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   Final Fantasy IX

Secrets and Sidequests

Through the course of Final Fantasy 9, you'll find Stellazio coins. In case you're stuck, here's a full list of where they can be found...

Aries On the ground on the first floor of the Windmill in Dali.
Cancer In the overturned crate in the Burmecia Suburb.
Gemini Throw 130 Gil into the fountain at the Treno Gate.
Taurus On the ground near the item shop in the Treno slums.
Scorpio On the ground in the lower level of Quan's dwelling.
Virgo On the guestroom floor of the Black Mage Village Inn.
Libra Next to the fountain in Madain Sari.
Leo On the ground in the Neptune Room of Alexandria's West Tower.
Sagittarius On the ground in the Lindblum Shopping Area during the rebuilding.
Capricorn In the water in the entrance room of Daguerreo.
Aquarius In a chest in the entry hall of Ipsen's Castle.
Pisces In a chest in the core area of the airship Invincible.
Ophiuchus After giving the first 12 to Queen Stella, find the 13th in Quan's Dwelling.

Present each and every Stellazio coin to Queen Stella (in Treno). For each one, she'll give you a prize. Here's the list (in order)...

1,000 Gil
Pheonix Pinion
2,000 Gil
Blood Sword
5,000 Gil
10,000 Gil
Black Belt
20,000 Gil
Rosetta's Ring
30,000 Gil
Robe of Lords

After presenting her with the first 12 coins, she'll return them to you and ask that you use them as hints to find the last Stellazio coin, the Ophiuchus. After collecting all 13 Stellazio coins, give them back and you'll recieve the Hammer.


One of the big secrets of the game is that Princess Garnet's true name is engraved on the Eidolon Wall at Madain Sari. There is a very complicated way to reveal the truth at the beginning of Disc 4.

First, form a party with Dagger and visit Lani who is standing on Eiko's back porch. Upon arriving Lani will run away. Exit the village and return with anyone except Dagger or Amarant and talk to Lani twice. Exit the village and return with anyone except Dagger or Amarant and talk to Lani twice. Read the message and go to the Eidolon Wall. Walk clockwise from the entrance (heading to the right) until you return to the entrance. Move just past the "!" until you hear a chime. Then walk counterclockwise back to the entrance, just past the "!" again. Repeat this 9 times, going back and forth. Make sure you hear a chime each time. On the ninth round, your HP/MP will be recovered and all status abnormalities removed.

Now read the paintings. You can read them in any order, as long as you read them all. A whole slew of extra messages appear this time. At the end, return to the Ifrit drawing and look for an extra message, revealing Dagger's true name.


Occasionally when a random encounter is triggered, you may notice the battle music has changed from the default to something more calm and sweet. This is basically your cue to know you're in a battle against a "friendly monster." The creatue won't attack you, but will instead ask for an item. If you agree to give them the items, you'll recieve a reward of AP and an item or two. Nine of these "friendly monsters" can be found throughout the world of Final Fantasy IX.

Monster Location Request Reward
Brown Mu Plains/forest between Ice Cavern and Dali 1 Ore

10 AP
1 Potion

White Ghost Plains outside of Treno 1 Ore 10 AP
1 Hi-Potion
Color Ladybug Forest ouside Black Mage Village 2 Ores 20 AP
Green Yeti Large forest outside of Madain Sari 2 Ores 20 AP
Green Nymph Forest near Iifa Tree 3 Ores 30 AP
Purple Jabberwock Forest east of Oeilvert Emerald 40 AP
Green Feather Circle Lost Continent near Chocobo-track. Moonstone 30 AP
Lapis Lazuli
Rainbow Garuda Forest on the east near plateau after climbing rope inside Gizamaluke's Grotto Lapis Lazuli 40 AP
Friendly Yan Island south-west of Iifa Tree Diamond 50 AP
Rosetta Ring

Fighting the monsters in the order provided is strongly suggested; the rewards from the previous monster will help fulfill the requests for the next encounter. Also note that the Friendly Yan can not be "defeated" until you finish the requests from the other eight friendly monsters, he'll just run away.

So what do you get for supplying these friendly monsters with all these gifts? The AP is quite decent (be sure to equip Ability Up before the fights). Apart from that, once the quest is completed you'll gain a huge bonus for when you decide to fight Ozma: your range will be increased, so your phsyical attacks will be able to reach him.

"Non-friendly" Versions and the Gimmie Cat

It's possible to encounter the enemies listed above, but in "non-friendly" mode. The regular battle music will play, they won't request anything from you, and you'll just have to fight them like a regular enemy. There's also an enemy called a Gimmie Cat that will request a diamond from you. Do not give the diamong to the Gimmie Cat, you'll recieve nothing in return. As this isn't a friendly monster at all, the friendly music won't play. If you've accidentally given the Gimmie Cat your diamond, your best bet would be to restart the game without saving.


When you enter the frog pond area of any Qu's Marsh, Quina asks to spend some time catching frogs. Quina must be in your party for this to occur. If you agree to let him/her catch frogs, you can control Quina as s/he runs around the pond attempting to catch the frogs that leap onto the ground out of the water. There's no real strategy to this; you just need to be swift.

As Quina catches more and more frogs, Quale appears occasionally and congratulates Quina on his/her progress. The master Qu then bestows items upon Quina as rewards for catching frogs. If you can catch 99 frogs, Quale challenges your party to a battle.The trick to this side quest is to always leave a male and a female frog in the pond. Otherwise, it will take an incredibly long time for the pond to repopulate with frogs. The spawning rate is also much faster if you leave the Golden Frog with a male and a female frog.

One strategy for chasing the frogs is to learn the differences in color. Female frogs are usually a much brighter color than males, while baby frogs are smaller and more olive-toned. You may want to change the Contrast on your television or monitor to distinguish more easily. Avoid chasing baby frogs, because they will grow up to become adults and will be much easier to catch then.

Quina can learn Blue Magic abilities by eating Sahagins or Gigan Toads in Qu's Marsh. You can learn the reliable Frog Drop ability by eating a Gigan Toad. Frog Drop has a 100% success rate and the strength of this ability is determined in part by how many frogs Quina has caught. The damage follows this formula:

Quina's Level x (amount of frogs) x 100 = HP Damage

For example: If Quina is at level 50 and s/he has caught 100 frogs, Frog Drop will cause 5000 HP damage.

Frog Capture Prizes

· 2 Frogs: Ore
· 5 Frogs: Ether
· 9 Frogs: Silk Robe
· 15 Frogs: Elixir
· 23 Frogs: Silver Fork
· 33 Frogs: Bistro Fork
· 45 Frogs: Battle Boots
· 99 Frogs: Gastro Fork


There are four figurines scattered through the game. Collecting all of them will increase your treasure hunting rating. You'll need to complete the Mr Morrid's Coffee section to find two of the four figurines.

Figurine Location
Mini-Cid Purchase from the Treno Auction house.
Mini-Burmecia Inside the Tantalus troupe's play-house inside the city of house in Lindblum.
Mini-Brahne See either the Mr. Morrid's Coffee section or the tip below.
Mini-Prima Vista Complete the Mr. Morrid's Coffee quest then travel to the Hideout in Lindblum.

Note: Although the most direct way to get the Mini-Brahne figurine would be to do so during the Mr. Morrid's coffee quest, you can also go back during disc four and climb a ladder in the mayor's house that will lead up to Mini-Brahne.


Mognet Central

The "Chocobo Hot and Cold" game, along with all the treasure hunting it entails, is by far the most complex side quest in FINAL FANTASY IX. Yet completing the side quest and getting the gold Choco is essential to unlocking so many other side quests. One such quest that depends on the gold Choco is the revival of Mognet.

On your way through Esto Gaza to Mount Gulug, delivering a letter to Mogrika the moogle causes her to indicate that Mognet is shutting down because of an accident. From this point on, most of the moogles will not have any letters to deliver and won't ask you to deliver any due to problems at the home office, Mognet Central.

You can reach Mognet Central with a light-blue chocobo (REEF chocobo) on Disc 3. On the east side of this island, you can find a crack in the mountain. Feed Choco a Dead Pepper to make him open the crack, revealing Mognet Central.

Inside, the moogle Artemicion confesses that he used too much of a certain "thing" to make his fur glossy, and there wasn't enough left to use on the machine that keeps Mognet running. Leave Mognet Central and travel south to Alexandria. Then speak to Kupo at the bell tower ruins, and he'll give you a letter to Atla. Thus begins a chain of letters that MUST be delivered from moogle to moogle in order to revive the Mognet. Although the moogles tell you which moogle to deliver to, they don't mention where that moogle is located!

Kupo Nut Overflow
Each time you deliver a letter during this sequence, the moogles give you Kupo Nuts if you don't already have one in your Key Items inventory. Return to the moogle family at Gizamaluke's Grotto each time you get one, and exchange each Kupo Nut for an item. By the time you're through, there should be four or five new little moogles running around!

Atla is the moogle at Burmecia. Return there now and deliver the letter. Atla wants you to take a letter to Mogryo, the moogle standing outside the chocobo farm at the Black Mage Village. Mogryo has a letter for Kumool. Return to Ipsen's Castle and exchange letters with Kumool in the courtyard. You receive a letter for Mois, the moogle from the Ice Cavern, in return.


However, the Ice Cavern is now blocked by roots that have grown over each entrance. Mois has moved to Qu's Marsh on the Mist Continent, and now stands outside the former entrance to Fossil Roo. Make sure you have Quina in your party, or else you won't have access to Fossil Roo. Mois has a letter for Noggy, the moogle at Daguerreo. Noggy, in turn, sends you back to Kupo in Alexandria with a final letter.

When Kupo reads the letter, you'll notice that it says someone in Alexandria has the item needed. Kupo isn't any help, but we'll save you the trouble!

Talk to Ruby in the Alexandria Mini-Theater, and she immediately hands over some of her hair gel, otherwise known as Superslick. Return to Mognet Central and turn over the item to Artemicion. The Mognet gets back to business, and you receive a Protect Ring for helping restore Mognet.



The jump rope mini-game in Alexandria will probably be the first mini-game that you'll end up playing in Final Fantasy 9. The game itself is pretty simple, but to reach the level of jumps required for the best prizes you may need a bit of practice.

Vivi will move over the rope. Hit X to begin. A "!" will appear above Vivi's head. Each time this happens, hit X to jump.

The speed you'll need to hit X at will change as you progress through the mini-game.

Number of Jumps Speed
1-19 jumps Low
20-49 jumps Medium
50-99 jumps High
100-199 jumps Very High
200-299 jumps High and Low, alternates
300-999 jumps Extremely high

Number of Jumps Reward
20 jumps 10 gil
50 jumps Cactuar card
100 jumps Genji card
200 jumps Alexandria card
300 jumps Tiger Racket Card
1000 jumps King Of Jump Rope

Treno Auction

After the group's initial visit to Treno, return to the King's Mansion and the auction. Some Key Items and some extremely useful equipment are auctioned off here, and this auction is the key to receiving a very powerful weapon!

Upon entering, the auctioneer lists off the items up for bid. To purchase an item, approach the stage until you see a "?" over Zidane's head. Nobles in the audience will bid, and they have a lot of Gil to throw away. Whenever you want to bid, press the X button and a menu appears. The menu automatically inserts a bid 100 Gil higher than the last, but you can raise or lower your bid as you see fit.

Rare and Key Items that you can bid on at the auction include the following: Mini-Cid, Griffin's Heart, Doga's Artifact, Une's Mirror, the Magical Fingertip, and the Rat Tail. (Some Final Fantasy veterans may remember some of these items from previous Final Fantasy titles.) These items have some strange uses, plus you can resell them.

The trick to the auction is to avoid getting into a bidding war. If you attempt to outbid the nobles at every turn, they will toss out fake bids just because they know you'll outbid them. The smartest thing to do is let the nobles bid amongst themselves for a while. Then, when it seems like the auctioneer is ready to sell the item, throw in a last-minute bid just slightly higher than the last. This should get you the item you want at a reasonable price every time. If you allow the nobles to jack up the prices, then you lose out on profiting from the resale value. Check the resale value of these items in the next section before paying too much for an item.

If you leave the auction before a Key Item is sold, then it will be available the next time you enter the auction.

Street Value of Auction Items
After purchasing certain Key Items from the lavish Treno Auction, talk to people in the area around the Café Carta. Some nobles will see that you have items they desire, and will offer Gil for them. But don't settle for the first offer! Turn down the first amount to get them to increase their offer.

Two notes here: You must sell the Griffin's Heart to the Adventurer before that person becomes interested in the Rat Tail. Also, the Scholar in Treno's Synthesis Shop will not top his offer of 10000 Gil.

Item Noble 1st offer 2nd offer
Une's Mirror Nobleman by Café 12000 Gil 15000 Gil
Doga's Artifact Scholar in Synth shop 10000 Gil N/A
Griffin's Heart Adventurer by Café 8000 Gil 10000 Gil
Rat Tail Adventurer by Cafe 20000 Gil 25000 Gil




When you're in Alexandria with Vivi during disc three, you'll be able to encounter Hippaul. Hippaul, along with his mother, can be found on the main street in Alexandria. Talk with his mother, and she'll mention that she wants her son to lose some weight- this is where you come in. You'll have to race with Hippaul. The more you race him, the higher his level will increase. Every 10 levels you'll recieve a card. You can continue racing after level 80, but you won't recieve any kind of benefits.

Hippaul's Level Reward
Level 10 Wyerd Card
Level 20 Carrion Worm Card
Level 30 Tantarian Card
Level 40 Armstrong Card
Level 50 Ribbon Card
Level 60 Nova Dragon Card
Level 70 Genji Card
Level 80 Athlete Queen
Ragtime Mouse

When you are walking in the world map, sometimes you may encounter a strange monster with another music. It gives you a quiz. It is a monster called Ragtime Mouse. If you answer correctly, it will give you some Gil, but wrongly, it will disappear. Let me show you all the answers for the questions.

Question Explanation Answer
The 15th war of Lindblum broke out in 1600. It began in 1601. See the statues of three men of Plutes in Alexandria square. X
Chocobo's forest is located between Lindblum and the South gate.   O
"I want to be your bird" was written by Sir Afon. It was written by Sir Avon. X
The theatrical airship Prima Vista was built in Orberta dockyard. It was built in Zebolt dockyard. Read the explanation of Prima Vista at the opening of the game, where Zidane appears in a dark room with a candle. X
Fossil row joins on Treno and Alexandria. What joins on Treno and Alexandria is Galgan row. X
The air cab in Lindblum runs 24 hours a day.   O
The iron carriage Belkmare was initiated 87 years ago. Ask a man at the station, and he'll explain. O
The open cafe of Treno is for members only.   O
Lindblum castle is bigger than Alexandria castle. Alexandria is a castle town, while Lindblum is a bastide O
Some Moos are friendly and do not attack. It's a moo so called a "give-me-monster." O
The theatrical airship Prima Vista flies by mist.   O
Conde Patie is a home for goblins. It's a home for dwarves. X
There is only one desert in the world. There are Vub desert, where Cleyra is located, and Kierra desert, where Desert Empress is located. X
Bobo-dori is famous for being a bird which gives you wealth. It is said to be a bird which gives you happiness. X
Prima Vista has a meaning of "love at first sight"   X
You can beat me, Ragtime mouse. Yes. Attack its O sign. O

Gil you can Earn if you answer correctly
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1,000 1,000 1,000 2,000 2,000 3,000 3,000 4,000
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
4,000 5,000 5,000 6,000 6,000 7,000 7,000 10,000

Some Rules about Ragtime Mouse
· When you are asked a question, you have to answer with 20 seconds. Otherwise you are assumed to have failed.
· Ragtime mouse will escape when you use the magic "libra," or you attack it.

How to beat Ragtime Mouse
1. If you give 9999 damage: it will escape.
2. If you use Odin: It will guard itself and escape.
3. If you use level-5-death: The magic will be a miss and it will escape.
4. The only way to beat Ragtime mouse: To answer all the 16 questions correctly!

What you get when you beat it
EXP: 5963/ AP: 0/ items: protective ring/ Gil: 5963 Gil
When you failed one or two answers, you will get no experience, AP, nor Gil, but only protective ring.
Feed the Moogle Family

Each time you receive a Kupo Nut for delivering mail between the moogles, return to Gizamaluke's Grotto and feed it to the father of the moogle family. You'll receive a random item in return. During the Chocograph treasure hunt, one of the stashes contains a full set of Hawaiian gear, but only 7 Aloha T-shirts. That leaves one of your characters out of the luau! Return to Gizamaluke's Grotto with a Kupo Nut during Disc 4 and the moogle gives you the 8th Aloha T-Shirt. Now everyone is stylin'.


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