Auron's Sweet 666

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The first game in the Suikoden series follows Tir* McDohl as he becomes a fugitive from the corrupt empire ruling the land around him.

Items: 100 bits, Fortune Rune, Prosperity Rune
People: Hero, Pahn, Cleo, Gremio
After you choose New Game on the menu, you'll be able to name your character. 
When you have control of your character, talk to your father, Teo.  He'll talk
to you and soon you'll be called in for your audience with the Emperor.  After
your audience, leave the Throne Room and go down the stairs in the upper right. 
Walk down the hallway, and when your father stops you, go into the right room
and examine the far right suit of armor to get 100 bits.  Then go into the left
room and introduce yourself to Kraze.  After your introduction, talk to Teo and
you'll be guided home.  Here you have a choice to get one of two really cool
runes: the Fortune Rune and the Prosperity Rune.  This is the only time in the
game I've found either of these runes.  To get these runes, you need to go to
Sarady, a town enclosed by some mountains southwest of Gregminster, the town you
start at.  To get the Fortune Rune, you must go there by yourself.  To get the
Prosperity Rune, you need to bring Ted with you.  To get to the mountain near
Sarady, you need to walk southwest of Gregminster and across a bridge.  North of
the bridge is Mt. Tigerwolf.  This is no easy task, because these guys hit you
hard.  I suggest leveling up, which is really easy, especially since you only
have one or two chracters at the time.  Also, buy the best armor you can and
ungrade your weapons at Lenankamp, south of Gregminster.  If you need money,
than go to Rockland, which is east of Gregminster, and gamble with Marco at a
"find the coin under the cup" type of thing.  It's pretty easy, especially since
he has two really disticnt patterns that I found he uses everytime.  I've listed
his patterns in the Miscellaneous Info. section of this FAQ.  The walkthrough
for the Mountain is under the title "Mt. Tigerwolf" of this FAQ.
Errand Boy
Items: Medicine, Leather Coat
At your house, go up the stairs.  Ted will join you.  If you want the Prosperity
Rune, this is the time to get it, before you go to the room.  If you accidently
go to the room, you can't get either rune.  After a bit of dialogue between the
hero and Ted, Gremio will call you to dinner.  After dinner, you'll sleep and
watch a cut scene of Teo leaving for battle.  In the morning, go to the castle
and report to Kraze.  He'll send you to Magician's Island, via dragon, to
retrieve the Astral Conclusions.  He tells you to go to the barn and talk to the
Dragon Knight there.  The barn is to the right of the Palace entrance.  Talk to
Futch, the Dragon Knight.  He'll take you to the island on Black, his dragon
(which sounds like an elephant, for some reason ^_^;;)

At the island, go up one screen.  On the second screen, there is a chest behind
a tree.  You can kinda see it.  It's Medicine.  Continue to follow the path up
one more screen.  Go up until you reach a forked path.  Go right for a Leather
Coat.  Take the left fork and you'll reach Luc, a Wind Rune master and Leknaat's
apprentice.  He'll summon a rock monster to attack you (How a wind master gets a
rock monster, I'll never know...)  If you went to Sarady earlier, this'll be
really easy for you.  Actually, even if you didn't, he's still pretty easy. 
Just attack him until he dies (you can't really do anything else).  After the
battle, follow Luc up into the tower.  Go up the stairs until you reach the top. 
At the top, you'll meet Leknaat, the Seeress.  She'll talk to you, then tell you
to follow her.  Go into her room and get the Astral Conclusions from her.  After
receiving them, leave the room and she'll have Luc teleport you to the beach
were Futch and Black are waiting for you, after giving Cleo a Fire Crystal. 
Return to Kraze after flying back and you'll be given your next task.
Tax Thiefs
Items: Boot, Medicine x2, Antique, 1000 bits, Defense Rune Piece, Escape
Talisman, Leggings, Thunder Rune Piece
You have to go to Rockland now.  Unfortunately, Kanaan _must_ go with you, and
he doesn't even fight with you.  He's just annoying -_-  At Rockland, go into
the top house.  Grady will explain that some thiefs stole the tax money, and you
need to track them down to get it back.  The thiefs are on Mt. Seifu to the
east.  If you didn't earlier, take the time to gamble with Marco and buy
upgraded armor.

At the mountain, head up, following the path.  Kanaan will stop you and talk to
you a little, then you can continue up into a cave.  In the cave, head up until
you reach a branched off path.  Go up and get some Boots and Medicine.  Now go
left and into another cave.  The path here branches off 5 times.  Go left and
down to get an Antique, which you'll need to appraise later.  Back at the path,
take the left most path up.  Here you'll get 1000 bits.  Now take the third path
from the left to get a Defense Rune Piece, which raises your defense (duh).  Now
take the second path.  Keep going up until you reach a big cave.  Go left and
get some Medicine.  Then head up (from the chest) to get an Escape Talisman. 
Now go right of the entrance to the room to get some Leggings.  Then head up. 
Go up the stairs, then walk down (not down the stairs).  Circle around the path
to the Queen Ant in the middle.  This is an unbeatable boss, so don't bother
trying, you can't do it.  After a couple of turns, the battle will end and Ted
will ask if it's OK for him to try something.  Have him do it and he'll get rid
of the Queen Ant.  Oh, if anyone's dead, Medicine brings them back, but ONLY out
of battle.

After some dialogue, during which Ted explains he'll tell you about what he did
later, continue up.  When you can't go up anymore, go right.  At the fork, head
up to get a Thunder Rune Piece. Then head down and left to the exit of the cave. 
To the far right is a save point.  Save, then head up to fight the bandits. 
After the fight, you'll have to fight their leaders, Varkas and Sydonia.  If you
went to Sarady earlier, then they'll be pretty easy.  Just have everyone attack,
since you can't do anything else.  After the battle, you'll be brought back near
the entrance to the mountain.  Leave and go back to Rockland.  Take the two
bandits to Grady and you'll get a gift of 10000 bits (which Kanaan then steals,
that bastard).  Then go back to Gregminster, taking any of Ted and Pahn's stuff
off of them before you enter.
The Cursed Rune
Items: Cursed Rune
People: Viktor
Kanaan will force Ted to come to the Palace with him when you first get back
into town.  When you have control again, pay a visit to the appraiser and get
your antique appraised.  You can sell it if you're running out of room.  The
antiques really serve no purpose (see the Frequently Asked Question section). 
Then, make sure that there is no rune of the hero (or you'll lose it).  Return
to your house when you're done shopping.  At the table, Gremio will come in,
wondering what's taking Ted so long.  Get up and go downstairs.  You'll find Ted
laying in the foyer with a bad wound made by magic.  You'll bring Ted to his
bed, where he'll explain what happened.  When you have control again, talk to
Pahn.  He'll go out and get some "Medicine" (as if you don't have enough already
-_-)  Ted will wake up and explain about the Soul Eater.  You have no choice but
to take it (meaning you can't put another rune on the hero ;_;)  Then the
Imperial Guards will walk in with Pahn, the traitor.  After some dialogue, Ted
will walk out and offer himself as a decoy for you to escape with the Soul
Eater.  When you have control, go to the inn.  Don't even worry about the
guards, they won't go after you.  At the inn, Marie will set you up with a room
in the attic.  Go downstairs and talk to Marie to save your game.  Then try to
leave.  Some soldiers will walk in.  You can either be inconspicuous or rude
(^_~) to them, either way, the results are the same.  They'll think you look
familiar and Gremio and Cleo will come help you.  They get even more suspicious,
but Viktor comes to you aid.  He does it just to pull a Sanosuke (^_^ Rurouni
Kenshin humor...)  Talk to Viktor again, and he'll help you get out of town, but
only if you promise to meet someone.  He'll join you (make sure he's in the
front row in the formation menu).  Go to the front gate and he'll bribe the
guard and you can escape.
The Liberation Army
Items: Medicine, Brass Armor, Antique, 1700 bits
Now go south to Lenankamp.  Here you can upgrade your weapons and buy better
armor.  If you need more money, head to Rockland and gamble with Marco.  After
upgrading, stay at the inn.  You'll wait for Viktor, but some guards will show
up.  A voice will come from the clock.  Examine it (press X) and it'll open to
some ::insert creepy music:: hidden stairs ^_^  How Scooby-doo-ish...  Anyway,
follow Odessa down the stairs.  You'll be introduced to most of the major
players in the Liberation Army: Odessa, Flik, Humphrey, Sanchez and Viktor. 
They'll ask you to join, but Flik doesn't trust you.  Try to leave the HQ and
you'll find a bandit who's been hurt by the guards.  He'll explain that his
bosses have been falsely imprissoned.  Tell them that it's your fault, and
they'll send you to go save them.  Viktor will come with you again (make sure
he's in the front again).  Go to Rockland (Northeast of Lenankamp).  Go to
Grady's house.  The guy won't let you in, so Viktor sets fire to the house ^_^ 
Now you can go into the house.  Go through the first door and head left.  You'll
be attacked, but they guys here are easy.  Go into the room the guy came from
and get some Medicine.  Continue up and you'll be attacked again.  Go through
the room to a hallway that branches off into 3 rooms (actually, 4, but only 3
doors face this hallway).  In the one to the right of the door you came from,
you have to fight, but there's Brass Armor in the chest.  In the room below that
one is an antique.  In the room on the left is a battle.  Now circle around the
hallway to the other room and get 1700 bits.  Now fight the guys and go outside. 
Talk to Varkas to release the bandits.  Now just go out of the house (you can
even go through the door that's on fire ^_^).  When you get outside, the bandits
will leave you and you can go back to Lenankamp for a new assignment.
Mt. Tigerwolf
Items: Circlet, Medicine x2, Gloves, Wind Rune Piece, Antique, Clone Crystal,
1000 bits
You need to bring the plans for the fire spears to Sarady.  This time, you'll
have Odessa as well as Viktor with you.  If you went to Sarady earlier, this'll
be really easy for you.  You need to cross Mt. Tigerwolf to get to Sarady.  To
get there, go northwest from Lenankamp until you reach a bridge.  North of the
bridge is the mountain.  At the mountain, go up and turn right, getting the
Circlet out of the chest (only for girls).  Then go up the steps, right, getting
the Medicine, and up again.  Go left, down the steps and left to get some
Gloves.  Then go up and right.  Keep going up until you see a bridge.  Go left
to get a Wind Rune Piece, which you can use later.  Then go around the path and
across the bridge.  Here you'll find an inn (if you're here at the beginning,
it'll be locked).  You'll be brought inside by Ledon.  He'll poison you with the
tea.  When Kessler returns and finds Odessa, he'll tell Ledon to hurry and make
an antidote for you.  After you spend the night and talking to both thieves,
continue to head up.  Follow the curve of the path, picking up the antique. 
Continue to follow the path up, getting some more medicine.  When the path
forkes, take the right onw to get a Clone Crystal.  Now take the left path and
go up, taking the 1000 bits along the way.  Then you just need to go north to
get to Sarady.  (If you're here at the beginning, go to the house in the upper
right.  He'll give you your rune.)  Stay at the inn.  During the night, talk to
Odessa.  Soon, Kage will come and get the plans from you.  In the morning, head
back over the mountains to HQ.
Death and Rebirth
Items: Mega Medicine, Toe Shoes, Antitoxin x2, 2000 bits, Power Rune Piece,
Pointed Hat, Medicine, Hazy Crystal, Wind Crystal
People: Mathiu, Camille, Tai Ho, Yam Koo
When you get back to the inn, you'll find the Keeper on the ground.  The HQ has
been attacked.  Go down the stairs and left to fight some soldiers.  Than head
down and left to get into another fight.  When you walk down, Odessa will
scream.  Fight the guys and you'll discover Odessa's been given a mortal wound. 
She gives you an earring to give to someone called Mathiu.  She also askes to be
thrown into the river.  After you do, head to Seika to find Mathiu, Odessa's
brother.  Since Seika is past the Fortress of Kwaba, you'll have to sneak
through.  The fortress is to the south.  You have to choose a fake name to pass
through; it doesn't matter which, any will do.  After you pass through, head
south to Seika.  Here, head up to near some stairs on the right side.  Talk to
the guy there (Mathiu) then go up the stairs.  Talk to the kids inside and then
talk to Mathiu again.  He'll tell you he doesn't want the earring and he goes
inside.  Follow him inside and then talk to him again.  Leave again and some
soldiers will pass you.  Follow them back inside and you'll have to fight them
to protect the kids.  After the battle, talk to Mathiu again and he'll join,
telling you of a castle you can use as a base.  But it's in the middle of the it's on to Kaku to get a boat.  Go Southwest of Seika to get to Kaku.

In Kaku, go to the bar and talk to the red-head (Camille) and she'll join you. 
Tai Ho, the guy who owns the boat, is downstairs.  You have to gamble with him
to get his boat.  You have to get a double with the dice and whatever the third
die says is your score.  If you get triples, then Tai Ho will pay triple, except
if it's three 1's, than YOU have to pay three times.  If you get a 4-5-6, then
he'll pay double.  When you win, him and his brother will get the boat ready for
you.  Talk to them again (on the docks) and they'll sail you to the castle.  Tai
Ho will join you once you get to the castle.

At the castle, go right and down to get Mega Medicine.  Than go up into the
cave.  Go up and down near a pond.  Go under the wall and get the chest for some
Toe Shoes.  Then go around the pond and down.  Go right and and get some
Antitoxin.  Go down and get 2000 bits.  Then go right and up some stairs.  Go
right, then down, when you can, and get a Power Rune Piece.  Then go right and
up to get a Pointed Hat.  Now go down and get some Medicine.  Go down then right
up some stairs.  Go left, up some stairs, then right to get Antitoxin and a save
point.  Go up and right.  Then down into the wall, right, down, and left to get
a Hazy Crystal.  Next, when you're back in the main part of the room, go up and
into the wall to the right to get a Wind Crystal.  Now go down.

You're now inside the castle.  Go down the stairs until you reach the boss, a
Zombie Dragon.  Deadly Fingertips (the Cursed Rune) won't work on him, so have
the hero attack, as well as anyone who doesn't have an attack rune.  If you have
the Fire Rune the Leknaat gave you earlier, than use it; it's really effective
on the dragon because he's undead.  When you need healing, have either Camille
or Tai Ho do it, because they're probably still weaker than any of your other
characters (if they're not, have a weaker character heal).  The dragon uses an
attack that hits everyone for 30-40 so watch out for that.  He also attacks just
one person for 70-90.  After you beat him, you might get a Lightning Crystal,
but it's rare (I've only gotten it once out of ten times, but the odds might be
worse).  Upon defeat of the dragon, the fogs clears and everyone moves into the
castle.  The Liberation Army has been reborn.  But before they do, you get to
name the castle ^_^  After this, if you meet certain requirements, people will
join you, if you ask them.  See the 108 Stars secction for each character's
Items: Shoulder Pads, Medicine x2, 700 bits, Counter Crystal, Speek Rune Piece,
Fire Rune Piece, White Paint, Water Rune Piece, Antique
People: Luc, Sergei, Chandler, Onil, Marie, Lorelai, Krin, Rock, Juppo, Lepant,
Eileen, Giovanni
When you get your castle, Leknaat will come see you and give you two gifts: 1.
Some stone tablets that list the 108 Stars and 2. Luc.  Then you'll go to your
room.  When you have control, go see Mathiu in his room.  He sends you to
recruit Lepant.  So you need to go to Kouan, where Lepant lives.  But first, you
have a chance to recruit 4 more people.  Go back to Kaku.  In the Bar (where you
found Camille and Tai Ho) is Sergei.  He'll build an elivator for you castle. 
Now back at Kwaba Fortress, is Chandler.  He'll sell you items (the items he
sells will be an accumulation of all the item shops you have visited).  Then go
to Seika.  In a house (it's above the inn), you'll find Onil.  She reminds you
what you have to do.  In the inn in Seika, you'll find Marie.  She'll run an inn
for you.  Now you can go to Kouan.  It's southwest of Kaku.  The easiest way to
find it is to follow the lake around. 

Once you get to Kouan, try to get into Lepant's mansion.  Giovanni will tell you
that Lepant doesn't want guests.  Go to the inn.  If you're on a high enough
level, you can recruit Lorelai.  There, talk to Krin.  He'll show you a way
inside the mansion and get Lepant's attention.  He'll go set up.  When you have
control, leave the inn and go to Lepant's mansion.  Krin will be outside.  Talk
to him and he'll get you inside.  Cross the roof to the ladder.  Take the first
right, then down, getting the Shoulder Pads along the way.  Go down through the
door and into the door down from the one you just came through.  Talk to Rock
and he'll join you (he sets up a storage place in your castle).  Then get the
Medicine and the 700 bits.  Walk into the room on the fight.  Dont' walk in
front of the dolls or you'll et into a pretty tough battle.  Get the Counter
Crystal out of the chest, then go up through the door.

Go right and get the Speed Rune Piece.  Then go down the hallway and the stairs. 
Circle around the room above the stairs and get a Fire Rune Piece.  Go into the
room to the left and get Leather Armor.  Now go left of that room and get
Medicine.  Left of that room is White Paint, which you'll need later to get a
cool item.  Now talk to Juppo.  He'll join automatically.  Now walk inside the
room in the lower left.  I found this to be very frustrating, this room.  When
you step on it, the wheel will spin.  Here's a list of what will happen
depending on what color it lands on:
Red - Monster
Blue - Treasure (usually Medicine)
Purple - -10 EXP
Green - +10 EXP
Orange - Random (I only got this once, which gave me a Dragon Incense Seal)
You want the wheel to stop on the path to the other side.  Needless to say it
can get VERY frustrating -_-

After you magange to get through, go through the doors and take the sword.  Then
leave the same way you came (no, you don't have to do the wheel to get back,
thank the gods) and leave the house.  You'll automatically be brought to the
inn.  Krin will then try to poison you tea, but you already know that trick. 
When you get Krin detained, Lepant is at the door, yelling for you to return his
sword.  Krin had already told Lepant about you.  Tell Lepant that Mathiu
recommended him.  Return his sword and Giovanni will run in, shouting that the
Military Commander kidnapped Lepant's wife, Eileen.  Go help him.  Before you go
into the big room, go into the smaller one and get the Water Rune Piece.  Than
go into the big one and Lepant will join you.  Beat the guys and go up the
stairs.  Go through the hallway and take the left room first to get an antique. 
Than go into the right room.  Here is none other than our old friend Kraze. 
He'll call some soldiers for you to beat.  After you beat them, he'll call for
Pahn to come in.  Pahn than begs for forgiveness and attacks Kraze.  After Kraze
leaves, talk to Pahn.  Forgive him and let him join.  Than talk to Lepant. 
He'll join, along with Eileen and Giovanni.  Krin joins, too.  Now you can go
back to the castle.
Great Forest
Items: Gauntlet, Escape Talisman, Needle, Water Rune Piece, Fortune Rune Piece
x2, Feather, Karate Uniform, Sacrificial Buddha, Guard Robe, Killer Crystal,
People: Varkas, Sydonia, Meg, Maas, Sansuke, Viki, Valeria
When you get to the first floor, Varkas and Sydonia will be there, too.  They'll
join the Army and that night you have a feast.  Leave the room where the feast
is and you'll be attacked by an assassin.  This guy's easy easy after the
battle, everyone comes to your rescue.  When you have control again, go to bed. 
In the morning, go outside near the boat.  You'll find Kirkis.  He'll tell you
that the elves are in danger and he needs help.  Agree and you'll be sent out
for reconaissance.  Kirkis and Gremio will come with you.  You can add others,
if you want.  If you bring Juppo, you'll be able to get his niece, Meg, is Kaku
(she's near the inn).  Head for Great Forest, which is Southeast of Kouan.  When
you arrive, Kirkis will tell you of a Elfin trail.  But first, there's some
recruiting you can do here.  In the blacksmith shop is Maas.  He'll be your
first blacksmith at your castle.  In the house right next to the blacksmith's is
Sansuke.  He'll build a bath for you to display your antiques in.

The trail is on the right side of town.  Just keep walking right until you can
go up.  Go right across a log.  Suddenly, Viki shows up.  Recruit her, too. 
Continue right to get a Gauntlet.  Now go down the stairs and right to get an
Escape Talisman.  Go left across the bridge.  Get the Needle out of the chest
and go down, getting the Water Rune Piece from behind the tree, than go right. 
Continue right, picking up the Fortune Rune Piece along the way.  Eventually,
you'll end up in the Kobold village.  Leave the village and head right and down. 
The tree is the Elf village.  Go up the ladder and you'll watch Valeria get
arrested by the elves.  Go into the big house and the top of town.  Kirkis will
explain that he brought you to help the elves.  Since you're humans, you'll get
locked up, too.  In jail, talk to Valeria.  When you have control again, examine
one of the doors.  Sylvina will come and release you.  Stallion will run out of
jail.  Don't worry, you can get him later.  When you leave town, Valeria will
ask to go with you.  If your party is full, you'll have to get rid of someone. 
Head to the northwast to the Dwarf Trail.  Here, follow the trail up one screen. 
Go up a little, walk behind the tree, and get the Feather.  Than go up one more
screen.  Here, walk behind the tree again and get a Karate Uniform.  Go up the
fork and take the left path for a Sacrificial Buddha.  Now take the right fork. 
Go left and up the forst ladder for a Guard Robe.  Now go right and, hiddend
behind a tree, is a Killer Crystal.  Now go up the right ladder.  Follow the
path around and up one screen.  Go up one more screen, picking up the Medicine
along the way.  Now head up and get a Fortune Rune Piece.  Then go up the stairs
and scross the bridge.  You'll run into Kuromimi again here.  Continue to follow
the path, saving your game along the way, to get out of there.  Head north to
get to the Dwarf village.
Dwarf Vault
Items: Sunbeam Crystal, Blue Ribbon, Medicine x2, Magic Robe, Thunder Rune
Piece, Skill Rune Piece, Pointed Hat, Mega Medicine, 5000 bits, Escape Talisman,
Defense Rune Piece
People: Meese
In the Dwarf Village, you can recruit Meese, another blacksmith, in the
blacksmith shop.  He will join, but only if you got Maas earlier.  Then go see
the dwarf chief.  When you tell him about the Burning Mirror, he'll say it's
impossible for someone to steal something from the Dwarfs.  Now you have to try
to steal something.  The Dwarf vault is north of the village.

When you get there, talk to the dwarf and go down the stairs.  Keep going down
stairs until you get to a room with 3 levers.  Pull the 2nd and 3rd levers and
get the Sunbeam Crystal.  Then pull the 1st lever and leave the room throught
the bottom.  Go down some more stairs until you reach a maze-like room.  Walk
across the bottom of the room to get a Blue Ribbon.  Go back to the left.  Go up
and around to the left to get Medicine.  Then go right and circle around the
room to get a Magic Robe.  Than exit the room through the upper right corner. 
Go down more stairs.  You'll now be in a room with tiles that move you around. 
Take the one furthest on the right.  Than take the one on the left.  Take the
bottom one to get a Thunder Rune Piece.  Go back to the first platform and
instead of taking the left one, take the bottom one.  Go down even more stairs. 
In the next room, go right and get the Skill Rune Piece and the Pointed Hat. 
Than go up, following the path and getting the Medicine.  In the next room, you
have to step on the 2 tiles in the right order to open the door.  The order is
LRRLLLRR.  In the next room, go left to get Mega Medicine.  Than go right and
get 5000 bits.  Now head up and down the stairs.  Go left than down, but _not_
down the stairs.  Go left for an Escape Talisman, than down the stairs in the
middle.  Follow the path to the boss.  I hate this guy.  He's immune to magic,
so just attack him (and use attack runes).  He has an attack that hurts everyone
for 20-60 HP and another attack that hits one person for 100+ HP.  After you
kill it, go into the room it was guarding.  Take the left path for a Defense
Rune Piece than the middle path for the Running Water Root.  Now you can head
back to the dwarf village.
Burning Mirror Unleashed
Items: Suiko Map, Steel Shield, Thunder Rune Piece, Medicine, Old Book Vol. 1,
Gale Crystal, Half Armor, Gauntlet
People: Templeton, Kuromimi, Sylvina, Stallion, Kwanda
When you get back to the village, talk to the chief.  He'll start to build a
weapon to stop the Burning Mirror, now that you've proven yourself.  Go back to
the Elf village.  As you're crossing the Dwarf Trail, you'll see fire from the
Elf village.  Continue on to the village.  When you get there, indeed you'll
find the village burned down.  Leave, then re-enter.  Talk to Templeton.  He'll
join you and give you the Suiko Map.  Now go back to your castle to prepare for
your attack on Kwanda Rosman.  As you pass through the Kobold village, you'll be
accosted by some troops of Kwanda.  Valeria will leave in exchange for you
lives.  Of course, they'll attack you anyways, but you get Kuromimi for this
fight (which really isn't a good trade...)  After you beat the battle, they'll
attack again, but this time, Mathiu shows up.  Than Sylvina and Stallion will
run out, too.  Now you'll have an Army vs. Army battle.  It's like a glorified
Janken game, really...Charge beats Bows, Bows beat Magic, Magic beat Charge. 
Just use Magic until you have no more, and then Charge (Kwanda Charges all the
time).  After the battle, Kwanda will try to use the Mirror, but the dwarves
will show up and stip it.  Now you'll have to go inside.

When you get inside, go into the left door to get a Steel Shield.  Now go up the
stairs.  Go up and get a Thunder Rune Piece.  Go through the door.  Go into the
upper left room for Medicine.  Go into the upper right room to get Old Book Vol.
1.  In the lower right room is a Gale Crystal.  Go down the stairs.  In the
upper left room is some Half Armor.  In the middle right room is a Gauntlet. 
Now go back up the stairs and up again.  Go through the door and you'll run into
yet another boss.  He has an attack that hits everyone.  He'll also use lighting
on one person.  After you beat the dragon, go through the door, up the stairs
and through the other door in the back.  Now you'll have a 1-on-1 battle with
Kwanda.  The easiest way to win these types of battles is by just defending. 
Never do desperate attacks, they're not really that good...After the battle,
talk to Kwanda.  Don't kill him!  Forgive him and ask him to join.  Then you'll
be brought back to your castle.
Items: Blinking Mirror, Mega Medicine
People: Gaspar, Kai, Hellion, Lorelai, Apple, Antonio, Sheena, Gon, Fu Su Lu,
Lotte, Jabba, Chapman, Jeane
Go inside your castle and you'll be warped to your room.  The castle is now
bigger, too (unless you haven't been recruiting people).  Head over the the war
room (it's on the 3rd floor).  Here, Flik and the others will be here, looking
for Odessa.  Mathiu will explain about Odessa to them.  Flik gets pissed and
leaves for Kaku.  Viktor will go with you to convince him to join the Army.  Go
to Kaku.  Before you see Flik, head over to where you got Tai Ho.  Gaspar will
be there and challenge you to a game of dice.  Win a least 5000 bits from him
and he'll join.  Then go see Flik.  He'll "join forces" with you.  Go back to
the castle.  Go to the war room.  You'll be prompted to attack another region. 
This battle is easy.  Just Charge than use Magic.  Then you'll do one more
battle.  There's no way you can win this one.  After 1 attack, you'll retreat. 
You'll send a recon team into the area.  Flik, Viktor and Gremio have to go with
you.  Leave the bridge, then re-enter it.  On the right side of the bridge is
Kai.  Talk to him and he'll join you.  On the left side is Quincey.  You
probably don't have enough people for him to join yet, so forget about him for
now (I'll remind you about him later).  Head left and up to get to Teien.  Go
into the inn.  Recruit Hellion and get the Blinking Morror and some Mega
Medicine.  Then leave and use the Blinking Mirror to go back to your castle.  If
you don't have Lepant, get him.  Teleport to Kouan and get Lorelai (you should
be on a high enough level now).  Than go to Mathiu's house in Seika.  Talk to
Apple and tell her that Mathiu wanted to join.  She'll then join you.  Now go to
the inn and get Antonio.  If you have Lepant with you (like I told you earlier),
you can also get Sheena at the inn.  Go back to the castle and get Kuromimi. 
Now go to the Kobold village.  Go into the bottom house and recruit Gon.  Then
go to the inn and recruit Fu Su Lu.  Pay the 10000 bits (if you have enough),
and he'll join you.  Rubi is here, too, but Kirkis is probably not on a high
enough level for him yet.  Back at Teien, leave, then head south to Rikon.  Go
to the inn and go upstairs.  Here, you'll find Lotte.  She'll ask about her cat. 
Use the Blinking Mirror, then go to Kaku.  If you have Stallion, chase after the
cat and press X to catch it.  Now go back to Rikon and give the cat to Lotte. 
She'll join you.  If you have a Nameless Urn, you can recruit Jabba in the
appraisal shop.  If you don't, fight some Holly Spirits outside town until you
ge one.  Now go to the town west of Teien.  Here, enter the inn.  Talk to Mina,
the dancer.  If you have Toe Shoes equiped, dance with her and she'll join. 
Upstairs in the inn is Esmeralda.  If you got an Opal from the Dwarf Vault,
she'll join you.  If you didn't, there's a better opportunity to get it later,
so forget about it for right now.  Go to the armor shop and recruit Chapman. 
Now go to the Rune Master and recruit Jeane.
Items: Black Paint, Silver Necklace, Old Book Vol. 6, Antitoxin, Half Helmet,
Sound Setting 0
People: Gen, Kamandol, Kimberly, Tesla
Go to Rikon.  Take the boat and head south.  Try to get through the rapids.  Go
back to Rikon.  You'll discuss a way to get through them.  Go to Teien and talk
to Gen.  Tell him you need a boat to beat the rapids.  He'll take you to
Kamandol.  Kamandol will give you an engine.  You'll have to carry it to Rikon
(you can just use the Blinking Mirror and warp there).  When you get there, Gen
and Kamandol will get to work on the boat.  You'll stay at the inn and there'll
be a cut scene with Gremio.  Now you can board the boat and pass through the
rapids.  When you get to Liukan's Hermitage, talk to Liukan.  He'll then be
kidnapped by Milich.  Go inside the hut and get the Black Paint.  Return to the
castle and talk to Mathiu.  He'll tell you to go to Antei and recruit Kimberly
and Tesla.  You have to recruit Kimberly first.  Her house is the small one
above the inn.  After dinner with Flik, she'll join you.  Tesla's house is above
Kimberly's.  Go back to see Mathiu.  He'll give you the fake orders needed to
get into Soniere Prison.

Go to Soneire (it's south of Antei) and get inside.  Go up and right.  Save your
game.  Go into the room with the beds and get a Silver Necklace.  Then head left
from the save point and down.  Get the Old Book Vol. 6 out of the chest, then
head left and up.  Walk into the door to flip the switch and continue up and
around and down the stairs.  Keep following the path around and down the stairs. 
Go down and get some Antitoxin out of the chest.  Then go right, up right and
down.  You'll run into some guards you have to fight.  Continue down into
another fight.  Fight the guards at the first cell and enter it to get a Half
Helmet.  Fight the next set of guards to get to the Sound Setting 0 inside the
cell.  Now rescue Liukan.  Make your way back up, but before going into the room
with the switch, un-equip Gremio; he'll be leaving you shortly.  When you get
into the room, Milich will be there.  He'll release some man-eating spores. 
Gremio will sacrifice himself so everyone else lives.  (There is a way to revive
Gremio, see the Reviving Gremio section in the Misc. Section.)  Hours later,
Mathiu shows up and gets you.  You'll automatically return to the castle.
Fighting Teo
Items: Red Paint, Magic Robe, Window Setting 1, Magic Rune Piece, Spark Crystal
People: Liukan, Milich, Kasumi
At the castle, you'll be in your room.  Go see Mathiu.  Liukan will join and
you're given the choice to attack Scarleticia.  Do so.  First use Magic, then
bows, then charge twice.  Now you'll have to go in and burn the flowers.  Viktor
and Flik will both go with you.  Go inside and head left and up to get Red
Paint.  Go right and up to get a Magic Robe.  Now go up the middle.  Go left and
look at the picture of Milich.  Say that he's also a victim and go down the new
set of stairs to get Window Setting 1 and a Magic Rune Piece.  Go back up and go
up the big set of stairs.  Go left to get a Spark Crystal.  Go outside and
you'll run into Milich.  Forgive him and invite him to join you.  Stallion will
then run in saying that the Imperials are marching to your castle.  You'll
return automatically.  I recommend saving and resting before going to talk to

When you get to the war room, you'll meet Kasumi, a ninja.  She'll join.  You'll
be informed that you have to fight Teo.  You can't win this one.  Pahn says that
he'll hold off Teo while you run away.  Now you'll have to fight Teo one-on-one
with Pahn.  The best technique for keeping Pahn alive is to just keep defending. 
If you do die, reset and gain Pahn some levels before talking to Mathiu.  Also,
buy him some good armor and upgrade his weapon, if you have enough money.  Try
to predict Teo's attacks by listening to what he says.  After this battle,
you'll be in the castle on the 3rd floor.  Go to bed and rest.  In the middle of
the night, Leknaat will come see you.  She'll tell you about her relation to
Windy and of the 27 True Runes.
More Recruiting
Items: Sugar, Yardstick, Salt, Soy Sauce, Soap
People: Anji, Leonardo, Kanak, Ivanov, Kasios, Qlon, Esmeralda, Clive, Lester,
Georges, Sarah
In the morning, talk to Flik in the war room.  He'll remind you about the Fire
Spears...if only you had some way north to the Secret Factory...  Go outside
your castle.  Gen and Kamandol have souped up your boat, so now it goes faster. 
You need to bring either Tai Ho or Yam Koo.  Bring both.  On you map, you'll see
a light on a small island northwest of your castle.  Go there.  Go inside and
talk to Anji.  You'll have to fight the pirates.  If you win, they'll join you. 
Go back to HQ and get rid of Yam Koo.  Take Milich and go back to Scarleticia. 
Go up and, before going up the stairs, take a right.  Talk to Ivanov and recruit
him.  Now go upstairs and go right.  Talk to Kasios and recruit her.  Now go
back to HQ and get rid of Milich.  Take Kirkis so you can get his levels up.  Go
to Antei and talk to Qlon and recruit him.  If you didn't get Esmeralda earlier,
go to Soniere Prison and fight until you get an Opal (this will help raise
Kirkis' level, so you can get Rubi later).  Then bring her the Opal and recruit
her.  Then go to Rikon.  Sometimes, you can find Clive in the inn.  Check back
every once in a while.  I won't remind you to because he appears totally at
random, and not at certain parts.

Now take your boat and go north of where you fought the pirates.  You're now in
Kirov.  Go into the two small houses and taste the stews.  Then go into the big
house and recruit Lester, the stew chef.  Now go to the inn and talk with
Georges.  To recruit him, you have to beat the record of one of his card games. 
It's like a strange version of concentration.  When you beat the record, he'll
join.  The quickest way to win is the play the 5 different matches and start in
the middle and work out.  Now go try to recruit Sarah.  She'll tell you she
wants Soap.  Talk to the guy near the armor shop.  He'll give you Soap for Soy
Sauce.  Talk to the guy near a house.  He'll give you Soy Sauce for Salt.  Talk
to the lady near the bottom of town.  She'll give you Salt for a Yardstick. 
Talk to the guy inside the room in the inn.  He'll give you a Yardstick for
Sugar.  Go to the item shop and buy Sugar.  Give the items to the people who
want them and recruit Sarah.
Fire Spears
Items: Earth Rune Piece, Old Book Vol. 8, Antique, Sound Crystal
People: Blackman, Kessler, Ledon, Kage, Melodye, Mose, Ronnie Bell
Leave Kirov and head north to Kalekka.  This is a good place to get money for
right now.  In the first house, you'll find Leon Silverburg.  You probably don't
have enough recruits for him yet (you need 95; I'll remind you about him later). 
For a fast way through the town, leave, use the Blinking Mirror and warp back,
but I recommend going through it normally (you get more money and EXP, plus
treasures).  Go to the house on the right to get an Earth Rune Piece.  Go to the
house with no roof (it's in between Leon's house and the other one).  Walk
through to the oter side.  Go up into the two-door house.  In here, there is Old
Book Vol. 8.  Leave through the left door.  Enter the house on the left for an
Antique.  Head up and right and go inside the house.  Get the Sound Crystal. 
Talk to Blackman.  If you stepped on his plants, he won't join (just leave and
re-enter if you did).

Head north to the Secret Factory.  You'll run into two familiar faces here:
Kessler and Ledon.  They'll be "talking" with Ronnie Bell.  Let her know that
you know them.  Ronnie will tell you to follow.  Talk to Kessler and Ledon
before you do to recruit them.  Inside the factory, go to the back left and talk
to Kage.  For 20000 bits, he'll join.  Now go right and down to get Window
Setting 0 out of the chest.  Talk to Mose.  You'll get the fire spears.  Go back
to Kirov.  Talk to Melodye and give her the Sound Crystal.  She'll join you.  Go
to the big house and talk with Kun To.  He'll join and give you 10 boats to
transport the Fire Spears with.  Ronniw will load the boats.  Mose and Ronnie
Bell will join, too.  Go back to your castle and Tai Ho will say he's tired and
you'll automatically be brought to bed.

In the morning, talk to Mathiu and advance the troops forward.  You'll fight
with Teo again.  Just charge the whole battle.  Now you'll have a one-on-one
battle with Teo, again.  He'ls much easier this time (plus he's missing half his
life).  After the battle, Teo tells Alen and Grenseal to join your army.
Warriors' Village
Items: Old Book Vol. 3
People: Kirke, Marco, Moose, Fukien, Quincey, Zen, Morgan
Back at your castle, talk to Lepant in the war room.  You'll be sent to Lorimar. 
Kasumi will scout around and let you in.  Viktor will go with you and you won't
have control yet.  You'll find nothing.  Cleo will go with you, also, to scout
the region better.  Exit and re-enter.  Talk to Kirke and recruit him.

South of Lorimar is the Warriors' Village.  Enter and you'll see Hix and Tengaar
having an argument.  Tengaar's dad, Zorak, will walk out and yell at her.  He
will mention Neclord, which makes Viktor ask him about it.  Zorak will then
invite you to his home.  First, walk to the right side of town.  You'll run into
Marco again.  Win 5000 from him and he'll join.  Return to HQ and put the
Blacksmiths in your group.  Warp back to Warriors' Village and enter the north
most house on the right.  Talk to Moose and he'll join.  Go back to HQ and get
your regular crew and go back to Warriors' Village.  Go inside Zorak's house and
talk with him.  He'll explain about Neclord.  After a long explanation, go talk
to Tengaar.  You'll then overhear Hix and Cleo talking.  Talk to Viktor and
he'll tell about his past with Neclord.  You'll then go to sleep.

Cleo will wake you in the morning.  Leave the house, and Neclord will attack the
village.  After the villagers' pathetic attempts, you'll have to fight him.  You
won't be able to hit him, so don't try (it takes too long).  Tengaar agrees to
go with him at this point.  Viktor decides that he needs a better weapon if he
wants to kill Neclord.  Talk with Zorak, and he'll tell you about Qlon temple. 
It's west of the village.  Enter the temple and talk to Fukien.  He'll join and
then show you where you can get a weapon needed to beat Neclord.

Don't go in the cave yet, there's some recruiting to be done.  First, return to
HQ.  Go to Garan and get Quincey (you should have enough recruits by now).  Then
go to your item shop and buy one of each color seed.  Go back to Qlon.  Near the
cave is Zen.  Give him the seeds and he'll join.  Go inside the temple.  In the
cack, on the right side, is Morgan.  Ask him to join.  On the left side, look at
the skinny book shelf to get Old Book Vol. 3.
The Cave
Items: Crimson Cape, Medicine x2, Flowing Crystal, Windown Crystal, Head Gear,
Old Book Vol. 2, 5000 bits, Escape Talisman, Silverlet, Skill Rune Piece, Mega
Medicine x2, Boar Crystal, Champion's Crystal
People: Hugo, Eikei, Rubi
Go into the cave.  Go up and, at the first fork, head right to get to a save
point.  Take the north fork now and go down the stairs.  Follow the path to
another fork and go left.  Go up the stairs and get the Crimson Cape.  Now take
the right fork until you come to another fork.  Go up.  Follow the path up,
around and down to get Medicine and a Flowing Crystal.  Now take the path
leading down.  Walk down and into the wall to get the Window Crystal.  Go right
of where you walked through the wall.  Go up a short set of stairs to get Head
Gear.  Go back down the stairs and continue right until you reach a cave.  Enter
it and get Old Book Vol. 2.  Go down until you reach a big room.  Go left to get
5000 bits, and then go up a set of stairs and through a cave.  Continue tp to
get an Escape Talisman.  Go down the stairs there.  Continue down and walk
through another wall.  Work your way through until you get to Crowley.  You
probably won't have enough recruits yet (you need 95 to get him), but remember
where this entrance is.

Outside of the wall, head right and take the north fork.  Follow the path to the
War Scroll.  Now take the south fork.  Follow the path until you reach a cave. 
Inside is Medicine and a Silverlet.  Leave the cave and go up to reach some
stairs.  Go down and enter the cave on the left.  Follow the path until you
reach a cave.  Inside is a Skill Rune Piece and Mega Medicine.  Outside of the
cave, continue right until you reach another cave.  Go in and down the stairs. 
Follow the path until you reach a sword.  The sword will then pull you into the

In the past, go up and you'll see a kid.  Chase him around until he stops.  Talk
to him and you'll see that he looks like Ted.  Go to the village elder.  Follow
him inside.  Form outside, you'll hear Windy's voice.  She'll have Yuber burn
the village down.  When you have control again, follow the path down and left. 
You'll run into Yuber.  Just before he kills you, Neclord shows up and stops
him.  You'll be moved to the middle of town.  Before you go into the light, go
into the elder's house and get the Mega Medicine.  Follow the path outside the
back to get a Boar Crystal.  Go into the lower right house for a Champion's
Crystal.  Then go into the light.  You'll be back in Qlon cave.  Go down until
you get to the sword.  Viktor wil get the Star Dragon Sword.  Make your way back
out of the cave.

Once you're out, go inside the temple.  In the back on the left side is Hugo,
the librarian.  Give him the War Scroll and he'll join.  Go to HQ and warp to
Teien.  On the right side of town is Eikei.  If you're on level 40, he'll join. 
Now go to the Kobold Village (you can't warp there; warp to the Burnt Elves
Village, and then walk to the Kobold Village).  You can recruit Rubi in the inn
if Kirkis is on level 45.
Items: Full Helmet, Antitoxin x2, Medicine, Earth Boots, Green Paint, Earth Rune
Piece, Magic Rune Piece, Cape of Darkness
People: Hix, Tengaar
Back at the Warriors' Village, go into the item shop.  Give the Window Crystal
to Window and he'll join you.  The go outside and talk to Zorak.  Go to
Neclord's castle (it's southwest of the village).  Neclord will invite you
inside.  Hix will join you.  Keep him in the back row for now; his armor is weak
and he's on a kinda wimpy level.  Inside the castle, go up and into the right
door.  Go down the stairs and get the Full Helmet.  The Zombie sells you hints,
but you won't need them.  Go into the left door, down the stairs and save your
game.  Now go up the stairs in between the two doors.  Follow the path down,
around and up.  Go left and into the door.  Follow the path down, right and up
the stairs.  Go into the room above the stairs to get Antitoxin.  Go into the
lower right room for Medicine.  go to the left side of the room and up for Sound
Setting 1.  Now go into the room with four paintings.  Number them 1 2 3 4. 
Look at 3 first, then 2, then 4, then 1.  Go up then right and through the door. 
Go into the lower right and get the Earth Boots.  Go into the lower left and get
the Green Paint.  Then go through the middle room and up the stairs.  Go into
the first room you come to to get Antitoxin.  Go into the room below it to get
an Earth Rune Piece.  Then go into the door in the upper right.  Go left and
down.  Go into the upper room for a Magic Rune Piece.  Inside the lower room is
a chest with a Cape of Darkness inside.  Then go up the stairs to get to
Neclord.  Until Viktor attacks, everyone else's attack is useless.  Use powerful
magics to inflict the most damage quickly.

After the battle, Viktor will kill Neclord and Tengaar will thank Hix for saving
her.  Now just walk out of the castle.  Outside, Viktor will announce that he's
leaving to go tell his village of the news.  Zorak will then give his permission
for both Hix and Tengaar to join you.  Return to HQ.
Dragon Knights
Items: Goldlet, Old Book Vol. 5, Power Gloves, Window Settings 2, Old Book Vol.
People: Fuma, Leon, Crowley, Pesmerga, Milia
Talk to Mathiu in the war room.  Here, you'll discuss numbers of troops. 
Humphrey says that he's a friend of Joshua, leader of the Dragon Knights.  Flik
and Humphrey will go with you.  Dragon's Den is northwest of Antei.  Talk to the
guard and you'll be informed that no one is allowed in.  Go to Antei.  Here,
you'll see Vincent de Boule.  He's trying to skip out on his bill.  He says he's
going to go see Joshua, then runs off, leaving you with the bill (it's only
200).  Go back to Dragon's Den.  You'll run into Vincent again.  He'll show you
a secret entrance inside.  Inside the cave, go up.  Go right for a Goldlet, then
continue up.  Go right, getting the Old Book Vol. 5, then up and left.  Go up
and up some stairs.  Continue up.  At the fork, go right for Power Gloves, then
go left and down.  Here, you'll find the dragons, sleeping.  Milia will question
you, and Futch will show up.  Milia will tell you to go to the fortress.  Go
left and down to exit the cave.  Head northwest to get to the fortress.  Here,
head to the upper right side.  Talk to the red thing, which is really Fuma. 
He'll join you.

Enter the fortress.  Go to the back left and talk to Kreutz.  Humphrey will talk
with him and get him to join.  Go upstairs and talk with Joshua.  Ask him for
help and he'll tell you about the dragons.  He also says he needs Liukan to cure
them.  Get the Window Settings 2 out of the chest and look at the right book
shelf for Old Book Vol. 4.  Before you bring Liukan to Joshua, there's some
recruiting that can now be done.  Go to Kalekka and talk to Leon.  Go back to HQ
and talk to Mathiu.  He'll give you a letter.  Bring it back to Leon.  Mathiu
will show up and convince Leon to join.  Now go to the place where Crowley is in
the Qlon Temple cave and recruit him (refer back to The Cave section of the
walkthrouh if you don't remember how to get there).  Now climb to the top of
Neclord's castle again.  Here, you'll find Pesmerga.  He'll gladly join up with
you at the chance to get to Yuber.

Go back to HQ and get Liukan and bring him to the Dragon Knight Fortress and up
to Joshua.  He'll look at the dragons and announce that they were poisoned. 
He'll tell you 2 of the 3 ingredients needed to  revive them.  The first one,
moonlight weed, is in Seek Valley.  Milia will go with you.  Go to the fortress
and get on Thrash, her dragon and one of 2 that are still awake (the other is
Futch's Black).  The dragon will take you to Seek Valley.
Seek Valley
Items: Master Robe, Sound Setting 2, Mega Medicine, Cyclone Crystal
People: Joshua, Futch
When you get there, go right and get the Master Robe from the chest and go down. 
Go left and up the ladder.  From here, take the first path going right.  Keep
going right to get to a hut.  This is where Mace lives.  If you bring all the
blacksmiths here later, he'll join.  Go back to the left.  Take the left path to
get Sound Setting 2.  Now go back and take the other right path.  Here, the path
splits.  go right for a Mega Medicine, then take the left one.  You'll have to
fight a boss.  As you inflict damage, the ice surrounding it will go away. 
After the ice is gone and you've hurt it for somewhere around 500 HP of damage,
all that will be left is a red ball.  After the battle, save at the save point
to the left.  Get the Cyclone Crystal out of the chest and go up.  You'll find
the moonlight weed and Windy will show up.  As usual, se asks for your Cursed
Rune.  She then summons Ted.  Ted asks for it back.  Don't return it.  The Soul
Eater will do something (I'm not sure what, though) and the true Ted will speak
with you.  When it's over, Ted will ask for it again.  Ted then tells what the
Soul Eater does.  He then tells it to take his soul.  Windy will try to take the
rune, but she'll be stopped by it and will run away.  Milia will get the weed. 
Go back to Thrash.

When you get back, go upstairs and talk with Joshua.  You'll discover that Futch
went on without you.  For the only time in the game, you get to control another
character.  Walk down and look at the first flower on the right.  Barbarosa
tells Futch that the flower he is looking at is the black dragon orchid.  He
also tells Futch to take the flower and go, before Windy shows up.  Walk back up
and get on Black.  Just then, Windy does show up.  Black will take off, but
Windy will shoot him down.

Futch will wake up back at the Dragon Knight's Fortress.  Liukan will inform him
that the dragons are cured.  Futch will ask about the 3rd ingredient.  Joshua
will tell him that it's a dragon's liver, which came from Black.  Milia will
tell Futch that Black was already dead and that they didn't kill him.  Go back
upstairs and speak with Joshua.  He'll join and ask you to take Futch with you,
too.  Milia will offer you a ride home.  Take it and go outside and you'll be
brought home.
Rescue Viktor
Items: Old Book Vol. 7, Pink Paint, Taikioku Wear, Mega Medicine, Needle
People: Taggart, Griffith, Warren, Kasim, Max, Sancho
When you walk inside your castle, you'll run into Kasumi and Krin.  They'll be
arguing.  you'll get no answers as to what out of them, so go see Mathiu.  Here,
you'll meet Taggart.  He'll explain what's going on with the Imperials.  He'll
tell you that both Viktor and his master, Warren, were taken prisoner.  He'll
then join.  Mathiu suggests to give the troops training.  Agree with him and
then go to bed.  As you enter your room, Mathiu tells you that he wants to talk
to you.  He tells you of a spy in the ranks.  Mathiu asks permission to oversee
the training tomorrow.  Agree.

In the morning, talk to Mathiu in his room.  Then tell him "Let's go."  You'll
go out to the site, and Mathiu will tell the troops to attack.  You'll pull off
a surprise attack.  However, Griffith will try to surrender, but it's just a
ploy.  Attack anyways.  First use bows, then charge.  After the battle, recruit
Griffith.  Back at your castle, Mathiu will tell people where to go.  Kasumi and
Krin go with you.  Back at the Northern Checkpoint, Mathiu explains the plan to
Griffith.  Re-enter the checkpoint and get Old Book Vol. 7.  Then leave and head
north to Moravia.  You'll be let in.  Griffith and Mathiu will leave.  Go right
to get Pink Paint.  If you wanna rest and save, talk to the guy in the upper
right room.  Now go left until you reach a chest containing Taikioku Wear, then
go up.  Circle around and go down.  Keep going down until you reach a medium
sized room.  Walk out on the skinny piece of walk way on the left.  Walk right
and into the window.  Keep walking up until you get to a chest with Mega
Medicine inside.  Walk out of the windown and Krin will set up a rope so you can
get to the other side.  Cross it and walk left and up into another window.  Get
the Needle out of the chest and leave through the right window.  Walk right and
into that window.  Here, you'll release Viktor and Warren.  Warren will join and
you automatically are brought to Kasim Hazil.  Everyone will convince Kasim to
join.  Go back to the Northern Checkpoint and you'll run into Max and Sancho. 
Recruit them.  Now return to HQ.
Last General
Items: Mother Earth Crystal, Chaos Shield, Guard Ring, Master Garb, Mega
Medicine, Thunder Crystal
People: Vincent, Mace
In the war room, talk with Mathiu.  You will discuss your options.  You'll see
many talks between people.  Then Viktor'll come in your room.  He'll give you
Gremio's axe that he saved from Soniere.  In the morning, go outside.  You'll
see all the boats that you need.  Mathiu will tell you to give the orders to go
forward.  Do so.  In the battle, first use bows, then magic, then charge.  Use
the Dragon Knights found under "Others," then use Magic again.

Once the battle's over, save your game, then walk down and right.  Viktor
decides to go with you to go close the flood gate.  Before going in, return to
HQ.  Warp to Moravia and make your way to the top, where you rescued Viktor and
Warren.  Get the Mother Earth Crystal out of the chest and talk to Vincent. 
He'll join you.  Now leave Moravia and go back to HQ.  Go to Shasarazade and
change members, putting all of the blacksmiths in your group.  Now go to the
Dragon Knight Fortress and ride Thrash to Seek Valley.  Go to Mace and he'll
join.    Go back to Shasarazade, changing members if you want, and go inside the
fortress.  Walk down the stairs.  Go down, cross the bridge and go up for a
Chaos Shield.  Go down, cross a bridge and  go up the stairs.  Go right, down
across a bridge, and left.  Make your way left.  Go up and get a Guard Ring,
then go down, right, down, left and get Master Garb.  Make your way right.  Go
down some stairs then go left.  At the fork, go left to get Mega Medicine.  Now
go down at the fork.  You'll have to fight a boss.  It's not too hard.

After the battle, Viktor will close the floodgate.  Grab the chest for a Thunder
Crystal, then head out.  As you're leaving, Sonya stops you.  She askes you why
you are "betraying" the Empire.  After you answer, the oil is lit too early by
someone outside.  Then Sonya will attack you.  She's much tougher than the clam. 
After the fight, she'll try to throw herself into the fire.  Viktor will stop
her and take her with you.  Go back upstairs.  When you get outside, you'll
discover Mathiu laying on the ground.  Flik will be yelling at Sanchez, who is
then revealed to be the spy.  As Flik is about to kill Sanchez, Mathiu stops
him.  He tells Flik that if he kills Sanchez, moral will plummet.  You then
return to the castle.
End of the Empire
Items: Windspun Armor, Horned Helmet, Power Ring
People: Sonya
Go to the basement.  Sonya and Cleo will be talking.  Go into the cell and talk
with her.  Tell her you want her to join and that you don't mind if she hates
you.  She'll then join.

Go talk to Mathiu.  Tell him to march on the capital.  Everyone will gather in
the war room.  Leknaat will show up.  If you got all the other 107 stars, she
will revive Gremio.  If you haven't got them yet, don't talk to Mathiu and go
get them.  If you haven't gotten Leon, it's too late.  When you have control,
talk to Mathiu.  Tell him to go ahead and move forward.  There'll then be a cut
scene with Kanaan and Yuber.  Kirkis will then report their numbers to you. 
Leknaat will tell you most of them are monster conjured by Windy and will try to
get rid of them.  She doesn't have enough power, so Joshua will show up and lend
his power.  Now you'll have your last army vs. army battle.  First, use bows,
then charge, then use magic twice, then use bows, then charge.

After the battle, Yuber will run away and the dwarf chief, Zorak, and Hanzo will
all show up.  Then you'll all go inside Gregminster.  Flik and Viktor will go
with you.  Go the the armor shop to buy better armor.  Then walk up to the
castle.  Ain Gide will be here.  He'll fight with you.  After the fight,
continue up.  Once inside, go into the lower right room and get Windspun Armor. 
Walk up the middle and you'll be attacked.  Continue up and go left and up the
stairs.  Go left a little and down.  Go left and up into the throne room.  Go
through the door to the left of the throne, then go right and up some stairs. 
Go to where the red carpet is and walk up.  You'll be attacked 6 times before
you can need to go left.  When you go left, you'll be attacked 4 times before
you reach the stairs leading up.  Now go up the stairs, down, and right to get
into another fight.  Continue right and pick up the Horned Helmet.  Go back to
the left and up.  At the fork, go left and up to get to a chest containing a
Power Ring and a save point.  Saving your game here will let you open up nifty
secrets in the second game (see the Suikoden II Secret section for more info). 
Now take the right fork.  Follow the path out into the gardens.  You'll find
Barbarosa there.  He'll fight you, transforming into a 3-headed dragon. 
Concentrate on one head at a time.  The first one on the right is immune to
earth, the 2nd to lightning and the 3rd to fire.  The first head also cures, so
kill that one first.  The heads also do a tetra-elemental attack, which is
pretty strong.

After the dragon's defeat, all the remaining generals come to see Barbarosa. 
Windy appears and starts to insult the Emperor.  She tries to take the Soul
Eater (what's new?), but the souls of Odessa, Gremio, Teo and Ted stop her.  The
Emperor tells Windy that he loved her.  He then jumps off the balcony with her. 
You now have to escape the castle.  Just go back the way you came.  There will
still be random battles, though.  When you reach the spot before the save, some
soldiers will spot you; Viktor will hold them off.  Keep trying to leave.  As
you walk through a hallway, someone will fire an arrow at you.  Flik will take
it for you.  He'll tell you to go ahead.  Viktor will catch up to Flik and
they'll fight together.  You'll be done with the game now.  Everyone will talk
about the victory, then there'll be a cut scene where Mathiu dies.  After that,
a brief epilogue for each character rolls.  After the credits (some of those
people have weird names...), you'll see the Hero leave Gregminster, followed by
Gremio, if you saved him.  The End.

IV. 108 Stars of Destiny
In this game, there are 108 different people who will join you and live in your
castle (109, if you count Sanchez, who isn't one of the stars).  If you manage
to get all 108 of them by the end of the game (which is not easy) than your
ending will differ slightly (not very much, but it's slightly different). 
Here's a run-down of the 108 stars and what they do for your castle.
SN: Star Name
CN: Character Name
Req: Requirements
Bat: Can you use them in battle

SN          CN          Req                                                     
Tenkai      Hero        N/A                                                      
Tengou      Lepant      Joins Automatically                                      
Tenki       Mathiu      Joins Automatically                                      
Tenkai      Luc         Joins Automatically                                      
Tenyu       Humphrey    Joins Automatically                                      
Tenyu       Kasim       Joins Automatically                                      
Tenmou      Kwanda      Forgive him at Pannu Yakuta                              
Teni        Pesmerga    In Neclord's Castle, after defeat of Neclord             
Tenei       Gremio      Joins Automatically                                      
Tenki       Warren      Joins Automatically                                      
Tenfu       Kun To      Joins Automatically                                      
Tenman      Cleo        Joins Automatically                                      
Tenku       Viktor      Joins Automatically                                      
Tensyo      Valeria     Joins Automatically                                      
Tenritsu    Griffith    Joins Automatically                                      
Tensyo      Clive       In the inn at Rikon; appears randomly                    
Tenan       Flik        Joins Automatically                                      
Tenyu       Camile      Joins Automatically                                      
Tenku       Kreuz       In Dragon Knight Fortress; must have Humphrey with you   
Tensoku     Stallion    Joins Automatically                                      
Teni        Kage        Pay 20000 bits at Secret Factory                         
Tensatsu    Fu Su Lu    Pay 20000 bits for his food at inn in Kobold Village     
Tenbi       Kirkis      Joins Automatically                                      
Tenkyu      Milich      Forgive him at Scarleticia                               
Tentai      Pahn        Joins Automatically                                      
Tenjyu      Sonya       In your castle basement, after defeating her             
Tenken      Anji        At Pirate Hideout; must have Tai Ho and Yam Koo with you 
Tenhei      Tai Ho      Joins Automatically                                      
Tenzai      Kanak       At Pirate Hideout; must have Tai Ho and Yam Koo with you 
Tenson      Yam Koo     Joins Automatically                                      
Tenpai      Leonardo    At Pirate Hideout; must have Tai Ho and Yam Koo with you 
Tenrou      Hix         Joins Automatically                                      
Tensui      Tengaar     Joins Automatically                                      
Tenbou      Varkas      Joins Automatically                                      
Tenkoku     Sydonia     Joins Automatically                                      
Tenkou      Eileen      Joins Automatically                                      
Chikai      Leon        In Kalekka; must have Mathiu's letter                    
Chisatsu    Georges     Beat a record at his card game                           
Chiyu       Ivanov      In Scarleticia, after beating Milich                     
Chiketsu    Jeane       In Antei in Runemaster shop                              
Chiyu       Eikei       In Teien; must be on level 40+                           
Chii        Max         In Northern Checkpoint, after going to Moravia           
Chiei       Sancho      In Northern Checkpoint, after going to Moravia           
Chiki       Grenseal    Joins Automatically                                      
Chimou      Alen        Joins Automatically                                      
Chibun      Tesla       In Antei, after Mathiu tells you about him               
Chisei      Jabba       In appraisal sho in Rikon; must have Nameless Urn        
Chikatsu    Lorelai     In inn in Kouan; must be on a high enough level          
Chitou      Blackman    In Kalekka; must not step on his plants                  
Chikyou     Joshua      Joins Automatically                                      
Chian       Morgan      In Qlon Temple                                           
Chiziku     Mose        Joins Automatically                                      
Chikai      Esmeralda   In inn in Antei; must have Opal                          
Chisa       Melodye     In Kirov; must have Sound Crystal                        
Chiyu       Chapman     In armor shop in Antei                                   
Chirei      Liukan      Joins Automatically                                      
Chijyu      Fukien      Joins Automatically                                      
Chibi       Futch       Joins Automatically                                      
Chikyu      Kasumi      Joins Automatically                                      
Chibaku     Maas        In Great Forest                                          
Chizen      Crowley     In Qlon Temple cave; must have at least 95 recruits      
Chikou      Fuma        At Dragon Knight's fortress                              
Chikyou     Moose       In Warriors' Village; must have all blacksmiths in party 
Chihi       Meese       In Dwarf Village; will only join if Maas joined          
Chisou      Sergei      In bar in Kaku                                           
Chikou      Kimberly    In Antei, after Mathiu tells you about her               
Chimei      Sheena      In inn in Kouan; must have Lepant with you               
Chisin      Kessler     At Secret Factory                                        
Chitai      Marco       Win 5000 bits from him at Warriors' Village              
Chiman      Gen         In Teien, after you need a boat upgrade                  
Chisui      Hugo        In Qlon Temple; must have War Scrolls                    
Chisyu      Hellion     In inn in Teien                                          
Chiin       Mina        In inn in Antei; must have Toe Shoes                     
Chii        Milia       Joins Automatically                                      
Chiri       Kamandol    In Teien, after you need a boat upgrade                  
Chisyun     Juppo       In Lepant's Mansion                                      
Chiraku     Kasios      In Scarleticia; must have Milich with you                
Chitatsu    Viki        On the way to Kobold Village                             
Chisoku     Rubi        In Kobold Village; Kirkis must be on level 45            
Chichin     Vincent     In cell in Moravia                                       
Chikei      Meg         Near inn in Kaku; must have Juppo with you               
Chima       Taggart     Joins Automatically                                      
Chiyou      Giovanni    Joins Automatically                                      
Chiyu       Quincey     In Garan; must have 85+ recruits                         
Chifuku     Apple       In Mathiu's house in Seika                               
Chihi       Kai         In Garan                                                 
Chiku       Lotte       In inn in Rikon; get her cat from Kaku                   
Chiko       Mace        In Seek Valley; must have all Blacksmiths with you       
Chizen      Onil        In house in Seika                                        
Chitan      Kuromimi    Joins Automatically                                      
Chikaku     Gon         In Kobold Village; must have Kuromimi with you           
Chisyu      Antonio     In inn in Seika; Marie must ask for cook                 
Chizou      Lester      In Kirov; must taste all the stews                       
Chihei      Kirke       In Lorimar                                               
Chison      Rock        In Lepant's Mansion                                      
Chido       Ledon       At Secret Factory                                        
Chisatsu    Sylvina     Joins Automatically                                      
Chiaku      Bell        (Ronnie) Joins Automatically                             
Chisyu      Gaspar      Win 5000 bits from him in Kaku                           
Chisu       Window      In Warriors' Village; must have Window Crystal           
Chiin       Marie       In inn in Seika                                          
Chikei      Zen         In Qlon; must have red, blue and yellow seeds            
Chisou      Sarah       In Kirov; must have Soap                                 
Chiretsu    Sansuke     In house in Great Forest                                 
Chiken      Qlon        In Antei                                                 
Chimou      Templeton   In Burnt Elves Village                                   
Chizoku     Krin        Joins Automatically                                      
Chikou      Chandler    At Fortress of Kwaba                                     

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