north and you’ll reach the moonflow.


Treasures: X-Potion, Lv.1 Key Sphere x3, Dragon Scales x2, Summoner’s Soul,
Magic Def. Sphere, Phoenix Down x2, 5000 Gil

Just continue to the Red Indicator on the map. You’ll see Shelinda on the way
as well as 2 other Ronsos who are picking on Kimahri. They will also warn
about the missing Summoners. When you regain control, get a chest for an X-
Potion. Continue once again and get another chest with a Level 1 Key Sphere
x3 at the right side of the road. Then, you’ll meet up with Belgemine. Yuna
will have to fight her with Aeons. Just use Ifrit and Valefor since Belgemine
will be using the new Ixion. If you win, you’ll get 2 Dragon Scales and a
Summoner’s soul. You can now let your Aeons learn abilities. After that, go
on and get a Magic Defense Sphere on a narrow path on the left side of the
right. Move on.

At the next area, continue north and you’ll see the Moonflow itself. Then,
you’ll be able to see the elephant-like shoopuf. When you regain control of
Tidus, get the Phoenix Down x2 then continue west to the next screen. You’ll
see Lucil and her knights trying to deal with the person in charge about the
Chocobo. After that, save your game and talk to Wakka and Lulu. Then, get the
chest behind them for 5,000 Gil. Next, talk to the driver and you’ll have the
Shoopuf ride. You’ll see some scenes during the ride, then Yuna will be
caught by the Al Bhed! Tidus and Wakka will come to the rescue.

HP:      4,000
AP:      600
Gil:     2,400
Items:   Mega Potion x2
Equip:   Moon Ring
Attacks: Aqua Shooter, Depth Charges
Steal:   n/a

To beat the extractor, have Tidus use his Delay Attack ability to give chance
to both him and Wakka to attack more. Not to mention, putting both of them on
haste is a very good strategy. You just have to watch out the extractor when
it pulls up. It is readying its Depth Charge attack which can decimate both
Tidus and Wakka in a single blow. To prevent this, just attack the extractor
until it comes back down.

You’ll see more scenes on the shoopuf after that. When you reach the north
wharf, save your game and go all the way to the west. You’ll meet up again
with Rikku. You’ll see some scenes here where Rikku tells her story to the
girls and about her being a guardian of Yuna. After that, continue north to
the North Bank.

Treasures: Antidote x4, Mega-Potion

On the way, you’ll have a weird battle. You’ll see a chest. Use Rikku’s steal
ability to get its contents. Continue afterwards. Get a chest on the way for
Antidote x4. Move on and get another chest on the way for a Mega-Potion. At
the end, you’ll reach Guadosalam.

Treasures: Elixir, Mega-Potion, Hi-Potion x2

You’ll be greeted by Tromell Guado. He will tell you that Seymour is waiting
for Yuna. After that, Rikku will tell you more about Customizing equipments.
When you regain control, go inside the inn. Save your game inside. Leave the
inn. Go up and head south for a chest with an Elixir. Go to the house on the
west. Get a Mega-Potion at the upper right corner. Don’t forget also that you
can recruit some of the Guado to play for your Blitz Ball Team. After that,
go inside the mansion to the north. Go upstairs and get a hidden chest at the
center for Hi-Potion x2. Now, talk to everyone. Tromell will then come in and
will ask you to go through the door below. Go inside. Talk again to everyone
then Seymour will come in. He will show you the thoughts of the people on the
farplane. You’ll see Zanarkand and Yunalesca. Then, Seymour will whisper
something to Yuna. He wants to marry Yuna. Everyone will be surprised. When
you regain control after that scene, leave the mansion and go to the north
east towards the Farplane. Auron and Rikku will stay behind. At the farplane,
you’ll see the thoughts and memories of the dead. When you regain control,
talk to Wakka then Lulu. Finally, talk to Yuna. You’ll see Tidus’ flashbacks.
After that, when you leave the farplane, Jyscal will try to come out. Yuna
sends him. When you regain control, go back to the mansion. You’ll see some
scenes. Keep on talking to Lulu. You’ll be asked later whom you like (I chose
Lulu). After that, go down and go east to the path to the Thunder Plains.
You’ll see Shelinda. Continue. Outside, you’ll see a scene with Yuna. You’ll
also hear Tidus say Macarena instead of Macalania. Continue to the Thunder

Treasures: Phoenix Down x2, Hi-Potion x2, Water Ball, Yellow Shield

Rikku will be very scared of the Lightning. You’ll be told that you can take
shelter at the Lightning Rod Towers. Or, you may dodge the lightning by
pressing X just as the Lightning flashes. When you regain control, go north
and get a chest for Phoenix Downs. Save your game. Then, get 2 Hi-Potions
from a chest to the west of the Save Sphere.

Now, go north and you’ll see a Cactuar Stone. Examine it using Square. But I
still don’t know what its actual use is. At the next tower, you’ll see
Shelinda again. You’ll be asked about the Marriage. Now, go north and veer
off to the east for a Water Ball. You’ll see another Cactuar Stone. Continue
north. You’ll see a scene where Rikku tries to convince everyone to rest for
a while. She’ll do so. Now, inside, you’ll see a scene with Rin and Auron.
He’ll give you the Al Bhed Primer volume XIV. Save your game then go to Yuna.
You’ll see Yuna and a sphere. After resting, talk to Rikku. Outside, when you
regain control, go north and get the Yellow Shield lying on the ground. Go to
the next area. You’ll see another Cactuar Stone. Continue north and you’ll
see another stone to the right. Continue north towards another save sphere.
You’ll see a scene with Yuna talking about her marriage to Seymour. From
here, just move on until you reach the Macalania Woods.

Treasures: 2000 Gil

Save your game first. Then, use the top path first and get 2,000 Gil on the
way. Then, you’ll meet up with Barthello. He’ll tell you that Dona is gone.
Continue on and you’ll reach a place where you can catch some Butterflies
(see Butterfly Catching section). Just move on along the long path. At the
end, save your game. You may also buy again from O’aka here. Move on and then
Auron will show you something. First, you’ll have to fight another fiend.


HP:      11,400
AP:      3,000
Gil:     3,800
Items:   Lv. 2 Key Sphere
Equip:   White Armlet
Attacks: Press, Physical and Magical Attacks
Steal:   Ether

The best way to defeat spherimorph is to use magic attacks that have an
element opposite of that of the spherimorph. You may use Lulu’s Black Magic
attacks. But the most useful perhaps are the aeons. If the spherimorph has a
fire element, using ifrit will be a good idea since the attacks of
spherimorph will just heal Ifrit. Ifrit can then attack until spherimorph is
defeated. This goes the same for Ixion.

I thought the Ifrit strategy was really good. If you call at Ifrit
immediately and attack, chances are you will not lose. However, this takes
FOREVER. I went back to him recently and found that this battle is much
simpler than I thought. Have Yuna, Lulu, and a third character. Have the
third character attack (finding out his element from the counterattack), Lulu
use the opposite, and Yuna heal. You'd be amazed how much more quickly he

After that, get Jecht’s Sphere. Tidus will play it back. You’ll see Jecht’s
memories. You’ll then be told that Jecht’s sphere are scattered throughout
the world (see Jecht’s Sphere section). After that, go back. You’ll have a
short talk with Auron. Continue north. At the shop, get the Al Bhed Primer
Vol. XVI just outside the shop wall. Move on. You’ll see another scene with
Tromell Guado here. Yuna will go to seymour alone. But then, the Al Bhed
comes in again and tried another shot at Yuna. You’ll have to fight one of
their machines again.

HP:      16,000 / 1,000
AP:      6,820
Gil:     6,800
Items:   Potion, Elixir
Equip:   Lifegiver
Attacks: Gatling Gun, Assault, Mana Beam
Steal:   ?

First of all, you have to take care of the Negator since it will prevent you
from using any magical skill. It’s easy since it has a pretty low HP. After
that, use your Aeons to finish the job. If that isn’t enough, use magic
attacks (especially Thunder/Lightning) and use your strong characters (Tidus,
Wakka, Auron) for physical attacks.

If you have used Lulu adequately, by now, she should have Thundara. Use Wakka
to defeat the Negator. Now, instead of just bringing the aeons out
immediately, get a couple hits with Lulu in. If he counterattacks (900-1000
damage), she will probably die; just revive her. Continue this until there's
one turn until the Mana Beam. Only on your last turn, use an Aeon, and then
use Shield. You may want to then keep your Aeon in, because you have a while
until the next Mana Beam. If he brings out the Negator, you get to use the
Aeon, but he can't use the Mana Beam! Also, Ixion's Thor's Hammer does a lot
of damage. Mainly, just block Mana Beam with Aeons and use Thundara a lot.

Rikku will then be revealed to Wakka. After that, you’ll ride the
snowmobiles. You’ll see a scene where Tidus and Lulu are talking to each
other on the snowmobile. Go to the temple.


You’ll see Shelinda inside. After that, save and then one attendants will see
a sphere in Yuna’s belongings. Go to that room and you’ll see Jyscal’s
message about Seymour. Enter the Cloister. You’ll see Seymour there. Then,
Yuna comes out and rejoins the party. You’ll now have to fight Seymour.

BOSS: SEYMOUR / 2 Guado Guardians
HP:      6,000 / 2,000 each
AP:      7,620
Gil:     8,600
Items:   Ability Sphere x6, Black Magic Sphere x2
Equip:   Magical Armlet, Scout, Eye Popper, Reticent Staff
Attacks: Slow, Level 2 Black Magic, Level 3 Black Magic, Protect
         Anima (8,000 HP): Pain, Boost
Steal:   ?

Seymour is tough. Use 1 of your aeons (except ????) at once so that Seymour
will be defeated. Another problem would be the guardians. They have the Auto-
Potion ability that will automatically heal them 1000 HPs after being
damaged. They also protect Seymour from your physical attacks. After beating
Seymour, he will summon his aeon, Anima. Your main goal should be to finish
it before its Overdrive becomes available. Use all your Aeons especially
????, or Shiva. After beating Anima, you’ll have to do battle with Seymour
for the last time.

First, to remove the Auto-Potion ability of the Guado Guardians, take Rikku
and use her steal ability on these 2 guards and she'll "steal" the potions.
So they can't use their potions anymore. For the first Seymour, Use all 4
guard skills from Yuna on your party, so Seymour's spells have no effect on
you. To kill Anima use ???/Shiva but use only your normal attack until your
overdrive is ready, use the blizzard spells on yourself every round in order
to heal yourself. As for the second Seymour, use the same strategy as the
first one.

only use Blizzara when Shiva's HP gets low. Use her Overdrive only when Anima
is at about 9,000 HP, guaranteeing a kill.

After Seymour is defeated, you’ll be asked to give a name to Shiva. Save your
game. From this point onwards, you won’t be able to play blitz ball for a
while. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to play again later in the game. Now, go
east to the next area. It seems that it is an easy way out but then, you’ll
have to complete the Cloister of Trials.


Here, go down. You’ll see 2 Icebergs, 2 Macalania Spheres, and a Glyph
Sphere. First, push the pedestal to the right and then up. This will break
the 2 icebergs. Now, get the glyph sphere and go down to the floor below. Put
the Glyph Sphere on the leftmost recess. A new Macalania Sphere will appear
on the floor above. Go up and get that sphere. Put it on the pedestal below
and push it to the right. You’ll see a part of the bridge appear. Next, go up
and get the rightmost Macalania Sphere. Put it on the pillar on the bottom
floor. You’ll see the second part of the bridge appear. Now, go up and get
the remaining Macalania sphere on the floor and put it in the pillar where
you got the Glyph sphere a while ago. You can now cross the ice bridge. Note
that if you step on the glittering floor panel on top you’ll be able to get a
Destruction sphere. Putting it on the left recess on the bottom floor will
reveal a treasure chest a bit south.

Treasures: Level 2 Key Sphere

Now, just as you are leaving, Tromell will come in. The party will be trapped
and framed. Everyone will run. Outside, keep on running. The Guado Guardians
will follow you. Just defeat them when they come close. At the end, you’ll

BOSS: WENDIGO / 2 Guado Guardians
HP:      18,000 / 1,200 each
AP:      3,160
Gil:     3,800
Items:   Ability Sphere x4, Power Sphere x2
Equip:   none
Attacks: Physical Attacks, Berserk
Steal:   Hi-potion

Here, just beat the 2 Guardians as quick as possible since they cast berserk
on the Wendigo that makes it very very destructive. If possible cure Wendigo
from Berserk and concentrate on defeating the 2 guardians. After beating
them, concentrate all attacks on the Wendigo. It has a very strong defense.
If its arms are on a defensive stance, it means that if you attack it, it
will counter attack with a strong physical attack. Get your healers ready.
Use Aeons as much as possible.

Esuna and Remedy cure Beserk. Only use this after killing the Guados,

After that, save your game. Talk to your party members. It will be quite
longer than usual. When you regain control, go north and get a Level 2 Key
Sphere to the right of Kimahri. Continue. You’ll see a flashback of Tidus.
After that, you’ll see Sin hearing the hymn at Macalania. You’ll then be able
to regain control at the oasis.


Treasures: Al Bhed Potion x24, Ether x2, X-Potion x2, Megalixir x3, Mercury

Save your game here. The party will be gone for now. Just head north. During
a battle, you’ll meet up with Auron and Lulu. Continue north and you’ll see
Wakka. Get the Al Bhed Potion here. Continue to the next area. At an
intersection, go east for Kimahri. After that, go back and head northwest.
Continue until you meet Rikku. She’ll tell you more as to where you are now.
After that, get the chest here for 2 Ethers. Get another chest for an Al Bhed
Potion. Save your game inside the machina. From here on, just follow Rikku.

At a clearing, go west for some X-Potions. Go north and save at another Save
Sphere. You’ll see a note here. Get the chest behind for another set of Al
Bhed Potions. Continue to the next area. You can get the chest here for 3
Megalixirs but you’ll have to fight the Sandragora. Continue north. You’ll
see the home of the Al Bhed being attacked by Bevelle.

At the West Sanubia Desert, you can acquire the Mercury Crest.


Treasures: Hi-Potion x2, Al Bhed Potion x6, Special Sphere, Level 2 Key
Sphere, Level 4 Key Sphere, 10000 Gil

You’ll see Cid here talking about Yuna. When you regain control go west for
the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIX. Then, examine a body here for 2 Hi-Potions. Go
northeast and save your game. Then, go inside. You’ll do more battles here.
Just follow Rikku towards the underground. Below, you’ll see an intersection
that goes to a couple of directions. To the north, there will be Al Bhed
Potions. To the northeast is a compilation sphere. You also have to do battle
in order to get the chest for the Special sphere. Go back to the intersection
and go west. Save your game and go inside the door. You’ll see the party
here. You’ll have to battle once more.  When you regain control go down.
Tidus will be mad here. Just move on. Before entering the door below, search
around for a Level 4 and a Level 2 Key Spheres. Go inside. You’ll see the
Summoners here. Rikku will tell Tidus the truth about the Summoners and their
journeys towards the final aeon. You’ll see some flashbacks here. When you
regain control of Tidus, search around for 10,000 Gil. Go out and move on
until you reach the airship.


You’ll see more scenes again. You’ll know more about the Al Bhed here. When
you regain control, save your game then talk to everyone on board, especially
to Auron. Then, talk to Cid again. You’ll see him talking to Auron. Talk to
the pilot. He’ll tell everyone that Yuna is at Bevelle with Seymour! Prepare
your party then save your game. Talk to your party members then go south. The
ship will be attacked by something. You’ll have to fight it first. Leave the
bridge and go to the top floor. You’ll see the giant fiend here. Talk to Rin
then go outside to the deck. The battle begins.


HP:      32,000
AP:      8,100
Gil:     2,500
Items:   Black Magic Sphere
Equip:   Gorgon Gaze
Attacks: Photon Spray, Poison Breath, Haste, Stone Gaze, Swooping Scythe
Steal:   Water Gem

Here, you have 2 options. You may either attack Evrae from afar or move in
for the kill. From afar, the airship will provide you with support. All you
have to worry about is the photon spray. Just use Wakka or Lulu when fighting
at a distance. If you decide to fight in-close, use your most powerful
attackers (Tidus, Auron, or Wakka/Kimahri). Let Tidus cast Haste on everyone.
Also, have Rikku on standby just in case you need those Al Bhed Potions.

note that his attacks are rather weak up close until he inhales. Then, make
sure you move back, and his big attack fails.

You’ll reach Bevelle afterwards.


The airship will crash and the party will head for Yuna in amazing display of
a FMV. Near the altar, just move on and fight through the guards. When you
reach Yuna, you’ll see her try to send Seymour. But the party will be killed
if she does it. Then, you’ll see something awful. Seymour will kiss Yuna! But
then the party is still in danger. Yuna will sacrifice herself so that the
party can escape. You’ll see some scenes and a FMV. You’ll then find
yourselves inside the temple.

Treasures: HP Sphere

Inside, you’ll see lots and lots of machina. Wakka will be the most
frustrated. Now, go inside the trails. Here, you’ll have to push the pedestal
in order to activate the moving platform. First press the X key when you
reach a direction panel. Press at the direction here. You’ll automatically go
left. Now, on the next intersection, go left and get the Bevelle Sphere and
put it on the pedestal. You’ll have to place it on the opposite side (by
turning right at the intersection). This will enable a new direction on the
first intersection (where you automatically went left). Now, go to this
intersection and you may now head north towards the next floor below. In this
next intersection, go south first towards another floor below (3rd basement).
Get the Bevelle Sphere here. Now, go back to the 2nd floor basement. You’ll
see 3 more intersections within. Go to the 3rd intersection and put 1 Bevelle
Sphere on the recess. It will create a makeshift bridge. Now, go back to the
2nd intersection and get the Glyph Sphere. Put it at the end of the makeshift
bridge at the 3rd intersection. A Destruction Sphere will appear. Get it and
put it on the recess at the 2nd intersection. Now, use the 1st intersection
in this floor. It will lead you to the floor above.

On top, go up the stairs and get the HP Sphere. Go east from here to reach
the Chamber of the Fayth where you’ll see Yuna praying to the fayth. Outside,
Kinoc will be waiting for the party. You’ll then be captured for a trial.
Name Bahamut afterwards. You’ll then be asked to save your game.

On the next scene, you’ll see the trial being held. The head of trials is
Maester Kelk Ronso. You’ll see various scenes here. I won’t spoil anything in
this trial. After that, you’ll find yourselves controlling Yuna in Via


Treasures: Elixir

First, save your game. You’ll see panels with arrows here. It will be long
and it might as well be as confusing as can be. ^_^ First, at the
intersection, go west and go south at the next one for an elixir. Touch the
glyph. Go all the way to the north then head right. You’ll meet up with
Auron. Save your game. Continue north and you’ll meet Isaaru. Yuna will have
an aeon match with him.


HP:      n/a
AP:      none
Gil:     none
Items:   none
Equip:   none
Attacks: Various
Steal:   n/a

Isaaru will use 3-4 aeons depending on what you use. The best way is to use
any aeon except for Bahamut. Just beat his aeons and then, he’ll summon
Bahamut. Use all your remaining aeons. The best aeons against Bahamut would
definitely be Shiva and Ixion. Or, you may use Bahamut at first and try your
best to defeat all 4 of the other aeons. If not, he’ll summon Bahamut when
your Bahamut expires. You wouldn’t want to run out of aeons.

After the battle, you’ll be controlling Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku underwater.
First, save your game and move on. The path will be straightforward. Continue
until you reach the second save sphere. Move on and you’ll meet up with the


HP:      17,500+
AP:      5,700
Gil:     3,000
Items:   Black Magic Sphere
Equip:   Break Knuckles
Attacks: Stone Gaze, Photon Spray
Steal:   Healing Spring, Water Gem

Here, you’ll see a gate during the battle. Just hit those 2 locks and the
gate will open giving you a chance to escape. There will be 2 gates. After
the 2nd gate, you’ll be fighting Evrae Altana on the other side of the gate.
This time, it won’t be able to counter attack any of your move. But he still
can use his abilities. Just let Tidus cast haste on everyone and let Wakka do
the status effect attacks. As for Rikku, let here use an Al Bhed potion of

To beat Evrae Altana easily, just use 2 Phoenix Downs on it. It will deal max
damage to it and thus, killing it.

After that, the party will be reunited. Then and there, Seymour and his band
of weirdos will come in. You’ll see Seymour transform in front of the party.
Kimahri will be left behind. But then, they are together in this and they
should leave no one behind. The party decides to battle on.


HP:      36,000 / varied
AP:      9,450
Gil:     3,500
Items:   Level 2 Key Sphere x4
Equip:   Shell Armguard
Attacks: Break, Flare, Banish (for Aeons), Multi-Magic Attacks,
         Level 1 and/or 2 Magic Attacks, Shattering Claw
Steal:   Tetra Elemental

Here, you can talk to Seymour. For Tidus, his strength will be increase and
so does Auron. As for Yuna, it’ll increase her Magic Defense. First, use your
aeons until you don’t have any left. The Moritibody will borrow some HP from
Seymour when you defeat it. It starts at 4,000 and it decreases as you defeat
it. I suggest that you protect and shell your party members since Seymour is
very strong. Let Auron use the breaks to ease out the battle.

After that, you’ll regain control. Talk to everyone and go south towards the
screen. Continue until you see Kimahri. Talk to Yuna. You’ll see a very long
scene and a cool FMV of the romance between the 2. You’ll also here the song
for this game. It’s in Japanese though. After that, go back to the party.
Continue on until you reach the Calm Lands.


Treasures: Lv. 2 Key Sphere, Rusty Sword, 5000 Gil, 10000 Gil

Here, the area is very very wide. There are lots and lots of ground to cover.
First, save your game. You’ll see some scenes first. After that, go northwest
towards a small encampment. Get a Level 2 Key Sphere behind the camp. At the
camp, you’ll see more scenes with Father Zuke. After that, save then talk to
everyone. Take note that you can play Blitz Ball once more. Now, leave the
camp and head northeast. On the way, you’ll be able to see an opening at the
mountain side. It is the training arena. (more on this on its own section in
this guide). You may save behind the man here. The Save Sphere is inside the
tent. After monster hunting (if you went through it), continue to the
northeast until you reach the next area. You can also head Southeast and get
2 chests there for 5,000 and 10,000 Gil each. Here, you’ll meet up with some
Guado Guardians. They have something to fight against you.


HP:      64,000
AP:      9,900
Gil:     3,500
Items:   Level 2 Key Sphere x2
Equip:   none
Attacks: Blast Punch, Haymaker
Steal:   Lunar Curtain

This boss is very powerful indeed. First, use Armor Break to lower its
physical defenses. Use your aeons and let Lulu pummel Defender X with
powerful Black Magic Attacks. Get your Phoenix Downs ready since Haymaker is
almost a surefire kill for anyone.

If you provoke Defender X, he will only use his half-HP attack on Tidus. Even
at 1 HP, this won't kill him. You can take him from there with no worries.
Armor Break is also very, very useful.

After the battle, go near the bridge. Lulu will tell you something about a
path below the bridge. Go under the bridge and continue west towards the next
area. Here, save your game then go towards the entrance to a cave. You’ll see
a short scene then continue inside. Also, from the save point, if you
continue south, you’ll be able to get a Rusty Sword on the way. Let’s move

Treasures: Megalixir, Lv. 2 Key Sphere, Mega-Potion x2, MP Sphere, X-Potion
x2, Flexible Arm

Inside the cavern, move on until you see an intersection. Go east for a
Megalixir. Go back and head north this time. You’ll see more scenes. Continue
north and at another intersection, go east and get a Lv. 2 Key Sphere. Go
back to the intersection and head west. Get a chest on the way for some Mega-
Potions. Save your game and then, you’ll meet up with Lady Ginnem. You’ll
have to beat her.


HP:      n/a
AP:      0
Gil:     0
Items:   none
Equip:   none
Attacks: Wakizashi, Daigoro
Steal:   n/a

Use everything you’ve got. Just keep on attacking and pray that you’ll reach
maximum overdrive. Just keep on pummeling yojimbo as quickly as possible so
that he won’t reach overdrive and defeat your aeons.

After that, you’ll see a floor panel that will take you to any 4 directions.
Just face that direction (confirm it with the green arrow) and press X. Go
right first and get a MP Sphere and an X-Potion x2. On the left, you’ll be
able to acquire the Flexible Arm. After that, go to the chamber of the fayth.
Here, you’ll be able to see Yojimbo. He will offer his services to you only
if you pay his offer of around 250,000+ Gil. After that, go back to the
entrance and save your game. Go back up and cross the bridge now towards Mt.
Gagazet. You’ll see some short scenes here.

Treasures: Mega-Potion x2, Defending Bracer, Lv. 1 Key Sphere, Fortune Sphere

Here, the Ronsos will stop you from passing through since the party is
branded as traitors to Yevon. But then, Yuna’s will to give spira a new hope
reached the heart of Maester Kelk Ronso and he will then welcome the party to
pass through the mountain. When you regain control, save your game and then
continue north. At the next screen, Biran and Yenke won’t stop the party from
passing through except for Kimahri. You’ll have to face both of them using
Kimahri only.


HP:      ?/?
AP:      8,000
Gil:     3,000
Items:   Return Sphere
Equip:   Halberd x2
Attacks: Thrust Kick, Aqua Breath, Stone Breath, White Wind
Steal:   Lvl. 3 Key Sphere

First of all, you should know that Kimahri will be able to learn lots of
Ronso Rages from these 2. The strategy here is all about Hi-Potions. When you
reach the critical level (yellow), use a Hi-Potion or else these 2 will be
able to defeat Kimahri. Next, in order to beat them, concentrate attacks on
1. Then, only attack when they are apart from each other. Because if they are
together, you won’t be able to do much damage since the other will just block
the attack. This will be easy but very long.

After the battle, you’ll see more scenes. Go back and save then continue
north. You’ll see the Ronso tribe sing the Hymn of Yevon. When you regain
control, veer off to the left for some Mega-potions. Continue north. You’ll
see a grave of a previous summoner. After that, just continue towards the Red
Indicator on the map. At an intersection, go north. You’ll see Braska’s
Sphere. You’ll view his memories with Jecht and Auron. Continue through the
long path afterwards. You’ll reach the 2nd grave. Continue to another
intersection, go west and you’ll get a Defending Bracer there. Go back to the
intersection and head north. It will be a long long way. You’ll then meet
Wantz on the way, the brother of O’aka. Move on to the 3rd grave. At the next
intersection, go south (up). Finally, save your game and prepare for a tough
battle ahead. Now, continue north and you’ll see a scene with Rikku and
Tidus. Then, Seymour will appear and will tell you what he did to the Ronso.
After that, the 3rd battle with Seymour begins.

HP:      70,000 / varies
AP:      15,000
Gil:     6,000
Items:   Lv. 4 Key Sphere x2
Equip:   Shell Bangle
Attacks: Banish, Lance of Atrophy, Full-Life
Steal:   Elixir

Here’s a new strategy. First, the Lance of Atrophy inflicts the Zombie Status
on anyone. This is bad since you cannot heal that party member since it will
just decrease his/her HP. You can use Holy Water if you have them. Now,
before entering the battle, I would really suggest that you come in with your
Aeons on full overdrive so that it is worth it to call them even if they are
banished. Your Aeons’ overdrives should be damaging Seymour by a flat 9,999
by now.

Possibly the hardest battle. At 60,000 (or was it 50,000?), Seymour uses
Protect, so if you're going to use Physical Attacks, use them then. You can
prepare Auron and Yuna with Zombie Ward armor, so that he may waste the first
three turns. After three turns, he uses Cross-Cleave. Either use Hastega and
pummel him to 35,000, or let Auron survive and hope Zombie Ward works.
Anybody else will probably die. At 35,000, he will cast Reflect on himself,
and then Reflect Flare. Then, he will wait for Total Annihilation. You will
not survive this. Thus, make sure you have at least two Aeons in Overdrive
and Yuna in Overdrive (3 Aeons total). Each will do about 9,000 -10,000
damage, which is 30,000 total, and when you add what Mortiorchis absorbs,
he'll be dead. If not, let Auron or Tidus attack between summons. Make SURE
Yuna is in Haste before he hits 35,000, however.

Have Rikku in overdrive and mix Electro Marble and Silent Grenade.
This will poison him, taking 1500 hp at a time.  It will even silence him
for a few turns.  This makes it a good bit easier to beat him.

After that, you’ll see more scenes here. Go to the save sphere and save.
Continue and you’ll see a weird scene on the next screen. Tidus will have a
scene on his own about the fayth and their dreams. Some very shocking
revelations are shown here. During the dream, just continue north and you’ll
talk to the fayth (fayth of Bahamut, the kid). After that, enter the door at
the north end. Continue talking to the fayth. After that, Tidus will return
back to the party. Continue north and save your game. Go northwest and you’ll
reach the waters. You’ll then have to use only Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku during
the underwater scenes. At the water, continue towards the next screen. At an
intersection, go north. You’ll see the first trial of Gagazet. The Blitz Ball
Challenge. You’ll have to time it right that Wakka hits the center with the
blitz ball. After successfully hitting it, get the chest for a Lv. 1 Key
Sphere. Go back south to the previous area and save. Go north and at the
intersection, go west through the water. You’ll see the 2nd challenge of Mt.
Gagazet. You’ll have to simultaneously active the 3 nodes but the sizes
should be appropriate. At the leftmost node, use Tidus. At the center, use
Wakka. Finally at the right, use Rikku. Get the chest underwater for the
Fortune sphere. Go back and save. Now, go up ad see an intersection on the
left side of the screen that is composed of tiles of stones that makes a
stone stairs. You’ll see more scenes and you’ll know more about Yunalesca
from Auron. Save your game at a Save Sphere here. Prepare your party then
move on. You’ll fight a fiend outside.


HP:      40,000
AP:      16,500
Gil:     6,500
Items:   Return Sphere
Equip:   Arc Sword
Attacks: Photon Wings, Tail Sweep, Haste, Mana Breath, Curaga
Steal:   Turbo Ether

This is another tough boss. Use Tidus’ slow to give you a slight advantage
over it. Again, use your overdriven aeons. You’ll most likely beat it with
all your 5 aeons. If not, just let Auron Break the Armor or the Magic Defense
(Mental) and use physical and magical attacks.

You may prevent the Sanctuary Keeper from using either Haste or Curaga by
casting Reflect on it.

There is another way to do battle with the Sanctuary Keeper. Cast Bio on it
and then reflect for double effect.

After the battle, you’ll see more scenes. Continue on until you see
Zanarkand. After that, Yuna will drop something and Tidus will view it. It
seems like Braska’s sphere where he says his final words. After that, keep on
going until you reach Zanarkand itself.

Treasures: Fortune Sphere, Spiritual Targe

In here, there will be no enemies yet. You’ll see the opening scene here that
is the same scene you saw when you begin your game. When you regain control
afterwards, save your game. Move on and the enemies will be back. Get a
Fortune Sphere on the way. Get another one with a Spiritual Targe. Move on
and save at the end. Go inside the dome.


Inside, you’ll see the memories of the previous summoners and their
guardians. Continue and save on the way. Move on and you’ll see Seymour’s.
Then finally, you’ll see the memories of Braska, Jecht, and Auron. You’ll see
them again at the end. Save your game there.

Here, you’ll see the final cloister of trials. These trials will test your
memory. On the first screen, you’ll see some shapes on the wall screen. It’s
just like the Tetris blocks. Now, there will be glittering panels on the
ground that correspond to a particular shape. You’ll need to step on those
that are needed to complete the shapes on the monitor. After that, 6
pedestals will appear. 2 of them cannot be moved yet. Now, move any 1 of the
4 that can be moved. Go north and continue to the next room. You’ll see
another wall screen, 2 spheres (let’s talk about this later), and a new set
of glittering floor panels. Now, examine the screen and the shapes will be
shown among the glittering panels. You’ll have to step on them in order to
complete the puzzle. If you made a mistake, you’ll have to repeat again. You
may view the wall screen if you can’t memorize the positions yet. After that,
do this to the other 5 pedestals. The last 2 pedestals needs the 2 Spheres.
Take note that use these 2 after completing the first 4 pedestals. After
that, save your game and examine the new platform in the center. A battle
will commence.

HP:      52,000
AP:      12,000
Gil:     7,000
Items:   Lv. 4 Key Sphere
Equip:   Elemental Shield
Attacks: Berserk Claw, Glyph Mine
Steal:   ?

Here, try to move your characters so that there will be 1 space in between
each of them. This makes the spectral keeper confused since there are 3
directions it needs to face. The Aeons will be very useful if they are on
overdrive. But if not, the Glyph Mine will remove them from the playing
field. That goes the same for your characters. If it uses the glyph mine,
move to a space where there is no mine. This will prevent you from losing. 

After that, you’ll see more scenes and you’ll know the absolute truth about
the final aeon. Now, save your game and continue on until you meet up with
Lady Yunalesca. She’ll ask you to choose 1 among your guardians to be your
fayth. Everyone will be stunned (except for Auron of course). You’ll see more
scenes with Braska, Jecht, and Auron. After that, when you regain control,
head back to Yunalesca and you’ll defy her. You’ll then have to beat her in
order to stop her.

BOSS: Yunalesca

HP:      24,000 / 2nd: 48,000 / 3rd: 60,000
AP:      19,000
Gil:     9,000
Items:   Lv. 3 Key Sphere
Equip:   Blessed Ring
Attacks: Blind, Sleep, Absorb, Hell Biter, Cura, Mega-Death
Steal:   Stamina Tablet

A good strategy against Yunalesca is to use your normal attacks and magical
attacks in her first and second form. You may use 1 or 2 aeons if you’d like
but spare more aeons for the final encounter. Now, the Hell Biter will turn
everyone into Zombies. That’s bad news when you talk about Cura. Just let it
be and continue pummeling her until you fight her third and final form. Here,
you will want to be attacked by the Hell Biter. And why is that? It’s because
she now has the Mega-Death ability that casts 100% death on everyone! If
you’re in Zombie status, it will have no effect at all. Now is the time to
use your aeons.

In order to help you beat Yunalesca much easier, try to learn Yuna’s Holy
offensive ability. It will deal a very sufficient amount of damage to

After that almost impossible feat, return back down and you’ll see Auron talk
to Tidus. He will reveal his true nature and will show you his promise that
he made to Jecht. Save your game and leave the dome. Outside, you’ll see Sin.
You’ll then head back to the Airship.


Here, talk to Cid. After some scenes, save your game. You now have a Level 3
Save Sphere. You can now use Save Spheres to transport yourself to the
Airship. Now, you can play Blitz again. After that, go to the top floor
(before the deck) and talk to Yuna who is with Kimahri. She’ll tell you that
the best way might be to Bevelle and ask Maester Mika. Return to the bridge
and you’ll hear the plan of Rikku. Sin might be able to be tamed for a while
using the Hymn of the fayth. Now, talk to Cid. You’ll see a map here. You can
go to all of the places you’ve been through (except for some areas). Now,
head for the Highroad.


Here, you’ll see the new captain of the guards, Shelinda! After she leaves,
Maester Mika will appear and you will have a long talk with him about
Yunalesca and such. After he goes, the fayth will talk to Tidus and Yuna.
When asked, choose the top option then chose the hymn. The fayth will remind
Tidus about their dream coming to an end. After that, you’ll talk to Shelinda
regarding the hymn. She’ll tell all of Spira to sing the hymn when the flying
ship starts to sing. Back at the airship, talk to Cid and go to Sin! You’ll
hear the hymn and Sin will appear. Get ready and go to the deck.


On top, you’ll see a scene where Tidus shows Yuna her sphere. After that, the
battle with Sin begins.

HP:      65,000
AP:      16,000
Gil:     10,000
Items:   HP Sphere
Equip:   Sidewinder
Attacks: Gravija, Negation, Physical attack (side swipe)
Steal:   Mega-Potion

This is rather easy. Just move in and do all your stuff, especially physical
attacks of Auron and Tidus. You may use your aeons here but I suggest that
you save it for later. First, if you use Haste or any other stat altering
effects, Sin will use Negation against you. It’ll remove those status. Beware
also of Sin’s Gravija attack, which cuts off around 80-90% of your current

After that battle, Cid will sever the arm of Sin. Now, you’ll have to do it
again with the other arm.

HP:      65,000
AP:      17,000
Gil:     10,000
Items:   Lv. 3 Key Sphere
Equip:   Rock Buster
Attacks: Same
Steal:   Mega-Potion

As for the Right Fin, just do the same strategy you did on the other fin of

After the final battle with the fins, you’ll have to target sin’s weakpoint
itself. A battle begins anew.


HP:      20,000 / 36,000
AP:      29,700
Gil:     20,000
Items:   Return Sphere x2, MP Sphere x2
Equip:   Blessed Bracer, Light Bangle
Attacks: Venom, Level 1 Magic, Gravija
Steal:   Star Curtain

In this battle, concentrate on attacking the Sinspawn so that you’ll have a
clear shot at Sin. You may now use your Aeons to help you beat these 2. As
for their attacks, you’re most likely used to getting poisoned and having
your HPs at a very critical stage.

After those intense battles, Sin will finally go down. At the airship, save
your game. Then, go to the deck and talk to Yuna. You’ll see some scenes
here. After that, Rikku will tell them that something is happening to Sin.
Sin transforms and is now waiting for Tidus. Go back and save then go to the
deck for the confrontation with Sin.

HP:      140,000
AP:      20,000
Gil:     10,000
Items:   Lv. 3 Key Sphere
Equip:   Echo Bangle
Attacks: Physical Charges
Steal:   ?

This is an ultra-hard fight, if you don’t know what to do. I used aeons and
it didn’t work since the Overdrives take too much time and Sin will be able
to open its mouth and unleash its 100% win attack. Follow this strategy that
I used. Before the battle, put Tidus, Auron, and Yuna. Then, have Tidus cast
Hastega on everyone. Sin will still be approaching at this point. Now, let
Yuna cast Protect on everyone and after that, exchange Yuna for Wakka. Let
Tidus cast haste on him. By this time, Sin should be close enough to be
attacked physically. Let Auron use Armor Break and Mental Break (a
preparation for your final attack against Sin) and let Tidus and Wakka hack
and attack Sin. When Sin’s HP is around 18,000 left, let Yuna come in and let
her cast Bahamut in Overdrive (do not call him when he is not in overdrive or
else this final attack won’t work and Sin will banish everyone). This will
defeat Sin.

For the big Sin, if your Tidus is a little stronger than average, he will
have Quick Hit. If you've saved your Friend Spheres, get Auron and, if
possible, Wakka this skill. With Hastega, this will SURELY win the fight,
ESPECIALLY with Armor Break. Also note that you CAN get Anima by this point,
and Oblivion does incredible damage (40,000, I think?) as well as her

I have a very effective and "foolproof" way to beat Sin. First of all, you
must have Anima and her strength increased to at least 94. Then you must have
both Yuna and Anima in overdrive so this way, you can unleash 2 overdrives
from Anima(this is achieved with Yuna's Grand Summon overdrive, which is what
you do when you come to battle Sin for the first time on the airship.) Each
overdrive will damage Sin for about 58,000 some damage points, if not really
close to that figure. Both overdrives will sort of "weaken" Sin for Anima to
do a regular attack and beat Sin. Only thing is though, for me he never got
to his 100% win attack in time, so therefore it was really easy for me. Well,
he did, but he never used it after the two overdrives. For any of you, you
may not get so lucky the first time, so just keep on trying until you get to
attack him with the overdrives and the regular attack.

After that, the party goes inside Sin. You’ll have to find and defeat the
source of this whole mess. Inside, save your game. Just continue on towards
the next Save Sphere that is just beside the stairs leading up. On the way,
watch out for the tough enemies. The road is also hard to see due to the
heavy fogging. Once you reach the save sphere, prepare your party. On top,
guess who’s waiting for you.

HP:      80,000
AP:      36,000
Gil:     13,000
Items:   Lv. 3 Key Sphere x3
Equip:   Malleable Staff
Attacks: Dispel, Ultima, Level 3 Magic attacks
Steal:   ?

Seymour is not that hard. You just have to know what element he is using.
You’ll see 4 reels around Seymour and each of them has 4 spheres that
correspond to an element. Example, if all 4 reels point the red sphere (which
is fire) on Seymour, he will attack using Firaga 3 or more times in a single
turn. Apart from that, those magical attacks are very powerful that it is
possible to get all your party members defeated. Now, to get around this one.
Let Yuna cast the Nul Magic attacks depending on the element. Let Tidus cast
haste too. If you already have Ultima and Holy you should be able to beat him
easily. As for the aeons use all of them (in Overdrive) except for the one
with the same element as his because it will just heal him. This will be a
test for your knowledge and mastery of the elements.

Since Seymour only uses one element at a time if you leave the wheels alone,
you can absorb most of his attacks very easily with an Aeon.  They can't use
their Overdrives, but their physical attacks do decent damage if you Break
Omnis's Armor.  When he uses Ultima, you can just Shield it, then dismiss the
Aeon and put in the next one.  (If you don't mind killing your Aeons, you can
use the first one's Overdrive after Omnis changes elements to add an extra
punch instead.)  The order he uses elements in is Fire--Ice--Water--
Lightning, so you'll want to send out Ifrit and Shiva first and Ixion last,
then repeat the process (if you need to).  You'll have to deal with Water
without any Aeons, unfortunately, since Squaresoft didn't see fit to give you
Leviathan in this one.  =P  One easy way to do this is using Mighty Guard,
then putting Reflect on all of your party members while Omnis takes all the
Nuls away.  His bounced spells will heal him a little, but you should be able
to do enough damage to cancel that out.  When he uses Dispel, send out Ixion
to Shield the following Ultima and you're set.  This makes for a very long
battle, but a very easy one.

Seymour Omnis is pretty easy. Before the battle begins, make sure that either
Yuna has a full overdrive, or that Anima has a full overdrive. Use Tidus,
Auron, and Yuna. Have Yuna cast Nul magic at the beginnning of the battle
that corresponds to the wheels' element shown. Have Auron Armor Break
Seymour, and use Tidus's Quick Hit (if Auron has Quick Hit as well, then
Quick Hit with Auron as much as possible until another Quick hit won't make
him have another turn before Seymour's; then, Armour Break him). The Nul
Magic cast should protect your party from his Level 3 spells. By this time,
Seymour should have lost about 15 000-25 000 HP. Time to summon Anima in full
Overdrive form. Use Anima's Oblivion overdrive. And there you have it;
Seymour Omnis dead in under 3 minutes.

After that battle, Yuna finally sends the repentant Seymour. He realizes that
he isn’t capable. After that, go back and save, and then move on. From here
on, the path will be straightforward again. Move on until you reach the next
and final save point in the game! Prepare your party now as you’ll will face
the toughest opponent yet. When you’re ready, head north and you’ll see
something drop from the sky. Examine the large glyph and you’ll be taken to a
weird place. Here, you’ll need to get the spheres that appear. There are 10
of them. Apart from that, there are spikes that come out of the ground. If
they hit you, you’ll have to do battle with the strong fiends again. When you
receive all 10 (which are mostly equipments), you’ll reach the final area.
Move on and you’ll see Jecht waiting for you. You’ll see a very long scene
between him and Tidus. After that, the most crucial battle will begin.


HP:      1st: 60,000 / 2nd: 120,000 / Yu Pagoda: variable
AP:      no more
Gil:     no more
Items:   no more
Equip:   no more
Attacks: Palm Attack, Jecht Beam, Triumphant Grasp, Jecht Bomber and
         Ultimate Jecht Shot
         Pagodas: Power Wave, Curse, Osmose
Steal:   n/a

This is definitely the final battle and the toughest battle in the game. The
Yu Pagodas are tough opponents themselves and should not be overlooked. Let
me explain how the Pagodas work. First, they have 9999 HP. When they stop and
then revived, their HP will depend on how much damage they acquired before
they stopped previously. Therefore, you’ll need to finish them off with an
attack of not more or not less that 9,999. This feat can be accomplished by
the following: Overdrive of Aeons, Ultima, Flare, and Holy. If you attack it
with Bahamut, it will get damaged by around 20,000. When the pagodas act
again, they will have 20,000 HPs. When they use Power Wave, they replenish
the final aeon’s HP by 1500 and increases its Overdrive bar.

Let’s move on to the aeon. Its attacks are tremendously powerful, especially
the palm attack. So, let Tidus cast Hastega and have everyone on Protect and
Shell. Do not use your Aeons yet. Leave it for the Second Form of the Final

As for the second form, the Final aeon will be faster and stronger now that
it has a huge sword in hand. You may want to use the talk command now when
its overdrive is full. You wouldn’t want to see how much damage the Ultimate
Jecht Shot will do. Use your aeons also. Use Bahamut later since it will give
more HPs to the pagodas and thus, they will be hard to beat. Just continue on
your barrage of Ultima, Holy, and Flare. Good Luck!

For Braska's Final Aeon, if you have any Stamina Tonics, let Rikku Use them.
They double your party's max HP, and for those with lower levels, this may
prove invaluable.

After that intense battle, you can relax since you’ve practically finished
the game already. After that, you’ll see more scenes about Jecht and the
Fayth. The final battle with Yu Yevon will commence.


HP:      YU YEVON: 99,999 / AEONS: Varies
AP:      no more
Gil:     no more
Items:   no more
Equip:   no more
Attacks: Varies, Yu Yevon: Osmose, Curaga, Gravija
Steal:   n/a

This is very easy but long. You won’t lose this one since everyone has an
Auto-Life ability with them. First, you’ll be fighting all your Aeons, 1 by
1. To beat them easily, you may use Yuna’s Holy or Ultima, or Lulu’s Flare.
The HP of the aeons is the same as how much HPs they’ve had when they’re
still with Yuna. After beating all the aeons, you’ll finally have the battle
against Yu Yevon itself. The best party here is Tidus, Yuna and Lulu. First,
let Tidus cast Hastega. Then, cast reflect on Tidus and Yevon. If you attack
Yevon, it will cast Curaga on itself. Thus, if you it Reflects from him, it
will heal your party. Next, you can’t hit him with magic on the other hand.
You’ll need to cast them on Tidus (who is in Reflect Status). It will hit
either Yevon or the Yu Pagodas. Again, do not hesitate to use Megalixirs
since this is the final battle in the game.

Ever wonder of any other way to get past around Yevon’s Curaga? Well, you can
just cast Zombie on Yu Yevon and let him kill himself since his Curaga will
damage him, a lot.

Use Auron's Zombie attack on Yu Yevon, then have Yuna cast Life on him.
Simple as that.

After that final battle with the source of this whole mess, you’ll be treated
to the endings scenes for the game. The FMVs are quite emotional and very
touching. Watch out also for a short FMV after the credits. 

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