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    Final Fantasy IX



Chapter 1: The Realm of Alexandria

Section 1: No Need for Introductions

As you explore the room you will see a lamp in the center. Before lighting it, proceed to the topmost area and check the left side for 47 Gil and a Potion. Once you have them, go the lamp and light it. You can put whatever name you want but we'll use the default name, Zidan, for the main character. Your friends will appear at this point.

Boss Battle: Masked Assailant


Immediately after you find your friends, this guy jumps out -- how rude! Have all your characters attack and try to avoid using any items or spells. Once his mask breaks, he's done. You'll get a Potion by stealing from him; be warned it can be tricky and you may not get it.

Once the fight ends pay close attention to what's at hand. Pick the right answer (kidnap the princess, second answer). BTW, isn't it a bit freakish that this guy uses a puppet show to parlay his crime?

Section 2: The Grand Plan


You start off controlling the dark mage, VIVI (yes, all caps -- I don't make these names up folks). For those of you who are die-hard FF fans, he was specifically crafted to look like the old dark mages. Pretty neat, eh? Before you proceed, check around the barrels where you feel to find a Potion. Enter the room right across the barrels and check the bed on the left; you'll find 9 Gil; look under the table next to the ladder for a Potion and then climb up the ladder to check the drawer for a Fang Card. Exit and head south to the palace entrance; a Lizard Man Card and a Sahagin Card are yours when you inspect the buildings on the farthest end. Once you have everything, proceed north while check the sides to find another Potion (left-hand side around all the fruit and bread baskets) and exit this section of the town.

In the following section go into the tavern and check the leftmost barrel by the leftmost table to find a Pudding Card then on the lit doorway above the barrel check for 27 Gil. To the far right hand side there is a barrel with a Potion. Exit and head left.


In the center of the area you will find a ticket booth for the play -- sadly, the ticket he has is fake. However, the ticket salesman will give you a Goblin Card, another Fang Card, and a Skeleton Card.

Before you try to fix the ticket problem it's time for some goodies again. Look for the girls playing jump rope to the left of the ticket booth and ask to join in. 20 jumps will get you 30 Gold, 50 jumps the Sabotendar Card, 100 jumps the Samurai Card, and 200 jumps will get you a pretty cool and strong Alexander Card . Take some time to go to the Item store and stock up on potions -- you are going to need them later on. When you're done head to the left of the jump rope area and trip ;o). Choose to help the mouseketeer <the rat boy> and follow him to the Chapel.


Once inside the chapel, a Moogle and a Mogli will show up. The Moogle will do a lot of your save/load functions and the Mogli is like a rare walking item/weapon/armor shop; whenever you run into Mogli, try to buy everything he has because you may not get another chance to buy it. Save at this point. Check the flowers to the left of the entrance and you'll get a Tent and proceed to follow the rat boy up the Chapel's bell tower. Immediately behind the moog (the right side) you'll find another Potion. Climb up the ladder and continue after the rat boy.

Once you get to the far right, the rat boy will go up; get the 23 Gold that's on the bowl directly in front of you. Follow the ratboy again but before you finish your course take a right and follow the boards to get to 63 Gold. Go back to where you came down from and continue up; you'll be on one of the houses that's farthest on top. Check the pot on the roof for 92 Gold. Go back down and head right, then up. You'll be inside the festival.



The party begins. The play, lead by Barak, starts. Eventually, you will get to control Zidan during the play. Your party will have to defeat the other troupe; you will have access to a fake Žspells' at this point that don't do much damage. Take care of the two guards first and then the king; Zidan can use a fake Meteo so take advantage of it. Afterwards, the Žfight' will spill into the audience. You'll play a little game where you have to hit the buttons that the opponent throws at you; if you hit 100 you'll get 1000 Gold. Below that it's fractional.

Afterwards, you'll be back in control of Zidan and inside Alexandria Castle.

Section 3: Inside Alexandria



Head straight to the left and up the stairs; you will run into a girl with white robes. Pick either answer and eventually she'll reveal herself to be Garnett, your kidnap target. After a cut-scene (pay attention) Steiner will be introduced and you will be controlling him now. Head downstairs to were Zidan and his partner beat up the guards for their clothing and you'll find another Moogle -- save your game. Check the corner for a Phoenix Down. Head back up the stairs then left to talk to Brahne -- he'll disturbingly give you some Silk Clothes. Go back downstairs, go up into the next room and down the stairs. Proceed south to the castle's exit.

Head left and continue through two screens and head up the staircase you'll find. Once you reach the top of the tower, you'll see Zidan chasing after Garnet and a somewhat hilarious cutscene ensues. Once it's over you'll have control of Zidan again. After some stomping, head towards the room Garnet ran to and then talk to the girl talking to Zidan; Garnet will go down the stairs and, of course, you'll follow. You'll be back in the room where you started the game (don't ask me how it happened!). Another cutscene will start and it's fairly on the funny side ;).

After it's done you'll have to battle Steiner - he's fairly easy, just keep attacking. You can try to steal another set of Silk Clothes from him during the battle; use a potion if your health runs low. Yet another cutscene will kick in.

Once again, you'll fight Steiner -- but this time you'll have Garnet and VIVI backing you up. Everyone but VIVI should attack Steiner directly; let VIVI cast fire on Steiner. Once VIVI's attack connects, the other two guards will chicken out and run away; Steiner will give. Another cutscene (OY!!!!).

After the cutscenes wind down you'll have to fight Steiner yet AGAIN. This time he's oblivious to the enemy behind him; concentrate your attacks at Steiner and have VIVI use his charge-up tech; follow VIVI up with a fire attack against Steiner. Don't worry about the big red ball.

Chapter 2: Path Through Woods & Ice


What happens now?

After the crash landing, Zidan will show back up and a Mogli will show up with the game's first ATE . Hit the select button and pick the first option. After the ATE, check the far left side below the guy lying down for a Phoenix Down then save your game with the Mogli. Proceed to the southeast corner of the screen, into the hollow log.

Welcome to the forest! First, do not progress past the first screen of this area for now; stick around here to gain levels. Most of the enemies do have potions here so steal if you get a chance to after you gain at least one level (to level 2). If the going gets tough, don't forget that Zidan can use his ability to run away with 100% success but I doubt you'll want to, considering that this is the first chance you get to raise levels. Hopefully when you get to the Forest you'll have enough potions in stock to heal in case you can't steal any or get wounded quickly; try to have at least five or ten by the time you get to a high enough level. When you get to around level 5 or feel confident enough, proceed to the screen after the first screen of the Warui Forest.


You'll have to fight a plant prison cage and try to free Garnet. First, Zidan stats off in Trance mode; he'll be able to use a new special attack that's worth 10 MP -- use it repeatedly. The plant prison cage will occasionally suck out Garnet's life so keep an eye on it; generally, after the second suction use a potion on her. After you win, the monster will disappear and another one will show up to take VIVI. Although Zidan won't be in Trance mode, VIVI will support by hitting the monster with fire occasionally. Have both Zidan and Steiner attack and recover VIVI's hp after every second suction also -- if you feel daring, there will be a message on the top of the screen every time theplant suctions that tells you how much HP VIVI has left; gauge it and take your chances with how often you fill'im up. If you paid attention and stocked up on Potions while you were controlling VIVI you should have enough Potions left for plenty of chances to steal a Broadsword from the plant that's got VIVI by stealing it from him.


Once the cutscene ends, check by the navigational wheel to get a Bronze Gauntlet. Head to the southwest for some ATE's. Once you get done looking at all three, go down the stairs and head to the left by the wall; you'll find a Wrist. Head to the right through the door and check around the room for an Ether; climb up the ladder to the top bunk for 30 Gil. After finding both items go back down in order to talk to VIVI. Head back out for a cutscene. Pick the first option to go find Garnet. Head to the left and enter the door; once you enter check immediately to the left for an Ether. Proceed down the stairs and check the room for a Rubber Helm; go through the door and talk to Baku. Once you're done talking check the left side of the room for a Potion. Go back one room and check behind the door above Baku for a Rubber Helm. Head down through the door in the same room and check the far right side for a Leather Hat, then proceed back up and talk to Baku.

Pick the first option and you'll fight Baku again. You can steal Potions off him and maybe get an Iron Sword out of him. Just keep nailing him and you'll win. Head out to Steiner's room (just go back up the stairs and into the first door in front of you) and then back to VIVI's room. Once your party has assembled, head back out towards through the room that you had found the Leather Hat in to Warui Forest; make sure you save at the Mogli first! Steiner will have learned a new technique that he can use when VIVI is in the party with him -- don't use it unless you need it.



Once you've healed up and are ready, proceed back to were you found VIVI in the Warui Forest. You'll get an ATE -- proceed north afterwards. You can go left on the next screen to see a waterfall but you'll want to go to the right.

There's a Mogli hiding inside the trunk on the lower right side of this screen. After the forced ATE event, check the spring were the Mogli was -- it will fully recover your HP and MP. Head to the trunk were the Mogli is and save your game. Even if you're all full on HP and MP, you'll want to heal up in case you used Steiner's Firesword attack. This is also a great area to build up your EXP in -- just fight and come back to the spring whenever you need to replinsh your HP/MP. From this spot you can head out to the left (2 screens max though) and fight the harder monsters there when the goblins get too easy; plus if you steal enough you can pick some Tents up! Head over to the third screen on the left when you're around level 7-10.


Salad time! This is the Plant Brain, the game's first boss. It's got Garnet trapped behind him so you can attack freely without having to use potions. Plant Brain can hit hard if you haven't raised enough levels so make sure you're high enough! Make sure you use VIVI's power-up skill for his first move. If you have any, eyedrops will come in handy because Plant Brain likes to blind. If Zidan's blinded he (of course) will have his hit ratio drop to almost 1% so he'll miss almost every time -- heal him asap. If VIVI or Steiner get blinded it's not a problem; all VIVI has to use is his magic and Steiner has his sword skills. When it charges up it's going to nail you with a lighting attack so be prepared for it and heal when needed.

Play it right (and at the right levels!) and you'll be dining greens tonight! You'll get an Elixir and a Phoenix Down for winning. You can also try to score some sweet items by stealing from him, like a Tent or something ^-^


Had to be the hero eh? Fight these guys off while the rest escape. Stealing from then can get you a Potion or two, which you may need so do it if you can. After you win keep running down. This has to be one of the best CGs in the game. You'll meet up with a Mogli who'll give you the Moogle Horn which calls Mogli to the map so you can save/use mognet/use a tent / etc. etc.

Section 2: Mist & Ice

Finally you're on the world map; welcome to the Mist Continent. Immediately hit your square button and call up a Mogli to save the game and use a tent if you've got it. Check the mognet and start to raise levels. There's a cave around (don't go into the one that's lit up yet) the mountainside that will sell you potions so you can continue raising levels. When you have Garnet somewhere over level 5 and everyone else around 10, proceed to the lit cave.


The Ice Cave -- pretty cool eh? You'll want to store up your potions while you are in here so use Garnet to keep your party's HP up to par and save VIVI's fire attacks for when things get rough. The imps in here will make people in your party go to sleep so when you're outnumbered and the enemy has at least 2 imps wail with fire ;o). Keep an eye out for the air jets that go off in there; if you get caught in one you'll have to fight a monster. Check the chest for a Potion. Go up.

Head to the right first and examine the frozen structure for a cut-scene that reminds us all of FF2 (us). After it's melted check for an Ether. Head to the right when you go up the first step in the center and you should loop below the ledge to the treasure chest that has a Potion in it. Go back and continue up. On the next screen head all the way to the right and up a ledge for another Potion. Once you have it, go back down and examine the ledge you took to climb up. VIVI will melt the ledge and it will fall down to the lower ledge where another treasure chest lies; check it for a Mage Masher. Head left and up to the wall in the center for an Elixer. Head all the way to the right and proceed to the next area.



Head to the right for a Phoenix Feather then back up the center and take the left. Examine the wall and VIVI will burn it down; proceed until you get to the end to find the Leather Wrist (you are going to want to take some time and equip the Leather Wrist on VIVI so he'll learn Ice1 -- it's going to save your bacon later on.). Go back to the fork and take the right and head north. In the next screen, take the left and free the Mogli -- SAVE YOUR GAME, have Zidan around level 9 to 13 (I know, I go for overkill sometimes ;o) ), make sure that Zidan is full HP, and has the Mage Masher equipped!!!! Go back to the fork and head right. When you have control of Zidan again head to the right and get ready for a fight!



The Black Waltz will show up and you'll have to break its steps. With the Mage Masher equipped you'll have Zidan's second trance ability ready -- it will kill Black Waltz easily and severely damage the creature it calls. If you don't have Mage Masher, it's going to be difficult. Black Waltz uses blizzard quite often and it will heal the creature he calls so concentrate on Black Waltz. Once he's done concentrate on the creature; be careful to keep your HP over 150 because the creature can nail you for 100 to 120 damage easy with one attack. Be careful of the creature's Ice attacks and it can get cheap, nailing you anywhere from two to three times in a row (Hey Square, didn't anyone notice this as odd??? LOL) Don't be surprised if you die at least once.

Afterwards, save your game at the Mogli and proceed back to were Black Waltz jumped out and proceed out.

Section 3: Oh Little Town


Welcome back to the world map! Head to the south to find the little town of Dali and enter the first door on the right to enter an Inn. You'll get to pick an ATE -- afterwards check the chest for an Antidote. On the far right side next to the bed under the plant is a Potion. Once you exit, run through the ATE's and find VIVI at the northernmost point in the village; then head over to the shop in front of the inn to find Garnet. While you're in the equipment shop take some time to upgrade whatever you can and most definitely pick up an extra Mage Masher. Head back to the Inn to find Garnet again; while talking with her you'll have a forced ATE. Then, proceed back to where you found VIVI. After the cutscene, head into the door on the left. Phew!


Section 4: Dali's Secret



Once inside the building, check around the back of the windmill for the aries coin  check the large round black thingie to uncover a hidden passageway below the city.

Head straight and go down the lift; check the chest in front of you for 156 Gold . Head to the left and enter the next screen. Check the area were VIVI was in for a Potion and the chest below for an Eyedrop. Continue to the right and check the first barrel on the left for a Mogli to come out; talk to him and save your game. Climb the boxes behind the crane for an Ether then go back down and play with the crane for another Potion. Head to the right and go into the left staircase; jump to the fake chest and cross the plank; take a right to get an Iron Helm. Jump back down and inspect the chest around the center of the room for a Leather Wrist. Head to the right and enter the next screen; after the cutscene check the chest in the upper right hand area for 95 Gold. Go back and save at the Mogli you found inside the barrel, then go all the way to the right.

Keep on going and you're going to be thoroughly disturbed. After getting boxed, you'll be back with Steiner. Follow the old man down the stairs into the house like the thorough stalker you are; afterwards exit and head south. Cool eh? Nothing funnier than a big burly man in a metal suit scaring the crap out of two elve-looking folk÷.ahhhh the weird joys this game brings.



After the fun scene, Black Waltz #2 appears. Time to beat some! He's going to be stronger than his predecessor but he won't call out any creatures that are cheap. He can hit fairly hard and can cast some spells. VIVI should be ready to go into trance by now; if not, don't worry -- charge him up and cast Blizzard if you took the time to learn it (he'll learn it from the leather wrist you found in the Ice Cave). Steiner will hit hard (as usual) and have Garnet block unless she needs to heal everyone up. Do not, under any circumstances, use Fire on him or Black Waltz #2 will punish you with a stronger fire attack that may kill VIVI, Garnet, and Zidan if he's not high enough. Just keep nailing him and he'll go down in flames. After the group finishes their discussion and you're back in the farmer's field, head south back to the town and exit the town. Save your game out here and spend some time raising levels and learning VIVI's Blizzard and Thunder if you don't have it yet.

When you're ready, go back into the town and stay at the Inn. Save your game, assemble your group and equip whatever they need because you're going to have to fight again. Save at the Mogli here and go back to the farmer's field and head right. Pick the first choice and proceed to the airfield. You'll be flying high in the cargo ship; after VIVI and Garnet talk, head to the north of the screen and then talk to Steiner. Afterwards continue around the boxes on left and enter the captain's cabin.

Uh-oh÷there's kin to be avenged! Black Waltz #3 shows up and he's no pushover. Thankfully, VIVI starts out tranced this time. Use his W-Magic skill to be able to cast double damage on the baddies. Garnet won't be part of the attacking party (she's got to pilot the ship) so hopefully you have some potions stocked up. VIVI should already have learned Thunder so he should have Blizzard, Fire, and Thunder. When Black Waltz #3 goes up into the air your attacks will more than likely miss, plus it means he's going to use a very strong Thunder attack vs. your group for heavy damage. Have your potions ready!! Hopefully your party should be around level 10, though Black Waltz #3 (with some difficulty) can be beat around level 7.

Chapter 3: Earthen

Section 1: Landelbaum

Once you have control of Zidan head up the stairs to the right then enter the door on the left. Head up the stairs in the room until you find the Mogli -- save your game!! You do NOT want to go through all those FMVs again! There's a chest to the left of the Mogli that has an Ether waiting for you. Head back to the room you came from (the one with the large statue in the center) and proceed straight ahead. And I guarantee that you are going to laugh hard÷

A series of cutscenes and ATE's will proceed. Once you regain control of Zidan, head to the room on the right and save your game at the Mogli. Head downstairs and check behind the left pillar closest to the screen for 163 Gil, then into another ATE; once it's done head across the street into the building for yet another ATE. Once you control Zidan again head back out and head to the top. Check the stores for any new items, weapons, or armors. Head to the far upper left hand corner and you'll be in the Combo Shop; give them your two Mage Mashers and you'll get the Ogrenix. Make sure you have learned everything from the Mage Masher first. Head back to the building in front of the inn; as you enter VIVI will have an ATE in which he'll get a Kupo Seed. Head into the monocar on the entry in the left hand side and pick the second option.

After you exit the monocar circle to the left and find another Leather Wrist. Head all the way to the right and into the house on top of the screen; on the second floor there is going to be a Mimic Card and a Magician's Hat. Don't bother going back into the bar; there isn't anything new waiting for you. Head back to the monocar and pick the second option.

Upon exiting the monocar station you'll have another ATE; afterwards check the bottom right corner for 127 Gil. Go to the house on the right and get a Wilderness Stone. Proceed to the left and down the stairs and into the clock building on the left-hand-side. After the ATE, check the treasure boxes for 68 Gil and 97 Gil. Check the first bed for a Mini-Burmecia and then the bottom right hand side of the room for 282 Gil. Exit for an ATE and head down the stairs on the left. Talk to the girls then head back to the monocart and pick option #3 or go back to the Inn and save, then pick option #3.



Head straight into Landelbaum Castle. Go up the stairs and you'll be back in the room that you arrived in. Proceed to where you saved your game the first time you arrived for a cutscene. When you have control of Zidan head to the second level on the right for a Glass Bracelet. Head back to the previous room (the one with the funky statue again) and try to exit to the right. Head back to the room to the left (before the Mogli) and go downstairs, then left. Talk to the tired guard for some more antics and Zidan will change into a guard's uniform.

The guard will now let you exit without a problem. After the cutscene, head left and up the staircase; you'll find Garnet. When using the telescope, you have to find seven question marks and hit the circle button on each one. It's not timed or anything so don't sweat it -- just find'em =o) Aftwards you'll have another cutscene.

Ahhh!!! Time for the hunt! First, the time you have to successfully find the beasts and beat your opponents is twelve minutes. The clock doesn't start ticking until you enter the monocar, so save your game at the Mogli as soon as you get control of Zidan. Then proceed to the monocar that you arrived in the castle with (from the mogli, exit the room, take a left, then a second left, then a left and down the stairs to a right into the monocar station). The monocar will automatically take you to where you want to go.

Alright, here's where it gets fun; you'll get to play a little mini-game at this point in which the objective is to hunt all the creatures that have been let loose. VIVI and Freija will be competing also, so here are some general tips:

  1. Going from section to section via monocar will cost you eight seconds.
  2. If you have to stop to reorient yourself, make sure you pause the game.
  3. Using a potion will cost you about two seconds if you do it quickly.
  4. Try to avoid getting into Trance mode; the animation for it will eat up time quickly.
  5. If it doesn't look like you're going to make it and you have between two and two and a half minutes left on the clock, head to the Commercial Area and maybe you'll be able to fight with Freija and get enough points from beating the creature that you'll still win.

Here are the locations of each creature, with a small time frame to follow. Remember that using the monocar eats up 8 seconds.

  1. Entertainment Area (11:51 on clock)
    1. Creature running around the Old Man, then
    2. Stand on the steps for a couple of seconds and fight a bird, then
    3. Go down the stairs and wait around the clock where Zidan's group stays at until a bird shows up.
    4. Head back to the monocar and head to the Worker's Area
  2. Worker's Area (7:30 on clcok)
    1. Head up the stairs and out of the monocar station
    2. There will be a creature chasing a cat, beat it and then head up the stairs.
    3. Another creature will show up as you climb the stairs; after you beat it keep going and
    4. Enter the bar; for a second you will walk out and another creature will exit; beat it and keep going up
    5. Towards the house on the top to fight the last creature.
    6. Head back to the monocar and go to the Commercial (Shopping) Area.
  3. Shopping Area (4:30 on clock)
    1. After exiting, in front of the Inn there will be a bird picking up a creature; wait a couple of seconds around there for the bird to show back up; if it doesn't come within 3 seconds move up a bit. Then,
    2. A creature will pop up from the right side of the street in the same screen. Beat it and head to the top towards the next screen.
    3. On the left hand side there will be a creature eating; beat it and head up towards the Church.
    4. There will be a creature scaring a lady; beat it and then the bird in front of the Church. Then,
    5. Run back to the screen below and beat the creature that's chasing VIVI. Head to the upper right hand side. You should have 2 minutes or less left on the clock.
    6. Help Freija beat the huge monster. If you beat all these creatures, you'll have a grand total of 240 points.

For winning, you'll get a Hunter's Badge and 5,000 Gil. If you don't win, reset the game and start from the Mogli save point before you get into the monocar. Keep trying, because the money will be coming in handy.

After the event you'll have a cutscene. Freija will join your party. Head down towards the elevator and pick the second option. Head to were the Mogli is and save your game, then proceed to the monocar and shop. Stock up on any new armor, weapons (make sure you get whatever you need from the combination shop if you haven't, especially the Ogrenix for Zidan!) and a nice set of potions, phoenix downs, and antidotes ready.

When you're ready to go, head back to the castle and take the elevator to the third option, then take the left train out. Save the game at the Mogli on your left and buy any leftover items from the captain Ahab looking character on top of the Mogli. Exit when ready.


Section 2: Qu's Marsh

*note: you can also access the Chocobo area at this time; please read the sidequests section

Once you exit the castle spend some time raising levels if your group isn't around level 10. Even still, try to build them up to 15 and make sure that they have learned all their extra abilities. When you are ready, head north and a bit to the right to find a grassy area that sticks out with a weird design on top of it -- Qu's Marsh.


Head straight into the marsh; you'll see the two Mogli that usually give you tutorials there -- you can talk to the big one and get a refresher course if you need it. Otherwise, continue straight forward through the marsh and you'll find Quina. Catch the frog on the far right side of the marsh spring and give it to Quina.

On a side note, I know they look fairly disturbing and like if they took the Clown from Stephen King's "IT" and turned it to reality but I think we can all agree that we would like to not look at Quina that way...

After talking to Quina's teacher (do they ever stick their tongue back into their mouth????) pick the first option and Quina will join the party. Man this is disturbing÷Also, spend some time trying to catch frogs at the marsh spring; the number of frogs that Quina eats increases the strength of the Frog Drop attack. Try to catch the yellow frog for a BIG boost. Feel free to leave after Quina eats all the pond up. Also, Quina's special ŽEat' attack lets it/he/her (I have NO freaking clue) eat enemies that have lower HP than it does; this allows Quina to learn new Blue Magic attacks.

From Qu's Marsh, head north to the mountain then left to find your objective, Gizmaluke's Grotto.



Section 3: Gizmaluke's Grotto


As soon as you enter, take a left and talk to the wounded soldier; he'll give you the first Gizmaluke Bell. Head for the door (the only one in there!) and use the bell to open it up. You'll be inside a room full of the black mages you saw in Dali. Your objective here is simple --beat each mage until you find the one that gives you the second Gizmaluke Bell; it's usually the one right after you enter walking around the middle. Use the second bell on the bell that's in the lower right corner to open up another passage. As you walk up the right side of the stairs you'll get a Mithril Gauntlet and as you descend the right side of the stairs you'll get a Triangle Hat.

Continue until you get the FMV with the Mogli. Give'im the item he asks you for (don't be a scrooge!) and he'll ring/open up the big bell. Check the chest for the final Gizmaluke Bell then head to the upper right door, north of the bell. Talk to the Mogli (when prompted, choose the first option when talking to the Mogli on the left) and save your game with the Mogli on the right. Then, as you exit, the first Mogli you spoke with will give you the Holy Bell. Now exit the room and take the door on the left of the big bell. Make sure you saved because you're about to fight Gizmaluke.

Gizmaluke is one tough cookie at this stage. Hopefully you reached level 15 or so and you won't get a beating. It can be done at ten but with some difficulty. Have Freya use the Jump attack always and have everyone else attack. VIVI can cast fire and have Quina heal up the troops with potions when needed. It's going to be a little bit tough but making your levels up to fifteen will ensure you the victory on this one ;o)


Section 4: South Gate


Well, at least instead of another ATE you actually get to play this time to see what happens to the rest of the group while you're in Gizmaluke's Grotto. Head into the doors with Steiner after he gets permission and talk to everyone; you may have to do this several times over. Don't bother with the chest on top of the cart because Steiner won't let the Žpackage' down in order to get it. Once you've gotten everyone to move to the right, try to exit via the top right corner and a guard will appear. Head towards the guard and he'll drop a Gate Pass for you to enter into the castle. Head back to the upper right hand corner and after the cutscene check the chest on the left hand side for a Potion. Save your game at the Mogli, stop to buy any items at the store of the guy on the right (just to replenish, the guys at the grotto won't need to restore) and enter the train. Head down into a seat and the train will go.

Zidan's party will be back on the world map -- save again or save if you didn't with Garnet. Head south towards Burmecia; save your game before going in and hopefully you saved your game after you finished off Gizmaluke. Try to make it to Burmecia without getting into a battle to conserve your HP.



Once you enter, check the cart on the left forthe cancer coin (see the sidequest for information on the coins).

You'll be doing a lot of running though because there are some monsters here that can hit your team for a lot of damage, as well as steal items and MP from you. Continue forward and after the cutscene you'll have to deal with two Black Mages again; this time they should be no trouble for you. Head to the left and snag the Potion then right for a Golden Pin. Exit and climb up the steps to the right side.

Once inside, check above where the base of the stairs is for another Golden Pin. The chest upstairs is a mimic, a creature that looks like a chest; when you approach it and check it, it will attack. You can use this opportunity to raise some more levels since the mimic calls out smaller monsters to attack you with. Zidan should be able by now to beat each of the monsters that come out with one hit so just block until he calls a creature and have Zidan kill it quickly. When you get bored or start running low on potions kill the mimic and continue to the left into the door. You will pass a door that you won't be able to open yet and wind up in the area you saw when you entered the left door.

Walk across first and get Gelmina's Boots. Head back across and the platform will fall; go back to the left door and use the newly-found bridge to cross across the gap and check the chest if you want to fight another mimic. Head into the door by the mimic and head to the right; cross across. Go in and check around the left side behind the round dresser for an Ether. Talk to the Burmecian soldier on the right and proceed to check under the farthest bed for a Protector Bell. Now head back to the door you weren't able to open and ring-a-ding-ding yet again to get the lock to open.



Head straight into the house for a cutscene. Once you're back out head up the right staircase for a Phoenix Feather and a Tent. The chest on the other side of the room is a mimic. Go through the north door and into the door on the right side to save your game at the Mogli. Head behind the Mogli to get a Thunder Staff for VIVI; it will teach him Thundera, a stronger lightning spell (LIT2 for you old timers ;o) ). If you're not close to or around level 18 or so try to get there; plus the money you'll earn can go towards buying the items that the Mogli has. Make sure you check the room on the right to get a Mithril Spear for Freia. When you're ready head up the center -- save your game again before you do.

When prompted, answer Freia the first option then the second option. After some cutscenes, you'll have to fight Beatrix. She's pretty tough and can nail damage but if you raised your levels high enough (18 or above) the fight won't be as difficult as it can be. She can hit from 150 to 200 so you are going to be using your potions and phoenix downs quite a bit. Have Zidan and Quina attack regularly while VIVI alternates between using items to heal the group and casting his attack spells.

Every now and then Beatrix will hit the group with a strong sword attack that can take up to 600 hit points from a character; be prepared with Phoenix Tails. VIVI's "slow" spell is effective on Beatrix also and can help you out with her speed. You may have to cast it a couple of times to get it to work. Keep pounding at her and you will win; don't be surprised if you only have one guy standing when the smoke clears.

Chapter 1: Dark Times

Section 1: Aerb Train Station

After exiting the train head to the right; stock up on new equipment by talking to the shopkeeper on the lower right hand corner (below the Mogli). Save your game and after you've done all your preparations head to the upper right. Garnet will see some familiar faces; head back in to the bar area. Talk to Steiner and back out then head north; enter the train.



Guess who? Black Waltz #3 is amazingly still alive and asking for a rumble. You may have a little bit of difficulty since Garnet and Steiner will still be at their same levels but the help of Marcus here will be invaluable. Have Garnet block & heal; Steiner's going to nail for damage if you remembered to upgrade their equipment and don't be shy with the potions.

After the battle you'll be off the train. Head to the right towards Treno. After you cross the bridge take the stairs to the left for some gold and head back to the right. Save your game when you're back on the world map. If you've got some tents take a bit of time to raise your levels, preferably to around 10 or higher; it's tough but worth it before you enter Treno. Keep an eye as you fight around here because you may find a friendly monster; usually they will ask you for some items and trade you that for high AP. Be cautious with it and pick items that you have plenty of.

Section 2: Treno


Once you enter Treno you'll have a cutscene then a couple of ATE's

*note: one of the ATEs is labeled "Predicament" -- you need to see this one in order to get a Muscle Belt later on.

Head to the left all the way, passing to the red roof entry and going downstairs. Head down for an ATE, the large building on the left is a Card Hall for playing. Head back up for another ATE with an all-too-familiar face. Go up another screen and enter the house on the left to find a Combination Shop; you should also get the Muscle Belt here if you saw the right ATE. You'll also be able to drop off all the coins you've found if you go farther up to the Zodiac Room -- each time you drop off a coin you'll get a respective reward (check the Coin Search sidequest). Go back all the way to the right again, through the next two screens.


Once you exit the auction house try to see what you can get and go back in. Sometimes they have some usual items but other times you can snag some powerful stuff <see the Auction House sidequest>. Once you're done here head to the right to the next screen. The big tower has a very large weapon and armor store; the smaller tower houses a Mogli that will fly out when you try to go through. Save your game at the Mogli and continue up through the smaller tower, past the drunk. Go down the ladder for some goodies and then enter the first house on the right and go to the bottom to find Marcus. Answer OK and proceed all the way across and down to meet Baku. After the cutscene, head towards the locked door on the far left side in Treno; the Professor will be there waiting for you. After another cutscene enter the hole that is to the side of the Professor.

After saving at the Mogli, head into the left section and make sure you hit the lever, then proceed to the right hand side, then to the right. You may find some enemies here so take some time to raise some levels; you can head back out to Treno if needed. Pull the triangle chain and after the cutscene head all the way to the left and pull the lever there (you may want to save before you hit the second lever!).



This guy has one ugly mug and some power to back it. If you've been raising levels you maybe nearing level fifteen or so, which will make this fight so much easier. The snake doesn't hit hard but it's going to use poison a lot; use any antidotes you have or Garnet's "heal" if you already have it. Marcus and Steiner should attack while Garnet blocks/heals (duh! LOL). After enough damage the snake will run away.

Now it's back to Zidane and the rest of the group. Head to the right and then left to the tornado you didn't have access to earlier and enter.

Section 3: Cleya

Watch out for the large black birds; they can swallow up an enemy. Head up; when you reach the next screen go to the left on the third platform (with the door closed) and hit the switch to open up the door. Proceed up and continue to the right, then all the way up on the tree. There will be a chest with an Ether, then head down and check the stump; pull the lever. Head back to the previous screen and climb up the vines.



The room is going to be a bit different now that you unloaded all that sand in it. Head to the left and into the crevice; head left from the top and save your game at the Mogli. Head up and take a left when you hit the fork on the road and check the chest for a Flame Staff, then go to the right side and continue around for a Remedy. You should loop around into the center; keep going straight and get the Mithril Glove and hit the switch at the end. Go back out and take a left into the opening in the wall for a Mithril Vest then check behind the middle pillar for the Desert Boots. Exit and head to the left.

Head up to the right for an Elixir then back and to the left. In the room with the three whirlpools keep hitting the circle button to avoid getting caught in; head to the left and continue to the next screen and go up the ladder.

Welcome to the Cleya Settlement. Pick the top option when prompted. Once you get back, consider going to the tree stump area again to raise your levels up to 18 (and make sure VIVI learned his ice attacks!). When you're ready, go back to the gate and head to the right and check under the sign for some Gil. Head back and go up the stairs on the left and continue to the left; view two ATE's . Head to the right for and up the stairs and talk to the guard who showed up during VIVI's ATE; he will sell weapons to you (buy whatever you can now). The door behind him has an inn; check the lower right hand side and the upper left hand side then go up the stairs and save your game at the Mogli (and rest if you need the recharge). Exit and head up the right for two more ATEs. Head two screens to the left and talk to the little girl on the left; she will sell you items. Check the mushrooms on her right; After buying whatever you need, head up the stairs and into the big house. You won't be allowed in so head to the left, right, and down. You'll be back in the area that VIVI was accosted earlier and where you (hopefully!) bought some new weapons and armor. After the cutscene, save your game at the Mogli in the inn. Head back to the entrance and to the right.

The AntLion (another FF2(us version) flashback!)! If you raised your levels you should be around 18. Have Freya use "jump" and charge VIVI up; use VIVI's ice magic. Have some echo grass ready in case the Antlion nails you with mute. Zidane and Quina can keep attacking as usual. Antlion can also cast a fairly strong fire attack that can hit for 300 hp and has another attack that can bring the whole party to very low HP, like 1 or 5, so have your potions ready. Apart from that, keep hammering and casting ice magic until it's gone.

Once you get control of Freya, head to the Inn and go upstairs; there will be a mogli there who will sell some stuff to you -- buy it! If you didn't buy new weapons the weapons guy will be in the inn on the left hand side. Make sure you stock up on potions and phoenix tail. Save your game and continue back to the entrance, then back into the tree stump.



Looks like the death of the Antlion has stopped the whirlwind and the whirlpools but Alexandria soldiers (six of them) will be popping out during some parts as well as the usual monsters. When you make it to the bridge pick the first option; the little boy you saved earlier will come out and give you a report.

Once you reach the settlement you'll be fighting a lot of battles from this point on and you'll have to heal mostly in-battle. After you defeat the first black mage, save your game with the Mogli who is now to your right were the Antlion was.

Head back to the entrance to fight 1 mage, 3 soldiers, and 2 mages (3 separate battles). You can heal up after these three if you need to (and save again at the Mogli). Head up the stairs and pick the second option, then the second option again (if you pick the first option you'll double the enemy!). You'll have to fight 1 mage & 2 soldiers; after the battle you'll be prompted again --pick the the third and you'll have to fight 2 soldiers. When asked by the young child pick the second option.

You'll have to fight Beatrice again and she's still stronger than you. Her lightning sword attack can take up to 800 hp away from its target and her normal attacks can take off close to 400 hp at times. She will attack Zidane first and then the rest of the group in order. A good way to beat her is to have plenty of Phoenix Tails and let Zidane take all the lightning sword blows, then reviving him each time. This way you keep the majority of your party alive to boot. Hopefully you've also learned some +10%HP abilities to help out your team. VIVI should have a nice set of fire/ice/thunder attacks; Fire2 should work quite nicely. After you get her down far enough Beatrice will raise her HP; keep wailing at this point because it means she's close to being defeated. As soon as you get her down, she'll leave after doing her down-to-one HP attack.

You'll arrive on the airship minus Quina who wasn't able to find transport. Head up the stairs and follow after Beatrice. After the cutscene, head back and down the stairs -- you will see a Mogli show up; follow after it and save your game, then head back down the stairs.

Section 4: Escape and Retrieval



You'll have to swing left and right when you see Steiner and Marcus. When you start off with slow pushes to the left, wait until you're heading in the left/right direction before pushing the controller in the same direction. As the swing arc widens you'll be able to hit right or left more often; the more you get in, the faster you get out. You'll have to fight guards as you try to escape to the left. Climb up the ladder and eventually Steiner will meet back up with Zidane, VIVI, and Freya.

Even though the clock says 30 minutes, you'll actually have 29:30 after Marcus shuts his trap. Once you have control again, Head down, left, and up into the castle. Once inside head left up the stairs and into the bottom entrance. Go up the spiral staircase (this is where you first met Garnet, remember?) -- don't bother going to the right to find the Mogli, he's no longer there. Once you get upstairs take a left into the door and continue straight ahead. Once inside the Garnet's bedroom check the fireplace on its left for a switch; hit it.

Once you go down the stairs you should have 25 minutes left on the clock. Check the chests in the room with the pendulum then head down the stairs and enter the door that will be to the north when you reach the floor.

You should have about 22:30 seconds left on your clock when you start fighting the two jokers, Scorn and Zorn. Once the battle starts you won't have too much of a hassle. Concentrate your attacks on just one of them and they will be done quickly. Occasionally they will cast Comet on the party for about 200-250 HP but it's not a big deal; as soon as you finish one of them off they will both run away. Make sure you save your game and use a tent after beating Scorn and Zorn.

Return back to Garnet's room and you'll have to fight Beatrice again. Use the same strategy you used the previous time; the only major difference is that Steiner hits harder than Quina and Beatrice has more HP. As usual she will drop the party's HP down to one when she has been beaten.


Beatrice and Freya will team up for this battle. While the monster looks freakier than Quina and its people, it can be defeated quite quickly -- just use Beatrice's strongest spell.

Once the battle is over have Zidane run down the stairs. You'll have to fight three black mages that are like Black Waltz #3 but nowhere as strong. Just concentrate your attacks on one at a time and you'll be fine. Keep going down and you'll have to fight two of those freaky-looking beasts; concentrate your attack on each of them again and have Garnet heal and recover if one of your team gets put to sleep. They will be dispatched in no time.

Eventually Steiner will leave your party to help out Freya and Beatrice --which does you no good because you have to fight yet another one of those freaky monsters. The scene will switch back to Freya and Beatrice; if you have enough MP use the attack again against the next monser. Steiner will show up and join Freya and Beatrice; just wail on the two beasts.

When you have control of Zidane again, head to where you saved the game after beating Scorn and Zorn; the Mogli will be there again so save again. Head across to where Steiner and Garnet were originally captured and proceed into the ant tansport.

You'll have to fight a caterpillar this time; it's not too difficult just don't attack when its tail coils up. It will occasionally use a strong lightning attack that can take off 150-200 HP. Aside from that have Garnet heal and VIVI charge/use Fire2 again.


Section 5: The Destruction of a Kingdom



Once you gain control of the party (Garnet will be in the lead this time) save your game at the Mogli. Continue down to get another Mithril Vest. Directly behind the chest there will be a small area you can enter -- Ramuh (1) will be there. Head to the left and Ramuh (2) will be in front of the left chest -- check the chest for an Ogrenix. Head to the right around the green root going upwards into another screen to find Ramuh (3) again. Go back and head up on the green root then to the left and continue until you find Ramuh (4) . Head back into the previous screen and take a right and cross the bridge; go down and meet Ramuh for the fifth and final time -- when prompted pick the second answer then the first. Head a little bit back and jump down to the chest for a Mithril Bracelet. Save your game and go into the area that Ramuh was in front of the last time you met him.

After another AWESOME FMV you'll be in Lindubulm. Head into the inn and save your game on the second floor / heal if you have to. Proceed up to the next screen and enter the house on the top. Proceed to the upper right side and let the cutscene ensue! Afterwards King Cid will give you 3,000 Gil. You'll be back in town afterwards; head to the weapon shop and buy whatever you need then save again. Check inside the monocart section and take a ride around town if you'd like; when you are ready to go head back and talk to the guy in front of the fountain in front of the weapon shop.

Once you are back on the outside, make sure you stop by Qu's Marsh again to pick Quina back up. Go back to where the Mogli are (get some more frogs~!) and head to the right all the way then up into the grass. Quina will eventually say it knows another, faster way to Fossil Roo -- follow it.

Head into the gate to go inside Fossil Roo. As you continue in you'll have to run away from a chariot that's chasing after you; just run through the pendulums. If you get caught just use one of VIVI's Fire2 spells to take it out.



Rene will be waiting for you when you stop running. She can dish out the damage but, thankfully, doesn't have ridiculously high damage or HPs like Beatrice can have. As an added plus to you, every time she uses a strong attack her axe will jam on the floor. Just use the standard tactic: VIVI using his strongest spells, Garnet strictly as a healer, and Zidane/Quina attacking. Keep your HPs up and protect Garnet; you'll have Rene down in no time. She'll promptly run away after the battle. Continue to the right.

Look familiar? Instead of using a small bug grab one of the flowers that is to the left of the entry way and then stand in the middle to call the large bug. As soon as you land head up into the next room and down; save your game. Head up and grab another flower; as soon as you land head to the right and hit the lever. Go back out, grab a flower, and hit the action button in the middle of the dark brown patch and ride the beast again.

After you land go up the stairs to your left and up the ridge. Go back down and head north from where you had landed and follow the path around the bend and hit the lever. Go back, get a flower and head up the stairs to the middle of where the barrels are; climb the beast again. You'll be back in the room with the dark brown spot; hit the lever again and ride the beast. Head back to the Mogli (Save) and continue down the path that's to the right of the Mogli. You will land right next to a weapons salesman <grin>. When you are ready head up the stairs and continue past the lever. Head south as soon as you land and climb the vines to the right.

Talk to the miner and use the pick around the center sphere to find a mess Žo items -- then check the wall on the far right side (all the way to the right on the top floor where you have to pick at) to find a Mogli. Save your game again if you need to and after you give the pick back to the worker head to the path behind him and check the left to find a Survival Vest. Save your game again if you want to and head back to the vines then hit the lever. Once you hit the lever head down and to the right. Grab a plant and ride the beast again then head outside.


Section 6: Magetown

Make your way around the bend and into the plateau to find the town of Conde Petie; save your game before entering. As soon as you have control of Zidan, head to the right and into the item shop. Save your game at the Mogli and check the corner of the stairs to the right of the Mogli (the platform before the staircase leading up). Keep going up and talk to VIVI, then follow after him back into the Item Shop.

After you regain control head back to the Item shop and buy whatever you need; the door on the right hand side leads to a weapon store. Note the two guards that are there and won't let you pass. Once you're ready, head out.

Spend time outside raising levels and gaining AP points to earn new abilities. If you need to heal, there is an Inn to your immediate left after you enter Conde Petie. Once you've gotten what you have mastered and have reached around level 28 head to the south. Once you reach as south as you can go, you can go to the left to find a marsh where Quina can eat more frogs. Your objective is to the right, into the brown section.

You'll arrive at the maze leading to the Mage Town. The screen repeats itself so the only way to find your way out is to pay attention to the owls -- everytime you go into the correct side you will see an owl fly off; you'll get to town when the last owl flies away; you'll also see one mage peek out from the opposite side you're in when you are on the next-to-last owl -- always follow the Mage at this point. You'll be in the Black mage Village.


Upon entering you will have an ATE; after your regain control of Zidan head towards the left to the weapons shop and stock up on whatever you need. Head to the top right and save your game at the Mogli then take the ATE. Enter inside and talk to Quina -- check the right side of the store. Go back and up the center circle then to the right and check the ATE; afterwards cross the bridge into the Inn and check the far right side. Exit the Inn and head across the bridge again into the left for an Item shop -- stock up on whatever. Head to the left to find Garnet(dagger) talking to two of the Black Mage. Exit and head to the left again and into the next screen. Talk to the two Black Mage and return to the Inn. VIVI will be there; choose the first option and everyone will head to bed. When you awaken, make sure you have everything you need and return to Conde Petie.

Once you are back in Conde Petie, proceed back to the section where the two guards are (at the weapon shop) and talk to them, then go back to the left hallway (the one within the door that's immediately to your left when you enter Conde Petie) and talk to the huge dwarf. After the cutscene, raise your levels up to 30 and then head back to the two guards and they will let you pass.

Head across the mountain bridge and equip Quina with all the worthless stuff. Eventually you'll run into Eiko -- she'll join your group and replace Quina. Go up the ledge on the right of where you found Eiko and climb up the root; check the treasure chest on the left and continue to the right for a letter. Head back down and to the right; climb up the far right root and head to the left to get another letter. Climb back down and continue to the right. Talk to the 2 Moogles and save your game; head to the left and up the ladder. Continue on this path until you run into the Hell Gigas.



Hell Gigas isn't that tough. Hopefully you are around 30-31 or so so his attacks won't do that much pain (but enough to still be felt!). Eiko's best use this battle is to heal after the Gigas does an earthquake attack. VIVI can power up and use his spells as usual while Zidan and Garnet attack. The Gigas will be taken down! An interesting note is that if you use one of Eiko's summons Garnett will have a thought or two about it÷

After the battle continue to the right and take the left fork for the exit. On the world map, save your game and head to the northwest until you find the little town of Madain Sari by the shoreline.

Section 7: Iifa

As soon as you have control of Zidan, go to the right and talk to the Moogle. Return to the left and you'll hit a forced ATE -- continue to the left and find/talk to VIVI. Talk to the moogle above VIVI and then move towards Garnet back at the entrance of the town and head to the right. When you regain control of Zidane check the ATE and head back to the moogle above VIVI -- it should let you enter now. After talking with Garnet get the pot and head to the left and talk to Eiko. Go back to the kitchen and when the mogli asks pick the first option. Once you get control back, exit the town and save your game. Try to raise your levels of everyone to thirty if they're not there yet and try to hit level 35. If you need to rest just go back to the kitchen inside and talk to the moogle within. The first moogle as you enter the town will sell items- stock up on potions and ethers as well as phoenix feathers.

Head back to the Mountain Pass and go towards the top. Once you exit head straight towards the tree -- welcome to Iifa. Once you get the option, pick the third option for Eiko to lower the barrier. Continue straight ahead and spend some time battling (you may hit level 40 here!) -- the monsters here are very easy to beat and carry a ton of experience points. Save your game at the mogli and continue on. When you reach the platform pick the option with Eiko's name and descend to the depths of Iifa.



Keep going all the way down and refresh your health often. Hopefully you'll be close to 40 by now. You'll see an awesome scene (and it's not FMV -- this is another example of what a great game FF9 is!). As the party descends monsters will attack so don't relax; talk to VIVI and fight another set of monsters. When you land talk to everyone and make sure you check behind Eiko and Vivi (go around the back of the wall behind him). Check the wall on the far left; after the earthquake check the base of the steps and go up to check on Garnet.

Now you have to deal with the essence of the tree. You're going to have one heck of a battle here. VIVI's going to be your powerhouse after he charges up with his non-Fire attacks. The tree can dish out a ton of damage countering fire spells and has a death attack that hits everyone in the party. To top it off the essence has a ton of hit points and a high defense rating. If you lose -- and more than once -- don't be surprised. The level increases on your way here, while they have seemed a bit high, where all to prepare your troop for this one guy -- and I think you'll agree with me on how freaking tough he is. Square's always been famous for their next-to-invincible bosses and this one is no exception.

Once you finish the battle, get ready for another awesome FMV.

Section 8: Introspection

Head back to Madain Sarai and enter back into the kitchen area. Go down the stairs and to the right to find Eiko inside a room underneath the kitchen. After the talk with Eiko and you have control of Zidan exit, leave the kitchen, head right past the screen with the fountain in the middle and talk to the moogle guarding the entrance -- pick the first option.

Rene's back and she's not too happy. After dropping Eiko, you'll have to fight the mysterious green man. There is an easy way of defeating this apparently tough opponent though -- keep blocking until he is in the bottom right (i.e. when he's as far back and to the right; if you're looking at it from Zidan's perspective, it's the farthest right corner) location and hit him then for double damage. If you attack him at any other time there is a high probability that your attack will miss.

After the battle head back to the kitchen and then back to the room where you found Eiko in and talk to her. Head back outside and hit the action button when the exclamation mark pops up. After the cutscene you will have to have Coral join your team. After you have picked your team proceed back to Iifa. Before you enter, make sure your team is full of HP, potions, ethers, phoenix downs, and around level 40-45 if at all possible. Once you enter Iifa, pick the third option when prompted and enter into Iifa. Keep going into the tree and downwards again. You'll eventually have to fight two different monsters but they are both extremely easy to defeat. Keep going on your path until you hit the cutscene and the FMV. Continue up afterwards to save your game at the Moogle and then head back out of the tree. You'll see a couple more cutscenes and FMVs.

Chapter 1: Crowning Achievements

Section 1: Alexandria

Once you have control of VIVI, head to the right and view the ATE. Afterwards talk to the hippo family on the left side of the street and play the mini-game -- you'll win easily. Go back and to the left where Marcus and the other guys ran to chase after the bar wench -- view the ÷unusual ATE, keep going to the left and view another ATE. You can explore the buildings again while you're here and when you're ready head to the left. You'll see Marcus and Baku -- talk to them and then enter into bar (there's a staircase behind Baku). A lot of cutscenes and FMVs will go on and eventually you'll get control of Eiko.

Head back into the room you just left and save your game at the Moogle so you don't have to sit through all the FMVs again. Exit the room and head to the right for another cutscene and watch the humor ensue yet again. When you get control of Zidan, exit the bar and watch the ATE; head towards the bell tower that VIVI had climbed and ring the bell for some stuff then head back to the town square and head north; you'll meet up with Freya and Aramat. When you are able, get into the boat and head towards the Castle. Several cutscenes will show until you regain control of Zidan in Treno.

When you get control of Zidan head down the spiral steps, watch the ATEs, and head downstairs. Continue all the way to the right (save your game at the Moogle by the drunk) and go into the auction house if you wish -- there will be some weapons for sale there also. Proceed south all the way from the Moogle and watch another ATE -- you should be in front of the Card House. Take the time to play for a couple of cards; if you get stuck check the Quadmist Basics for more information. After playing your first game, exit for an ATE. Play a couple more and head to the auction house again and watch another ATE (keep an eye out for a special sword for Zidane and the Dark Matter!). Return to the card house and play another game but this time y ou have to win so the game will continue -- you're on the right track if you get an ATE with Quina. After the ATE with Eiko go back into the card area and King Cid will show up. You'll have another cutscene and an awesome FMV.


Section 2: Queen's First Trial

You'll have control of Beatrice and Steiner. Fight your way down into the town and eventually you'll regain control of Garnet. Go up to the spiral stairs and into the north door, then into the left door. Get ready for another awesome cutscene and continue up the stairs. Another set of cutscenes and FMVs will ensue. When you have control of Zidane go up the way Garnet went and find her.

You'll be back in Lindbulm once the FMVs end. Zidane will be inside the castle waking up; head down and to the left then south again to the elevator -- you're going up to the dinning room. Talk to the group and then head up towards the left tower (the first left as you exit the elevator in the dinning room) towards the telescope again. After the talk and the ATE head back down and talk to Baku then go back and head upstairs to talk to Cid. Once you get control of Zidane head back the bedroom you woke up at and talk to Garnet.

After speaking with Cid, you'll be given a task: find the location of the three leaves. Head back to the guest bedroom floor and instead of heading to the right up to the bedroom again go straight and to the left into the monocart -- pick the first choice.

  1. After exiting the monocart talk to the woman by the fountain at the farthest end of the Commercial area to get a leaf. Head back to the monocart and pick the first option.

  2. In the Worker's Area, after the ATEs, head to the house to the right of the two Roo's and check the lower left table (immediately in front of the stairs) for a leaf.

  3. From the painter's house head straight and downstairs to were you'll see Zidane's friends working on the clocktower.

After retrieving all three leaves head back to the Castle and give them to King Cid. After the conversation view the ATE and head to the Commercial area to meet up with Quina -- you'll have to pay 100Gil but it's still a good thing to keep Quina in your party. Head back to the castle and ride the elevator all the way down; take the right shuttle and board your ship. You'll have to sort into two teams -- try to make them as even as possible.

Once you find this ridge exit the boat and head towards the Black Mage Village (to the left of this shoreline). Once you enter the village VIVI will head off to the east side of the village -- follow him. When VIVI runs off the second time go all the way back to the entrance and then to the right were the Chocobo egg was. Exit the town and then go back to the boat then head to the upper right hand corner of the continent -- you should fine a sandy area with four sand whirlpools -- stand still in front of the whirlpools and go into the one that glows in the center (in case you run into troubles, try the upper right hand corner whirlpool). If you pick the wrong whirlpool the Antlion will popup and you'll have to fight it again so save your game before trying each one.

Section 3: Nowhere and Everywhere

After the cutscene have Zidane head straight down the hallway and talk to the two black mages who will teleport Zidane to another floor. After you pick your team (I suggest you take the first group with three powerhouses and one healer and the second team full of mages and one or two powerhouses) you'll land in a very strange place. Kujah's ship will be docked where you land -- head to it.

Once you land in the Forgotten Continent save your game immediately. Head back into the ship to stock up on items and then head directly south (to where the tail of ship ispointing to) and pick up a Chocobo. The monsters here (even if you are around level 45) can be a pain in the royal butt so the Chocobo can help ensure you get to the target safely. There's also a marsh here to pick frogs up if you brought Quina along. Your destination is to the north of the airship within a temple.

Make sure you're stocked up before entering Oeilvert. Your powerhouse team will be useful in here because your magic will not work inside and the monsters are fairly tough. Save your game at the Moogle (he'll also have some pretty powerful stuff for sale!) and enter.

Head upstairs and then to the left and hit the blue orb so it turns red. Go back downstairs and take a left for a cutscene then head down into the next room. Check the base of each light (four of them) and the last one will show a hologram. Check each light again and a hologram should appear on each light. When all four are holograms continue to the left and hit the Silver Orb. Keep going and enter the door on top (yes, you've gone in a full circle but you needed to hit all four lights and the silver door to unlock the door). You'll see a pretty freaky room with a bunch of broken masks.

Once you get control again head out and to the right towards the entrance (if you have ran out of items exit, but more, and reenter) and continue to the right. You'll see a hologram of the planetary system appear. When you regain control head around the orb to the left and save your game at the Moogle then go back around towards the right and unto a platform; when you land check the platform on the middle.

Ark is a toughie anyway you put it together. You may be anywhere from 45 to 50 at this point which will help a lot. You don't have magic and hopefully you didn't use up all your items (and if you did you restocked!). Since your team may vary right now just stick to a basic strategy: the weak characters in the back healing exclusively and the powerhouses up in front.

You'll have to deal with some very powerful attacks that will require you to keep your HP over 1000 if you can. Ark can hit all your party members for a lot of damage, drop your HP down to 1, and try to confuse the group. This is another boss that you may have to try several times to win. If you didn't save your game at the previous moogle you've got one heck of a backtrack to do to get back to this point =o( After the battle check the triangle again to get the orb in its center. The game will switch to the other team at this point.

Once you have control of King Cid head to the bottom right and you'll have to play a mini-game to move Cid to the center; just keep using the circle button to jump forward while the monster isn't looking at you ("red light, green light" or "stop/go" for those of us who remember that far back in life). Once you reach the center, pick the third, then fourth, then second options. You'll have control over your second group; head to the left.

Section 4: Desert Empress

The monsters in here aren't tough physically but it can wind up to be a skill vs. skill battle; your magic users are pretty good for this level. Light the candle on the left then tag the orb on your right. Head up the center and then the left, then up and "light up a phat one for the daddy!" as you light the three fires. Continue to the door on top and head around so you can light the bottom left fire which will make the two statues on the left side disappear (don't light any of the others -- it took me a bit of time to get this one right!). Proceed back to the left and to the middle and light two more fires, which should make the last pair of statues disappear (where's Houdini when you need him?). Now make your wildest pyro dreams come true and light all the fires that are left plus the bottom fire and then check the stand that's glowing neon then head to the door that's opened on the far right.

Around the bottom of the hallway light the last candle and then hit the orb that lights up -- pick the first choice for an item and continue around to the stairs. At the top of the stairs light the candle that's next to you and continue around the hallway into a library. On the far left of the room light the candle and then the one that's on the second floor -- enter through the door that opens up and tag that hot neon ball yet again. Head back into the library and then light the candle that's on the second library stand (use the ladder that's to the right of the first candle you lit) and enter through the door.

Go up the stairs to the left and light the candle on your way. Make your way back to the room BEFORE you had to light all the candles and a new pathway will open up next to the angel statue in the middle. Take the path and light the candle then return all the way back to the library and light the candle that's to the right of the bottom bookshelf and enter the doorway to light another candle. Head back and go through the wall on the left (yes, the wall on the left) and save your game at the Moogle -- you do NOT want to go through this procedure yet again -- and continue through to the left.

Light the two candles and tag the orb then turn off the left candle and enter the doorway and proceed through the path. Light all three candles and then tag the orb then turn off the middle candle. Another light pathway will open up on the right side so go back to the right and proceed back to the moogle -- save your game and make sure you've got the best equipment ready because next up is another boss.

The Tablet isn't that hard compared to the Ark. It's got a fairly strong Fire 3 attack but that's all you have to worry about. Use any summons you have and attack as normal. This Tablet will be ground to dust in no time.

NOW light the candle and head down a bit -- a light will glow on the floor and an exclamation mark will pop up --you're about to be transported to a new area. The game will switch back to Zidane's party arriving back at Kujah's place. Head off the ship and all the way to the right to the blue portal on the floor -- use it.

Have Zidane go into the middle section and into the hallway to meet up with Kujah (you gotta love the way Aramat stands in the back with his hands in a "so WHAT were you saying?" type of way). Check around the room for some items and head back to the portal you arrived in (Zidan's Group, the one on the left) and go back to where the ship was and go straight up. Hit the switch and climb down the ladder; head down and to the left.

After you've regained control, pick whomever you want to join Zidane and save your game (again, you do NOT want to go through all that again!). If you have any Gysal left take a Chocobo (or go on foot, it doesn't matter) and head to the building on the left.

Welcome to Esto Gaza. Head inside and talk to the man who'll tell you that you have to go to the Gulg Volcano. Head to the right first to stock up on items and new weapons then head up where Kujah went -- save your game at the Moogle. Head to the right and into Gulg.

Head all the way to the left for a treasure chest and then go all the way to the right and climb down the rope. Head to the right and save your game, get all the items, go back to the Moogle (Save again) and head back to the where you got off the rope. Hit the switch next to the well three times (second option all three times) and climb down to fight a boss.

There's two dragons you'll have to deal with. They have high HPs and powerful physical hits; however, since they are "living" creatures nail'em with some Bio (if you have it) and Poison. Have Eiko/Garnet heal, VIVI using Bio/Poison or combos with Steiner, and the other guys attacking.

The real danger from these two is that they'll hit the whole group always so try to concentrate all your attacks on just one of them to lower the rate your group gets hit. Your healer will be the one you have to make sure to keep healthy.

After the battle climb back up, save your game and heal anyone who needs it. Head back to the bucket and climb back down then go through the hole in the wall that the two dragons made. You'll hit the cutscene and into a battle with Eiko against Scorn and Zorn÷well, sort of. After that, you'll have another battle.

VIVI's run off, so Eiko will take his place. Eiko will have to be the full time healer unless you have Garnett in your team; otherwise have her use Summons as much as possible. "Scorn And Zorn phase 2" will do a group hit that can cause Poison (vs. HP and MP!) AND Stop. Cure the Poison as soon as it hits and just wail on them. Keep everyone with high HP's and MP's -- it's just a matter of who lasts out with this battle.

Eventually you will wake up back at Lindbulm -- head to the dining room and after a set of FMVs you're off again on the airship -- this time yours!

Chapter 1: Crowning Achievements

Section 5: Elemental

Head to the large southeast continent where you landed while being flown by Kujah. You'll have to enter into the castle that's on the upper left corner of the Southeast Continent. If you're not higher than fifty you may have a very hard time with the monsters in here. Enter into Ipsen's Heritage and save your game at the Moogle, then go down the pole on the right.

Head to the ladder (The one that's chiseled into the wall) and continue to the left and enter the door; climb up the ladder here and head to the left for a treasure and then to the right for another treasure then go down and to the right to yet another ladder -- go up.

Head to the right for a treasure then go up and into the door. First go down and check the door; pick the 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 6th, and 7th option -- take the treasure and then go up to the elevator to meet up with Aramat. Check the map on the wall after Aramat leaves and take all the items -- afterwards you'll get into a fight!

Magic works great against this guy, especially Bio and other types of non-elemental magic. Attacks are kind of useless so don't bother -- summons work great also, especially the non-elemental damage ones. Just keep your HP and MP up; the battle will be yours.

Head back to the entrance and fall into a couple of trap doors to get some otherwise inaccessible items. Make your way back out and then only Zidane will go back in to find Aramat (he'll be at the bottom of the first room you land in after sliding down the pole). After finding Aramat, go back to the ship and to the following locations in this EXACT order:

  1. Water - Big whirlpool that's in the northwestern corner of the Forgotten Continent (where you are right now). Eiko and Garnet will handle this one.

  2. Fire - Gulg Volcano (near Esto Gaza, on the continent that's northeast on the map). Freija and Aramat will tackle it.

  3. Wind - Wind Funnel on the southern part of the Forgotten Continent (southeastern continent, about slightly south-east from Oelivert). Steiner and VIVI will go.

  4. Earth - Three rocks around the Desert Empress (northwest continent, there should be an earthquake). Zidane and Quina will rock this house.

Head outside of the Earth Shrine before continuing and save your game. Re-enter the shrine and just head south -- after some cutscenes you'll have to fight the guardian of the shrine (aka Lich from FF1)

Lich's not that hard; have Quina boost up the defenses (Big Guard) and Zidane can attack normally; if he hits Trance use his strongest attack (48 mp). Quina will be strong vs Quake so have Quina heal if Zidane goes low. The rest of the team will also win their respective battles automatically. You'll be able to pick your party again -- save your game as soon as you have control and then head to the northwest continent and look at the islands around it -- one of them will be glowing in its center; go there.

Section 6: Dubious Homecoming

Welcome to Terra. After talking to Garland head down and follow the blond-headed girl. Keep heading north, then to the right across the bridge, then climb down the glowing spider web on the far right; make your way down and speak with the girl. Head straight up the road and the staircases until you reach Branbal.

If you had Steiner and Garnet in your party you'll have to re-pick new members; after you've done that head to the left and enter the first house to your left; once you get control back head to the next screen (to the right) and enter the house on the far right (red trim around the door) -- there will be a moogle inside the jar that will also sell you some items -- upgrade your weapons and armor, especially for Zidane; save your game and head to the door that's in the top center of the screen. Go downstairs (using the stairs to your right) and talk to the girl at the bottom left of the screen; follow her upstairs.

You'll now be in control of Eiko. Check the ATE, head outside, view another ATE, then go to the right for another ATE. Save your game with the moogle (if you do his wandering sales buddy will be there too -- buy the special stuff he's selling!) if you wish and then talk to VIVI (he'll be on the far right side of the screen). Make your way back to the entrance (from VIVI, head straight down and around) for another ATE then talk to Aramat. Head back to the room with the crystal in it and re-enlist Quina (your party will now consist of Eiko, VIVI, Aramat, and Quina -- kinda unbalanced, if you ask me), save your game (you really want to because you're up for some long situations), and return to the entrance and go through the green light. Talk to the girl and you'll be back in control of Zidane.

Welcome to Pandemonium (literally, can be "House of Demons"). Head straight ahead and meet up with Garland. Keep going after him and eventually you'll have three battles to fight:

  1. The first battle isn't that hard but it may seem like it since you'll be starting off with Zidane alone. Eventually, however, Aramat and Freija will join the troupe -- attack/heal as your normally would.

  2. Quina and Steiner start off this rumble (who'd have thought that Quina would be such a helpful character?). Use Quina's Big Guard (yes, you'll be using this VERY often) or his healing stuff. Steiner can still whip damage with his sword, so use it. Eventually Zidane will join and the battle should go your way.

  3. Zidane will start this one off alone. It's going to be tough for a bit but try to keep him healthy -- just don't worry if he's not near max. Garnet will eventually come in to the fray and restore Zidane's life to full. After this point, the beast is somewhat damaged so just keep using Zidane to attack and Garnet to heal Zidane or use an occasional summon.

After the battles and once you have regained control, head to the right and meet up with the rest of the crew. Save your game [if you're low on levels consider sticking nearby the moogle and raising some levels, preferably to 55] and head to the right, check the chair, then back to the previous screen and to the left until you reach a room with rounded objects. Hit the switch that's on the upper right hand corner and then go to the left while avoiding the lights -- if you're next to one OR touch one you'll have to fight a monster and start over. Cross the bridge and then go to the left again and check the globe -- move the rock that's floating the the "4" position, then go left. Check the left for the elevator switch and take the elevator up; upon exiting follow the path to yet another elevator. Enter the teleporter on the left, then the teleporter on the north, and finally the last teleport. Save your game at the moogle and get ready for THREE boss battles. If you did get around level 55/56 you'll be more than fine.

The White Dragon is kind of strong but the fight will go a LOT faster if you have VIVI; just keep using Bio and if poison hits it'll do damage each round. Have the typical people that attack do so while Eiko/Garnet heal.

Garland is a bit tougher than the White Dragon but only because it takes longer to kill him. Just use your standard attack/heal strategy plus an occasional Summon.

Right after Garland you'll have to fight Kujha; how repetitive can this be? Kujah's the same as Garland but with a bit more life÷just use the same attack/heal strategy and he'll be gone in no time.

After a fairly cool FMV, head down and to the right two screens; you'll reach a teleport and leave Pandemonium. Head south until you reach Branbal.



Chapter 1: Finale

Section 1: The End

You'll immediately have the option to pick your party. Whomever you pick make sure it's balanced out. Save your game after exiting the town and get in the airship. Head back towards Oelivert and, using Oelivert as your bearing, head south a bit until you see Daguereo. The best Combo shop you'll find is in this library as well as the best place to raise levels; around this part is the Grand Dragon who can give you 8800 EXP every time after killing it. You will want to stock up on every item you may be missing, especially tents.

When you're ready AND have saved your game, go towards Iifa and enter the portal. You'll immediately have a boss battle against the portal's guardian. Hopefully you're around 55-60; just keep using the basic attack/heal combination.

You'll be in the Temple of Fiends after the battle is over. Choose another well-balanced party that includes VIVI (chose well because these are also the people you will fight until the end with) and head north. Check the Rainbow Ball to save your game and keep heading up, then left and upstairs. Continue left and you'll meet your first flashback.

Kary is weak against Ice (duh!) so if you brought VIVI along splurge out on Ice3 until she whips out a reflect on herself. Otherwise, just keep attacking/healing as normal (it'd be great if you also had Steiner equipped with the Icebrand now that you know AHEAD of time that Kary's first =o) )

After you've beaten Kary head up, right, upstairs, left and then right.

Now you have to fight Tiamat. He can absorb the MP from any character or just do a "KO" attack which will render a character useless. As soon as you get in, if you have VIVI, attack with Lit3 and the usual attack/healing strategy.

From Tiamat head north, and continue until you see another Rainbow Ball ? save your game and heal / recover MP. From the Rainbow Ball continue left and you'll have to fight Kraken.

You have three different targets to hit; Kraken's body and 2 tentacles. Kraken is IMMENSLY weak against Lightning attacks and Garnet's Ramuh summon. Concentrate your attack on the tentacles first to knock out some of his power and you'll give yourself some breathing room. Kraken may freeze an enemy in a block of ice, rendering them useless; use Fire1 with VIVI to bring them back. Occasionally Kraken will use a water-based spell on itself for healing purposes. If you feel like a tough guy and rendering your spells useless you can try to cast Reflect on it but it's a pretty big risk to do so. Also watch out for a normal hit that can also blind you.

You've probably realized how close you are to the end of the game. Kraken was incredibly tough and you still have two more to go. After beating Kraken head up, up the stairs, left, up the ladder, and north to a room with three doors. Lich will be waiting for you.

Oddly enough the Phoenix Summon (Eiko) works wonders against Lich so consider using her in your party. Apart from that small advantage, you'll have to deal with what may seem at times a constant barrage of various "death" and "stop" attempts (that WILL work more often than not! Dang!) so keep your healers alive (Especially Eiko if you have her!) and be patient. If you have float, use it to avoid Lich's 2000+ damage quake spell.

True to FF1 legacy, continue north after beating Lich to an invisible platform that leads to a time warp. After landing, save your game at the Rainbow Ball and go north.

Doomgaze isn't like he was in the previous Final Fantasy; you can't kill him by just casting "Life" ? you actually have to fight. And since you don't have X-Zone and Vanish either you're screwed. Doomgaze can use Meteo for some high damage so get ready to use Cure or Cure 2 on your group asap after he's used it. He won't abuse the death spell like Lich (CHEAP BAG OF BONES!) and will try to hit with physical attacks. His slow speed will give you more time to recover from his blows.

After defeating Doomgaze, return to the Rainbow Ball and save your game. Head back to the room and talk to Kuja again.

This time, Kuja doesn't take after Garland ? he takes after Lich in terms of cheapness. You WILL get blasted with Megaflare at least three times in a row so be ready to deal with it OR have a spare controller in case you lose your temper with'im. On a bad day he's actually used that Megaflare SIX times in a row, wiping out my whole team in one fell swoop ? I was NOT happy. So, you learn from my mistake. Try to use slow or stop to keep him from getting the upper hand but don't concentrate on just that technique. Keep attacking him as often as possible for as much damage as possible, especially since he can heal himself for close to 3500 HP and can do it at the same speed he'll use Megaflare. The only thing cheaper than this is a ticket to hell, folks.

After finally finishing off Kujah you'll have to re-pick your team. Everyone will be at 1 hp and pick your new team wisely because those you leave behind will use the last of the power to heal you, rendering them useless. Eiko and Garnet are a MUST for this battle. When you're ready, it's time to face the Eternal Darkness.

Comparing Eternal Darkness to Kuja, Eternal Darkness fights fair ? it's just that he is incredibly tough and strong. He can cause random status (Supernova attack) effects on your group (prepare for that, especially zombie and confusion!) and that does include instant death. If one of your troupe dies from the Zombie status, you have to de-zombifie them first and THEN bring then back to life. Keep your healers healing and don't waste any magic on summons unless it's Eiko calling the Phoenix. If Eiko is dead, don't start worrying fast because her Phoenix summon may still work automatically even if she is dead. Apart from that, Eternal Darkness has a bit of a weak (if you can even consider it that!) magic defense that you can try to exploit. Freya can come in handy this battle because if he Jumps at the right time the Supernova ? or any other attack ? will miss him if he's offscreen. Bio works decently with him as well as non-elemental Summons (but again I suggest you save your healer's MP for healing!)


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