Auron's Sweet 666

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A village is savagely under attack by an unknown enemy. Fire is blazing down from all sides and the people are both afraid and bewildered; there hasn't been any indication of war coming to their town.

The soldiers are determined to carry out the task that their leader has given them. Ruthelessly and with cold precision the people of the town are massacred and very few can stand against the overwhelming forces.

It seems that a lone girl has been taken captive; she seems to have some special abilities that made an orb glow in the light of the moon. Apparently, the only reason for the attack was the capture of this young girl.

As the moon closes, the day is done and the few that are alive are hiding, trying to keep their lives intact. It is going to be a long night...



Our hero, Dart, is sitting in the forest not far from his town. He's reading a letter about the current situation in Serdio when he hears the rushing sound of horses. Instead of just finding one horse he finds a whole troop of soldiers fleeing from something.


Two mounted soldiers stop in front of Dart and squabble for a bit when a huge, green creature with an overbite from squirrel hell appears. Dart will start to bail through the forest in a defensive position but the Dragon will have the upper hand.


Just when it looks like you just wasted your money on a game that wastes the hero within 10 minutes of starting it, Dart gets saved by an unknown woman warrior. The woman explains to Dart that the creature is really a Dragon, part of the 106th species which was thought extinct after the Dragon Campaign 11,000 years ago. When the lady mentions that a Dragon was not needed to finish off the small village, Dart asks her if it was the nearby village. She says yes - that nearby village is Seles, Dart's hometown.


Dart runs to the town, only to see that the town is engulfed in smoke. The once busy city sits silently still as a grim testament to what occured.


After jumping down from the cliff and running into town, you'll have a sequence with two guards popping out and trying to kill an old man. Defeat them both and earn the two Healing Potions from the fight. After destroying the guards, Dart will speak to the old man; the old man will tell Dart that the truce with Imperial Sandora is over and war is on the way. However, the wounds are too severe and he will die. Once you've got control of Dart again check the treasure box to get a Burn Out. Now, go save at the object that looks like the glowing stuff from the movie "Cocoon" (all rights go to WB and whoever made it, I guess). Pop in and hit the triangle (config button) button to enter your config screen and select 'save'. Head down to the lower left (btw, that person's not praying, that person's dead).


Dart will run towards the man laying on the ground. He is the mayor of Seles and tells Dart that the troops kidnapped Shana, his childhood friend. The mayor does not know where she is, however, so Dart will have to find out the old-fashioned way: kicking their butt.


You'll fight two Knight of Sandora and one Commander. Everytime you attack, you'll see a blue square lining up on top of the other one. Once that happens, hit the X (attack) button - if you time it just right your character will do an Addition Attack which is like a time-based button combo. As you go on in levels you'll get more additions with more button presses. You'll find out more after this fight though. For now, just concentrate on attacking and blocking - if you block, you will regain health (10% of your max HP) and the enemy's attack will do a ton less damage. So, put plainly: attack, block when you need to raise health, use one of the Heaingl Potions if you really need it.


You'll get two more Healing Potions and a Burn Out for winning. Also, Dart will learn his next Addition Attack, the Volcano.


Talk to the two people here. The lady on the left will tell you that an attempt for reinforcements from Castle Indels failed because of the guardian creature at the Limestone Cave. The man next to her is the Master Tasman; he will show you all the fine points of attacking and defending. Equip the Volcano as your addition and then talk to him. You will get multiple chances to practice the timing of your addition attacks, extra defense tips, and other neat stuff. One thing that the Master Tasman vaguely tells you is that every time you connect with a full addidion on your enemy it will add 1-5 points to your mastery of that addition. Check your additions in the options screen and you'll be able to keep track of each addition's attack power, how much SP you get from finishing it (that's for later on), other stats, and you can switch around additions. If you go into a battle knowing you'll need more SP and attack, or vice versa, then select the addition that will suit your needs.


After talking to him, go to the grave that is number 3 from the left and you'll pick up a Stardust. The Stardust plays an important part in the game; although it's almost like a subquest aquiring them will allow you to gain several rare and powerful items; it's easier and less time-consuming to get them on your first trip to whatever area (although some may not be avaialbe until you return to the area).

Once you're done head to the exit northeast of Master Tasman and exit the town.

Through the Gates and Into the Hole



1. Healing Potion

2. Charm Potion

2. 20 Gold

:Hellana Prision:

1. Burn Out (2) [One from boss battle]

2. Healing Potion (2) [Two from winning the first battle inside the town]

Stardust: 0


Once you're out of Seles you'll get a cut scene with Hellana at a distance.Shana will be thrown into jail and Fruegel, Hellana's chief, will be talking to the Man in Hood. Fruegel will be reminded that if he doesn't obey and keep Shana alive his head will be promptly removed. When this is over, Dart will be able to head towards the Forest.


FOREST!!! Woohooo!! Resist the urge to play roadkill with all the animal creatures scurrying around (ASPCA: no animals were hurt in the making of this guide) and head over to the oh-so-convinient item salesman in the forest. He'll teach you the ways of the elements (this is really something you should listen to!) and how to use the multi-attack items. Once you're done, head to the lower right corner of the same screen and grab yourself a merry little Healing Potion. Proceed to the northwest.


Cross the lanky piece of lumber that is there (no credit was given to that brave beaver who cut that one down!) and aquire a Charm Potion. Go south (young man!).

Once you enter this shrubbery maze (hehe....NEEET!) proceed to the right. Then, go to the lower left exit from the place you just popped out of (should be just below the top right exit you took to get there). Take the Burn Out that's located in the box and then exit that section. Go across the middle and take the lower right to snag the 20 Gold. Proceed back to the far left and take the upper left exit and skeedadle out of there.


Continue south and you'll get a sequence with a young Dart and Shana. It seems that Dart once saved Shana from a wolf and Dart's present encounter with a wolf in the same area triggered the backflash. You know, in retrospect, I really feel that you could figure that out on your own so let's go on and forget that.....Continue south in the following screen and exit the Forest.


After the Forest, head for Hellana. Dart will follow a cart in and sneak behind it to get in - however, you'll have to hit the X button as soon as that little exclamation mark shows up over his head (btw, that means that you have to react to the enviroment). Dart will hide behind the cart and you'll sneak in.

Once you're in you'll eventually be spotted by the Item guy. You'll have a quick fight against a Hellana Warden who could prove to be a problem if you haven't built your levels; otherwise he'll be quick work. After this, there are no random battles and only a few forced fights - every enemy can be avoided by just running away from the guards when you see them walking around. Just make sure you (or they!) don't make contact. this is a good place to fight enemies over and over since the guards respawn. You can just fight 'til their dead, go back to the item guy and heal, then save and keep going until you feel you're strong enough.


Once you're out the door, take to the right and up the stairs. The left side has an elevator that's out of order and the exit towards the light is the way out of Hellana. Inside the room you'll have a mandatory fight against another Hellana Warden but by now you'll finish him quickly. Go up the stairs.


Continue to the west and save your game. Go in through the door in front of the save point and you'll be inside the barracks. Here you can get an Angel's Prayer, a Leather Jacket (for Shana once you find her), and 50Gold. Exit the way you came in and take the elevator that is to the right of the save point.

Another cut scene, this time you'll see two guards from Basil in chains and being escorted to their cells. After being told that they are food for the beast that lives inside Hellana, they attempt to fight. At this time, Lavitz Slambert, a knight from Basil, escapes and attacks the guards holding his two countrymen. Lavitz holds the guards off while the two try to escape; however, they are cut off by Hellena reinforcements and thrown into the pit. Lavitz is alone against the troops but then Dart shows up and draws his sword with Lavitz. The troops will be taken care of quickly now and Lavitz will join the group. From this screen, the screen to the right is the exit, and the screen to the right of the exit holds two cells that have 20 Gold in the left and a Spark Net on the right. Go back to the second screen (go left from the third screen) and exit.


Another forced fight will happen as a guard exists the elevator by the door you just went through. After you finish him off, take the elevator up and head to the left.

Iniside this room is a ton of soldiers but if you head up the ramp and inspect the barrel you will find the key to the tower where Shana is being held. Exit and go straight across to enter the right tower.


Once inside, head to the left to find Shana. 3 guards are going to be stationed outside of her cell - finish them off, then the 3 guards that show up and Shana will join your group. Check the cell to the right to get 20 Gold and then go to the left. Inside one of the cells you'll find another 20 Gold. Go back to the first screen (go to the left one more time) and exit.

In another cut scene, Fruegel will find out that Shana has been kidnapped. He's not happy....(kinda like seeing the Koolaid Man's evil twin...) Backtrack all the way back to the Item guy (the area where you snuck into with the cart?) and stock up/heal and pick up some Spark Net. Have a good mix of Healing Potion and Angel's Prayer also and save your game. Head to the exit of Hellana and you'll face the head of Hellana, Fruegel. Dart should be at level 5 at least.


Fruegel is a tough guy all by himself, but he's quite slow. In order to make up for that you'll have to fight two Hellana Warden and as soon as his HPs drop enough you'll have to face two Senior Warden, which are much stronger than the previous. Shana's arrow attack is basically useless except as something to peck damage from enemies but her stats let her use the attack items with more potency; concentrate her attacks to Fruegel using the Spark Net and try to get over 188%. Have Dart and Lavitz concentrate on the guards when they are there and then aim at Fruegel. You will win this fight in no time and earn 4 Healing Potion and a Knight Shield. After another cutscene in which Fruegel starts to recover, Dart, Lavitz, and Shana escape Hellana Prision and head towards the Limestone Cavern.

Shana's Glow



1. Angel's Prayer

:Limestone Cave:

1. Devastating Rock

2. 20 Gold

3. Bastard Sword

4. Total Vanishing

5. Body Purifier

6. 100 Gold

7. Angel's Prayer

8. Burn Out

9. Bandana

10. Fighter's Charm [Boss]

11. Healing Potion

12. 50 Gold

Stardust: 0

After exiting Hellena, go to the Prarie (northeast from the fork) and you'll be still on the run. Lavitz will be winded and on the way out he'll get nailed by an arrow by pursuing guards from Hellena. Continue to the next screen and the gang will hide behind some bushes. Two guards will show up and wind up trailing a rabbit instead.

Once the coast is clear, go up. seems that you can't jump over that....go back down and continue south.

Once you get to this screen Lavitz's injury will flare up (needs preparation H, maybe?) and Shana will treat his wounds. Dart's going to be amazed that Shana learned that skill and they will go into the Cabin. Dart will then tell them the reason he left Seles.

Dart will then tell them the reason he left Seles; it seems that Dart was not born in Seles; he was born in the town of Neet (no, this is not an intentional Monty Python reference, this is actually in the game!).

18 years ago Neet was attacked by the Black Monster and completely wiped out. Dart's father and mother managed to get out of the town in order to save Dart; they returned to Neet and met their deaths.

Dart stumbled into town the next day to find his parents. He found no trace of them and only his father's crystal was left. He's been looking for the Black Monster ever since.

Once Dart wraps his story up and Lavitz fills Dart in about the war (and confirms Shana's desire to be Dart's wife [get that 'sexist' crap outta your head will ya! LOL she really wants to be his wife! It's OBVIOUS!!] ) proceed to the northeast exit. Examine the tree (hit the X button) and Dart will decide he'll need something sturdier to chop the tree down. Go back to the Cabin and there will be an Axe around the back. Grab it and head back to the tree. Ooooopppssss....that wasn't to fall down that way. Head back to the riveredge where Dart said he couldn't jump across and that log will find its way to that edge and create a bridge. Cross it and continue on your merry way.

Grab the Angel's Prayer and talk to the family. They are refugees from Kazas and appear to be going nowhere. At first, they think that Lavitz will arrest them but instead Lavitz feeds them and tells them to stay at his house with his mother in Bale. Head norht to the exit and then toward the Limestone Cave.

One inside the cave, grab the Devestating Rock and go south.

You'll have to manuever nature's "slip 'n slide" in order to get the two chests. First, don't touch anything and you'll get 20 Gold. Go back up and then hit right at the first intersection and then down when you get to the "T" shaped area (or, the second place you press down at). You'll get the Bastard Sword. Continue south.

Move through the rock steps and grab the Total Vanishing and Body Purifier. Continue southbound. When you get close to the exit, Lavitz will trip next to a waterfall. Dart will rush over to Lavtiz and rescue him. Lavitz will be grateful for Dart saving his life twice (the first time at Hellena) and the boys will bound. Of course, Dart's girlfiend (again, let's face it- they like each other!) Shana gets left out like if Football was on the tube. Anyways, let's proceed.

Head to the uppper right to get 100 Gold. What the heck is that little thing there? Go back to the first screen.Head towards the flying lights - these are Rock Fireflies and they act as a Restore point. The two chests will have a Burn Out and an Angel's Prayer. Continue to the southeast and through the door.

Go north and check the chest to get a Charm Potion. Continue to the north and you'll see the little creature you saw earlier. In this room, the obejective is to catch it. The best way (i've found, anyways) got get him quickly is to chase him around and when you start getting close cut through the set of rocks that are in the center of the bottom area. Watch out though because it's actually very smart and will try to lose you! Once you catch him you'll receive a Poison Guard. Go back to the previous screen and exit through the east.

Save your game at this point. Now, you can go back and forth from the save point to the recovery point and earn experience. Also, you should find another Poison Guard as a prize from wining a fight. Whenever you're ready, continue north on that path. You'll find a Bandana and a Body Purifier. Equip the Poison Guard to as many of your people as you can (two should do it) and then save one last time. You're going to face the Guardian of Limestone, Urobolus.

Urobolus isn't that tough if you've fought a bit before getting here. At the minimum, everyone should be around level 6. Urobolus will fight right in front of you then hide his body inside a cave. The Poison Guard should protect against the poison and if you have someone without one use the Body Purifier. Just keep hammering away with your additions and have Shana use attack items; eventually he'll be gone. You will get a Wargod's Amulet for winning.

However, Urobolus isn't out of it yet. The snake will slither up and make a dash for Shana. Dart and Lavitz will rush towards Shana but they won't make it in time. Suddenly, a light starts to radiate from Shana which instantly oblitirates the snake piece by piece. Shana has no idea what happened but the party decides to continue towards Indels Castel.

The Basil Knight Lavtiz's Home


1. Portrait of Lavitz

2. 50 Gold (2)

3. 20 Gold (2)

4. Sparkle Arrow

5. 100 Gold

6. Active Ring

7. Healing Breeze

Stardust: 6

Total Stardust at this point: 7


Man oh man is this a busy town. Before we get to actually doing the chores, let's look around for a bit. First, head up to the house on your left. A young lady will draw a Portrait of Lavitz and will give it to you. You will also find 50 Gold in a chest inside the same house. The Item shop is on the far right, the Inn is next to the Item shop and the weapons shop is north of the first screen. Take the road next to the Item shop.

You'll find a well - inside the well is a Stardust(#1). In this same screen to the upper right is Lavitz's house; we'll return here later on after you've given King Albert your report. Go back to the previous screen and go north.


The farthest north entry is the Weapon shop. Go inside and check around the spears for another Stardust(#2). Update you armor!!! Back on the screen, take the right exit and it will lead you to a hospital (first door on the right) and a library (door facing you at the end). The hospital will cure all status ailments for a price and you can read up on some more history surrounding Dart's world.


If you want to, save your game, then head north to reach Indels Castle.

Take the doorway on the gorund (left side) and enter the basement. You'll find a Sparkle Arrow. Check the furnace and you'll aquire a Stardust(#3). Go through the bottom left and then go up the stairs again.


There is a chest on the far left side that has 50 Gold. Take the ladder down and then turn the wheel that you'll come across - that will open up the waterway. Go back up to the Castle's first floor and take the stairs up.

On the top left you'll find a Stardust(#4). It's going to be tricky because there's a person standing right where the Stardust is so you'll just have to wait for him to move. The far right side has 100 Gold; the bottom left side entrance has a ladder that will take you down so you can get an Active Ring. Proceed back up and enter the throne room.


King Albert is in his throne room, accompanied by Minister Noish and...the Man in Hood??? Nevermind that for now (since the characters don't know either...kinda sucks doesn't it - then again the game wouldn't last too long ;) ); Lavitz will give his report. Dart will ask Minister Noish about the Black Monster; Noish will tell him that a lot of information has been lost but they do know when it first appeared.

You'll get a CG of the Dragon Campaign 11,000 years ago. The Winglies ruled, and the humans allied with the Dragons in order to free all the species. In order to surpass the huge power of the Winglies, Humans learned to harness the power of the Dragon and created Dragoons - special humans with Dragon-based armor. After the war was won, the Black Monster appeared. A soldier will appear and remind King Albert that he has a war meeting in a bit. King Albert will basically invite Shana and Dart to stay at the Castle and make it their hometown; they will opt to go towards the balcony for a talk. After that's done, the party will decide to assist King Albert and will head to Hoax. However, there are still a couple of things to do ;)


Go back to the Inn and hit the liqour store next to it. You'll be able to buy a bottle of <koff>Spirits<koff>. Take to the slightly amebriated gentleman below the bridge on the first screen (take the staircase by the fountain down) and he'll let you through. There is a chest with 20 Gold around the drunk so keep an eye out. Jump on the boat and take a tour of the town. When you reach the first door, exit and enter the corridor. Check the northern area and you'll find a Stardust(#5).

Finish the tour and return to Lavitz's house (the screen to the right of the first screen of the town). You'll have a cutscene with Lavtiz's mom mistaking Shana for Lavitz's future wife. Dart will have to make a reaction (try to answer like if she was your lady!) and the cutscene will end with Shana going to help Lavitz's mom. When Lavtiz asks you the options, pick the fourth one.


You'll get the grand tour of the Slambert home, and most of the rooms have some nice tidbits. However, the library is the room you want. Lavitz will move the ladder over to the edge of the wall and you'll follow him outside for a talk about what's the most important thing to Lavitz (remeber the location of that library). After this, the party will convene, eat, and get some rest.

You'll wake up in the morning standing in the kitchen (pretty weird, eh?). Say your goodbyes and exit, but not before taking the 20 Gold in a room next to mommy. Return into the the house and check the area in the kitchen that Lavitz's mom was blocking - you will find the last Stardust(#6) in this section. Go back to the library and head up.


Take the ladder and go up towards the roof again. This time, head east and you'll wind up iniside the top frame of a barnhouse. Walk through the pole while constantly tapping the X button (yeah, it's cheap but who really cares?) to keep yourself from falling. You'll get a Healing Breeze as your prize. Exit the town and take the path to Hoax AFTER you've reached level 8 or 9. Beef up on Healing Potions, then save your game before going because you won't be able to come back and replenish your items for a bit.

The Dark Rose


1. 20 Gold

2. Healing Potion

3. Angel's Prayer

4. Healing Breeze (Boss)

5. Power Wrist (Boss)

Stardust: 2

Total Stardust: 9


Welcome to the fortified town of Hoax. After you see how most modern schools will be thanks to the DNC and NEC, explore the town for awhile before going to meet with Kaiser, the head of the 8th Knighthood.

Go up towards the front rampart (wall) and follow it across. Take the steps down into the Knight's Bunker and take the Healing Potion. Go back out and up into the house's attic. Take the 20 Gold and proceed downstairs. There will be an old midwife there and after a funny scene you'll learn why there is animosity between King Alfred and Emperor Doyle. Find the Inn (it's located on the first door to your left as you enter the town.) You'll find an Angel's Prayer inside the chest. Heal up if you need to and save your game.


Go into the house that's almost overlooking where you came in (up the stairs that are near where you entered) and find a Stardust(#1) in the furnace in the basement. Go back to the Inn and save your game.


Now head down to the war room and talk to Kaiser (next to the staircase, the door guarded by the knight). He'll discuss the war strategy with you and decide that you need to guard the front gate. Before you settle in to your post, exit the war room and re-enter. You'll find another Stardust(#2) around the upper left. Save your game yet again and then talk to Lavitz. Choose the second option and you'll be in this man's army son!

Time will fly by and then Dart will go check up on Shana and grab some munchies. The Sandoran army will attack (it's like when the awesome part of the movie's coming up on TV and you have to tinkle) and you'll have to face two Sandora Soldier. Beat them quickly.


Heal if you have to because you'll have to face the equivalent of a mid-boss, a Sandoran Elite. This guy can hit hard and take some hits as well. He can use techniques that will harm the whole party also so guard to recoup health (try to save your healing items). Use additions on him until he uses his mirror technique and three 'dupes' of him will appear. Guard until one of them uses magic and that's the one you'll want to attack. Keep it up and he'll be toast. You'll get a Healing Breeze from him.


After this you have to fight Kongol. Kongol is pretty tough himself and will even fight you without a weapon eventually to prove it. He can hit the party for damage and can also take damage. Guard when you have to heal and keep using additions; use any water attack items if you have them. Make sure you don't mess up while hitting him with a combo attack because he will grab you in mid-combo and nail you for screwing it up. You'll get a Power Wrist for winning.


You've got Kongol *somewhat* down...but he's far from out. Once Dart goes for the final slash, Kongol will counter it and he will prepare his axe for his deathblow.

Just when things look bleak yet again for our young hero, the lone warrior that saved you earlier will come out of nowhere and tell Dart to awaken as the Red-Eye Dragoon! Immediately a rush of fire envelopes around Dart and he does a lethal attack against Kongol. The Giganto will run away at the sight of Dart's new power and Dart will collapse from the power rush.


Dart will recover iniside the Inn. Shana, Lavitz, and the mysterious woman are there. It seems that her name is Rose and she is a Dragoon - the bearers of the armor that won the Dragon Campaign for Humanity and all the other species. The crystal that Dart found form his father was actually the Red-Eye Dragon crystal; Rose has the Dark Dragon crystal. Once Dart's up and about, the party will hear that the 7th Knighthood in the Marshlands is under attack. Save your game, then talk to Rose who's going to be by the town's exit - she will show you how to use the Dragoon Armor Techniques. The only notable difference is that you can't block or use items while in Dragoon mode but you have stronger additions and attack/healing techniques and the additions are now done by timing your X to a circle when it hits 360. Save your game again and go on to the Marshlands. Again, stock up on Healing Potion, Body Purifier, and some Mind Purifier. One last tip on this already long section: avoid using your Dragoon armor during the random battles; save them instead for the bosses and use the random battles for building up your SP.

Oh boy..swamp. Ignore Hoffa's body and move north and north again on the next screen. The large green stick to the left will take you to the next area, the Lava Pit. If you haven't done so already, keep Rose in your party because, well, Shana out-and-out is useless with a capital SUCK, except later on when she gets some 'enhacements'....but she'll still suck attack-wise.


You'll have to go through 6 battles in this section. They are not all that difficult, just keep using your additions and block as you need to. Go to the branch to get a Sun Rhapsody.

Continue up to the barracks and get another Sun Rhapsody in the chest on the right hand side, a Healing Potion on the left hand side, and a Stardust(#1) on an area by the bed. Continue to the lower left corner and talk to the dying knight; he will give you a Wargod's Amulet. Go to the right from the dying knight and you will get a Spirit Potion.


Go out by the back entrance and you'll find a Lance for Lavtiz. Go back to the first screen and take the branches to the left.


Hop on the boat and follow it around. You'll get a Spirit Potion, Magic Stone of Signet, Stun Guard, and a Burn Out. When you're done go to the first stop after you enter the boat and head north.


You'll get a cutscene with Dart giving Shana a piggyback ride. After you get an insulin shot, continue northbound. When you get back to the world map, head towards Volcano Villude.

Go through the road and you'll see Rose stop. It seems that the Fire Bird is on the prowl. In fact, it's going to go after you. The party's going to run away from the Fire Bird. Talk about vengeance for KFC....


Continue north and you'll get a Spear Frost.


On the following screen you'll get a Mind Purifier. At the crossroads, go to the right to get a Panic Guard and continue to the left at the crossroads.


Save your game and get ready for an upcoming battle.

Cross through the fire stones south and Shana will 'feel' something to the west; you'll have to follow her, of course.


You'll enter a cutscene here and find out that 'them bones' are of a Virage. They were supposed to be the Winglie's trump card against the dragons but hey - who's still standing ;) However, this guy has some major grudges and may wake up....


Virage!!! This guy is HUGE! It's got three parts: the arm, body, and head. If you kill the head the rest of the beast will die but it won't take long if you followed my advice and didn't waste your Dragoon armor on the random battles. Just use Rose's Astral Drain attack on the head and let the guys use additions against the rest of the body (unless you want to squeeze off a shot of Dart's tech on the head). Guard/heal as needed and let Rose build up her SP again after she uses it up. It may cause the Despirit effect on your party so have some Mind Purifier ready.

Once he's dead, go back out the way you came in to the fire stones and head west.


You'll meet a lost salesman in the cave. Save him and he will give you a Sapphire Pin. He will tell you that he has a store in the town Lohan.


After this the next fight will come up - against the Fire Bird. Use the same technique you used with Virage against Fire Bird by having Rose attack with Astral Drain and normal additions. Dart's going to take the least damage because the attacks from Fire Bird are (DUH!!!) fire based. Every now and then the Fire Bird will bring out some 'helpers'. Just keep concentrating on the bird and heal/guard as needed. Pretty soon it's going to be dead. You'll get a Red-Eye Stone for your troubles and you'll meet with the lost salesman on the way out. Store up on items and heal up if you need to then head for Dragon's Nest.


Well, just when you think you're out of hot water you now have to go into a Dragon's Nest...great....You'll get a sequence and Shana is going to be ill.

After some rest, you'll be able to move on. Remember this screen because you'll have to come back to it later. Keep going north and you'll fall through a web-looking thing. There's a recovery point south of where you fell to.


The object here is two-fold: manuever through the cubbyhole maze to get the items and unlock the plant gate on the second screen by touching all the dark mushrooms. First, go straight up and enter the piston to your left. You'll go down and hit a crossroads - go left first to get a Mind Purifier then go right and climb back up.


Hit the mushroom that you see and the gate near the chest will fall and you'll get a Spirit Potion. Keep going up and hit the next mushroom. Go down the piston and you'll find a chest with a Body Purifier. Next, climb back up and go back to the crossroads and go up the chute again. The first gate will be down and you'll be able to get to a Save point (save!!!).


Return to the crossroads and take the small door to the left of where you climbed up. Follow it all the way up and climb again. You'll get to the final mushroom and the second (and final) gate will open. Take the piston down and find a chest with a Bravery Amulet.

Go back up and go back to the refresh point. This is another great area to build up exp. levels and addition levels. Once you're around level 11 or higher, proceed up the path and save your game. Time for some retribution, Slambert-style.


Graham! This is the man that's responsible for the death of Lavitz's father. It seems he's also the one that controls the Green Dragon Feyrbrand. Get ready for a rumble because you'll have to fight'em both.


There's not that much of a difference in this battle from the strategy used against the Virage and the Fire Bird. Equip poison guards to Rose and Lavitz, since they are your strongest. Use Rose and her Astral Drain on the dragon to take it out quick since it can cause poison (so you can keep Dart alive!). Then, just concentrate on Graham. Graham has all the wind dragoon attacks, including a multi-hit. Just guard/heal when needed and keep finishing the additions! You'll have him beat faster than a leaf leaves (groan!)


After the fight, the Graham's crystal will recognize Lavitz as the true Dragoon (gee, why couldn't this happen earlier?) and give itself to him. Now Lavitz is a dragoon as well. But why does Rose keep thinking that this is too much like a memory of hers? As the party begins to get up and go again, Shana falls ill. It seems all the poisoned air has made some damage to her. Lavitz knows of a doctor in Lohan who is famed for curing various diseases...and poisons. Exit the nest and head to Lohan.

Welcome to Lohan, the commercial town! Sure, it brings back memories of the WTO with all the apparent poverty and child labor but enough 'bout that! You've got to heal Shana! Once you're in the doctor's office, he will tell you that he does not have any treatment for Dragon poison. He also tells you that it's not affecting Shana physically but psychologically. Before long she will mentally collapse into herself and die. The doctor remembers hearing about a cure from the legendary herb, Dragoni Plant. The group decides to start hitting the gossip and track down some type of rumour about Dragoni.


Time to explore! If you're hurting from the battle, the room at the top is the Inn. Stay and save your game. Starting at the Inn and going clockwise, the following room is the Pub, below it is an area where you can find 20 Gold, a plain house. Cross the bridge and go into the room. There will be a secret compartment inside the bookcase. Enter it and you will find a Stardust(#1).


You'll find the Item shop to the left and the Weapon shop is on top of the Item shop. Lohan's weapon store holds the strongest helm in the game, the Legendary Helm, which will basically max out your magic protection. However, it costs 10,000 Gold. If you want to and have the ton of time you can stick around here and buy a couple. Otherwise, the store to the opposite across the bridge is Daba's Store; he is the salesman you saved in the Volcano Villude-and he also has heard a rumour about the Dragoni Plant. Exit the store and come back in, then check the armors- one of them has a Stardust(#2). Exit the store, cross the bridge again and go down the stairs.


Talk to the man on the carpet. He'll try to sell you a water jar for 100,000,000 Gold, but you can haggle down to 100 Gold. Buy it or if you don't have the cash go to the right and get 100 Gold from the chest. In the box opposite the chest you'll find another Stardust(#3). Head towards the exit of the town and search around the bottles - you'll find the last Stardust(#4). Exit the town and head back to the Dragon's Nest. Go down the hole again and snag some water from the Recovery Point, then head back out and go south towards the place where Shana recovered. Use the water on the large plant blocking the road and you'll be at the Shrine of Shirley.

This section isn't very long but filled with random battles. Luckily, you can raise levels here and there's a restore point to the left of the first screen. Before you do that though, let's find the save point.


Continue north. This section is to input the entry password to where Shirley is. However, before you can enter, you need to find the passcode (in fact, even if you have the passcode you can't enter without going through the event to get it first). Keep going up.


Examine the chest and you'll fall into a cart. While you are going around the cart 3 numbers are going to show up: 3, 5, 2. You'll be thrown back to the entrance. Make your way back up and save. Take some time to go back and forth. Try to raise Dart's level enough to earn the Final Bust technique and Lavitz learn the Rose Storm. You have to make the golden face face forward and the white face face left (whooo!). You'll be facing Drake, the guardian.


Drake's not that hard himself but he's quick and strong. Just attack him using Astral Drain from Rose. He will occassionally let loose 3 bombs. Keep an eye on how their moving. After the 2nd time the camera moves into one of them have the character it's aimed for block. Also, he will create a web that can keep you from physically hitting him. You can break the web or use Dragoon techniques (Astral Drain, etc. etc.) to finish him off.


Once that's over you'll have to face Shirley. However, she's not going to test your strength but your reasons for going on this quest. Don't attack her physically. Here are which options to choose to answer correctly:

Dart's Answers: 2, 2, 1, 1

Lavtiz's Answers: 2, 1

You'll get a Silver Stone for getting through the QnA. Shirley, with the help of Dart, will bring Drake back to full health and give Dart the Silver Dragon Crystal in order to heal Shana.


Head to the rear treasure room to get 7 20 Gold, a Healing Breeze, and a Demon Stilleto. Save your game and head back to Lohan. Go to the doctor's office and give Shana the crystal - however, Dart won't have to activate it; it will light up by itself. It seems Shana is also a Dragoon. After seeing these events and classifying it as 'miraculous', the doctor tells Dart that there's a contest going on to see who the best fighter is. It's time to have some fun <grin>

Now that Shana's all up and around but still as useless as ever, head into the arena by going left then north on the screen that you bought the Water Jar from.


Run to the right until you find the registration kioske. Then, save your game and get ready to rumble! (ps - save inbetween fights!) You won't be able to use Dragoon techniques during the fights. Once you go to the locker area, you'll meet Haschel, Dart's friend. After some bantering you'll be in your first match.


First, equip the Poison Guard for this first bout. Gorgaga's a dork and is going to cheat by shooting a poison dart at you (sometimes the game may/may not let it poison you anyways). If you do get poisoned don't worry about losing - he will get disqualified anyways. If you don't just fight it out. Guard/use additions.

Serfius is easy. All he can do is just swing and move in that tank armor he has. Again, just Guard and use additions.


Danton can get a bit difficult if he hits you twice - why? Because he has an attack that will reduce your HP to 1. If he hits you again after that you're dead. If you get nailed by the HP drop just guard until you're close to completely healed.


Atlow's arrows are deadly and he will hit you at least twice in a row. He will shoot you with precision shots at various nerve points. Once he nails (and he will...) all 5 points he'll use a special arrow shot that will take mega damage off. Heal/guard and use additions as usual, but you may want to guard around the 4th/5th shot since you never know when he's going to pull off multiple attacks.

You will not be able to beat Lloyd. The game won't let you; he'll dodge everything from you. Just let him finish you off and then meet up with Haschel. Find the rest of the troupe. You don't really have to play the games because you get nothing of actual value.

When you try to exit Lohan, one of the Basil Knights will tell Lavitz that King Albert has been kidnapped and is being held at Hellena. Time to go retake the rock!

No formailities this time - just rage. Lavitz will just haul himself over the bridge and kill the guards then lower the bridge again.


In a cutscene, King Albert is being held by an impatient Fruegel. Time is of the essensce!

Everything will be the same as it was the last time you came in. The Item guy is still in the same place and so is the save spot (use it). Go towards where the broken elevator was and it will be working this time.


At the first stop go up the ladder and you'll get a Leather Jacket. Go back down and then go through the door. Follow it around and you'll find a Felt Hat and one of the most awesome items in the game, the Therapy Ring (it will recover 10% of your total HP every round! it's like auto-blocking!). Go back to the three doors and take the one on the first left. You'll grab a Thunder Ball and then a Silver Embroidered Vest, then right to get Pandemonium. Go back to the main elevator and go upstairs and grab the Healing Potion.

Uh-oh....ambushed! You'll be getting sent down a trap door. Get the Sachet and get ready to rumble in a Jedi-knight rip-off as you have to fight a creature that eats guests..oh yay!

Jiango isn't that difficult if you follow the same freaking sequence..Astral Drain, block/heal, and use additions against him. He'll die and you'll get another Sachet.


You'll escape the hole and make your way back to where you fell. Follow the left staircase up and fight the gaurds. You'll find a Spear and a Broadsword (useless) plus 20 Gold by this save point. Save your game because you have to go up against Fruegel again. Try to have everyone up around level 15 or higher.

Fruegel again. This time, he's not kidding around. Instead of his guards he'll have his two demented pets- a dog(?) named Guftas and a bird named Rodriguez. Guftas can be a pain because he can confuse everyone in the group so take him out. Rodriguez has a powerful air drop attack so he's next. Finally, take out Fruegel. Same strategy as before: Rose uses Astral Drain, Haschel (if you replaced Lavitz with him) and Dart use normal additions, heal/guard as needed. You'll get a Gravity Grabber for winning.


It seems that the Man in Hood wanted to keep Albert alone in order to take the Moon Gem that is inside of Albert (don't ask me how THAT got in there...) and Albert will appear to be dead. Lavitz will get enraged at the site and charge at the Man in Hood.


Even though Lavitz transformed into a Dragoon, he was no match for the Dragon Buster that...Lloyd was holding? Yep, it seems Lloyd was the man in black, and Lavitz is dead. The group will then show up in Seles. Rose will fill everyone in about the Dragon Buster and some of the history behind the weapon. After some talk, King Albert joins the party with all of Lavtiz's abilities and items. The party will decide that it's high time this show goes center-stage. Next stop, King Doyle himself.

From Seles, just go through the forest and head south towards Kazas.


Go through the door on the left and check the barrel for a Stardust(#1). To the right there's going to be a guard in a counter. He will ask you if you want to register as a soldier for Sandora - answer yes and he'll give you 100 Gold to talk you out of it. Upstairs in the trash pile is a Stardust(#2) and an Attack Ball. Go back out and the second left is an Inn. In the door in front of the Inn has a Twister Glaive. Skip the third left and check the weapon shop that's in front of it. Stick around for a bit and meet the guy who beat the Green Dragon ;) and in the pile there will be another Stardust(#3). Head north up to the gate.


Once you reach north Albert will tell you that it's too fortified to just go in for a frontal assault. It's a good idea to go do some recon first. Head to the north and enter the underground town.


This town used to be a fort but the citizens took it and built their homes into it. It's packed full of ladders and other things but otherwise it's not hard to navigate through. Enter the first door you come to and find the bookcase that's north of the door to find a Stardust(#4). Head left and take the stairs down and exit that room. Go to the far right and enter the first door. Take a left towards the barrel for another Stardust(#5). Hang a right and talk to the person at the counter for to find the item shop; then go straight north and another left towards the hospital. You can get healed here and if you talk to the doctor at the counter you'll find a secret weapon shop but it doesn't sell anything useful. Go back out and take the last door on the left. A kid's going to quiz you on some ethics; here are the options you need to answer to get through:

3, 3, 2

Once that's done you'll meet Popo, a representative of the New Serdio Party; they are against the current Serdian governement and want King Albert to rule over them. You'll be taken inside their 'hideout' and King Albert will reveal himself.


Save your game and whenever you are ready to go into the tunnels talk to Popo again.


Once you're in the tunnels avoid the immenent flashback (and a serious thank you and heartfelt gratitude to the brave Veterans of all the Wars that the US has been; without you I wouldn't be here writing this [thanx Grandpa!]) of high school it's time to manuever through. It's not difficult; just climb down the first rope to get 20 Gold then go back up and head to the far right. Climb down and head out of the tunnels into the Black Castle.


Once inside, make your way around the guard and get the Spark Net. All the fights are activated if you touch'em so you can run away from most of them except the forced fights. Make your way out and climb the ladder to get out. Once you're up, climb up the ladder on the right and proceed through into the castle.


Take the door to the right and you'll enter the research facility. You can use this area to heal up at any point in the game. Get the Magic Oil. Follow the path through the right and you'll get to the waste disposal facility.


Fall down on purpose the first time to get a Dark Mist and a Trans Light. Then, go through it and receive a Red Stone. Go back out to the main hall, go up the elevator opposite the R&D section and enter the door. You'll meet a weird researcher who will turn himself into a dog. Snag the Blue Stone and go back down. Heal up at the R&D if you need to. Go forth and fight the guards that are stationed in front of the elevator and proceed up.


Head to the right. On the bottom is a woman who sells Items. Stock up on healing items if you have been running thin and sell any extra items/armor to get cash if you need it. Go up the stairs in front of her and get a Beast Fang. Go back down and head left for two screens. Go up the elevator.


Fight the three guards and then go up the elevetor on the right. In the room you will meet the soldier that captured Shana in Seles. He will tell you that Doyle is acting strange and will give you the Yellow Stone. It's up to you to try to set things right. Go back down and head to the right. Climb up the stairs and follow it around until you get to a trolley.

Go down the elevator and enter to the right to find a Twister Glaive. Climb on it and follow it over to get a Spear Frost and a Spirit Ring. Go back to the screen where you fought the three guards that were practicing and take the elevator on the far left up.


Talk to the priest and save your game. If you want to raise some quick levels, go back and forth to the refresh point and save point, fighting whatever's in your way. Try to be around level 18 and higher, because you have a mid-boss coming up. Place the stones in the platform on the left of the save point and a door will open in the statue. Enter it and go up the elevator, then up the staircase.


Oh boy.....Kongol's back and he's wanting payback. Give him what he wants and some change as you proceed to use the same tactics again. However, you may want to switch Rose to Haschel this time around because Kongol is going to be in his special armor and can cast an anti-technique barrier that will block everything that's not a physical attack. If you have Haschel's second addition this fight will go very quickly, as well as equiping a character with the Therapy Ring. Just guard/heal as needed and be patient. You may want to go back to the refresh point and save plus stock up on items before going on.


Doel. It's time to beat the baddie. He's going to have a lot of HP but relatively easy if you aquired Dart's Final Bust back when I told ya to get it - so Dart should be relatively strong, and so should be the rest of his party. Doel will also don Dragoon Armor through the fight but his attack won't change too much. Nail Doel with the Final Burst as often as you can, occasionally using either Rose's Astral Drain or Haschel's normal additions, as well as Albert's Rose Storm. When you knock his HP down to about halfway Doel will gear up a shield. Block until the shield goes away and continue the beating. He'll be dead soon enough =o)

Doel will be his old self again upon his death and will tell Albert to go after Lloyd because something very dangerous is going on. After Doel dies, Haschel will back away, thinking his job is done. However, the Dragon Crystal from Doel will stop Haschel and he will now become a Dragoon. Congrats and take a break; you just finished Disk 1.

You will be in a VERY beautiful town. Anyway, cross the bridge on the
right to see a short CG. Dart will saw "Claire Bridge" marked on the
bridge and Dart will say that his mom also has the same name.
Surprisingly, Haschel's daughter is also called Claire! After the
conversation, head into the bottom right house and talk to those people
in there to find out that Bandits are disturbing this town. Anyway, just
return to the main area and go up the stair beside of where you just
came out from to reach a bar which was currently closed. Search the wine
bottles somewhere north of where you came in from to find a Stardust!
Now exit this bar and head into the house beside it to reach a Inn. I
suggest that you stay up here to recover your party to full health and
you can save at the save point if you want. Back outside, you have no
more house to explore on left side, so head to the left side and begin
by going up the stair just north of the bridge(its the stair that leads
to the roof of the building). Then search for a Stardust. There will be
no house that you can enter except for the Weapon shop located at the
top left. Buy Soft Boots for the girls and Shadow Cutter for Rose if you
want. Anyway, search the left bow with the weapons for a Stardust. Then
head out and enter the centre building which has four doors. You will be
in a church if you enter. Enter the top right room and you will be in a
room called planetarium, a couple is chatting and they are disturbed by
love. It seems that the man was only a Usher at Planetarium but the
women was someone of higher status and authority. They will get really
pissed off when they see you. You will end up being chased out. Entering
the left room let you see a beautiful stars. Talk to the usher again to
stop the scene and exit the room. Now return to the town screen and
proceed north into the next area.

In the next area, there is a Jewelry Shop at the bottom left hand
corner. Buy some of these jewelries if you need, then search the bigger
blue stone at the bottom of this shop for a Stardust. Now, exit this
shop and proceed north. Someone will shout "Yeek!" and you will meet
Princess Emille. It seems that everyone even the dog are scare of her.
Then you will see a pregnant mother asking the princess to name her
soon-to-be born baby. Guess what? She declines it and walks away. What a
arrogant princess... Anyway, proceed into the next left room after the
sequence to reach a Item Shop. Same as always, buy anything you need.
Then search those small bottles on the ground at the north side for
another Stardust. On the right side is a hospital. There is nothing to
do there but you may enter to talk to people. The north path lead to the
castle but the guards will stop you. There is a ladder which you can
climb up to have a view of the castle. Nevermind for now, just head back
to the bar and this time the bar has opened.

Back in the Bar, you will get a sequence with Kaffi the barmaid. Choose
the any option when prompted a question but BE honest. You will find out
that Tiberoans are really into these 'star' thing. Tiberoa is advance in
astronomy, so you will see telescope EVERYWHERE. WOW! this Kaffi is
really talkative, if the bartender hasn't stop her, i wonder will she
ever stop. Talk to her again and Dart will tell her that your party is
looking for Lloyd. She does not have any information for them, but she
will tell you to find Fester the astronomer who is crazy about the Moon
that Never Sets if you talk to her for the third time. Kaffi will also
mention about the Black Whachamacallit(I wonder does it have anything to
do with the Black Monster). Anyway after the third conversation, i would
be night, so head out and enter the room next to the Inn. Shana will say
that "this must be the room next door" Even after you rang the bell, no
one is answering and Shana will call out his name one more time. This
time there will be a reply and Fester will invite you in. Next you will
get to see a sequence showing the Black monster again. You will hear a
ring and Fester will dash off to meet Princess Lisa, he is actually the
governor of Princess Lisa. Since he allows you to take at look at the
moon using his telescope, so go and see it! You will see a beautiful

Next head to the first left house in the first screen to meet Nello, the
representative of the Green Project. If you agree with him that you do
like to bring brown back to green, he will explain his plans and by the
time he finishes, it would be the morning. It seems that only Albert is
interested in Nello's plan and you will see the others doing something
else. Blah...Blah...Blah...and you will end up in the morning again.
Your next stop is Donau, the Flower City. If you proceed right after
talking to Nello who is outside his house, you will automatically be
back at the entrance and get to 'see' some conversation again. Don't
exit just like that, go back into the bar to meet Martel who wants to
hear about Stardust. She will said that Stardust is a miracle stone and
if you collect all of them, your wish will come true. Talking to her
again will cause dart to give her the 25 stardusts. She will give you a
Physical Ring and a Amulet. These are VERY VERY VERY good items, be sure
to keep them. Anyway head out of this town to be back at the world map
again. Just to ensure that you are stable in your levels, i will mention
my levels at this point:
    Dart   : Lv 17
    Albert : Lv 16
    Haschel: Lv 16
    Rose   : Lv 15
    Shana  : Lv 12
I hope this served as a guide line of what level you should roughly have
at this point. Anyway just save at the World Map. Anyway this town is
called Fletz.

2.2 From Dragoon to Human
Treasure: Warrior Dress, Recovery Ball, 50G,

Boss: Mappi(Dark)(~640 HP), Crafty Thief x2(Dark)(~330 HP)

Boss Prize: Total Vanishing

Monsters: Frilled Lizard*(~120 HP), Strong Man*(~75 HP),
          Crystal Golem*(~170HP), Plague Rat*(~65 HP),
          Scissorhands*(~85 HP), Arrow Shooter*(~180 HP),
          Frilled Lizard(~120 HP), Arrow Shooter(~180 HP),
          Scissorhands(~85 HP), Stinger(~70 HP), Earth Shaker(~200 HP)

Characters: Mappi

Dragoon Spirit: Let you guess
Train up your party if you want to because the enemies here give you
rather reasonable EXP. When you are ready, head into the dull structure
call Barrens. take the upper left path and enter the cave to reach a
treasure(Warrior Dress). Then take the upper right path into the next

In the next area, if you walk north, you will meet Mappi ,Gehrich Gang A
and B. Basically they are bandits and you will have to engage them.
Boss Fight:
Mappy (Dark): ~640 HP
Crafty Thieves x2 (Dark): ~330 HP

Kill off those two crafty thieves first before approaching their boss.
Their attacks are powerful but not deadly. I have little to say, because
all you need to do is Guard and attack for this battle. Using additions
a few times will kill them easily. Dart will again unleasf his finishing
move. Mappi will beg for forgiveness but will attack when Dart is
unaware. The Red Eye Dragoon Spirit will fall off and both of them will
dive to grab it but Mappi is faster. Rose tries to attack him but she
missed every attack. Mappi will take the Spirit and escape. Now you
can't transform Dart into a Dragoon anymore until you get back the
spirit. You will get 150G, 2000 EXP and Total Vanishing after the
Now take the upper right path into the next area and enter the first
cave you see. Then follow the path to get to a Recovery Ball. After
takking it, continue north and take the middle path to reach a chest
that contains 50G. Then take the left path to be back on the world map.

2.3 Meru the great dancer
Treasure: Letter from Lynn (Goods)

Boss: None

Boss Prize: None

Monsters: Arrow Shooter*(~180 HP), Scissorhands*(~85 HP),
          Frilled Lizard*(~120 HP),

Characters: Wink, Kate, Butler, Mayor of Donau,

Item Shop: Healing Potion(10G), Sun Rhapsody(50G), Angel's Prayer (30G)
           Mind Purifier (20G), Body Purifier (10G), Rave Twister (20G)

Weapon Shop: Silver Vest (150G), Tiara (150G)

Stardust: 2
Enter Donau, the Flower City when you are ready. WOW! Donau is really a
BEAUTIFUL city and its music is fantastic. However looks like this town
is also threatened by those bandits. As usual, Rose will hurried the
party to proceed. Next you will see a sequence featuring a group of
bandits and Wink who is one of the Sacred Sisters of Mille Seseau. Then
Lloyd will come out and frightened all those bandits away. After this
sequence, you will control Dart. Now its time to explore this town.
Search the upper well for a Stardust. Enter the first right house to
meet Kate. She will mention about a guy named Lynn. It seems that they
are having a wedding soon but Lynn has gone to persuade the bandit gang.
Kate will pass you the letter and call you to bring it to the mayor who
is Lynn's father. After receiving the letter, go back out to the main
area. To the north is a church and and the people inside will tell you
all the suffering they had under the threat of the bandit gang and a Sea
Dragon. There is a Inn left of this church. Save there or rest there if
you want. Anyway head right, up the rather long stair into the next

You will find yourself in the area where Wink was attacked. In this
area, there is a hospital on the left and a shop on the right. When you
first enter the shop, you'll see a few bandits arguing with the weapon
shop owner. Buy Silver Vest and Tiara if you need. There is also a man
in this room who will sell you some items. Buy anything you need, then
head back to the first screen.

now head left into the next area. There is a bar at the left(not up the
stair). Again, this bar is infested with bandits. If you head north, you
will get to the outskirt of Donau. You get mild information from the
people in this area. Anyway just return to the previous screen and go up
the stair near the bar. After climbing up this long stairs, you will
reach the Mayor's house. Anyway talk to the Butler who is blocking the
way. After reading the letter, he will be really shocked and will bring
you to see the Mayor. You will get further details on the bandit gang
from the Mayor. It seems that the bandits came from the Valley of
Corrupted Gravity. Dart will then offer to rescue Lynn and eliminate the
bandits. Before leaving the Mayor house, head to the top left of this
house to find a Stardust. Now head back down the stair to see a
sequence. It started with "Hey you, alky! How dare you touch my butt!"
and you will see a girl 'bullying' a group of bandits. This girl also
has platinum hair like Lloyd. This girl will identify herself as Meru
and claimed that she is the best dancer in Donau. This girl will tell
you that in order to get into the Valley of Corrupted Gravity, you will
need the permission of the king. After much begging, your party will
decided to bring here along. Now you will get Meru in your party. Equip
her with a Morning Star if you have one. Now head back to the world map
and save.

2.4 What went wrong?
Treasure: Permit to Zero Gravity Valley (Goods)

Boss: None

Boss Prize: None

Monsters: None

Character: Libria, King Zoir, Princess Lisa, Princess Emille

Stardust: 2
Anyway just head through the barrens and back to Fletz again. Back in
Fletz, you will have a short conversation. Although Albert knows the
king, he did not want to reveal his identity. After you gain control of
Dart, go to the castle. However that idiotic guard will again block you.
Now see the size of Meru and the guard. HAHA, the guard is twice the siz
of Meru. Meru will then try to knock him, but Meru will end up falling
back. How naive... The guard will get 'seduced' by Shana a bit but will
not allow your party to pass also. You will then get a option, choose
any choice you want as the result is the same. Only difference is that
the first option will cause a guard to kick you out. Now you'll have to
try other method.

Now talk to Nello at the bottom left but instead of recommending you to
the king, he will tell you to forget about going to the valley. Now go
to the bar and talk to Kaffi. Now go into Fester house(The top left
house in this screen) but there is a message on his door "I'll be back
in a while". So now what should you do? Go and find Fester! He is in the
item shop looking through the large telescope. He will tell you that he
is busy and walk out. Follow him outside and walk north to find him
again. If you approach him, you will automatically talk to him. He will
invite you to his house. Anyway, being the governor of Princess Lisa
really gives him some pivillage. Next you will hear a bell and your
party will follow him. It really work! The Guard will allow you in.

Now you will be in the castle. There is only one way that you can go. It
is the north path. Ignore the save point, you cannot save at the save
point for now. So head north up the stair and follow Fester up the right
stair. Then follow him to the next room. That is NOTHING to explore in
this screen as you will always get "You cannot go that way, Dart." if
you do not follow Fester. In the next room, you will see King Zior.
Anyway you will get the permit from King Zior. Next King Zior will call
you to rest in his castle till the morning. Now you'll get to explore
this castle. Anyway head to the area with the save point that you cannot
access earlier on. Search the right armor for a Stardust. Save at the
save point if you need. After that try to leave the castle and you will
trigger a event. A maid called Libria will come and invite your party to
meet Princess Lisa. Lisa will tell you what happens to Emille half a
year ago. It seems that Emille used to be a kind and a honourable
person. However after falling off from her horse, she had become a
totally deferent person. Emille seems to have some association with the
bandits. Wow! things are getting complicated here. You will find out
that the second moon artefact called Moon Dagger will be handed over to
Emille on her 20th birthday. Agree to what she tells you to do. Next you
will be invited to have a dinner in this castle. You will get control of
Dart after this event. Anyway talk to Libria who will be walking around
in the save point area to enter the dining room. Emille will get noisy
with those cutlery. After the dinner, you will end up back in Lisa'
balcony. After the conversation, Libria will bring your party to the
room. Just follow her. HAHA, see the way Shana sleeps. If you talk to
Meru, she will be afraid that Dart will take advantage of her if she
sleeps first(How dumb). Even in her dreams, Shana will think of Dart.
Haschel will think of Claire again. Meru will again claim that she is
perfect. When given the option, choose whatever you like. Now see the
way Meru sleeps, its HORRIBLE! You will sleep after everyone sleeps.

Now its morning time! You can access to more rooms now.  Go out of this
guest room and enter the right path just below this guest room. In the
next area, enter the room with the purple door and search the altar for
a Stardust. Now you have nothing more to do in this town, so head out to
the world map and save. By the way, you should have 29 Star dust.

2.5 Valley of Zero Gravity
Treasure: Speed Up, Sachet, Meteor Fall, Talisman, Knight helm,

Boss: Virage (Void):
      Head: ~1600 HP
      Left Arm: ~320 HP
      Right Arm: ~320 HP
      Body: ~600 HP

Boss Prize: Moon Serenade

Monsters: Scissorhands*(~85 HP), Arrow Shooter*(~180 HP),
          Frilled Lizard*(~120 HP), Blue Bird*(5 HP),
          Erupting Chick (~120 HP), Dragonfly (~300 HP),
          Killer Bird (~140 HP), Roc(~200 HP), Spider Urchin (~100 HP),

Character: None

Enter Barrens again, then head to the second screen and take the left
path to be back on the world map. Here you can find Blue Birds that give
you 1000EXP! Anyway just head into Valley of Corrupted Gravity when you
are ready.

Inside the valley, talk to the Tiberoan Guard to open the gate. Go into
the valley and you will get a sequence where Meru will kick a rock down
but the stone will come back up and hit her. Looks like this is caused
by Winglies' magic. Anyway go north a bit and jump onto the floating
stone. Then jump to the other side and walk south to get to a chest with
a Speed Up. This item is a repeat item that you can use unlimited number
of times in battle to increase the speed of party member. There is a
recovery point at the top left. Heal there if you need. Note that this
might be a good place and time to train up your party. There is a Sachet
on the right where you also need to jump onto a floating stone to reach
it. Note that the stone will fall down so to go back to the main path,
you will have to get to another floating stone at the south. When ready,
head north into another area.

In this area, climb up the broken trunk. Here you need to observe the
pattern of the moving rock. Take the small rock and get off at the
platform in front of where you came in from. Next take another rock left
and take off. Then take another rock to the platform in front. Take
another rock again but get off at the second stop. Now take the rock to
reach a Meteor Fall on the right. Then make your way to the north and
enter into the next area.

In this area, the maze will be more complicated. Anyway take the only
rock to the next platform. Then take the left rock and get off at the
first stop. Then another rock at the right to the screen above. follow
it to get a Talisman. Then head back down to the previous screen. Now
take back the left stone and get off when prompted. Then go to the left
and press X when '!' appears. You will see Dart upside down! Head to the
right and press X when prompted to desent down and you will be upright
again. Now take the only rock to reach another screen. Grab the Knight
Helm and proceed back down into the previous screen. Back at the
platform step onto the right white spot and press X to reach another
platform. You will be upside down again. Take the right white spot to
reach another platform. Now you will be upright again. Take the right
stone to reach the exit.

In this screen, you will get a sequence. You will see another Virage
statue. Moreover this is a complete form. Ignore whatever Shana says,
just advance by taking the rock up and save at the save point. From the
save point, take the other rock right. Equip the Talisman to anyone then
proceed and you will have to fight Virage.
Boss Fight:
Virage (Void):
Head: ~1600 HP
Left Arm: ~320 HP
Right Arm: ~320 HP
Body: ~600 HP

Now this Virage has leg! Again, killing its head will kill it. Beware of
its left arm, it can inflict a death attack on one of your party. SO
destroy the left arm first. Just to make sure you've got the idea right.
Virage left arm is the arm that is on your right. After taking care of
the left arm, go for the right arm. Note that his right arm can use
magics on you but you need not worry much. After taking care of both
arm, go for its body. But beware of the head. Also note that Virage can
regenarate new arms. Its head can shoot a beam at you just like the
previous one. Virage can also cause fear within your party. Next, after
killing off the body, go for its head. Kill the head with additions. Use
Dragoon's additions and magics if you want. This battle is easy if you
keep on destroying the left arm. Just don't let the death attack kill
off anyone. As usual Dart will unleash its finishing move after
defeating it. However it will not kill it. Virage will tried to attack
Shana but Shana will give out the mysterious power again and Virage will
fall down into the valley. You will get 200G, 4500 EXP and a Moon
Serenade for defeating this boss. The 4500 EXP will cause most of your
party member to level up.
Next, you will get a sequence. Rose will be mentioning about the power
that can awake the sleep of 11,000 years... Then you will control Dart
again. Talk to everyone to cause them to stand up. After you have talk
to everyone, proceed to the north to reach the world map again. Save at
the world map.

2.6 End of Gehrich Gang
Treasure: Fake Knight Shield, 20G, Bandit's Ring, Angel's Prayer,
          Kate's Bouquet (Goods)

Boss: Gehrich (~2000 HP), Mappi (~1200 HP)

Boss Prize: Depends...

Monsters: Blue Bird*(5 HP), Arrow Shooter*(~180 HP),
          Frilled Lizard*(~120 Hp), Scissorhands*(~85 HP),
          Piggy(~170 HP), Gangster (~300 HP), Berserker (~400 HP),
          Crafty Thief (~200 HP)

Character: Gehrich, Lynn

Stardust: 1

Dragoon Spirit: Gain back Red-Eye Dragoon Spirit, Gold Dragoon Spirit
You should have 3 sachets by now so it would be wise for you to use them
on the Blue Birds that can be commonly found at this area of the world
map. Killing one will give you 1000 EXP as mention before. Anyway, if
you have killed some blue birds, save and enter the Home of Giganto.

Upon entering the Home of Giganto, you will get attacked by arrows if
you proceed north a bit. Don't worry, the arrows will not reduce your
HP. If you keep on running, none of them will hit you. There is a Fake
Knight Shield at the left chest. Note that those monsters called Piggy
here can give you sachet after killing them but there is a certain
percentage of whether you will get one. Also note that the crafty
thieves found here are capable of stealing 50G off you. Take good care
of your precious money.  Anyway just head into the next area through any
entrance on the left.

In the next area, you will see a shiny object on the left. Examine it to
stop those firing arrows. The brown chest at the bottom contains 20G.
Now take the bottom right entrance to the previous screen. You will find
a Bandit's ring at the bottom. This ring will increase your agility by
20 pts. This is a good accessory to be equiped in this home of Giganto
because most monsters found here have good speed. Now return to the area
where you came in from. Then head north up the stair into the next area.

In the next area, you will see a crafty thief running off. Dart will say
that he sense the enemy's presence. If you continue north, you will
again get attacked by arrows fired by those bandits from the top. Again,
run about so as not to get hit by the arrows. If you proceed north, they
will close the gate and if you south, you will be blocked by a gangster
and a crafty thief. Now you have no way to go, so just run about the
area until you meet some bandits which you must fight. It seems that
this guy has something to do with Rouge School.
Gangster: ~300 HP
Crafty Thieves x2: ~200 HP

This is just a normal enemies fight. It is very easy so the strategy
against them will be short. Kill off those crafty thieves then kill off
the Gangster. You will get some EXP from them.
After the fight, the gangster will tell Haschel that he learned the
fighting style from his boss, Gehrich. Next you will find Haschel
running off to the north and breaking the gate with his FIST!!! You will
automatically head into the next area.

In the next area, proceed north a bit and you will get to hear some
conversation. Your party will choose to explore the right area but
Haschel will say that his back hurts and require some rest. Meru will
voluteer to take care of him. Next, Haschel will knock her out(how
pitiful) and runs off. Your party will then come out and will be shock
to see Meru lying on the ground. Meru will join you back and you will
choose new party member. The chest beside the stair contains a Angel's
Prayer. You might have seen yellow sparks coming out of the right part.
It is actually a recovery point. Heal there if you need. After you are
done, head up two stairs and save at the save point if you want to. I
suggest that you should save. When you are done, head throught the door
right of the save point and you will see Kongol entering from the
bottom. You will then get to see s sequence featuring Mappi and Gehrich.
Then you will see Haschel coming in. You will find out that Gehrich is
only the disciple of Haschel. Mappi will then jump towards Haschel but
Dart will block off the attack. You will then get to choose party
members again. Then you will fight them.
Boss Fight:
Gehrich(Earth): ~2000 HP
Mappi(Dark): ~1200 HP

Kill off Mappi because he has a instant death attack. Mappi can really
get you into some serious problem if you do not kill Mappi quick. If
Rose is in your party, then keep using Astral Drain to kill them fast
and to keep you alive. Both of them dealt physical damage, so guard when
neccessary. They have a team attack which will really hurt you. Note
that Mappi can jump up into somewhere and come down to attack you
occassionly. Attack him when he stays on the ground. Use Light-based
multi-hit items on Mappi to kill him fast. Gehrich has higher HP but you
will defeat him easily if you use additions. After defeating him, the
earth will shake and a HUGE rock will fall down and it is going to hit
right at your party. Suddenly Kongol will come and stop the rock with
his bare hand. You will get 200G and 5000 EXP after the fight.
Kongol will now join you! He is one of the best character in the game.
Dart will push something on the '+' block causing it to sink into the
ground. Gehrich will then reveal that Princess Emille at the twin castle
is actually a fake one and the real one has been hidden. Haschel will
then carry Gehrich's body off to bury him and Kongol offers to watch
over the area for bandits. Search the right fire touch for a Stardust
then head down the stair into the next area.

In the next area, you will hear Lynn's voice. That Meru will try to kick
open the prison cell door but Albert will open the door using the
switch. Lynn will be out and he will thank you. Everyone will then
search for the Red-Eye Dragoon spirit. At the bottom right, you'll see a
shiny object which is the Dragoon Spirit. Dart will want to head back to
Fletz to tell everyone the truth. After the conversation, you will end
up at the area where you fought Gehrich. Kongol and Haschel will then
join up with you. If you want to know more about the Giganto race, go
back down and search the huge statue at the right. Head back upstair and
out of this place when you are ready. Save at the world map if you want
to. Now you will have quite a few things to do. One of them is that from
now on, you can go back to Lohan to buy Kongol's Dragoon Spirit for
1000G from the one who sold you the water bottle earlier on. The other
one is that you can collect new item from Martel because you should have
30 Stardusts by now. Now head through the Valley of corrupted gravity
and then into the barrens.

Once inside the Barrens, Lynn will invite everyone to his wedding. Go to
Donau to attend Lynn and Kate's wedding. Haschel will jump to get the
bouquet thrown by Kate. Next you will see a comical scene between
Haschel and Kate. Talk to the people here if you want, otherwise head
back out to the world map.

Now enter Barrens again and take the path that lead to Fletz back to
world map again. DO NOT enter Fletz first, instead take the other path
to reach a barrier Staion. Choose to enter South of Serdio and you will
be back on the continent on Disc 1. Now head into lohan and find the
street vendor who sold you the water bottle earlier on. This time he
will sell you Kongol's Dragoon Spirit if you talk to him twice(Includes
the first automatic conversation). After getting the Dragoon Spirit,
head back to Tiberoa continent and save on the world map.

2.7 Winglies Survivor
Treasure: Sun Rhapsody, Moon Serenade,

Boss: Lenus (~3500 HP)

Boss Prize: None

Monsters: None

Character: Lenus
Head back to Fletz when you are ready. If your party is round 22-25
Level, then you are ready. Otherwise try fighting more Blue Birds to
gain new levels. You should try to get Albert's Flower Storm now! All
these are necessary because your next boss will be VERY tough. To serve
as a guide line, i will list down my levels and additions.
      Dart   : Lv 24: D'Lv 5         Shana  : Lv 20: D'Lv 2
   Lv 5  Double Slash             None
   Lv 5  Volcano
   Lv 5  Burning Rush
   Lv 5  Crush Dance
   Lv 3  Madness Hero

      Rose   : Lv 22: D'Lv 3         Haschel: Lv 22: D'Lv 2
   Lv 5  Whip Smack               Lv 5  Double Punch
   Lv 3  More & More              Lv 2  Flurry of Styx
   Lv 1  Hard Blade               Lv 1  Summon 4 Gods
                                  Lv 1  5 Ring Shattering

      Albert : Lv 22: D'Lv 3         Meru   : Lv 21: D'Lv 0
   Lv 5  Harpoon                  Lv 2  Double Smack
   Lv 5  Spinning Cane            Lv 1  Hammer Spin
   Lv 5  Rod Typoon
   Lv 5  Gust of Wind Dance
   Lv 1  Flower Storm

      Kongol : Lv 21: D'Lv 1
   Lv 2 Pursuit

If your levels and additions are around what i have mention, then you
are ready to proceed into Fletz. Also try to get a Legend Casque for
better magic defense. Before entering, you need to get everyone's SP bar
to the max.

When you are inside Fletz, the ceremony has already started! You party
will decide to rush into twin castles. After you gain back the control,
go into the bar and get new item from Martel who is in the bar. You will
get Wargod's Sash which allows the wearer to have 50% more SP. Do not
head into the castle first. Go to the item shop to stock up on recovery
items because as i have mentioned earlier on, the next boss is a speedy
tough boss. Buy Angel's Prayer so that you can revive dead character in
the battle. Buy some Sun Rhapsody and Healing Breeze so that you can
hold on throughout the battle. Also stay up at the Inn to recover HP.
Save at the Inn because after you enter the castle, you cannot come
back. DO NOT overwrite this saved file until you have defeated the Boss.
Head into the castle when you are ready. Now that the ceremony is on and
the bandits are gone, there will be no more guard blocking you. Once
inside, the Giant Gate Keeper will tell you that many guards have been
replaced. This time, this gate keeper will let you in. Head up the stair
and enter the room at the centre. Inside you will see those replaced
guards running about. There are a Sun Rhapsody and a Moon Serenade in
the two chests here. Now head out and continue up the left stair or
right stair and you will be stopped by those bandits knights. Head
through the right path into the next area.

In the next area, there will be guards patrolling the area. Try to avoid
being seen by them or else you will have to start at the entrance of
this area again. Try walking when their backs are facing you. The
strategy here is to stay at the entrance and wait for the right guard to
walk towards the left. He will then stop and start to walk right again.
Now must quickly get into the room on the right with the alter before he
faces left again. Inside the room, he will not see you. Quickly head
right up the stairs when he is at the left and facing left. You will
then get to the floor above. There is a guard here. Wait for him to face
left then continue up the stair and you will be in the next screen. Now
there will be no more bandit guards, so just head up all the stairs and
enter the room to meet Princess Lisa. Dart will tell the truth to Lisa
and Everyone will decide to find the real Emille as soon as possible.
Lisa will then try astrology to find the real Emille but there will be
no result. Lisa will then join your party to search for Emille. Even
after Lisa joins you, you will still have to avoid those Bandit guards.
If you are caught, you will have to start off again, so avoid being seen
by those guards and make your way back to the area with the save point.

Back at the save point area, Lisa will try to talk to the guard, but he
will not allow your party to enter. Now head into the left path into the
next area. Now you will again have to avoid the eyes of those bandit
guards to reach the left tower. Use the same strategy here to reach the
next screen. Note that if you are caught, you will have to start all
over again because you will end up at Lisa's tower. At the next screen,
continue up the stairs until you reach the top. There will be two more
guards but they will run away after the conversation. Inside the room,
your party will have a short conversation again. Haschel, Meru and
Kongol will be guarding outside. So where is the real Emille? Check the
painting to get teleported to a Magical space. Emille will be at the
other side and is unconsious. Talk to everyone but they can't think of
any solution since this area is reflecting every magics and Dragoon
transformation. Just check the pink shiny ball next to Albert to open up
a brigde. Across the bridge, Albert and Lisa will wake Emille up. Dart
will again explain everything to Emille. Emille will join up and now the
guards will not be able to stop you anymore. Now head back to the save
point and SAVE but please do not overwrite the save at the Inn. Then
select your desired party:
  Team 1: Deadly Team:
     Dart, Albert/Kongol and Rose
     Equip Albert/Kongol with the Bandit's Ring to increase his Speed
     if you don't have any Ultimate Wargod. If you have a Ultimate
     Wargod, you may equip it to Albert so that his additions will be
     successful. To increase his speed, you can use Speed up on him.
     For Rose, equip Physical ring to raise her HP. Make sure you
     select Albert's Flower Storm.
     This is the ideal team against the boss. This Team is damaging and
     Rose can heal everyone with here Astral Drain.

  Team 2: Survival Team:
     Dart, Haschel and Rose
     Give Kongol the Bandit's Ring to increase his speed. Equip the
     Physical Ring to Rose to raise her HP. Equip Therapy Ring to
     Rose can hurt the boss and heal everyone at the same time.

  Team 3: Quickest Team:
     Dart, Rose and Shana
     Give Dart the Bandit's Ring and you will find this team to be real
     fast. Equip Physical Ring to Shana. Give Rose Therapy Ring so that
     she will not die in the battle.
     When this team is used, the speedy boss will only be able to
     attack 1-2 times in a row instead of 3-6 times.

When ready, head into the Chamber of the Sun(Throne room). You see King
Zior getting ready to hand over the Moon Dagger to the imposter. Dart
and the others will rush in to stop them but the imposter will grab the
Moon Dagger off King Zior. King Zior will then realise his mistake and
the imposter reveal her true self. She is Lenus and you will have to
fight this Wingly.

Boss Fight:
Lenus(Water): ~3500 HP

Firstly, this boss is VERY fast, you can attack up to 2-6 times in a
row. She is also a very strong magic caster. She has high HP and has
some attacks that damages everyone. Her physical attack is also rather

Team 1:
Use Dart to select the special command, then use his Red-Eyed Dragon
attack if you have it, otherwise use his Final Burst attack. The Red-
Eyed Dragon attack can deal around 1000 HP damage. Now, after using the
special command, everyone will be in their dragoon form. For Rose, use
Astral Drain and for Kongol and Albert, use their strongest magic.

Team 2:
Follow the same method. However for this team, do not have everyone
transform into Dragoons. Instead, only transform Dart and Haschel into
Dragoons and use their deadiest attacks. Rose has strong attacks and
better defense, so feel free to use her to attack. I suggest that you do
not transform Rose in dragoon first because you will need her soon.
Transform her to dragoon and use her Astral Drain if everyone has fallen
rather low on HP. You will find that this team can survive better but
take longer to kill her.

Team 3:
For this team, everyone should use additions repeatedly. You can also
transform Dart into dragoon and use his deadly attack. When HP runs low,
transform Rose into dragoon and use her Astral Drain to hurt Lenus and
heal your party at the same time. Since Shana's Moonlight can only heal
one person, so you should attack with her and let her use those recovery
items. This team make use of the strategy called "Kill her before she
kill you". You will find that this speed actually kill her faster if you
use the right additions but is more vulnerable to dying.

You will get 200G, 6000 EXP after the battle.
After the fight, Lenus will escape with the Moon Dagger and Rose will
tell you that she is a Wingly. You will also find out that winglies are
the species that dominated the bygone world. No wonder they are so
strong... You will then get a conversation. Lisa will mention about
Commodore Puler and a warship called Queen Fury. So where is Queen Fury?
It is in Donau which is your next destination. Anyway head to the world
map and save.

2.8  Onboard Queen Fury
Treasure: None

Boss: None

Boss Prize: None

Monsters: None

Character: Kayla, Commodore Puler

Stardust: 2
Train up your additions and when you are ready, head into Donau. In
Donau, head to the Dock by heading left in the first screen and heading
north in the next screen. Go down the stair and you will be greeted by
kayla, a crew member of Queen Fury. He will then call Commodore Puler
out. When you are ready, talk to Kayla and select the second option(Yes)
to board the ship.

Next, you will see Queen Fury automatically and you will get a sequence
soon. You will listen to what Shana thinks and you will be able to
control her. Head down the stair next to the save point into the next
area. You will see Kongol. Search the box with the lamp next to him for
a Stardust. You may talk to Kongol if you want. Then head back upstair
and enter the cabin area through any of the three doorway. Inside,
search the chest at the bottom right for a Stardust. The room left of
this chest is where Albert is. Talk to him if you want. After that, take
the left path(not the left doorway)into the next screen to find Meru
sleeping. Talk to her to see her childish side. If you check the opened
cabinet, Shana will say "Wow!". When controlling different character,
you can get different dialog when you examine this cabinet. Now head out
of this room and climb up the bottom right stair and up another stair to
reach the next area. You can find Haschel here. Talk to him if you want.
Then head into the next area through the only exit. You will find last. Talk to Dart and you will control Dart. After revealing
more feelings towards Dart, Shana will run off. Dart wants to find out
something about the Black Monster from Rose, so head off to find her. If
you climb up the ladder in this room, you will find her. When prompted,
just choose to Move up. Rose will say that she doesn't know anything
about the Black Monster and will instead tell you more about dragoons.
Then you will controll Rose. Now head off to meet Haschel. After the
conversation, you will get to see a short cutscene featuring Haschel
training his daughter. After the cutscene, you will control Haschel. Now
head back to the save point area and head down the stair beside it to
find Kongol. Talk to him and after the conversation, you will control
Kongol. Now go and talk to Albert who is in the first room you'll see if
you go north from the save point area into the cabin area. Talk to him
and after the conversation, you will control Albert. Head off to talk to
Meru and you will control Meru. Meru will want to hang out with Dart, so
go and find Dart. He is at the same area that you found him earlier on.
This childish Meru will cover Dart's eyes and call him to identify her.
Choose whatever you like when given a option. Now you will control Dart
and Meru will join you. Go to save at the save point of you want, then
head off to meet Rose and you will see the legendary phantom ship. After
the scene, you will find out that the engine is damaged and Haschel will
report that he cannot find Shana in this Ship. Next, you will
automatically be "teleported" into the Phantom Ship.

2.9 The Legendary Phantom Ship
Treasure: 50G, 20G, 200G, 100G, Key of Phantom Ship(Goods),
          Bravery Amulet, Dancing Dagger,

Chest Items: Stun Guard, Panic Guard, Magic Ego Bell, Talisman,
             Ultimate Wargod, 100G

Boss: Ghost Commander (~1700 HP), Ghost Knight x4 (~300 HP)

Boss Prize: Night Raid

Monsters: Will-o'-Wisp (~160 HP), Skeleton (~200 HP), Death (~200 HP),
          Magician Bogy (~800 HP),

Characters: Ghost Captain,

Item Shop(Queen Fury): Healing Potion (10G), Healing Breeze (50G),
                       Sun Rhapsody (50G), Angel's Prayer (30G),
                       Mind Purifier (20G), Body Purifier (10G),
                       Trans Light (10G), Dancing Ray (20G)

Weapon Shop(Queen Fury): Glaive (250G), Beast Fang (250G),
                         Warrior Dress (150G), Stun Guard (200G),
                         Magic Ego Bell (200G)
Note that you will not encounter any random battle in this phantom ship.
All enemies encounters are touch-based. If you proceed left into the
next area, there will be a room with a combination chest that you cannot
open now. You will need three numbers. DO NOT attempt to open it because
you will waste your chance as you will be only given ten tries. You will
find a Save point, a Item and a Weapon Depot if you jump across to Queen
Fury. You can reach them by heading down the stair. Buy Glaive for
Albert and some recovery items. This is a good place for training since
there is a Inn for you to rest. When you are ready, head back to the
area where Shana is earlier on.

Back at the area, head right to find a door which takes you to the
Captain's Quarter. Inside, you will get a sequence. After the short
sequence, you will see many blue lights blocking you. If you get pass
them, you will reach the door which lead to the Captain's Cabin.
Unfortunately, you will need a key to open it. Now go back out take the
stair down into the next area.

In the next area, you will find the purple demon that attacked Shana
earlier on heading into the first room. Follow him in but you will not
see him in the room. Check the Chest and it will pop out. You will then
have to fight three Skeletons and he will escape. They are really easy,
just kill them off with physical attacks. After killing them, head out
of this room and enter the room right of this room. You will find a
chest. Examine it to find the demon again. This time it will fight you
together with two skeletons. In this battle, then you will find out that
it is called Magician Bogy. Kill off the two skeletons then go for the
so called 'Magician'. This Magician has an attack that will stun your
character but you will defeat it easily. After the fight, it will escape
again. Head out of this room, then right to find a treasure chest(50G)
just next to a doorway. After taking the treasure, proceed into the
doorway into the next room. In the next room, open the first treasure
chest that you see to get 20G. Now check the treasure chest at the left
to meet the magician Bogy for the last time. This time you will have to
fight three of them. After killing them, the spirit of Captain will be
free! You should already have noticed a shiny object in this room.
Examine it and four purple ghost will appear. Each of them will give you
one number. Please note them down. These are the codes for the
combination chest i mentioned earlier on. Now head to save first before
attempting to open the chest. To open the chest, you'll need to input
three numbers from the the four numbers in some order. After some
attempt, if you are lucky, you will input the correct code and will get
the items inside. Note that you can keep on going back to get new codes
and inputting them to get new items. The only thing is that the number
of chances given will decrease. Note that if you can't get the code
right within the chances given, you will have to fight three skeletons
and will have to head back to get new codes. Anyway, it took me 3 hours
to get all the items. Below will show you what you will get after
opening the chest.
    First Time   10 chances    Stun Guard
    Second Time   8 chances    Panic Guard
    Third Time    6 chances    Magic Ego Bell
    Fourth Time   4 chances    Talisman
    Fifth Time    2 chances    Ultimate Wargod
    Sixth Time    2 chances    100G
After you are getting enough with this chest, head into the Captain's
Cabin. Inside, you will see a portrait of the Mille Seseau's Queen. Then
the Ghost Captain will appear and tell you that the Black Monster had
killed everyone. Get the two treasures from the chests(200G, 100G) and
take the shiny object on the ground. It is actually the Key of Phantom
Ship.  Now get out of this room and out the next room. Now you will be
at the area where Shana was attacked earlier on. If you proceed left,
two ghost knights will attack Rose and they seems to be protecting
someone called Princess Louvia. Now you will be able to open the door on
the left of this screen. However you may want to head over to Queen Fury
to take a rest or stock up on items first. Anyway enter the room when
you are ready. Inside, open the chest to get a Bravery Amulet. Now try
to exit to the left and you will meet more Ghost Knights and the Head of
Ghost Knights. They are trying to protect Princess Louvia(Shana) from
the Black Monster(Rose). Thinking that you are associated with the Black
Monster, they will fight you.
Boss Fight:
Ghost Commander: ~1700 HP
Ghost Knight x4: ~300 HP

Ignore those Ghost Knights because they will just keep on regenerating.
To end this battle, you must kill the Ghost Commander. The Commander can
really hurt everyone because he has a attack that damages 50% of your
max HP. After killing the commander, then you can kill off those knights
easily with one or two dragoon magics. You will get a Night Raid, 200G
and 6000 EXP after this fight.

The Commander will disappear and the door will open. Needless to say,
head into the room. BUT before entering, you might want to save at the
save point so that you will not have to fight those ghosts again if
something happens. Anyway if you head into the room, you will find a
Dancing Dagger for Rose. Check the baby bed at the bottom left and Ghost
Nanny will appear. She will disappear after the conversation.

Next, you will find the ship shaking and you wil have to head over to
Queen Fury immediately. Just head out of this room and you will get to
see a sequence. Everyone will be able to escape but Dart will not be
able. He will slip and Rose will try to save him. Unfortunately, both of
them will fall off into the deep blue sea...

2.10 Alone with Rose
Treasure: Healing Potion

Boss: None

Boss Prize: None

Monsters: Glare*(~260 HP), Screw Shell*(~150 HP), Mermaid*(~400 HP),
          Glare (~260 HP), Screw Shell (~150 HP), Mermaid (~400 HP),
          Sea Piranha (~250 HP)

Characters: Pete, Pooch(Dog),

Stardust: 1
You will get to see a sequence of Dart and Rose in a cave. It seems that
Rose liked someone called Zieg and that Dart look very alike to Zieg.
You will then get to see the War 11,000 years ago. This is one of those
CG that i liked. Just a brief explanation here if you do not understand
well. 11,000 years ago, there is a war between the Dragoons race and the
Winglies. Zieg, the former Red-Eye Dragoon and many others Dragoons are
fighting against the winglies. Zieg will then attack the emperor of the
winglies but before the emperor dies, he cast a spell that turns Zieg
into stone. After that, the tower will collapse.

Then you will be switched back to the real world. After some thoughts,
Rose will fall asleep with Dart's head on her lap. Next morning, a dog
named Pooch and his master Pete will found the two and will bring them
to his village, Lidiera. During the conversation, you will find out that
Queen Fury might be docked at Fueno, a nearby town. After the
conversation, head out and take the boat. You will be given some choice.
The platform at the centre is called 'ocean terrace' and the shore is
called 'Pier'. Choose to go to the pier. The exit on the right will take
you back to the world map but don't go first. Check the chest near the
exit for a Healing Potion. At this area, there is only two houses. Enter
the bigger house to meet a talkative women(Like Kaffi). Talk to her to
know more about Pete's family. There is a enclosed area in this room,
but you cannot enter it from here. Head outside and climb up the ladder
next to the house then down another ladder to reach this enclosed area.
Search the cabinet for a Stardust. In this village, there will be
nothing more to do, so head right. Before you can leave, Pete will stop
you and he and his mother want to travel with you to Fueno. I wonder how
can a ill lady stands up so well and walks so well... Anyway just head
right to reach the world map. Save if you need. You will now only have
Rose in your party.

Now head into the Undersea Cavern and go through it to reach the other
side. In the Cavern, Pete will stop and talk about the Sea Dragon again.
Please note that you can encounter enemies in the Caverns. The enemies
in the Caverns give you rather high EXP, so you might want to consider
leveling in this Caverns. When you arrived outside the Caverns, you will
be in a bigger piece of land.

2.11 Joining the others
Treasure: None

Boss: None

Boss Prize: None

Monsters: Glare*(~260 HP), Screw Shell*(~150 HP), Mermaid*(~400 HP),
          Treasure Jar*(5 HP)(Immune to physical attacks)

Characters: None

Item Shop: Healing Potion(10G), Healing Breeze(50G), Sun Rhapsody(50G),
           Angel's Prayer(30G), Mind Purifier(20G), Charm Potion(4G),
           Burn Out(10G), Gushing Magma(20G)

Weapon Shop: Falchion(250G), Bemusing Arrow(250G), Morning Star(250G),
             Plate Mail(200G), Sparkle Dress(200G), Knight Helm(150G)

Stardust: 2
On this part of the world map, you can meet treasure jars that are
immune to physical attacks. When you kill one, you can get Ruby Ring.
Enter Fueno when you are ready.

Inside Fueno, Pete will thank you and Rose and head off. See how Pete
teases Rose. There is a Item and Weapon shop just here. Up the stair is
the weapon shop and below is the Item Shop. At the Item shop, buy some
Burn Out and Gushing Magma bacause you will need them soon. As for the
Weapon Shop, there is a lot of good weapons and armors but wait till you
have a full party then come here and shop. On the right is the
hospital(a save point is outside its doorway). You can enter it to visit
Pete's mother. Before you leave this hospital, check the painting at the
right of the doorway for a Stardust. After taking this Stardust, get out
of the hospital and enter the two rooms below the hospital if you want.
The left one is the female bath section and the right one is the male
bath section. Left of the hospital is the Inn. If you try to go up to
the upper floor in the Inn, the Inn Keeper will tell you that all the
rooms are full. Before you leave, Search the barrels underneath the
stair and near the doorway for a Stardust. By the way, you should have
35 Stardusts by now. Now go out of this Inn and go down the stair right
of the Inn to the next area.

The next area will be a harbour area and Queen Fury will be docked here.
Enter the doorway at the north and you will meet Kayla. Kayla will be
very happy to see Rose and Dart alive. After the conversation, head out
and you will bump into Meru. She will also be glad to see Dart and Rose
alive. Meru will then tell Dart that everyone is at the Inn. Now head
into the Inn and Meru will play tricks on you again. However this time
you will not get an option. After the trick, you will be greeted by
Haschel, Kongol and Albert. They will tell Dart that Shana is alone
upstairs. Dart will automatically head up. Upstairs, you will see two
room. The top room is just a vacant room. The bottom room is where Shana
is. Needless to say, enter the bottom room to find Shana crying. Shana
will be EXTREMELY glad to find Dart alive. Then while they are hugging,
you will hear some "whispering". The others are eavesdropping and will
run off when Dart sees them. While alone with Shana again, the screen
will darken. I wonder what will they do next...? You will then end up
with your party again. Everyone will be really anxious to know happened
when Dart was alone with Rose in the cave. Everyone will decide to
continue finding Lenus.

Head to the habour area an talk to Commodore Puler to find get
information on Lenus. Puler will tell you about a small island called
Prison Island which is surrounded by rocks and is located in the center
of the San Christ islands. Puler will tell you that you can reach this
island by going through the Undersea Cavern. Now you can go to the
Weapon Shop to buy new weapons and when you are ready, head out to the
world map. Before you leave Fueno, you might want to talk to the three
city dwellers near the exit. Be sure to drop by the hospital to visit
Pete's mother before you go...

2.12 Death of Lenus
Treasure: Healing Rain, Healing Fog

Treasure: Attack Ball, Jeweled Crown, Gushing Magma, Recovery Ball,
(Cavern)  Recovery Ball, Burn Out, Attack Ball

Boss: Lenus (3000 HP), Regole (3000 HP)

Boss Prize: Frozen Jet, Jeweled Crown(Maybe)

Monsters: Glare (~260 HP), Screw Shell (~150 HP), Mermaid (~400 HP),
          Flabby Troll (560 HP), Sea Piranha (~250 HP),

Characters: Lidiera's Mayor

Dragoon Spirit: Blue Sea Dragoon Spirit
Head into the Undersea Cavern when you are ready. Once you are inside,
proceed right to get out of this cavern. Half way through, you will get
a sequence. Your party will hear the some noise and Meru will say that
it is the cry of the Sea Dragon. Anyway after you gain control of Dart,
try the north path. The path will not be accessible due to the water, so
head to Lidiera to find some way to get to the Prison Island.

In Lidiera, head over to the ocean terrace by taking the boat to get a
sequence with the mayor. It seems that he is playing some sort of cards
with two other villagers. Dart will ask him about the way to Prison
Island and they will be really shock to hear what you say. Choose the
third option(We need to see the monster) when prompted. Mayor will then
order a villager to open the gate. Now head over to Pete's house and
there will be a right path from there which will take you to the cave.
Enter to reach the cave.

Inside, you can get two treasures(Healing Rain, Healing Fog) from the
chests. After taking them, follow the path to reach a valve(wheel). Turn
the valve to open the gate. Now you can head back to the world map and
into Undersea Cavern. A litte note: While in the Cavern, be sure to
proceed slowly and 'purposely' get into random battles so as to gain new
level. Now you can take the north path in the cavern. Grab the Attack
Ball then proceed into the next area.

In the next area, you can get a Jeweled Crown from the chest. Proceed
left until you reach a fork. Take the lower path first to reach another
fork. Take the left path to get to a Gushing Magma. Now go back to the
first fork and take the left path into the next area.

In the next area, proceed along the twisting path until you cannot go
anymore. When you cannot go anymore, press X to find a treasure(Recovery
Ball). Actually it is a chest which cannot be easily seen. After taking
it, return to the previous screen and take the north path at the second
fork to reach another area. In this area, take the upper left path to
reach another area with a Recovery Ball. Now return to the previous area
and take the right path to arrive at the staircase above. From there, go
left to get a Burn Out. After taking it, head to the right to get a
Attack Ball. After taking it, proceed along to reach a Save point.
Please SAVE because you are about to face the last boss of Disc 2. The
boss will await you at the next area. However before you face her,
please choose the party you want and the additions you want. The next
boss will be water-based, so it will be weak to fire-based attacks.
Equiping Dart with the Heat Blade would be a good idea. I suggest that
you use Kongol, Haschel and Dart to fight this boss. Make sure you have
full life then head up the stair to the next area.
My levels are as follows:
  Dart: Lv 27  Shana: Lv 22  Rose: Lv 24  Haschel: Lv 24  Albert: Lv 24
  Meru: Lv 22  Kongol: Lv 24
If your levels are higher than mine, then you will be safe.

In the next area, proceed north to reach the next area. You will ge a
sequence between Lenus and Lloyd. Lenus will pass the Moon Dagger to
Lloyd. Then you will see Lenus hugging Lloyd but your party will appear
and disturbed this 'nice' moment. Lloyd will say that he is doing all
this for Emperor Diaz and will escape, leaving Lenus to fight you. Lloyd
will be heading off to Mille Seseau to get the last Moon artefact. You
will now fight Lenus is dragoon form and her Dragon, Regole.
Boss Fight:
Lenus(Water): 3000 HP
Regole(Water): 3000 HP

This is a tough battle. This time, Lenus will not have multiple attacks,
so she will be easier BUT the dragoon is a tough one. It has really
strong magical attacks that can really hurt your party. Therefore
getting rid of the dragon is what you should go for. Transform Dart into
a dragoon and use his strongest magic attack to inflict great damage on
the dragon. DO beware of the dragon's physical attacks which are very
deadly. Lenus also has some strong dragoon attacks that can kill you if
you let your HP falls too low. Guarding and Healing will be very
important in this battle. Fire-based items that i called you to buy in
Fueno will work well here as the both of them are water-based. You
should have also gotten a few of them on the journey. After a few turns,
you should be able to kill Lenus. Dart will again unleash the finishing
move to kill off Lenus. Before she dies, she will direct a last attack
at Shana but will be blocked off by Dart. You will get 250G, 7000 EXP, a
Frozen Jet and maybe a Jeweled Crown for winning this battle.
Meru will then inherit the Blue Sea Dragoon Spirit and she will be one
of the dragoons too. Notice how happy Meru will be. Now you will have to
head back to Fletz to report to King Zior that you have failed to
recover the Moon Dagger. Now head back to Fueno.

From Donau, just pass Barrens to get to Fletz. Once you enter the
castle, the guards soon tell you to meet the king soon. The two
princesses are waiting for you, too. Even you couldn't get the Moon
Dagger, King Zior is still happy to make a big party to welcome you for
defeating the Sea Dragon. The story about you will be kept for time in
Tiberoa. When the court is preparing, your partners split and go to
different places. Dart and Shana is on a hall and prepares for their
love. But Mr.Fester and the maid Libria interrupt you that Shana wants
to stop and takes you to find the others :

  Albert is at Princess Emille's room~the room where you found her. Rose
is at the bedroom and remembering about her past. She can't smile or
laugh...just because she hasn't do that for 11000 years. Meru and
Haschel are "tasting" the food in the kitchen when they aren't ready
yet. Kongol is at the north practising room for soldiers. When you find
them all, the party starts soon. Shana is taken to wear a beautiful...

In the ball, Dart doesn't see Shana. Let him talk to Albert, Meru,
Kongol, Haschel until they say they don't see Shana. Then Libria from
the balcony tells you that Rose needs you. Go to the balcony where
Libria was, Rose is standing there and blames Dart that he lets someone
wait for him during the night. Dart tries to look and it's Shana in the
beautiful dress...



  Items : Boat License
  Weapons & Armors : N/A
  Money : 500g
  You get to Mille Seseau to continue pursuing Lloyd. This is Furni~the
water city~also the port to Mille Seseau. The most exciting thing here
is that the city is full of water. Your only means of transport are
boats. When you have just got off the Queen Fury, the house in your
right has a Stardust. Search for it, then go forward. Ah, the Holy
Knight of Mille Seseau holds a prize for a fighter who can kill a
monster wolf named Kamuy and get back Teo - the child who followed the
wolf to the Evergreen Forest. Just ignore the arrogant guy with the
stupid axe (His name is Gulgus), go to the left to hotel. Go downstairs
and talk to a person. She will give you the Boat License for you to use
a boat here freely. The story about your victory with the Sea Dragon is
given to this place, too. Now get on a boat and go. Let me return to the
first place of Furni where you got off the Queen Fury and chart the map
by my words :

  The first place :
- Go up : the second place
- To the house on right : Stardust
- to the Item Shop : find the Item Shop

  Item Shop area :
- Talk in the Item Shop : buy items
- To the right : return to the first place
- To the left : get off the boat

  Second place :
- To the hotel : rest
- Go upper right : to the next place
- To the front : return to the first place
- to the left : find Weapon Shop

  Weapon Shop area :
- Talk in the Weapon Shop : buy weapons
- Move to the right : return to the second place
- Talk to the Fisherman

  Third place :
- To the Clinic : cure status abnormalities
- To the right : Teo's house or get out of the city
- To the front : return to the second place
- To the Mayor's house : talk to the Mayor of Furni

  Okay, do you understand the ways of the city ? Now let's return to the
walkthrough. After receiving the Boat License, that woman asks you to
meet the Mayor because his daughter Fa involved with the monster wolf
incident. Just get to his house and accept to stay there. When you want
to rest, talk to him and answer "Yes, we are". After that, your party
members finish the dinner and go to bed. Shana is very compatible with
Fa. She tries to sing for the child her favourite lullaby. Haschel hears
the song and remembers Claire - his daughter, who also likes this tune.
Then Shana wants to go to the terrace with Dart (Meru is after you !!!).
When seeing the Moon That Never Sets, some troubles happen to her...

  Next morning, she becomes all right. We say goodbye to this place.
Move the boat to the right and get out of Furni (the stupid Gulgus is
there anymore).

  Items : Body Purifier, Depetrifier
  Weapons & Armors : Destone Amulet
  Money : N/A
  Monsters here :

  HP : 300
  Element : Wind

  HP : 300
  Element : Wind

  HP : 350
  Element : Earth

  HP : 450
  Element : Dark

  HP : 550
  Element : Earth

  You are in a forest of Mille Seseau. First, go to the right to get
items. Then head to the north and search the place. You'll find Teo who
is being chased by a lot of fighters who want to get the prize, even
Gulgus. Teo is small and fast enough to pass them. When they try to
follow him, just keep trace of them. You are taken to another place. Run
to the north and you face Kamuy. Teo says it has been a lovely pet. But
it becomes like this because of protecting Fa from monsters. Kamuy is so
angry that he throws everything on his way, even the stupid Gulgus. Then
you must fight him :

  HP : 3500
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Easy
  He is not very powerful. But be careful when he bites you. "Special"
command is good at this. He likes to use Light spells. You can have
Shana to heal. His bite can make a great deal of damage. So protect
yourself from it.

  After being defeated, Kamuy is dead. For the gentle cherish, Shana
saves him by the healing power from White Silver Dragon Dragoon Spirit.
Okay, now you can return to Furni to require the prize. But I remind you
that it will make you disappointed : only 500g.

  Get out of that area to the place where there is a guard in the right.
Go to the south. When you prepare to get out of the forest, Rose and
Meru say they have something to do and get out of your party
temporarily. Just go.

  Here you can search the place for items, weapons or anything. This is
a cold area so you can see each house has at least a fireplace. Okay, go
to the right path taking to the church. The Bishop is telling people
about the legendary Divine Tree. You should go in and ask him to tell
you that (Albert becomes freak when he has a chance to hear new
knowledge). Divine Tree is the tree in people's imagination. No one sees
the real one. But it might involve with Lloyd as he is looking for the
three Divine Moon Objects.

  After finishing the story, you go to the north to talk to a man who is
Library Ute who lets you go to the national library. Follow him. Get out
of the church and go to the deep north path. Your front is the Crystal
Palace, your right is the hotel and your left is the Library. Get into
and find out about what you need. Talk to all the characters to combine
each pieces you collect from the books. Then the Library Ute realizes
were a survivor from the accident in Neet. He agrees to take you
and tells you about what he knows about the Black Monster and the

  Do you wonder where Rose is ? She is at Neet - Dart's hometown which
destroyed 17 years ago by herself - the Black Monster. The Second Sacred
Sister of Deningrad~Luanna is here with The Fourth Sacred Sister Setie
and their guards. Rose comes to them and asks about this place. Luanna
was also a survivor from the tragedy of Neet like Dart. Her mother died,
her eyes are blinded after the accident. But since then, she has a
special ability which is similar to telepathy. She can read and feel
the others are thinking. Rose would like to follow Luanna to return to
Deningrad together. Luanna knows that she is not a bad person and lets
her go.

  Meru is exactly a Wingly. The Humans think that Winglies disappeared
many years ago after the Dragon Campaign. But they still live in this
world - in a secret forest of Mille Seseau. When returning, Meru meets
Guaraha - her childhood friend and also a Wingly. He reminds her that
would receive a terrible welcomw if she gets back home. Control Meru to
the high cave, then use teleport to get to the platform lake and go
north. First, the Bardel brother try to get rid of you. Then the
Ancestor wants you to get out of here. Next, your father blocks your
mother and doesn't let you go home. Okay, it's enough for you to get out
of this place. But Guaraha wants to joke you again. But he also tells
you about the Divine Dragon - the King of Dragons who was locked in the
Mountain of Mortal Dragon by Winglies. But now he is free with unknown

  Items : Holy Ankh, Angel's Prayer
  Weapons & Armors : N/A
  Money : N/A
  After finishing everything in the Library, you get out of the place.
You meet Rose and Luanna. Let's go to the hotel.

  Luanna feels something strange in Dart's body. It's not entirely
Human. After some moments, Dart falls on his knees again. He suddenly
remembers what Rose told him about the source of Dragoon's power. The
insanity !!!

  When getting out, you will meet Meru, too. She is realized to be a
Wingly. Meru tells you about the Divine Dragon who is coming here for
some destruction...

  The King of Dragons has come. He is flying in the air and slowly
destroy a very small part of the Crystal Palace. But he runs away soon.
Now Dart and his partners affirm that they are Dragon Knights that they
can help Deningrad to solve this incident. Luanna accepts to let them go
to the Crystal Palace to meet Queen Theresa.

  When you go to the palace, try to search for some items, especially
Holy Ankh and Stardust. Pass the knight's room and bedroom, go to the
Queen's Champer. At first, you meet the First Sacred Sister Mirranda is
blaming the knight about doing his duty badly. Talk to the Queen about
the Divine Dragon. Then your party would introduce themselves as the
Dragon Knights and accept to do this work. Mirranda isn't sure of your
talent. She wants to go with you to see your true selves. Your party get
out, but Shana doesn't...

  When going out, Albert realizes that Shana is missing. Let's return to
find her. Go to the secret room in the right of the Queen. Shana meets
some troubles again. This is the room used to seal Dragon's power for
about 10000 years. Shana feels weak, the White Silver Dragon Dragoon
Spirit leaves her and flies to Mirranda...

  Now Mirranda replaces Shana to help you in the journey as the new
White Silver Dragoon. Your mission is going to Meru's home - Wingly
Forest to borrow the Dragon Block Staff which can seal the power of
Dragons. Return to Evergreen Forest as Meru had showed you. Run to the
area where you met Teo and head to the north. Meru would do some magic
to open a secret way. Get into and you are on the way to Wingly Forest.

  Items : Mind Purifier, Power Up, Dragon Block Staff
  Weapons & Armors : Dancer's Shoes, Mind Crush
  Money : N/A
  Try to receive another similar welcome. But it's lucky to you that the
Wingly ancestor wants to meet you. Use the teleport to get in the
village. Do you see a standing Wingly there ? Ask him to bring you up to
Meru's house. Talk to her parents and head to the right. You see two
teleport tables. The first one takes you to the Ancestor. The second
takes you to the Wingly shops. I remind you to go to the second first.
Buy Items and weapons. In this area has two another teleport tables. The
left one takes you to Guaraha's room. The right one has a platform. Meru
would open the door to show you a statue of Archangel - the legendary
guardian of Winglies. Okay, let's get to meet the Ancestor. First, you
are taken to a room with pink background that heals your health. Try to
"debate" with the Elder Bardel. Then continue to go. You'll meet the
Ancestor in the clinic room. He leads to another place with a high port.
When you are ready, he uses super teleport to open the way to Forbbiden
Land. You are moved to there.

  You are in the ruin of Capital Kadessa. Enemies here :

  HP : 250
  Element : Earth

  HP : 300
  Element : Light

  HP : 300
  Element : Earth

  HP : 160
  Element : Earth

Just go in it until you meet a teleport. Use it to enter a place which
is full of teleport. Try to get all the items here. Some of them are
really useful. If you go right, you will reach an area with some pink
circles on the floor and the Spinning Head wake up and chase you. The
way in your front is sealed by 5 lasers. Try to avoid the monsters and
unlock all the circles. Each of them unlocks a laser shield.

  HP : 400
  Element : Non-elemental

When you have opened the seal, go into and try to pass the teleport
again until you meet an area which looks like a ring.

  After the talk, just use the teleport until you reach the last one. It
will take you to a place with a Save Point and a pink table for healing.
Prepare yourself here. Then go on your way. There are two ways here, the
higest floor and the lowest floor. Now your mission is to find the
Dragon Block Staff. You aren't forced to go to the highest floor. But if
you like, just reach it.

  Here you meet a puzzle. There are seven drawns on the wall which
represents the order of species. Try to arrange them by steping on them.
If their color is changed, that means you are on the right way. Until
all the platforms are changed colors, the elevator in the center will be
activated. Get on it and go down. Yeah, another type of Virage. This guy
looks more modern and stronger than the others.

  Difficulty : Easy/Medium
               - HEAD
                 HP : 10000
                 Element : Non-elemental

               - BODY
                 HP : 10000
                 Element : Non-elemental

               - ARM
                 HP : 5000
                 Element : Non-elemental

  This boss is not tough. It is almost destroyed for years and now it
has 10 turns to live. When the time has come to limit, it makes an
explosion which your party lose a big number of HP. You can guard until
it explodes. Or if you want to finish the battle faster, just beat it
until the time remains 2 or 1, then guard. But there is an exception.
You can win it without its being exploded by finish it before the time
coming. As I said, this battle is optional. You can finish all your
work, gain your levels higher then return here in Disc 4 to beat (You
must be stronger at that time). It will be a very easy battle.

  Now let's go to the lowest floor to get the Dragon Block Staff. When
Meru is trying to put it out, something is moving and it throws Meru
out. The "keeper" of the staff wants to play you a joke :

  HP : 4600
  Element : Earth
  Difficulty : Medium/Hard
  Don't turn into Dragoons. The Dragon Block Staff drains all the
Dragoons' strength that you will be killed easily in Dragoon form. Just
fight in ordinary state. Its magic isn't strong enough to kill you soon.
When you beat it until its HP is red, sometimes it could heal its health
by some magic. The healed HP can reach 1350 HP. Don't be impatient and
try to continue because it only does this one time. When fighting, it
lower or increase your level that also lower or increase your stat. So
careful !
  When you level is lowered, your defense reduces too, the opposite of
increasing level.

  You have got the Dragon Block Staff and now it's your way to return to
Deningrad. Use the right teleport to return by the fastest way. Then get
out of Kadessa to meet the Ancestor Blano. He and Meru's parents will
try to get you to Deningrad by teleporting as soon as possible...

  Divine Dragon again destroys the palace. Now the damage is more
serious. Get on the palace to meet Queen Theresa again and report what
you have done. Now it's your time to find the King of Dragons. Head to
Evergreen Forest. Do you remember there is always a knight in the left
area ? Talk to him and now he allows you to pass that way. It's the path
to Mountain of Mortal Dragon.

  Items : 2 Mind Purifier, Attack Ball, Healing Breeze, Total Vanising,
Body Pufifier, Speed Down
  Weapons & Armors : Giganto Armor, Dragon Helm
  Money : N/A
  Monsters here :

  HP : 250
  Element : Fire

  HP : 300
  Element : Earth

  HP : 550
  Element : Wind

  HP : 250
  Element : Thunder

  HP : 320
  Element : Wind

  First, there are a lot of strange animal corpses in your sight. You
will know that these are Lloyd's work. Just continue on the way. You
meet a lot of ways and cave ways in the deeper area. When you reach some
place, the power of Divine Dragon appears in your sight. Just continue
until and check the place all to get items and armors. Until you reach a
place with Save Point, prepare yourself. You hear the clash of weapons.
Forward to there and you know what is happening : Lloyd is fighting the
Divine Dragon. Without knowing what he wants, just attack the Dragon :

  HP : 5000
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Very Hard

  HP : 2000
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Easy

  HP : 2000
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Medium

  The Dragon Block Staff seals all of the power of Divine Dragon and
Dragoons. So don't turn into Dragoons. Divine Dragon is more powerful
than the Grand Jewel so this is not a joke anymore. Just use physical
attacks with him and complete your additions. Have at least one
character to heal. Frequently check your health. The strongest of Divine
Dragon is the cannon. The cannon is prepared for 3 turns wich
notification in the top of the screen. So when you see the notification,
just use "Guard" command. Don't beat him this time because it can make
you lose 600 - 800 HP. It attacks one or two characters at the same
depending on its random direction.
  Also alert with its micro missiles. Although it's not as dangerous as
the Cannon, you can die of it within your carelessness.

  When the Dragon dies, Lloyd quickly darts in and cut his biggest eye
to get a gem. It's the Dragoon Spirit of Divine Dragon. And this is all
what he wants. The Dragoon Spirit doesn't accept him as its owner. But
he still gets it and disappears. Return and chase after him. But no one
could believe he is a Wingly. He casts magic to push Dart and Rose down
the lava lake and runs away. Meru tries to save them by her wings.
Mirranda guesses that Lloyd wants to get the Moon Mirror from Queen
Theresa and now you must be back to Deningrad.

  You have a chance to withness the incident. After escaping from you,
Lloyd heads to Deningrad. But in the Evergreen Forest, the Third Sacred
Sister Wink is being done harm to by the younger Bardel - the Wingly who
mocked Meru in the Wingly Forest. Lloyd again saved her (He had saved
Wink from the gangs once in Donau, Tiberoa). Then Wink brings him back
to the palace for some treatment. But he made incident...

  Passing the Evergreen Forest, find the way to Deningrad and get on
Crystal Palace. Everything is in a mess. Queen Theresa was brought away
by Lloyd to get the Moon Mirror. Now you have another mission - reach
the Flanvel Tower which is hidden in Kashua Glacier. Now let's go. When
you go out, there will be another way appearing to take you to Kashua

  Items : Thunderbolt, Meteor Fall, Dancing Ray, Black Rain, Rave
  Weapons & Armors : Heat Blade, Spirit Ring, Therapy Ring, Mage Ring
  Money : N/A
  You are in a cold place which is covered by ice and snow. Find the
Heat Blade to equip for Dart. Most of monsters here are Water elemental
which is very convenient to use this weapon with Dart.

  Enemies here :

  HP : 1200
  Element : Earth

  HP : 400
  Element : Water

  HP : 250
  Element : Water

  HP : 500
  Element : Earth

  HP : 350
  Element : Water

  After collecting all the items, get to the next area. You'll see a
yellow note to show you the way. The right path is to Flanvel Tower. The
north path is to Snow Field. Your destination is the Tower. Go !!!

  You will meet two weapon and item sellers and a Save Point. Prepare
yourselves and save here. Then climb down the icicles slowly, get items
and head to the below ground. When you have touched the land, head to
the right a go on a rising path. Your partners feel something wrong. A
boss wants to attack you :

  HP : 10000
  Element : Water
  Difficulty : Hard

  HP : 3
  Element : Water
  Difficulty : Easy

  HP : 400
  Element : Water
  Difficulty : Easy

  This boss is not very hard to fight. The fastest way is beating his
heart. But each of your hits, strong or weak, only make the heart lose 1
HP. Then Windigo quickly closes his heart by his chest bones. He only
opens it after "eating" someone. What's eating ? Sometimes Windigo grabs
one of your character and suspends him/her on his heart and drains that
character's HP. He will give him/her up when he drains all HP. Of course
that character would die at once. But there's another way to make him
give up your companion. Use Dragoon Spells or any strong attack that
makes him give up the poor character. When he is grabbing someone, he
lets the Snow Cannon to fight you. These are not powerful but they're
really annoying. Take them off along with fighting the main boss. The
battle will be much harder if those annoyers are not kicked out.

  After killing Windigo, continue on your way and head to Tower of
Flanvel. This is where the Moon Mirror is. Try to use teleport device to
get to the destination. It's the place where there are two teleport
devices and a Save Point. Don't use the right device(or you'll meet a
powerful side quest). You will a light from the top of the tower. You
realize that's the light of Divine Dragon Dragoon Spirit. Lloyd has been
here and he has had all the Divine Moon Objects. Get on the top and play
with him :

  HP : 6500
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Very Hard
  This is a hard battle. Equip your characters with strongest armors.
Lloyd can use Divine Dragoon Spells with Wingly skills that makes a big
damage on all characters. His single attacks is a dangerous sequence of
sword slashing. In this battle, you shouldn't turn characters into
Dragoons, try to suffer his blade. But if you want, equip the character
you want to transform with any armors which avoid instant death such as
Talisman or Rose's Hairband. Then let only that character attack by
Dragoon skills. Lloud's attacks are pretty strange. Except the Instant
Death, he mostly causes damage on all of you. Use your strongest
character (avoided Instant Death) to transform and attack him with
Dragoon skills.

  Dart wants to play the finishing touch to get Lloyd's life. But The
Third Sacred Sister Wink suddenly appears and protects him. She saved
Lloyd only because he has saved her twice and that's a truth couldn't be
changed. Suddenly, Queen Theresa and people from Deningrad come and tell
Dart that Shana was caught by Emperor Diaz and brought to Vellweb. Now
you can't return and must continue on your road for Shana. Lloyd would
follow you with the three Divine Moon Objects.

  Get out of this place until you come to the place with the yellow
notes. Head to the north path to go to the World Map.

  Items : Burn Out, Gushing Magma, Magic Shield, Burning Wave
  Weapons & Armors : N/A
  Money : N/A
  This play is full of monsters :

  HP : 1200
  Element : Earth

  HP : 800
  Element : Thunder

  HP : 350
  Element : Wind

  HP : 300
  Element : Non-elemental

  HP : 450
  Element : Dark

  HP : 500
  Element : Earth

  Before getting Vellweb, you must pass this place. There is being a
tremendous blizzard here. Lloyd suggests you stay in a cave for rest and
warmness. Here he would tell you about his purpose and the reason why he
does bad work, killing people and getting the three Divine Moon Object.
He wants to execute the "plan" of creator Soa : making the 108th
species...with Emperor Diaz...

  Passing a night, the weather becomes fine. Now continue to Vellweb.
Just head to the right and get out.

  Items : Attack Ball, Spirit Potion
  Weapons & Armors : Rose's Hairband
  Money : N/A
  Monsters here :

  HP : 400
  Element : Dark

  HP : 450
  Element : Non-elemental

  HP : 550
  Element : Thunder

  HP : 500
  Element : Non-elemental

  HP : 400
  Element : Light

  This is the place where Humans got the liberation from the Dragon
Campaign. Here there is the tower of Seven Dragoons. First, go along the
path. In the next area, go upstairs to another place which has a
treasure chest in the below ground. Just straight to the right. You can
return by the under path to buy items and weapons from the sellers. Then
next to your way. You are at the entrance of the Tower of Seven
Dragoons. But Shirley suddenly appears. She asks you to do her a favor :
Help her to rescue the souls of other Dragoons wandering in the tower.
This is one of the side quests. Check my "Secret Side Quests" menu for
more details. Go down the stairs straight to the path on the lake. There
is a twist stairs. Emperor Diaz is at the semi-final room. I remind you
to get all the items around before meeting him.

  When you see him, he covers his face with his stuffy clothes. You give
him the three Divine Moon Objects and he agrees to release Shana. He
continues to tell you about his plan for the 108th species. The 108th
species he wants to revive is the God of Destruction. Lloyd couldn't
believe that it's a destruction when what he wants is the future of the
world. Then Diaz gets rid of Lloyd. Then he reveals his face... He is
Zieg - Dart's father, the former Red~Eyed Dragoon. But now he changes
much. He wants to destroy the world. He knows everything about the
species and legends, more than the real Zieg. But everyone couldn't
suspect him now. He lets Dart know that Rose was the Black Monster who
wanted to kill Princess Louvia - the Moonchild who will give the birth
the God of Destruction. She killed Princess Louvia. It's right. But
Louvia was not the Moonchild. The real Moonchild is Shana - Louvia's
sister. Zieg breaks down his first promise, he still catches Shana and
brings her away.


  Items : Healing Breeze, Moon Serenade, Healing Fog, Healing Rain,
Recovery Ball, Power Down, Sun Rhapsody, Healing Potion
  Weapons & Armors : Gladius, Bandit's Shoes
  Money : N/A
  The party has gone a long way to this place and no road to return. You
must pass this ridiculous desert before going out. I confirm this is a
crazy matrix. I was mad to pass it. But now I have found the way for 3
desert areas. Let me divide :
- The first area is from the first Save Point to the second Save Point
near the fresh water lake.
- The second area is from the second Save Point to the third Save Point
also near fresh water lake.
- The third area is from the third Save Point to the exit.
  Understand, okay ?
  Enemies here are not random as the other places. You can see it in
your screen and easily avoid them, except you want to gain your level.

  HP : 1400
  Element : Earth
  Spot : the shadow on the ground

  HP : 350
  Element : Earth
  Spot : the random cactus on the ground

  HP : 500
  Element : Earth
  Spot : go with single Sandworm

  HP : 650
  Element : Wind
  Spot : the flying thing chasing after you

  HP : 300
  Element : Earth
  Spot : go with single Canbria Dayfly

  There are lot of treasure chests with rare items in the underground
areas. If you want to get them all, just try dropping into the
whirlpools to find their positions. But each time you do this, you are
always moved to the Save Point of that area and begins everything again.
So be patient, except you are too familiar with the place. I don't tell
you about the specific locations of those items. My duty is telling you
the way to get out. If you want to get out, avoid the whirlpools. All
right ?

- First area : Go to the south of the Save Point. Then go right, head to
the south twice and turn right (Your left is the whirlpool). You are in
a single path. Go north and turn right again. You have come to the
second Save Point.

- Second area : From the Save Point, go to the north way, turn right, go
north, turn left and go to the north. You are at the third Save Point.

- Third area : Just head to the northern. Turn left to avoid the
whirlpool, go north twice and turn right, go north again.

  You have got out of the desert !!!

- There are many ways to get out of the desert. This is my way.(What are
yours ?)

  Head to another city of Winglies - Ulara.

  First you come here, it only has teleport device and a wild desert.
Rose uses her power to make the real town appear - a green town among
the poor desert. Then use the teleport device to get there. You talk to
a Wingly who lives here. You'll know that Charle Frahma - the older
sister of Melbu Frahma is the Wingly who stops time for Rose that she
has lived in this world for 11026 years, including the time of Dragon
Campaign. Now you should talk to Charle. Go forward and choose the upper
right path. Check the biting roses for Stardust. Here there is a Wingly
who would tell you about Melbu Frahma and Magician Faust if you ask him.
Magician Faust is one of your side quests.

  Okay, head to the right, passing the roses and go to Charle's house.
Here she would tell you about Rose and Zieg, and explains to you about
the Moon That Never Sets, the Signet Sphere and the Wingly cities. The
two cities you knew are Capital Kadessa dominated by Melbu, and Birth
City Crystal Palace - where the babies were chosen to be born. The
you will have to come are Magical City Aglis, Law City Zenebatos and
Death City Mayfil.

  After the talk, as Dart, get out of Charle's room and come to the
biting roses lake. Rose would come with him and ask him if Dart really
forgives her because she was the Black Monster. Dart doesn't mind
anything. "The monster was dead" - that's what he says. Then you go with
Rose to the fork road, choose the upper left path to head to the shops.
Albert and Kongol will join you. Here you can buy items and weapons.
Then return to the fork road and go to the bottom right teleport device
to the bar. Talk to Mirranda and Haschel. They join you. Now get back to
the place where you meet the first Wingly. Meru is here. After having
all the party members, you rest at Charle's house.

  Your next mission is getting to Rouge - Haschel's hometown because
this is the key to get to the three other cities of Winglies. Charle
sent King Zior a message for you to use the Queen Fury again to reach
Rouge. When you are going out, all the Winglies in town collect at the
teleport device to goodbye you. After that, you'll be taken to a path in
World Map that heads to Home of Giganto. Passing this place, Valley of
Corrupted Gravity and Barrens to return to Fletz kingdom. King Zior is
waiting for you and he will let you use the Queen Fury freely. With
this, you cross Endiness sea to come to Rouge.

  Items : N/A
  Weapons & Armors : Wargod Calling, Satori Vest
  Money : 100g
  When you have just get off, the Mayor of the village would welcome you
soon. Let's go to the upper house to talk. The Mayor tells you he
doesn't know anything, but he has even seen some stick floating on the
sea that Humans might not build. We can't go there by boat because of
the whirlpool but we can see it from the top yard.

  After the talk, go around to get treasure chests. You can also meet
Martel here and you will understand why she wants your Stardusts.

  When you have finished, climb down the south ladder and head to the
yard. Climb it to see what is happening. It's not a simple stick
anymore. It is something big and impressive. At that time, Rose tells
you she thinks that is Magical City Aglis. Then she accepts to answer
you about all the Wingly cities.

  You can't reach that place. Let's return to the house to plan another
way. But when returning, you'll see someone watching you. Rose feels
that, too. At once the people in Rouge all run to the top yard. The
strange thing on the sea becomes bigger and the sea is splitted
remaining a path to get there. Dart and his party use boat to go there.

  Items : Burn Out, Gushing Magma, Moon Serenade, Angel's Prayer, Sun
Rhapsody, Healing Fog, Healing Rain, Psyche Bomb X, Healing Breeze
  Weapons & Armors : Magical Hat
  Money : N/A
  Enemies here :

  HP : 650
  Element : Water

  HP : 700
  Element : Water

  HP : 400
  Element : Water

  HP : 750
  Element : Water

  HP : 1000
  Element : Thunder

  The whole Aglis doesn't have ground. It uses teleport devices to go
anywhere. You must find the way to pass them. Don't let yourselves be
lost. Once you pass two areas, you will meet a magical creature named
Ruff (lovely !!!).

  Ruff tells you something confusing, then it goes. Do you see the right
door of Ruff ? Now you can't get inside. But you remember it. Just go to
the next area and you must pass two more areas until you meet Ruff and
another similar creature named Phewy making some research. Pass two
again, you meet Decal and Spino is running around the life mirror. Now
you understand why you are watched. Pass another area to meet Savan ~ an
immortal Wingly who spent thousands of years to wait for Rose ~ the
person who could change the fate. Ruff and Phewy tell you that your
collected courage can create the Psyche Bomb X. You must pass seven
challenges for each characters to find the courage. Following Savan's
guide, you and your party enter some space to take part in the
challenges. Your managers are the two magical creatures named Buckle and
Spino. Let's begin and choose the (X) choice if you want to have a
complete Psycho Bomb X :

  Challenging characters : Rose, Emperor Doel
  First, an illusion of Rose appears, mocking Kongol about his joining.
But Kongol can pass this challenge by himself with a good explanation.
Then another illusion of Emperor Doel appears to threaten Kongol that he
betrays him. He asks :
- Have you found the leader who replaced me ?
  Kongol's choice :
- Swing the axe.
- Take Doel's sword. (X)
  Challenging characters : Buckle
  First, Buckle appears to question Mirranda :
- Why are you here ?
  Mirranda's choice :
- For my friends.
- For the world. (X)
- For Queen Theresa.
  Then Buckle says he asked a wrong question that affect the space. Both
Buckle and Mirranda will disappear. Both Buckle and Mirranda will die.
- Are you scared, uck ? Afraid, uck ? Wanna cry, uck ?
  Mirranda's choice :
- I am ready for death any time.
- I cannot die now. (X)
  Challenging characters : Minister Noish
  Minister Noish suddenly appears and report to King Albert that Bales
is being invaded by a tribe from eastern. Now as the king of Bales, he
must return for his people at once. The Minister demands :
- Return to Indel Castle at once. Your people is waiting for you to come
back, your Majesty.
  Albert's choices :
- I understand
- I... cannot do that. (X)
  Challenging characters : Younger Bardel, Guaraha
  First, Younger Bardel appears, casting magic to get revenge of his
baby sister. At that time, Guaraha comes to protect Meru. But Younger
Bardel still keeps attacking :
- How can you still live after taking my sister's life ?
  Meru's choices :
- I...
- I still cannot die ! (X)
  Challenging characters : Lulu
  His challenge is about his daughter Claire. He suddenly remembers his
memory about her. He couldn't keep his anger that Claire ran away
forever since then. Lulu asks :
- If you could erase all your memories and could go back to that moment,
could you stop Claire ?
  Haschel's choices :
- I could stop her.
- I couldn't stop her. (X)
  Challenging characters : Savan
  In this challenge, you don't need to decide. Rose could pass it by
herself that she couldn't know she has succeeded.
  Challenging characters : Shana, Lulu
  An illusion of Shana appears in front of Dart. She is the Moonchild
who would give the birth to the God of Destruction. But she is also the
girl he loves. Lulu asks :
- If you have to take up swords against Shana, what are you gonna do ?
  Dart's choices :
- I will save Shana no matter what ! (X)
- What should I do ?
  Congratulation ! You have passed the challenges. But if you can't
pass, you still continue your journey. But the Psyche Bomb wouldn't be
strong as the one made of perfect courage. Follow Savan, you will see
him collecting the Psyche Bomb to you. After that, he takes you to the
Signet Sphere and the Moot which is being guarded by the Last Kraken - a
huge squid. When Savan intends to complete the Moot to seal the Signet
Sphere, Last Kraken suddenly goes mad and destroys everything. It is
being controlled by Zieg. Everyone couldn't believe Zieg has been here
before them. He still keeps the purpose to execute creator Soa's plan :
creating the God of Destruction. Dart and his partners must stop Last
Kraken :

  HP : 10000
  Element : Water
  Difficulty : Medium

  HP : 1400
  Element : Water
  Difficulty : Easy

  Last Kraken often casts water laser through single characters. Doing
"Special" command with Dart is the best way. Dart's Final Burst is good
at this. But you should have a character to heal because sometimes Last
Kraken becomes tremendous. When being attacked heavily, Last Kraken
casts two Cleones to support him. Cleones often attacks by casting
water. But sometimes they play kamikaze that makes big damage. Just
attend to Last Kraken.
  I think either Mirranda or Meru is suitable for this battle. Last
Kraken and Cleone mainly cast Water or Light elemental spells, and those
characters can easily suffer against them. In this battle, Special
Transformation is pretty great, especially using Mirranda or Meru. But
you use them, just execute Dragoon Attacks. Elemental spells have no
effect on these bosses.
  Try to use Dart as your main attacker. He is the opposite element. Use
the Heat Blade if you still store it.  

  But it's too late. Last Kraken destroys everything. Savan accepts to
use all his last power to help you escape. But he is blocked inside and
dead. Now you must get out of here. Do you remember the locked door
which was beside Ruff ? Find that door and go inside, use the teleport
device to come to The Law City Zenebatos.

  Items : Flash Hall, Frozen Jet, Burning Wave, Spectral Flash, Night
Raid, Down Burst, Gravity Grabber, Law Maker, Law Output
  Weapons & Armors : Rainbow Dress, Dancer's Shoes
  Money : 200g
  You have come to Zenebatos. Do you see a lot of magic creatures around
you ? Their mission is to establish the law here. But they don't have
heart as Ruff or Spino. They only do as their law. A creature with wings
suddenly appears in front of you. It's Coolon - the wings that Savan
gives you to go anywhere you want. If you want to go to the other
places, just ask it to go soon.

  Here the guys realize you to be non-Winglies. So thet let some
monsters here to attack you :

  HP : 800
  Element : Wind

  HP : 650
  Element : Wind

  HP : 600
  Element : Wind

  HP : 400
  Element : Dark

  HP : 500
  Element : Dark

  First, use the nearest teleport device to go up the upper floor to
meet the guy beside something blue. This guy could take you to the
Signet Sphere but it doesn't allow you just because "there is no law".
Next, go to the bottom right to meet the Guide Lapto 04 at the
Teleporting Device to choose a destination. Let me explain to you the
general rule. First, if you want to do something that doesn't appear in
law, you must go to the Legislation Center to register the law. First,
you have to answer two questions :

- Is this a submission of a bill ? - No
- Is this a revision of the law ? - Yes

  Then you must say the code of each law for the guys to understand. You
know the code from the guys who manage each law. Then you bring the Law
Maker they give you to the Law Factory. They give you the Law Output,
then bring it to Law Launcher. After that, your law will be established.
This is the code list here :







  If you want to go to the Signet Sphere, use the code 703 to unlock the
Signet Sphere. Then you could use the teleport device on the above floor
to get to Signet Sphere. When you have just come, the guy on the
teleport device is confused strangely, just continue to go. Then the
guard Nomos would block you. It is controlled by Zieg again. It casts
three monsters to do prank with you :

  HP : 3000
  Element : Dark
  Difficulty : Easy

  HP : 4000
  Element : Dark
  Difficulty : Medium

  HP : 3200
  Element : Dark
  Difficulty : Medium

  Vector is weak. Kubila is the death. Selebus is fast and could heal
the others. If Mirranda has the final spell "White Silver Dragon", just
one spell could kill Vector and make Selebus and Kubila come to red HP.
If you can, kill Selebusbefore Kubila to stop her support. But be
careful, before dying, Kubila would make instant death on one of
your characters, and I think you know what to do before engaging this
dark battle. About Vector, if you could kill as soon as possible,
just do. If not, he will turn into huge monster that is harder to fight.

  After that, Zieg appears. The sky is also his road that he always goes
first before Dart's party. Then he goes to Mayfil. Now if you want to go
to Mayfil, use the code 410 to use the teleport device to go there.

  Items : Healing Rain, Spectral Flash
  Weapons & Armors : Poison Guard, Stun Guard, Panic Guard, Protector,
Active Ring, Destone Amulet, Bravery Amulet, Magic Ego Bell
  Money : N/A
  Monsters here :

  HP : 250
  Element : Dark

  HP : 600
  Element : Dark

  HP : 800
  Element : Dark

  HP : 900
  Element : Dark

  This is your last chance to seal the Signet Sphere. You see a scene
that Zieg has got here. When you get out of the teleporting device, you
have entered the real world of this city. You also transport by
teleporting device and virtual paths. You spot the virtual paths by the
rising platforms of the grounds you stand. Try to spot all of them to
get all the items here. On going, you get to a room with a Dragon Spirit
which you realize to be the Green Tusked Dragon Feybrand. Its death
wasn't complete just because it lost you - Humans who are considered to
be weaker than them. Then you must kill it again to rescue for its soul

  HP : 8000
  Element : Wind
  Difficulty : Easy/Medium
  This boss is easily to beat. Its magical/physical attacks don't make
big damage. You are just only be careful with its poison. But nothing
unusual if you use "Special" command and great spells. It's similar to
the living dragon but stronger. Anyway, its strength doesn't matter you
this time.
  Money : 200g
  EXP : 4000

  After that, you must pass more areas for items. Then you enter another
similar room which has the soul of Blue Sea Dragon Regole. It tells Meru
that it doesn't want to go to hell. It needs us to rescue it. So why
don't you help it ?

  HP : 12000
  Element : Water
  Difficulty : Medium
  This battle is almost similar to the battle with the living dragon.
But now it's stronger and more tremendous. Try to check your HP
frequently, especially Dart because he is very weak at Water elemental.
You still can use "Special" command with powerful spells of the
Dragoons. Even this one is stronger than Feybrand, you still defeat it
easily. Use the same strategy.

  Regole can be satisfied to die. Let's keep going until you meet
another similar guest. This guest is more important than the previous :
Divine Dragon. He is the King of Dragon that his pride is higher than
the other Dragons. So please help him to die in peace :

  HP : 16000
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Hard
  Oh no, now I must admire him as the King of Dragons. He is really
stronger and more dangerous in this form. He can activate the Divine
Dragon cannon anytime without telling you that could kill some female
characters at one shot. His defense are great that even you have a
perfect "Special" command, you still can't kill him until your limited
SP is ended for a while. But you need to turn into Dragoons to have
enough strength to turn against his cannon and other hits. If you are
afraid of your HP, you can just only turn into single Dragoons and have
a character to heal. Remember that the spirit can't drain your Dragoon
strength, don't avoid transforming in this battle.

  Okay, your guests are all gone. Now your target is Zieg only. Get pass
the Divine Dragon and head to the Save Point. I remind you to save here
because you are going to pass a matrix. When you get inside, you see the
left area is only a space. When the central is a strange space of some
flying red and blue lights to the floor. You must pass this space in s
right correct or you'll be thrown to the left area and start again
everything. Try to pay attention to the red lights. If they choose a
square, that means you can step on that square. The squares with blue
lights can't be stepped on. This is the chart for you :

  * Explanation :
~ X : The squares you can step on
~ T : Teleporting device
~ Start : you start to go at this point

                   !           !
                   !           !
       !   !   !   ! X !   ! X ! X ! X !   !   !
       !   !   ! X ! X !   !   !   ! X ! X ! X !
   !   ! X !   ! X !   !   !   !   !   !   ! X !
   !   !~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~~~~~~~~~~!
   !   ! X !   ! X !   !   !   !   !   !   ! X !            !
   !   !~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!            !
   !T  ! X ! X ! X ! X ! X !   !   !   !   !     fulfill    !
       !~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~!~~~! HP and MP  !
       !   ! X !   !   ! X !   !   !   ! X ! X              !
       ! X ! X !   ! X ! X !   !   !   ! X !   !
       !   !   !   !   !   !   !   ! X ! X !   !
       ! X !   ! X ! X !   ! X ! X ! X !   !   !
       ! X ! X ! X !   !   ! X !   !   !   !   !

  When you reach the right room, Dart says he sees a familiar soul who
recover your HP and MP. I think that's might be Shirley. When you reach
the north room, a lot of souls of the Black Monster's victims appear to
threaten Rose. But your target is reaching the teleporting device to go
to the next area.

  In this area, you will get Healing Rain, and a Save Point, then
another familiar face - Lavitz. Dart and Albert talk to him. Lavitz says
something confusing involving the Devildom. Then he acts like someone is
controlling him and gets away on a teleporting device. Chase after him.
Now you see him change - a Demon with the shape of Lavitz. Then Rose
spots something strange sticking on his back. But he goes mad and now
you must fight him :

  HP : 5500
  Element : Wind
  Difficult : Easy
  First, don't attack or do anything on him. Just guard. Until Dart has
his choices :
- Talk to him. (X)
- Do nothing.
  Choose the first choice. Then Dart tries to help Lavitz to remember
him. Lavitz feels a headache and he turns his back at you revealing the
strange thing that Rose has seen. Your target is this guy, not Lavitz.
Now you must finish this parasite as soon as possible or Lavitz will
turn again to fight you himself by Gust of Wind Dance. Its HP is 5500. I
think you should turn into Dragoons to defeat it as fast as you can even
now it's nothing to you. The problem is time.

  When you have defeated the strange thing, it would leave Lavitz's
spirit and let you see its true self : Zackwell - a demon who would like
to joke on the souls. Even though dying, Lavitz still worries about you
and your partners that he was abused by Zackwell. Now let's get revenge
for him :

  HP : 8000
  Element : Dark
  Difficulty : Medium
  He is not a strong enemy that you could defeat him easily in Dragoon
form. But be careful if he causes status abnormalities on you.

  After the fight, Lavitz wakes up as his real self. He says he should
thank to Zackwell just because now he could see his dear fellow ~ Dart
and his Majesty Albert. They are friends forever. Dart says that Lavitz
never dies...because he has been living in their hearts. Lavitz tries to
use all his last power to make a path for you to reach the Signet
Sphere. And now you can't hesistate. Just continue until you see the
Signet Sphere of Mayfil. When you intend to seal it, Zieg appears again
to play with you. He is strong enough to throw Dart away and destroy
this last Signet Sphere. What a wise guy ! Chase after him as soon as
possible ! Don't worry, Coolon will pick you up and take you to the

  The Moon is falling onto the Divine Tree. The Virage Embryo has just
woken up and they fly away from the Moon. Coolon alone brings you to the
Moon that he is shot by sudden hits of Virage. He is dead...and now you
have no road to return anymore. Your only road is to continue. Okay,
climb up the Divine Tree for the last chance to save the world.

  Items : N/A
  Weapons & Armors : Phoenix Plume, White Silver DG Armor
  Money : N/A
  Monsters here :

  HP : 1000
  Element : Dark

  HP : 700
  Element : Thunder

  HP : 1400
  Element : Earth

  HP : 1200
  Element : Earth

  This tree is really long that takes much of your time to reach the
Moon That Never Sets on the top. There is a Phoenix Plume on your way
and some fruits of Divine Tree that Rose would explain to you. When you
have reach the dead end, you see a hole with a stream inside. After
viewing the flying Virages, Dart and others jump to the hole. Both of
them are drifted to another place on the tree. Kongol is the slowest
just because he is too heavy. His landing might wake up a creature
looking like a bug on a branche that Rose and Dart have attended. There
is a small stream here that can recover your HP and MP. Get out of this
place through the hole and continue on the path until you see another
Save Point. Then head to the left, you meet the bug again. This bug
wants to block your way. Rose realizes it's a special species which has
just been born from the Divine Tree and now it's after them.

  HP : 5500
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Easy
  It's not very strong. Its attacks are striking and causing status
abnormalities. Equip your characters with armors that can avoid status
abnormalities such as Poison or Arm-blocking, or using Body Purifier if
you have enough. But I think you don't need to turn into Dragoons now
just because this creature still changes until the last form.

  When you have defeated it, its body shakes very bitterly and it turns
into something like cocoon :

  HP : 2500
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Very Easy
  This form can't attack or do anything except shaking. Just use
physical attacks on it.

  When the cocoon shakes the last time, it would be a mature

  HP : 12000
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Hard
  This form begins to be dangerous. Its often attack is casting the
light with Light element that is very dangerous to Rose if she is in
your party. Now you can turn into Dragoons and beat it up. Just beat it
as fast as you can or sometimes it could cause instant death on one of
your character.

  When you finish the boss...Congratulation ! You have been at the
entrance of the Moon That Never Sets. Let's go !

  Items : Frozen Jet, Down Burst, Spectral Flash, Flash Hall, Night
Raid, Burning Wave, Gravity Grabber
  Weapons & Armors : Golden Dragon's Armor, Detonate Arrow, Dragon
Buster, Divine Dragon DS
  Money : N/A
  When you have just entered the Moon, there are many strange things
appearing in front of you. Then you see the scenery which looks like the
real world under. Monsters here are :

  HP : 1250
  Element : Light

  HP : 900
  Element : Fire

  At this time of the game, each of your characters again must pass
their own challenges which is showed by very their memories. Let's begin
with Mirranda :

  The south chest has Frozen Jet. Then go to the upper right. Suddenly,
Mirranda says she has something to do here. Then she realizes the
current scene is the forest at her hometown. Then she goes away alone.
Mirranda sees a rose on the ground. She hates roses very much and
remembers her mother who left her when she was young. At that time, the
rose changes itself into a huge monsters. You take control of Mirranda
only to fight it :

  HP : 3000
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Easy
  This boss is nothing to you. Just beat it by your own bow gun. But the
fight is long or not, depending on your choice. If you choose the wrong
decision, the battle would continue to last until you know the right
choice. After some moments, the rose petals open revealing a very
familiar face with Mirranda : Her mother. The poor mother in the rose
tries to explain to her dear daughter about her pain of not rearing her
when she was young. But she loves her daughter...very much. At the end
of each sentences always have the words "It hurts..." . She couldn't
take her with her. At the end, the death rose challenges Mirranda :
- I am sorry to make you feel lonely. Mirranda, forgive me.
  Mirranda's choices :
- I'll forgive you. (X)
- No ! I cannot forgive you.
... ...
  After that, The Death Rose is satisfied happily to disappear. Mirranda
receives 6000 EXP.

  Dart and his partners find Mirranda. Then head to the new south path
to get out of the scene. Pass the connection to go to another scene ~
Serdio 20 years ago. There are an inn, a weapon seller and an item
seller to serve you. Here you can also meet Dran ~ the drunk guy you met
in Bales. This time he was a rich man. Prepare yourself here.

  When entering the scene, Haschel pays attention to a girl who has just
gone through a mirror. Let's get pass it either. You are in an area of
Minitos. They can't tell you anything more. Then search the place to
find items until you meet the girl again. Everybody feels that she is
not a Minitos. Haschel realizes she is his lost daughter Claire and
chases after him into an illusion. "I hate you, Dad" - that's what
Claire tells him and...

  HP : 2500
  Element : Thunder
  Difficulty : Medium
  As Mirranda's boss, this battle is long or not depending on your last
decision. As Haschel, you must fight very your daughter Claire. She is
taken body by the War God and explains that Haschel had made his
daughter to become like this. He discipled her while she only needs
freedom and love. Claire could use heavy attack "Four Gods Destruction"
on you that wipes your HP at once. Try to heal your health by Healing
Fogs and convinces the girl :
- I feel your art down to my very core.
  Haschel's choices :
- Mind's eye, awaken ! (X)
- Claire, please forgive me !
... ...
  Now you are Haschel. If you really love your daughter, just prove it
to her. Haschel receives 6000 EXP after the battle. Claire disappears...

  After finishing Haschel's challenge, return to the bar. You see that
the guard who stood in front of the door now disappears and you can pass
that way. It takes you to the outside of Serdio under control of the new
Emperor~Doel. Do you see there is a twist hole at the left stairs ? Get
down it. You will be taken to a place with strange atmosphere looks like
clouds (because you are in the moon). Monsters here :

  HP : 1250
  Element : Light

  HP : 2000
  Element : Light

  HP : 2200
  Element : Dark

Let's head to the north soon until there's something flying over you.
Rose realizes that the thing is Michael ~ her Vassal Dragon. In the air,
the dragon shoots you continuously that splits your party. Dart and Rose
are taken to the left hole while the others are in the right...
  Now you begin with Albert's party. You can realize soon the current
place is Home of Giganto long long ago as Kongol tells you. There is a
type of monster here :

  HP : 1500
  Element : Water

Kongol's past is being showed in front of him. Doel and his soldiers
are chasing the thieves here. Then he spots Kongol (at this time he was
a child) in the place. He says that he hates Humans because they killed
his species. Doel tells Kongol that he fights for the equal coexistance
of all species. Then Kongol joins him. Then you control the party and
head to the north stairs. Kongol tells you that he has something to

  Kongol alone steps to the house. There is someone waiting for him
here. It's Indora ~ his strong brother and his only relative. Kongol
wants real power to help Dart. Kongol wants strong power for the pride
of Gigantos. Kongol admires his brother's strength. So Indora challenges
him to give him the power he needs :

  HP : 3000
  Element : Earth
  Difficulty : Medium
  Indora is rather strong. His often attack by the pair of axes is not
very effective but his throwing can make you lose more HP damage. Just
use Healing Fogs to heal when your HP is under half. Use complete
additions with him. In this battle, you don't need to choose decisions
as the previous one. Just defeat Indora.
  Then Kongol gets 6000 EXP

  Albert and others would come to Kongol. Then you take control of the
party again. First, let's head to the basement to get Golden Dragoon
Armor. Then get out of the hall. Head to the left until you see a stairs
which takes you to another hall. Get down it and you return to the place
of Minitos. From here, you could get back to the bar and wait for Dart
and Rose. Where are they ?

  Michael took them to a place full of dinosaurs. There are monsters
here, too :

  HP : 900
  Element : Fire

  HP : 3000
  Element : Earth

  But Rose is not alone. Dart is with her. She hears Michael calling her
and she must find him. First, head to the right. Here Rose introduces
some Persuado Dragons that she liked very much. Then run to the north.
You'll see a right stairs but Rose doesn't allow to get down until you
meet Michael. Then you see two other paths. The right path takes you to
get items. So just head to the north path first. Michael is here to wait
for you. At that time, Rose suddenly remembers a memory more 11000 years
  This Black Dragon became the sacrifice for the battle of Humans and
Winglies. Rose got the Dragoon Spirit from this dragon and became Dark
Dragoon since then. Then Zieg and Rose tried to recover the baby dragon
and named him Michael. Rose was its controller. It was faithful to her
for years. But now...

  HP : ????
  Element : Dark
  Difficulty : Medium
  There is nothing to defeat Michael. He is the strongest and fastest
dragon in this species. Now you should guard, beating is only a waste of
your HP and strength. Michael's attacks are very effective with Dart so
you should pay attention to him. When fighting, Rose would tell you a
lot of things about this dragon. Just guard and suffer until she says
the hints to you :
  Rose : God ! What should I do ?
  Her choices :
- Tell Dart the blind spot. (X)
- I can't.

  If you choose the second decision, your useless battle would last
until Rose thinks again about it. So just get the first decision for her
to tell you. Michael's weakness is the heart that which is revealed
after he uses the dark laser. That means you can't beat the heart until
he shoots you by that attack. Just wait longer until he does that. Then
another target appears beside Michael : Michael (core).

  HP : 1500
  Element : Dark
  Difficulty : Easy
  Now the battle is not hard anymore. Michael would die soon when the
heart is destroyed.
  Now you can use the right stairs to return to the bar with other

  After Kongol's challenge, your partners, especially Albert, want to
find out the real type of Emperor Doel and the reason why he killed
Albert's father ~ King Carlo. Then you get out to Serdio town again and
talk to the guards in the north. They say that Emperor Doel is waiting
for Albert. You enter his castle.

  At the main hall, Albert says he wants to talk to Doel himself. Let
him go first. Doel says that if he wants to know what he needs, just
fight him by his own weapon and power. First, you must fight Doel's
weapons :
  HP : 1000
  Element : Thunder
  Difficulty : Easy

  HP : 1000
  Element : Thunder
  Difficulty : Easy
  When fighting, Doel tells you a lot of things about himself. That he
uses power to rule people. Albert turns against him that people needs
peace, not power. Emperor Doel considers he is a fool. Now you fight
himself :

  HP : 1500
  Element : Thunder
  Difficulty : Medium
  Doel needs power and strength to rule people. He and King Carlo was
best friends of each other. But he thought he must kill Carlo to pass
over him, to have the strongest power to control Serdio. But he couldn't
believe his power loses Albert's. Just because this young king has
friends and courage. For Albert, power is nothing. The good relation
between people is the best power which helps him to overcome all the
challenges. Doel dies...

  Let's return to the bar for some preparation. Then use the stairs at
the town again to go to the cloud area. At the previous time, Michael
blocked the north way. Now you can pass it freely. Head to the right
stairs to next area. You see a lot of stairs taking to the same place ~
the palace of Winglies. It's really beautiful and sparkle. When your
party intends to enter the castle by the only bridge, it suddenly
disappears with Meru. The others stay here to wait for her. So what is
happening to Meru ?

  Meru is taken into the castle. Here she meets a familiar face ~
Archangel ~ the guardian of Winglies. Archangel wants to punish her
because of playing wirh Humans. Of course, Meru must turn against her
guardian for that old opinion :
  HP : 3200
  Element : Light
  Difficulty : Medium
  This battle has no decision to choose. Archangel considers that Humans
is the barbaric and ignoble species needed to be ruled by noble
Winglies. And Meru, she thinks that all species are equal. They live in
the same world, in the same time, why can't they live together in peace
? After each of Meru's sentence, Archangel plays a heavy attack that
wipes your HP. Just use Healing Fogs to even the battle. Meru is patient
enough to say that very the guardian is fool, not her. Then the guardian
disappears in failure.

  After that, Dart and the party could come to Meru. Now you enter the
place where Archangel has just stood to get up another place.
  There is a new monster here, too :

  HP : 1000
  Element : Thunder

  You are in a strange space. Let's head to the north west, find a Save
Point there. Then go to the upper right. You hear Shana's voice from
that area. But the way is blocked by Super Virage. But now no one could
stop you :

  Difficulty : Medium
                  - HEAD
                    HP : 10000
                    Element : Non-elemental

                  - ARM
                    HP : 3000
                    Element : Non-elemental

                  - BODY
                    HP : 15000
                    Element : Non-elemental
  You can beat its head or body to kill it. But the best weakness is the
head. This Virage can play some dangerous touches that make all your
party members lose a lot of HP. So you can use "Special" command for
this boss. Dragoon form could reduce much the damage on you. Have at
least one character for healing and supporting. Always check your HP.

  After defeating the gate keeper, let's get inside and prepare for the
semi~final battle. First, grab the Detonate Arrow in the chest. Then go
in to talk to Zieg. You see Shana is caught in a sphere to store the
power for the God of Destruction. Zieg steal Dart's Dragoon Spirit and
turns into Red Eyed Dragoon. That means you must fight him :

  HP : 12000
  Element : Fire
  Difficulty : Hard
  His attacks and spells are similar to Dart's. If you could equip Dart
with the Red Dragoon Armor, you don't worry about his spells because
they have no effect with Dart. Let Dart use additions, the other
characters turn into Dragoons to fight. Zieg is not very strong if you
have high HP and stat. Suffer until he stops attacking...

  Then the power of the God of Destruction is stored enough. At that
time, Zieg suddenly changes. Another guy escapes from Zieg's body and
appears to be his true self - Melbu Frahma. Now you have known
everything. Zieg is not guilty. Melbu Frahma has lived in his flesh when
Neet is destroyed by Rose - the Black Monster to wait for this chance.
Everyone thought that Melbu Frahma was killed by Zieg 11000 years ago in
the Dragon Campaign. But he hasn't died yet and now he wants to get
revenge and destroy the world by the invincible power of the God of
Destruction. Shana is released, too. At that moment, Lloyd appears. So
he is still alive. He comes here to solute with Melbu Frahma because of
having deceived him in an imagination. Then Melbu Frahma has received
the power from Shana and turned into the God of Destruction. Lloyd is
nothing to him now. Then he got killed by Melbu Frahma's one hit. Before
dying, he gives Dart the Dragoon Spirit of Divine Dragon and the Dragon
Buster. Equip Rose with the Dragon Buster. Now Dart is Divine Dragoon
with strong power. Then prepare yourself for this final battle. You
would fight very long with this boss. Save before starting.

  HP : 8500
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Medium

  HP : 1400
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Medium

  Melbu Frahma has very much HP so I split them into four part to
analyze. This first part is his first form. This form is not very
dangerous. He attacks you by striking or summoning the Virages to step
on you. Sometimes he gathers the tentacles. At that time, you mustn't
attack him or he will punish you by a heavy strike. If you can, don't
use "Special" soon. Just let it for the later forms. Dart's Divine
Dragon Cannon is very useful in this final battle. But if you want to
take off all the tentacles either, use Divine Dragon Ball. But always
defend and check your HP. Have at least one character to heal and

  After that, the background is changed. Melbu Frahma turns into another
form that looks more terrible.

  HP : 10000
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Hard
  This form is now wiser but not stronger. At the first moment he could
take one of your character and put him/her in his body. That means you
could lost a character for a while. Just attack and guard at the same
time. It's hard to guess when Melbu will release the poor character. But
if he releases, he would throw that character to another one that lose a
lot HP of both. This is the most important problem.

  A lot of events appear before your eyes. They could be the future, the
past, even the present. But you still have to fight Melbu's next form.
Now his HP starts to be yellow :

  HP : 12000
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Medium

  HP : 1400
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Easy
  In this form, he doesn't attack alone. Sometimes he makes the bomb
stars that explode on you after one or two moments. Or he could activate
the power to strike you heavily. His strength is almost similar to the
previous forms.

  A series of events appear again. Your last battle field now looks like
a hell of death covered with skeletons and bones. Just because this is
the final form of Melbu Frahma. His HP now starts to be red :

  HP : 12000
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Hard

  HP : 1400
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Easy
  With this form, don't turn into Dragoons. When Melbu hides his tail,
that means he blocks the whole power of Dragoons like the effect of
Dragon Block Staff. After that, he releases some Monsters to support
him. This monsters attack by biting. But sometimes they eat all your
body and kill you at once (instant death). The best way is equiping Holy
Ankh, or kill them just after they are released. In addition to this,
Melbu only attacks you by some magical hits. You can also beat this
fight easily by powerful additions without turning into Dragoons.

...AND THE END    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  Dart tries to hold Shana in his huge hand as the Divine Dragoon. Rose,
she comes to Zieg after 11000 years of waiting~ "I have been waiting for
this moment...". Yes, she is his fiance. But the fate splits them into
two other places. Now they can entirely become one. Melbu Frahma hasn't
dead yet. He uses all his last power to kill Dart~the guy who has
destroyed his plan. Dart tries to escape with Shana. At that time, Rose
takes Zieg ~ with the sword of Red Eyed Dragoon ~ they dart to Melbu and
play the finishing touch to finish the crazy guy. All the other
Dragoons, including Dart and Shana are flying outside. Melbu's death is
the end of the Moon. A big explosion happens tremendously as if it wants
to destroy everything. "Farewell..." - Rose's last word. Now she has
done her only wish of her life : to be with Zieg - the person she
... ...


  About the ending of each character, I let you see it by yourself. I
can't say too much. Okay ???
  But...CONGRATULATION ! You have finished the game successfully !!!
  And now I invite you to explore some other things of "The Legend of


10/  S.E.C.R.E.T. S.I.D.E. Q.U.E.S.T.


                     FIRST QUEST : POLTER SOUL
  Location : Fort Magrad
  Items : Armor of Yore, Midnight Terror, Poison Needle, Stunning
Hammer, Soul Eater, Smoke Bomb
  This place is under the Snowfield. Just head to the right until you
see a yellow note about sliding. If you touch it, you fall to
underground area. The first thing is a green note written by special
Wingly symbols that even Meru can't read it. Rose has spent her fate for
more 11000 years old so she knows everything. The note tells you the
front area is the Law City Zenebatos. But Rose affirms it's certainly
Fort Magrad. Meru wants to be here for a while. Just do as she wants.
When you get inside the Fort, Rose remembers the past. Here was the
place where Emperor Diaz ~ Holy Imperial Gloriano led Humans to the war
of liberation in front of plenty of soldiers. Go downstairs to the
memorial. Suddenly, the sword on the stone flies and attacks you. It's
not only a sword :

  HP : 2400
  Element : Dark
  Difficulty : Easy

  HP : 3800
  Element : Dark
  Difficulty : Easy

  HP : 2800
  Element : Dark
  Difficulty : Medium

  Mirranda's White Silver Dragon might be good at him. But he could kill
her anytime by the Polter Sword when you kill him. This boss is not a
very tough boss. But his strength is not ordinary. Most of his attacks
are fatal and Dark/Death elemental. When you kill some of his body
he might cast Instant Death on the one who caused his death. So try to
equip those accessories which can get rid of this effect. It's terrible
when you are cast with Night Ray. Make sure that you are at pretty high
level and good defense.
  Money : 200g
  EXP : 6000

  Next, just get out of here and continue on your journey.


  Location : Capital Vellweb
  Items : Jade Stone, Violet Stone, Blue Sea Stone, Golden Stone

  When you first go here to meet Emperor Diaz, Shirley would appear
before the stairs to ask you to do her a favour. Her partners - the
Dragoons were dead but they haven't known where to go and still wandered
in the real world, in the tower. Now she wants us to rescue their souls
to the place where they must go. After Shirley disappears, go to the
north to the Save Point and go on the stairs there. Now you are on the

  Get on the first right tower, you'll see that this place is not
abandoned as usual, just because its owner~Jade Dragoon Syuveil has
returned. Rose talks to him. He tells you that he is afraid of a place
where there is only nothingness and darkness. Then he doesn't want to go
to Mayfil. Rose says she would let him know by touching her sword :

  HP : 10000
  Element : Wind
  Difficulty : Medium
  Because he is the former Jade Dragoon, his spells and attack are
similar to Lavitz/Albert. Don't choose Kongol in your party now because
he is weak at Wind element. Don't choose Albert either because his
attacks are not effect with Syuveil. Syuveil is not a powerful Dragoon,
you just always check your HP and heal your health at the right time.
It's lucky when he is not good at magic. So don't worry too much about
this enemy. Use "Special" command and Level 4 spells could take him off.
  Money : 300g
  EXP : 6000

  After that, Syuveil has determined his destination. Rose tells him
that that place is not only dark. Maybe he understands what she says and
slowly disappears, remaining an abandoned room...

  When you get out of Syuveil's tower, you can go to the first left
tower if you want this order of mine. Just because the Dragoon in this
tower is not vulgar as Syuveil. I think he is the hardest Dragoon to
beat in this tower - Violet Dragoon Kanzas. So if you feel that you
don't have enough strength, just go to other place to beat the others
first. Once you get here to meet Kanzas, you can't escape and you must
withness what he did in his life : kill and kill. There are a lot of
strange dolls in his room. They are the dead people he killed. He'd like
to kill a lot of people with a crazy love to this work that now he
returns just because it's not enough. Rose says she would be the last
person for him:

  HP : 12000
  Element : Thunder
  Difficulty : Very Hard
  This might be the strongest former Dragoon in this tower. He is
to Haschel, but very fast and strong. He can attack two or three in each
of your turns, even kill a member at once. If you have any character
HP is under 2000, just defend and be a character to heal because Kanzas
can attack you if you want. I think this is really a hard battle. He is
strong at both magical and physical attacks. Don't use "Special" command
with him because you can't determine how long your life is. Just turn
into Single Dragoon to beat him slowly. Your hurry can kill you. In this
battle, I have no idea if you choose Haschel in your party. Kanzas' hits
might not damage Haschel so much. Use Haschel to attack physically or
Dragoon Attacks, because spells would have no effect with Kanzas.
  Money : 300g
  EXP : 6000

  After that, Kanzas realizes that the place he must go is not simple as
he thinks. He disappears, remaining the wild room...

  Do you want to go to left or right area ? It depends on you just
because you still meet the similar enemies in thess areas. If you go
left first and check the area, you will see a beautiful room which is
full of water. In the center appears a fountain and the Blue Sea Dragoon
- Damia. She died at the age of 15 was younger than Meru. Dart puzzles
that why a child like her could use Dragoon power. Rose explains that
she was a daughter of a Human and a mermaid that she easily appreciates
the power of Blue Sea Dragoon. Damia is a lonely girl. She thinks that
there is no friends for her in Mayfil, that she would have no one to
share or confide anything. She knows that Rose and the other Dragoons
are kind to her. But Rose must take her back to her place :

  HP : 9500
  Element : Water
  Difficulty : Easy/Medium
  Dart's spells are good at her just because he is Fire elemental. But
she is very strong at magical attacks just as Meru, but not tremendous
as Kanzas. She often uses additions than using Spells. But her spells
are very effective with you. Heal your health frequently. Sometimes
Mirranda's White Silver Dragon can make big damage on Damia and drain a
lot HP to you. Damia is not a powerful Dragoon. I think you can entirely
beat her up in your effort.
  Money : 300g
  EXP : 6000

  Then Damia feels that her destination is not only a dark place as she
thinks. She wouldn't be lonely there...because her partners are being
there to wait for her. She thanks Rose, and disappears...

  After Damia, you only have another guest here. Just search the next
place until you see a luxurious room with golden things. This is the
room of former Golden Dragoon Belzac. Belzac was the guy who protected
Shirley from the super Virage in the Dragon Campaign. He lost his life
for Shirley and he believed that she is still alive. But the truth was
that she was dead, too. He loves her and he never accepts that truth.
Rose must find all the way to explain to him, even fighting :

  HP : 16000
  Element : Earth
  Difficulty : Easy/Medium
  He is similar to Kongol. I think he is the easiest Dragoon to fight.
Just because he is very weak at magical attacks. Even if he is strong at
physical attacks, he rarely uses it. When you have used "Special"
command, his physical attacks are not very effective with your higher
stat in Dragoon form. His Level 4 spell is not a problem. Just attack
him as usual until he is weak.
  Money : 300g
  EXP : 6000

  The place is not only dark~he thinks. Just because he would meet the
Shirley he loves there...
  Okay, your mission is successful...

  Location : Flanvel Tower
  Items : Therapy Ring, Phantom Shield, Magical Hat, Holy Ankh, Dancer's

  Okay, let's return to Kashua Glacier ~ Flanvel Tower. Do you remember
where you fought Lloyd ? You'll see a teleport in the right that you
didn't have time to touch. Now let's use it. First, you see a treasure
chest with a Therapy Ring. Once you intend to step on the teleporting
device, Faust would appear to get rid of you. If you still try to pass
you, he would kill you :

  HP : 27000
  Element : Non-elemental
  Difficulty : Very Hard

  You must have the Vanishing Stone to defeat him. This battle is harder
than the final battle (I think!!!). With this boss, the best way is
using physical attacks because this guy is the King of Magical attacks
who could avoid most of your hits, even physical or magical attack.
Equip your characters with best armor such as Legend Casque or Phantom
Shield to reduce the damage he makes on you. Even the most simple spell
of his could make you lose serious HP. For this battle, you need a very
strong patience to beat because Faust could avoid from most of your
attacks. Use your most strongest and complete additions to beat him.
Turning into Dragoons is just a waste of time. Sometimes you can use
Albert's Rose Storm or Mirranda's healing spells, but it's better to
avoid at least. Choose your strongest party, have at least one character
for healing and guard. I assure you would be rewarded by worth items
that are 10000g, 20000 EXP and a Phantom Shield.

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