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Chaos was threatening to destroy the world of Fa'Diel. However, with the power of Mana at the God's disposal, Fa'Diel was eventually healed. With the slate wiped clean, the world was ready to start again. You are a young man or a young women (your choice) and your on a magical quest to rebuild the world of Fa'Diel. You will encounter lots of magical creatures such as a talking Cactus, a talking Rabbit and you will explore magical lands such as the Underworld, the Jungle, Ancient Ruins, Deserts and also even a Bone Fortress. What will this magical adventure hold for our hero, only time will be able to tell.

Legend of Mana Walkthrough/FAQ (North American version) v. 1.7
By Fred Delles


Visit my website, "The Cool Nut Archives" at either of the following URLs: or

The latest edition of this FAQ is under this URL. Or, check GameFAQs at:, under "Legend of Mana".

Best viewed under Wordpad under Windows 95/98

This is my SECOND FAQ (and my first console one) that I've ever done, so, well,
bear with me as I fire off! This FAQ is also unofficial, so do not harass
Square or Electronic Arts about it if there's a problem.

- Previous Updates
- Quick FAQs (Updated)
- Walkthrough (the order I played 'em in):
    - The Start
    - Niccolo's Business Unusual
    - The Wisdom of Gaeus
    - The Mana Orchards
    - The Lost Princess
    - The Little Sorcerers
    - The Gorgon Eye
    - Monster Corral
    - Faerie's Light
    - Huntin Du'Cate
    - The Flame of Hope
    - The Murmuring Forest
    - Seeing Double
    - Reach for the Stars
    - Summer Lovin'
    - Diddle's Letter
    - Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 2
    - The Infernal Doll
    - Professor Bomb's Lab
    - The Looking-Glass Tower
    - Teatime of Danger
    - Can't Look Back
    - Drowned Dreams
    - Daddy's Broom
    - Enchanted Instruments 101
    - Gilbert: School Amour
    - Golem Go Make 'Em
    - Li'l Cactus
    - Mine Your Own Business
    - Where's Putty?
    - Watts Drops the Hammer
    - S.S. Buccaneer Sub-Quests:
            - The Treasure Map
            - The Quiet Sea
            - The Nordic Snowfield
    - Two Torches
    - The Blessed Elixir
    - Cosmo
    - In Search of Faeries
    - Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 3
    - Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 4
    - Niccolo Calls it Quits?
    - Pokhiel: Dream Teller
    - The Path of the Blacksmith
    - The Fallen Emperor
    - Star-Crossed Lovers
    - Heaven's Gate
    - The Guardian of Winds
    - The Field Trip
    - The Ghost of Nemesis
    - The Dragon Princess
    - Diddle Had It!
    - The Crimson Dragon
    - The Cage of Dreams
    - Catchin' Lilipeas
    - Two Pearls
    - Alexandrite
    - Fluorite
    - Teardrop Crystal
    - The Seven Wisdoms
    - A Siren's Song
    - Gilbert: Resume for Love
    - Dlddle Kidnapped? (NEW!)
    - Rachel (NEW!)
    - Buried Treasure (NEW!)
    - Gilbert: Love is Blind (NEW!) (???)
    - The Wimpy Thugling (NEW!) (???)
    - Pee-Wee Birdie (NEW!) (???)
    - The FINAL Quest - Legend of Mana!
    - "Clear" Save (NEW!)
- Weapon Types
- Artifacts/Locations
- Some Unanswered Questions
- Top "Legend of Mana" Quotes
- Top Ten Signs You Know You Play Too Much Legend of Mana
- The Song of Mana
- Copyright Information

A "???" after each section in the Walkthrough denotes that I was unable to
complete that mission.

Previous Updates |

(The most recent update is on the bottom.)

Version 1.0 (6/13/00)
"Forsake the lake to see the sea. See?"
Part of the walkthrough! Now to get the other quests, and in-game mechanics
in, from weapons to items. Someone help out?
The walkthrough is a tad vague, but I'll give in more specifics as I play
through the game again.

Version 1.1 (6/14/00)
"You're not feeling love, it's preliminary petrification!"
Another part of the walkthrough; this covers everything from Summer Lovin' all
the way down to "Li'l Cactus".
Plus Weapons (strengths and weaknesses) and Top Ten Quotes of Legend of Mana.

Version 1.2 (6/16/00)
"I'm so bloody well bleedin' lonely! I'm gonna spill!"
More walkthrough! I got through both troubled quests, thanks to the dozens of
e-mails I got sent within a couple of days. Plus a lot more. Including an
"Unanswered Questions" section.
Also fixed a couple of errors (i.e. it's Kathinja, not Kathrinka. I should have
been turned to stone for THAT glaring error 8-) )

Version 1.3 (6/17/00)
Yet more of the walkthrough. From "Niccolo Calls It Quits?" to the finished
"The Mana Wisdoms". Some incomplete at the moment, though.

Version 1.4 (6/19/00)
"We ain't alike, but we're alike."
Yup. More of the walkthrough. When I beat the game, I'll fill in the gaps when
I start over again. Less than 10 quests to go! And I already know a couple of
'em, too. Just need the time.
And we got the lyrics to the "Song of Mana" theme! The original theme is in
Swedish, and the English translation is also added. Go to the bottom of this
FAQ to view both.

Version 1.5 (6/20/00)
"I want a friend who guards the cactus pot."
Finished the Teardrop Crystal quest. Apparently, just ten minutes after comple-
ting Version 1.4, I figured out how to finish the quest by myself. Sorry 'bout
And added "Siren's Song", too. I was too busy today to do anything else, but on
Wednesday (6/21/00), I might take a crack at beating the game (finally!)
Also added "Top Ten Signs You Know You Play Too Much Legend of Mana" at the
end. Just for a bit of humor that we all might need. 8-)

Version 1.6 (6/21/00)
"A big big big big snake snake snake!"
Okay, I finally beat the game! Pretty decent ending, too. Walkthrough for the
"Legend of Mana" quest is up.
Also tossed in "Gilbert: Resume for Love" for good measure. If my calculations
are correct, there are six more Cactus Diaries to go.

Version 1.7 (6/24/00)
"He got hard?"
Thanks to the lots of insiders (er, readers) who e-mailed me, I found out ex-
actly what the six remaining quests are. Also, I was able to get through
"Diddle Kidnapped?", "Buried Treasure", and "Rachel". The other three are also
posted, but these are theoretical (i.e. two require specific mana levels to
even perform), and was unable to do them myself.

Quick FAQs: |

Q. How do I get the Golden Seed?
A. Visit Trent (the talking tree at Home) a bunch of times, and give him as
many seeds as possible. Harvest after every few quests, and repeat. When the
produce bin is filled quite a ways, Trent will give you the Golden Seed arti-
fact, something you can use to produce another orchard and even more produce.

Q. About the "Song of Mana" ending theme on the music selection CD: What are
the English translation lyrics? What language is the song in?
A. The lyrics to the song are in Swedish. Both Swedish and English versions of
the lyrics are shown in the "Song of Mana" section of this FAQ.

Q. How specifically do I beat the game?
A. After lots of quests. Either complete the world of the Jumi (completing Two
Pearls, Alexandrite, Fluorite, and Teardrop Crystal), or the vignettes of the
Faerie World (ending with Star-Crossed Lovers and Heaven's Gate), or Larc's
Dragon Quests (from the Fallen Emperor to the Crimson Dragon). Once you com-
plete any ONE of these story arcs (you could do 'em all, if you want to hear
about 'em), then go back Home, talk to the Sproutlings, and begin "The Cage of
After doing this, use the Sword of Mana on the World Map and climb the Mana
Tree in the final subquest, aptly titled "Legend of Mana"!

Walkthrough: The Start |

After choosing your main character, name, weapon, and location, you are ready
to begin play after a Mana-and-mailbox motif of some sort, telling the story
of the Mana World.

Note: I used the female character (the male character looks a little too
fruity, but the female is quite a hottie), the "Sword" option, and dead center
of the map for this walkthrough. I don't think that it really matters who or
where you choose, except for combat and locations.

After doing so, you wake up in a place called "Home". Yup, there's no place
like home. Lucre (filthy lucre!) is the currency of the world, and you'll find
100 of 'em in a chest downstairs to the left wing. The right door is to a
small study where you can get info on magic, techniques, artifacts, chara-
cters, etc. The south leads you outside.

Once you are outside, talk to the little sprout dude walking on the south-
eastern road. Answer "Yes, I already know", and you'll get the Colorblocks
Artifact. There isn't much to do here, so head further southeast and leave the

You're on the World Map. Select the Colorblocks, and place it in a location
next to Home. It will transform into a place called "Domina". Then, travel
there. Odd, huh?

You're now in Domina. You'll run into a mysterious guy just as you enter.
Wanting to find out more about him, follow him north to the building. Sudden-
ly, you'll bump into a big rabbit merchant. Get out of his way, then enter
the pub.

You'll see that mysterious guy ranting toward a faerie girl. After an inter-
ruption, he'll abruptly leave. Hmmm...

Note: If you want a bit of comic relief, talk to the Sproutlings over and over.

Go north along the path. You'll meet up with the big rabbit merchant again.
His name is Niccolo. Talk to him, say "No", then "Yes", and then you'll begin
the first Legend of Mana episode: "Niccolo's Business Unusual"!

(Note: Conversely, you can go with the mysterious man from the bar (his name's
Elazul), and do his quest, "The Lost Princess".)

Niccolo's Business Unusual |

Go south, all the way back to the main entrance to the city. Go to the item
shop, and go in the right back door inside. You'll meet Teapo in the house of
Mark, and you'll get the Wheel after some talk. I'm a poet and I didn't even
know it. 8-)

Leave, and put the wheel on an empty spot on the map. Enter the Luon Highway.
Just head south and east a few screens, and you'll run into Gaeus, the Earth
Guardian. He'll tell you about a similar Guardian at your Home.

Head back to the Highway. Take the northernmost route instead. You'll run into
a bunch of Chobins demainding money. Taunt them a bit and you'll face the
wrath of the Mantis Ant. (Remember him from Secret of Mana?)

BOSS: Mantis Ant
This one isn't too tough. Just hammer away with fast attacks. Long-range, like
the bow and arrows, help a lot here. More or less a walk in the park, or at
least, to me...

Niccolo will give you the artifact Flame after you squash the bug.

Note: Return home after each quest, and talk to that cactus dude on the second
floor. He'll record your journey, and you can look at each quest and your pro-
gress as you go along.

The Wisdom of Gaeus|

Note: I was unable to do this quest in my first game, but did it on a separate
save (early in the game).

Immediately after you finish "Niccolo's Business Unusual", go to the inn in Do-
mina, and find Daena in one of the rooms. She wants to meet Gaeus, and asks you
to go with her. Accept.

Go to Luon Highway, and take the eastern paths. YOu will meet Gaeus at the end,
and he'll talk to you a bit. Daena will give you the Forbidden Ring, which
gives you some defense (and more EXP for you helpers? I don't know about this,
but a couple of e-mails I received said so).

Talk to Gaeus one more time. He'll tell you about the tree near your house.
Head back Home and start "The Mana Orchards" quest.

The Mana Orchards|

You can't do this until you met Gaeus on the Highway (in Niccolo's Business
Unusual, or The Wisdom of Gaeus).

Go back to Home, and explore the area. You'll run into a couple of weeds -
just use regular attacks to take 'em out. You'll wake the tree, and gain the
ability to grow things with all those seeds you're gonna find. When you do
grow something (there'll be a shadow under it), toss it in the bin just west
of the entrance/exit. Trenty!

Note: An ally (Niccolo, if you didn't finish his subquest yet) will be more
helpful in the fight!

The Lost Princess |

Go back to the pub, and speak with that faerie girl again. You'll get the Jade
Egg. Leave the city. Place the egg on the map and enter the Mekiv Caverns.

You'll be inside the caverns. (Duh.) Talk to the pumpkin dude for some battle
techniques. You'll encounter a couple of battles (Elazul can take 'em out
easily). Reach the third level of the caverns. A woman will tell you about
Pearl, and you'll go rescue her.

BOSS: Du'inke
The second boss is a damn hard-to-beat one if you don't know what you're
doing. Your best bet is to stand behind him and strike when you get the
chance, and go postal when he gets dazed.

After an argument, Elazul and Pearl both leave, but not before Pearl gives you
the Stone Eye and Firefly Lamp artifacts.

(Note: The further you put an artifact from Home, the stronger the enemies
are. Be careful.)

If your character does get knocked out (and you have an ally), there will be
a green bar slowly rising instead of your health bar. Once this bar reaches
its max, you will be fully healed. However, if both characters are knocked
out, the game is over.

The Little Sorcerers|

Note: You can't get this quest until you finish Niccolo's Business Unusual.

Return home, and go to the second floor. Talk to that cactus on the west wing.
Go back downstairs. He'll record your progress. Then, go outside. A pelican
mail carrier will yell about something invading Domina. Head there ASAP!

At Domina, go west. Go west at the park, then head north on the path between
three houses. You'll run into a pumpkin patch and two young children who have
plans for taking over the world. 8-) Walk up to 'em, and you'll start a fight.

BOSS: Bud and Lisa
Two enemies could be quite a threat. Just fight one at a time, and you should
get the job done easily. If your levels are too low, try another quest in-
stead, and come back later. They have THREE life bars each! (Green, yellow,
and red). Hitting them with attacks will cancel their spells out.

When you win, they beg to be your apprentice. Agree and they'll live in your
house for a bit. You can take 'em along for the ride, and they'll be of great
help in enemy battles.

The Gorgon Eye |

Use the Stone Eye on the land, and it will turn into Lake Kilma. Nice.

A brief trip to Lake Kilma will run you into a bunch of penguin troops. Talk
to 'em, and say, "What?" as the password. Doesn't that just beat all - they'll
let you in.

Head west a couple of screens. You'll reach a location where you find that a
group of troops were turned into stone! Great Scott! Go northeast. You'll
reach a path where you'll run into a tipped-over turtle. Help him up, and
you'll be able to visit a couple ethnocentric faeries. They'll tell you about
the Gorgon Eye, an item used by faeries to turn living things that look at
it into stone. Go southeast, and walk until you see a bunch of penguin troops
and their captain, one of them telling how the other penguins got, well,
"stoned"... 8-)

Go east. You'll find a gold statue of Popoie (the sprite from the Secret of
Mana game for the Super Nintendo, remember?). Save the game there. Head east
(and north a bit) until you reach a set of half a dozen or so statues. Go

You'll be at a cliff where the faeries toss the penguins down all the way to
the bottom. Knowing to complete this quest, you follow along with them, and
so will the old turtle.

The group will all fall to a lower area on a part of Lake Kilma's shore. The
turtle suggests that the penguins all bait out the Gorgon's Eye and that you
will fight it. By doing so, you will prove false the faerie's myth that if
the Gorgon's Eye dies, they will die.

BOSS: Gorgon's Eye
The best thing to do with him is to run around and use hit-and-run techniques.
If your character is equipped with bow and arrows, this'll be a cinch, but it
might be harder with a sword or axe. Try to get your hits in when it charges,
and watch when it does its teleport skill. Stay low if it glows - it will fire
a very deadly laser beam. Use fast attacks, and the Gorgon's Eye will eventu-
ally go down. If you turn to stone, you lose a lot of health, which isn't as
bad as, say, losing the game and having to restart.

Once you turn the Gorgon Eye to stone, you'll get the Medallion artifact for

Monster Corral|

This ain't hard. Just bait the egg with something the pumpkin guy gives you,
and it will be taken to your Monster Corral back at Home. More info on
Monsters will come in a future update.

Faeries' Light|

With the Firefly Lamp, "create" the town of Lumina. Enter the town.

Go north a few screens to the lamp shop. After a brief story, a guy (Gilbert)
walks in and tries to help sell off the remaining six lamps of Monique. Follow
him out and talk to him outside. You can help him sell off the lamps, either
by playing door-to-door salesman, or by buying them off yourself (Yeah right).
Choose to help sell 'em.

The problem? The language. The denizens of Lumina, the Dudbears, have a very
strange language. The only one who can help you at this point is the guy on
the second floor of the tavern (Leave the main area, and go west on the mini-
map of Lumina). Learn the language from him.

Want your job to be easier? Here's the simplest thing to do:

1. Talk to the guy that teaches you the Dub language. Tell him, "Dub!" so that
you understand.
2. Talk to the nearest Dudbear on that floor. Tell him "Dud!" (2nd choice)
twice, then "Dub!" (1st choice), then pick "Dada Dadda" (third choice). You'll
sell a lamp.
3. Leave the tavern, and repeat these steps a couple of times. Yeah, you'll
sell all of the lamps to that same guy, but who cares?

Note: If you screw up (they'll rant "Gak!" if you blow 'em off), just talk to
the translator guy on the second floor of the tavern. This will "reset" the
Dubs' feelings toward you.

Go back to Gilbert, outside of the lamp shop. He'll get the money and run into
Monique's shop. Follow him inside. After some talk, follow the two outside.
They'll be on the west balcony next to the lamp shop. Listen to their conver-
sation. After a seemingly-calm breakup of the two, follow Monique back inside.
She'll get the seal of approval of her lamps from a couple Dudbears, and
you'll get the Trembling Spoon and the Sand Rose artifacts.

Huntin' Du'Cate|

Using the Medallion, you'll get the Jungle. Enter it.

Right at the entrance, you'll meet up with an Elmer Fudd-like guy named Sother-
bee, and two hunters. They're here to hunt a ton of game to pay off a multi-
million lucre debt, searching for a rare animal called Du'Cate. Hey, it's
that, or go on Regis Philibin's hit game show. B-)

I haven't the slightest clue how I did this, but you have to find a path to
where you find a Zombie and two Spiny Cones. Fight them, and continue the
path. One of the hunters will brag about a secret pathway, and will soon run
off. Take that western path, and you'll run into a strange wizard that will
cast a spell on you so you won't get lost. Go back east and north and you'll
find the other hunter. Follow him east and north a bit and you'll run into
the hunters once again. Take the northwestern route. You'll run into someone
like the hunter told you.

Note: If you took Bud along for "The Seven Wisdoms" sub-quest, you'll also
find Rosiotti, one of those wisdoms.

You'll find Roane, who wants you to help him find his sister at the Courtyard
of Rain later. Then go back and take the southwestern route. The faeries will
kick you all the way to the beginning. Just head northeast again and you'll
run into the thin hunter (Skippie) again. He wants you to help catch Du'Cate.
Accept. Then go north and find the fat hunter (Hamson). Accept, too. Then
go back and talk to Skippie, and keep following him east. Hamson will follow
along, too. Keep going east through Du'Cate territory. Fight through the
gauntlet of enemies and you'll run into the Spring of the Beasts (I think
that's the name).

BOSS: Du'Cate
Du'Cate is a big friggin' beast. He'll fire down peaches at you and your
buddy, dealing mega-damage. He also fires cherries machine gun-style, too. Hit
him just to the left or right of him. He has two and a half life bars (at
least, when I was playing), so be patient when you fight, like always. Bud's
attacks will help out A LOT. Even Lisa instead will help, too. If you are low
on health, stay just below and just behind him. This is a semi-safe spot.

Once you defeat Du'Cate, several smaller Du'Cates will take him away. The
hunters compromise, and you will get 500 Lucre from Sotherbee. Refuse it (say
"Give to the others"), and he will give you Granz Steel (NOT an artifact).

The Flame of Hope|

The Flame will produce the Gato Grottos. Enter the town you "created", like

You'll run into a complaining Sproutling, constantly yelling that his stomach
hurts. Follow him by going northeast two screens. You'll meet him again in
the end of the path. But he'll wuss out from a possible operation, and run off
scared. Follow him by leaving, then taking the northwest path to the temple.

You'll find that dang Sproutling again, running around scared and still com-
plaining that his stomach hurts. He'll chicken out AGAIN. Run back to the
pathways, and take the northwest route again, back to the Sproutling's pre-
vious spot. They'll try to remove that bug from the Sproutling again, only to
have Rubens (the guy with the spiky red hair) be afraid to help the Sprout-
ling, who'll run off.

Run back to the temple. You'll find... a dead nun. A bulldog-like man by the
name of Inspector Boyd will run in right after you do, and start to search the
body. Only, she is alive and well, and Inspector Boyd gets PO'ed about that
Sproutling. Follow him out and head back to the cliff terrace to the north-
easternmost side again.

Rubens and a nun will be there. After Rubens causes some disorderly conduct,
there will be a small fight, and he will be knocked out. The monk will steal
the gem of Rubens, angry about how Rubens can't show feelings for anyone. The
monk will disappear, and Inspector Boyd comes too late. D'OH! He will tell
that it was Sandra that did it, and runs to pursue her. When you examine
Rubens, he disappears. You'll be back at the temple. Agree to help Boyd out,
and go to the Outskirts (go south until you are at the bottom of the map of
the Grottos, then head west)

You'll be in the Pathways of Ascetism. Take the westernmost cave, then head
east once inside. Continue on the path until you're outside, then go west.
You should be on the map of Gato again. Enter the Waterfall, and continue
on the path. It's one-way.

You'll meet your good friend Mr. Sproutling again at the end. You also find
the Flame of Hope (Rubens' jewel). And Inspector Boyd tags behind you, too.
The nun morphs into Sandra, and she makes her great escape on a Cancun Bird.
Boyd gives you the Ancient Tablet and the Touch of Coral artifacts for
helping out.

The Murmuring Forest|

Note: You can't do this quest until you complete "Huntin' Du'Cate" and
"The Flame of Hope".

There will be a teleport service back at the Jungle on the first screen. Use
it, and choose the Forested Ruins. Talk to Selkie there, and she'll allow
you to begin the quest.

Go back to the fork and go southwest. The faeries were looking for humans to
somehow, be their queen (oddly enough). The human they found from Irwin is 26
years old, yet, to them, looks old. The last queen died at 28,732. And they
think that humans live to be 500. Yeah, I wish.

Suddenly, a mysterious long-haired warrior runs in and chops down all of the
faeries in that area, allowing the nun to escape. He tells that you should
leave and avoid any conflicts with the faeries. Ignore him and go west.

After a couple of battles, you'll run into a green lizard-demon of some sort.
Talk to him a bit and he'll fight.

BOSS: Punkmaster
Just pound him. Your helper should help out a bit, too. Special Techniques
deal massive damage, and Iai Strike will knock him back quite a ways. Watch
out for his spin - it will knock you back.

Selkie keeps musing about the conflict between faerie and human, and it looks
that Rosiotti is asleep. And... I guess that's it.

Seeing Double|

Note: You can't do this quest until after you did all of the following ones

IMPORTANT Note: Also I think this quest will not occur until Shade is at level
3 (full dark sphere) on the World Map on Domina. Use abutting locations to
raise it to 3. If you can't... you can't do this sub-quest. Sorry.

Go to Domina. You'll run into your exact twin of some sort. Twin... WHAT!? I
guess it's the imposter plot, folks. Follow him/her east, going in a counter-
clockwise path on the map, walking past the church into the rear end of town.
You'll meet the double again, picking leaves off Sproutlings and making you
the scapegoat. I hate it when it happens.

Go south to the main part od Domina. Talk to the Sproutling, and he'll blow
you off. Follow him west to the park. Talk to the guy with the music box.
Nervously, he'll run off and go northwest. You can check, but he's long gone.

Return to the center of Domina, and enter Mark's house to the southwest. The
pumpkin dude, Duelle, will be ranting at Teapo and accusing him of stealing
pumpkins. Duelle will take all of Teapo's pumpkins and run off.

Outside, you'll see your double again, stealing sap. Follow her west, then
north, to the outskirts again. Go to the dead end, and the double will tell
his/her devious plan. Apparently, the double is your dark side. The double
will morph into some kind of little tar-like dude.

BOSS: Shadow Zero-One
Remember the Shadow Zero from Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3? (Secret of Mana 1 and
2)? He's BACK! Just wail on him with strong attacks, and watch for his jump
kick. He's a little difficult, but it should be much easier if Bud is with

Back at the house, Mark will tell Teapo about the Shadow Zero and its crazed
ability to morph into evil twins and pull lots of pranks. Teapo ends up
complaining and complaining.

Reach For the Stars|

With the Sand Rose, you will get the Duma Desert. Enter. Duh.

At the start, you see a small band of pugilistic mage-like girls and their
leader, Kathinja. She's looking for Mephianse, who stole a spell book and
might be using it for evil. Offer to help.

The trick of this sub-quest is to find who are the students of Kathinja (ones
who tell the truth) and who are the ones sided with Mephianse (ones who always
lie). I just went north and east, though, and at two "road closings", I just
plowed my way through.

Eventually, you'll find your way to Mephinase. Kathinja will come along, and
you'll find that Mephinase will use the book and a cannon to create stars, and
control them.

SUB-BOSS: Axebeak (2)
The Axebeaks have a LOT of HP, so hit hard. As with all multiple bosses, take
one out at a time. Their offense is weak if you're well-prepared, so this
is not a tough fight.

You and Kathinja will run back to the cannon... only to see Mephinase fire it.
You'll see a mere fireworks show, and Kathinja will give you the Ishe
Platinum. That's all, folks!

Summer Lovin'|

The Touch of Coral produces Madora Beach. I don't have to tell you anything
more, do I? Though the Touch of Coral can only be placed next to a lake.

You find David and Valerie talking to one another, David telling her about the
life of a pirate over true love. Angered, Valerie runs east. Follow her.

You'll reach some caves. Go northeast through the caves a bit. Then take a west
path to the Queen's Caves, and go to a T-junction in the west. Here, north-
west will take you to a place with an angered crab (which will tell you how
many innocent crabs you killed). Southeast will take you to a big, ugly boss:
the Full Metal Haggar.

BOSS: Full Metal Haggar (don't they mean "Hugger"?)
Your safe bet is, yes again, attack in the back. Special Techniques help a lot,
as always, as is an ally and/or a monster pet you breeded. As it gets injured,
it loses its eyes, and gets angrier, doing a "crush" attack that takes a lot of
health off.

In the end, David will apologize to Valerie for being a pirate too long. But,
it seems, Valerie wants David to continue being a pirate and following his
dream to see the world. Valerie gives you the Lorant Silver.

Note: My directions in the caves are a little too vague - I got lost for a
while and I got out somehow, making it to the boss. I'll give more specific
directions in a future update.

Diddle's Letter|

Enter Domina, and go to the inn. The monkey (Capella) you saw in the park was
there, angered that his friend Diddle has been taken away by some kind of bird.
Hmmm... Follow him outside, and run to the Domina Outskirts to the west. Then
Capella will talk about how Diddle might have been kidnapped, and after putting
a stamp on his own noggin, gets bagged by the pelican... Doesn't that just
beat all? Search Domina a bit, and return. The pelican will say that she took
Capella all the way to the Luon Highway. Go there.

Once there, talk to Boink right at the entrance. He'll teleport you to a fork,
where you'll have a reunion with Capella. Read the letter, and then go south
and west until you reach a cave.

Diddle will be there, and Capella will follow not too far behind. The two are
reunited. Claim that Capella didn't read the letter, and return to the start.
There, Diddle will be disappointed at Capella for reading the letter and not
telling, and will walk back to the cave. Use Boink for a shortcut, and head
west to the cave.

Enter the cave. The Cave of Chobin Hoods isn't very long - just take the south
and west routes. Capella will tell that Diddle's in trouble because of a large

BOSS: Giga Rex
If you didn't level up (fighting Chobin Hoods is a good thing to do), you
might be in some serious trouble. His attacks are short-ranged, but nasty.
A helper will be quite useful (er, vital) in thsi fight.

Apparently, Diddle was not in the cave; he was searching for Capella himself.
The two return to Domina after forgiving one another. Diddle gives you the
Gator Skin as thanks.

Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 2|

Go to the Gato Grottos. Enter the item shop (just north of the entrance). You
will see Niccolo, and he plans to search for Greenballs to sell for mad money.
Join him, then go west straight to the waterfall. Wait for the faerie to
appear, then talk a bit. Niccolo will finish and give you a Greenball Bun and
the Broken Doll artifact. Plus 500 Lucre.

Yes, there are no battles here! 8-)

The Infernal Doll|

The Broken Doll will produce the Junkyard. Enter it. Watch out - this level is
a huge PITA. (Pain in the @$$) 8-)

The place is kinda like a stereotype of a five-year-old's closet. Talk to the
toy horses, dolls, and jack-in-the-boxes, and learn their sad fates Take the
path that will pass a jack-in-the-box, teddy bear, doll, another jack-in-the-
box, and a rocking horse. You'll reach the Acropolis of Trash. From there,
head east in a "hidden" path to "Louie's Room".

From the mummy doll, you learn more about the war between man and faerie, and
the "toys", and much more. Return to the Acropolis of Trash, and now go south
at the teddy bear, and follow a clockwise path, passing a jack-in-the-box and
a doll. You should be at the Acropolis of Trash again.

Now, the north path is knocked out. Take the northwestern path, and keep on
that one-way path to the west, then north a bit and to the east. Keep going
until you reach the end, where you fight a boss.

BOSS: 2 Cursed Dolls, 1 Chess Knight, 1 Polter Box
Woo! FOUR enemies at one time, for once! Just thrash 'em. If the enemies in
the Junkyard are no problem, neither are these pieces of junk.

You'll get the Tome of Magic Artifact and the Moon Mirror Artifact for
winning. You'll be back at Louie's house. He will tell you that he's grateful
that you destroyed the toys and let them lose, so their souls can rest.

Professor Bomb's Lab|

Head northeast two screens from the start of the Junkyard. You are now in
Bomb's place. That big ball of hair is Professor Bomb, and he created all of
the artifact creatures of the Junkyard.

Agree to find Pavlov for Professor Bomb. Go to Lake Kilma and go left. You'll
run into a laughing golem. Follow him north. After passing some garbage, you
learn that the golem plans to use the toys to destroy everyone and take over
the WORLD! Use your strongest weapons and skills to quickly dispatch the
Golem. Watch out for that laser.

You'll return to Professor Bomb's Lab. He plans to reprogram the golem. And...
I guess that's it.

The Looking-Glass Tower|

Using the Moon's Mirror, create, then enter, the Tower of Leires.

At the start, the clueless Pearl is slowly walking up to the tower. Let her go
with you. Note that Pearl has under 100 HP, so keep an eye on her when fight-
ing. (My character had about 250 HP at this point.)

Enter the tower. Go east and follow the path to the second floor. Go outside
and follow the stairs to get to the third floor. Keep going on the straight
east/west paths and keep going outside when a door allows you to. You'll
eventually reach the fifth floor this way. Then go south (west takes you to
a Save point), and follow west and continue the path to the eighth floor.
Find the double doors south and a ways a bit. Use the teleporter there and go
to the tenth floor. The eleventh floor has the "Door of Fate" that Pearl was
looking for.

Note: Alternate paths lead to treasure chests. I'll add what they contain in a
future update.

After you find the door, enter it. Don't be scared... Inside, Pearl will ask
about her past, but will get knocked back as a reply. There's a strange guy
who turns into the boss.

SUB-BOSS: Iron Centaur
This is practically one-on-one; Pearl has no fighting power of any sort. Watch
his jumps and time your movements accordingly. Attack him from the rear end,
especially with a 2-hand sword (I got one after a battle in the tower). If you
want my opinion, he's the second real tough boss I faced (behind Du'Cate).
Oddly enough, one Lunging Arc killed the Centaur, even with 1 1/4 of his life
bar left.

Once he is defeated, Elazul will enter. He tries to confort Pearl, but to no
avail - Pearl still cannot remember her past. Just walk outside and take the
long trek down, following Elazul.

Want to make your job easier? Fall off the ruined part of the balcony at the
top end of the llth floor. You'll fall to the fifth floor. Just trek down.

At the first floor, you'll run into the Jewel Thief again. She'll demand
Pearl's jewel, and will sic the Jewel Beast after you.

BOSS: Jewel Beast
Just like the Iron Centaur. Hmmm... the Lunging Arc with a 2-handed Sword
knocked 50%(!) of his life right off. If you don't have that luxury, just use
the same strategy of fighting the Iron Centaur by hitting in the back. If you
can't, aim for his head instead.

After the battle, the Jewel Thief jumps off, and escapes. Pearl is worried that
if Elazul doesn't get help soon, he might be killed in some way. Before
leaving, Pearl gives you the Frozen Heart Artifact.

Teatime of Danger|

The Ancient Tablet produces the Mindas Ruins. Enter it. Right at the start, you
see a concerned Duelle looking around for Teapo, who entered the ruins looking
for leaves and never returned.

Go northwest a bit and you'll find three female Flowerings. Talk to the upper
and lower ones, and they'll change position. Talk to the center one, and
she'll "activate" a gate. (Nothing will happen in your area - she will move a
bit and stay in her position when you talk to the center flower).

Then take the eastern path (which turns westward) a bit until you find some
gates. Go west a couple of screens, and you'll find three old Flowerings. Have
one (the top one?) move by talking to him, and then talk to the center one.
Return and go northwest. The gate should be open. (If not, talk to the other
Flowering instead, and have the top one return to his position).

You'll enter some large ruins. Talk to the female Flowering. She should say,
"I feel it! I feel it!" and she'll open the center floor panel for you. Go

You're under the structure. Take the one-way path westward. You'll find Teapo,
angered and scared that no one has come. Talk to Teapo, and she'll be relieved.
Then, the boss appears. He'll complain about getting the lack of dove's blood.

BOSS: Count Dovula
Some pun! Try to use Light/Gold spells (with those instruments you equipped),
and use a Power Attack if possible. Watch out for those Shade spells.

After winning, you'll get some Wendel Silver and be back at the entrance with
Duelle and Teapo. Well, that's finally over...

Can't Look Back|

The Frozen Heart will produce the Fieg Snowfields. Enter it.

Inside, you will learn about Faerie treasure. Head west and north several
screens, and you'll reach the Field of Innocence (a Save Point is there). Save
if you want, and then take the northeastern route.

You'll reach Mephinase's Camp. Learn more about this Faerie treasure, and also
abotu ice witches. Talk to Mephinase. He'll run off. Follow him back to the
Field of Innocence. Take the southwestern route. Go southeast on the next
screen. Then follow the path.

At the end of the path, there's Mephinase... and an Ice Witch. She tells that
Mephinase's brother is alive, but as a beast, and must be slain for his soul
to rest in the underworld. Do what she says and take the path to defeat the
beast. Go east and north a bit until you come to a fork in the road. East takes
you to the Field of Altena (Altena from Seiken Densetsu 3). West takes you to
the boss.

BOSS: Du'Mere
Like all other bosses, fight him by sneaking up from behind, smacking away.
Use those techniques (one Lunging Arc here also did 60% damage!) when the
tech meter is full.

Mephinase will be thankful after you win. You will also get the Rusty Anchor

Drowned Dreams|

Use the Rusty Anchor on the land and you'll get the Polpota Harbor, another
town. Enter it, and zoom on over to the Seaside Inn. Talk to the desk clerk
on the right, and he'll tell you about the ghosts in the inn. Accept to help

Go outside, and go to the market on the west section of the map. Talk to the
people there. Flameshe, a mermaid, will materialize on the screen. Talk to
her. She'll tell that it was just a prank.

Go northwest to Polpota Bay. Meet up with Thoma, the knight. Talk to him a bit
about the ghost and the ship. Return to the hotel, and talk to the angry fish
dude at the entrance. He'll run off. The fish dude will even rent out a part
of the hotel for 50,000 Lucre! Ignore that for now and head down the stairs
(The stairs is obscured by the massive conch shell to the lower right.)

You are at the harber. Talk to Boyd and give him the news. After some chatting,
he'll tell about the Jewel Thief again, and her "blue eyes". The soldier you
saw at the bay looked suspicious - have Boyd check him out.

Go southwest to the restaurant. You will find Thoma asking about the shipwreck,
and he will leave. Follow him outside. Boyd will catch him, and the two will
be in the lounge inside the hotel (the left door).

Inside, Thoma will explain the whole story, telling that a sea hag sank the
ship. The Basket Fish will also show how he became rich: the Blue Jewel. At
that point, the Jewel Thief will run in and steal it from the fish. At that
point, the mystery is solved, though the Jewel Thief got away...

You will get the Pirate's Hook and the Bottled Spirit Artifacts as thanks from
the hotel managers.

Daddy's Broom|

Note: You cannot do this quest until you find out that L'il Cactus is not in
his pot on the second floor of your house (possibly after "The Infernal

Go back home. You'll find that Lisa has lost her broom, and you must go on a
search to find it. L'il Cactus will return as you talk to the two. Walk up-
stairs and talk to the cactus dude. He tells that he threw the broom away in
the Junkyard. When you come downstairs, Bud will tell you that Lisa has run
away. Help him out, and go to the Junkyard.

Do the junkyard in the same way as "The Infernal Doll". Go east to the
Acropolis of Trash. Go south past the teddy bear, and take a clockwise turn
around a couple of screens, to the east end of the Acropolis again. Go north-
west, and take the path east.

Lisa will be there, and she found her broom... and trouble. Bud will run right
in and help. After a talk about their cowardly father (There may be many
heroes of the world, but only one father of Bud and Lisa), you will charge in
and fight of a small, but nasty, demon.

BOSS: Gremlin
The Gremlin is kinda like those other monsters you fought in the junkyard, but
far tougher. In any case, treat the fight as if you are fighting a minor
enemy, only longer. Bud is here to help, too, so watch for him.

After the battle, you return home. However, the broom is busted. Bud fixes it,

Enchanted Instruments 101|

Go to the workshop in your Home (northwest path). A young mage will tell about
instruments and Mana power, and wants you to help him. Accept.

You'll be at a place with some Wisp spirits. Use the Dark Harp (found at the
Polpota Harbor?). Play a soft tune, and play the main part. The spirits should
come closer. When one is almost (but not quite) touching the instrument, talk
to them as quickly as possible. He'll give you some Wisp silvers.

You'll be back at the workshop, and the mage will explain how to make musical
instruments. The mage will give you a couple of other silvers and Menos Bronze
for helping him out (plus two Wisp Silvers).

Gilbert: School Amour|

Note: Take Bud or Lisa along when you do this quest.

The Tome of Magic will produce Geo. Enter.

You'll find your pals Hamson, Skippie, and Sotherbee in the northern palace.
The palace has a basement where you can fight your own partner, either computer
controlled, or with another player. Fun, but sadly, it ain't Soul Calibur.
Talk to 'em a bit, but you should be at the Mall Avenue.

The students are, for some reason, boycotting school. Presumably, they think
magic is only for war, so they don't need no education and they don't need no
thought control. Buy some powerful equipment here, and then go to the west
section of the city (it is just north of the city entrance).

There will be Gilbert, trying to put some moves on Kathinja, almost becoming
stoned by her (Kathinja is half-basilisk. Does that mean her parents are a
human and a basilisk? I don't even want to THINK of this one. 8-) )

Note: There is a lot of humorous dialogue in this town. Talk to everyone, es-
pecially with Bud. By the way, all of the students are named after various
spices: Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Saffron, and Mint, to name a few.

The way out? Persuasion. Go to the Academy of Magic and down to the library in
the basement. Talk to the guy in the lower half (he has "The Green Wiggly"),
and tell that you see it, then 50,000 ants, and seen clearly. He'll get his
mind cleared and return to studying.

Do the same with the other student in the library. In a similar manner, talk to
every student in the same fashion. Trial and error will work perfectly in
choice-picking. Remember to do this for every magic student in the school,
along with the buildings in Mall Square, and the cafe north of the stairs
(where you saw Gilbert and Kathinja speaking).

If you did everything successfully, your character will say something about
getting all of the students in class, then there will be a humorous bit where
Kathinja turns the pestering Gilbert into stone outside.

Golem Go Make 'Em|

Go to your workshop at Home. Professor Bomb will tell about golem-making, and
its uses. He'll tell you about logic blocks and lifeballs, necessary for pro-
ducing artifical life. The professor will also show you a book on golem
making. Take a look at it and study! Yeah, it's summer, but you're in a wacky

Professor Bomb will then give you a quiz. Answer the questions (they're fairly
easy - a golem is comprised of mostly weapons and armor, and function due to
them). To make it easy, 99% of the time, don't pick the bottom answer.

After the quiz, Professor Bomb will give you three Lifeballs, plus a Logic
Block Jar, plus a couple of minerals. He will also tell you to continue his
research. This concludes this chapter.

Li'l Cactus|

Go back home. Bud will tell that he's very tired, but Lisa believes that Bud is
just sick. Go to Domina, and talk to the fortune teller in a fruit basket (she
is in the southeast part of the Marketplace). She'll tell that cactus juice
will cure Bud. Return Home and Lisa will tell that that wimp Li'l Cactus
wussed out. Have her join, and go upstairs. Search Li'l Cactus's empty pot.
He told that he ran off to see Gaeus. Off to the Luon Highway!

Go due east and south a tad, toward Gaeus. Once you reach him, he'll tell that
Li'l Cactus ran to see Selkie to help make the potion. You must go to Brownie.
Off to Geo!

Enter Geo. You can take a look at Kathrinka's handiwork, but it won't help a
lot with your quest. Enter the city. Brownie will be at the post at the front
of the school entrance. Talk to him and he'll tell you that a pirate named
David know about ilnesses and potions. Leave the city.

With the Pirate's Hook, you'll create the S.S. Buccaneer. Enter it. This ship
is a bit simple. Go down to the second basement of the ship (the lower hold).
Talk to the penguins. One of them should be David (the other should say, "A
pirate shouldn't fall in love, buddy.") He'll tell you to go see Amalette.
Leave by entering the captain's room (main deck, in the center of the ship).
Talk to him, and more or less, say that his ship sucks. He'll toss you out and
you're on the World Map again!

Go to Domina, and go to the west section, a screen west of the park. Amalette
is the mail carrier! Talk to her, and she said that she hated his prickles, so
she sent him back... Home!

Go to Home. As the folks at America Online would say, "You have mail!" Check
the mailbox, and you'll see your buddy Li'l Cactus once again. Talk to him,
and he'll say, "I got potion!" Gee, AOL should use this message on online
prescription mailings...

Mine Your Own Business|

Note: If you're going to do "The Seven Wisdoms" quest, it is imperative that
you take Bud with you on this one.

With the Bottled Spirit, the Ulkan Mines will appear. Enter.

Enter the cave. The second screen inside, immediately take the first northeast
route you find (NOT at the end of the cave section). You'll run into Pokiel,
another of the Wisdoms. If Bud is with you, there will be a short conversation,
like all of the other Wisdoms. And, there will be a quest to find Watts, who is
digging deep underground.

Note: If you go too far, Duelle will be in the screen, telling you that you
missed Watts' shop.

Take the path downward and west until you reach a Save Point. Then go south-
west. Go along the path that takes you past a Dudbear, plus a couple of stairs
that take you up, then some stairs that take you down.

Once the music changes, you'll find Watts. Walk west, and talk to him in the
end of the cavern. Keep bugging him and the boss will appear from the ceiling.

BOSS: Labanne
Since he's on the ceiling, he's gonna be REAL tough. If you hit him, he loses a
bit of life (like all enemies). However, a piece falls from the ceiling, and
you'll have to beat that little piece (treat it like a regular enemy) before
you can whack the boss again. This'll take a while, so be patient. Use your
Special Techniques on the piece with the larger amount of HP (there are two
of 'em on the screen at once).
They also throw spells like there's no tomorrow. He's easily the toughest foe
I've ever tackled in the game so far.

After winning, tell the angery Watts that you defeated the monster. You'll be
back in his part of the cave with Pokiel. Pokiel will tell you about Watts a
bit, and you'll get the Ishe Platinum. That's ALL!?

Where's Putty?|

Enter the Ulkan Mines again. This time, look at the sign, and a Dudbear will
pop up and suddenly take you away.

You'll overhear two penguins planning an underground invasion. They take away
a leader, named Putty. You arrive at the scene too late. Where else are the
penguin pirates? The S.S. Buccaneer!

Head there. I forgot the specific directions, but it's down and to the left
door of the room with David inside. Enter and go down the stairs. Search the
strange barrel, and you'll free Putty. Leave.

Run to the Polpota Harbor, and to to the western cliff. Talk to Putty. The
gang of Dudbears and their leader will come, and be grateful.

Watts Drops the Hammer|

Another cinch. Talk to Watts after completing "Mine Your Own Business". Then
take the Dudbear Express down to the Dudbear caves, and search the ground
behind the chief. That's Watts' Hammer. Go upstairs and return it to him.
That's it. He'll teach you blacksmitihing in another chapter.

S.S. Buccaneer Sub-Quests|

There are three quests when you talk to Ramtiger at the main wheel of the
ship. The X's are the quests you can go to, and each of the quotes below tell
what Ramtiger says at each stop. Comprende?

Note: You might run into a couple of battles as you are sailing. Just whup 'em
and take names later. 8-)


1-1: The sea knows everything, okay?
2-1: It's makin' me feel all philosophical about life!
3-1: Ancient history's under there!
4-1: There's so much freedom!
5-1: You've fallen in love before, right?

1-2: The sea makes your dreams come true!
2-2: All creatures were born here!!
3-2: Fresh fish just jumpin' around!
4-2: Seagulls be a-flyin'!
5-2: The sea makes you forget bad things!

1-3: I wonder how far the sea goes?
2-3: Woka'woka tasts as good as caviar!
3-3: Of course it tastes great!
4-3: The wind gives you a good feeling!
5-3: I have some really good memories here!

1-4: Crab legs are great, too!
2-4: The sea lets you eat all you want!
3-4: Ding ding ding! Di-di-di ding!
4-4: Tezzle-Mozzles and Kassapans!
5-4: The rockin' won't make me seasick!

1-5: Ain't it... oh, I said that already.
2-5: I can keep on going like this!
3-5: Hellooo there, miss mermaid!
4-5: Even the salty sea air smells good!
5-5: Sea serpents and sea urchins...

The Treasure Map|

This is Subquest #1 of the S.S. Buccaneer.

A penguin will run in after you stop at part 4-5 on the map. Agree to help the
Captain in search of buried treasure! You'll be in the Mekiv Caverns, oddly
(or not-too-oddly) enough...

Follow them in the caverns. After some searching (it might be completely
random), you'll come across a map. However, eight Dudbears will snag it, and
all of them will tear off a piece. You'll have to find all eight of 'em in
the cave (AAARGH!)

Search the cave, and keep bugging the running Dudbears you find until they
surrender a piece each. Once you get all eight, you'll be back at the ship,
and the Captain will give you... a crab.

The Quiet Sea|

This is Subquest #2 of the S.S. Buccaneer.

Ramtiger will tell you that the wind has stopped. Exit and go all the way to
the front of the ship (the starting point). You'll see a penguin fishing. Talk,
leave, and come right back. Talk to him again, and he'll open the bottle. A
ghost pops out. The penguin'll wuss out and the ghost haunts the ship.

Go down to the hold (the same place with David). Talk to the guy in the barrel.
He'll be too scared to even come out. Go upstairs and go to the captain's
quarters (adjacent from Ramtiger's place), and talk to the Captain. He will
tell you to get the bottle. Return to the hold. Talk to the guy in the barrel
again, and persuade him to come out. You'll get the bottle, and he'll run up
to the top. Follow him. Once on the deck, you'll fight the ghost.

BOSS: Gova
He's gonna be very tough. With spells extraordinare and the ability to make
himself invincible from your attacks for a while, he might take a couple of
tries to beat. Try to hit with a Special Technique as often as you can, and
use Power Attacks.

Once you win, the Captain will give you... another crab. And some Wendel

The Nordic Snowfield|

This is Subquest #3 of the S.S. Buccaneer.

Once you hit dead center of the map, you'll be in the Fieg Snowfalls. Help the
captain in search of treasure. Again.

You enter the Fieg Snowfalls, only to find that it's damn cold out there. Now
wait a minute... I thought penguins lived in Antarctica... and yet, they
actually FREEZE out here!? Doesn't that just beat all...

Anywho, take the one-way path all the way to the Field of Innocence. You'll
see a "Class 1" faerie, who can make you see "Class 2" faeries.

The big two are Tilda and Lakeshmi (sp?). They can give you level 6 and 7
eyesight, respectively. Lakeshmi is with Alcione and some other faerie in
the northwest corner of the maze.

Note: Some faeries will actully LOWER your Faerie eyesight level. Watch out.
The best thing to do is save at the Save Point in the Field of Innocence.
If you get a higher level, save, but if you blow it, restore and try again.

The faerie Erhlang should be northeast of the Field of Innocence. If you miss,
your level decreases. Just go to Lakeshmi and she'll raise your level again.
If you do find her, you'll get the treasure.

You'll also get ANOTHER crab from the Captain.

Two Torches|

Go to the Gato Grottos. Enter the Temple of Healing to the northwest edge of
town, and go to the back. Daena (the cat-woman) will let you in.

You'll see Escad and Matilda. Listen to their story, and learn more about
the group from Daena. Exit, and you'll find that someone's doing a break-in.
You arrive too late - the fake nun kidnaps Matilda. Leave the place and run
to the cliffs. The path is too complex for me to give specific directions
(it took about 30 minutes of dungeon-searching for me), but after a long
search, you'll find the Meditation Room. Inside, the boss.

BOSS: Spriggan
He's a flier, so this might be a bit tough. He can summon Skeletons and other
weaker enemies, plus throw the carpet at you! (Yes, really). Just be patient
and hammer the enemy with strong attacks and/or magic (Earth spells will work
quite well here). If a weaker enemy appears, get rid of it (so the auto-
targeting for your partner will go for only the Boss).

Even after Spriggan is dead, there will still be arguments between Escad and
Matilda about evidence of Irwin's demonic powers. Matilda will rest, and you
will gain some Granz Steel.

The Blessed Elixir|

One of the caves in the dungeon of the Gato Grottos leads you to two nuns that
tell that some rabbit drank all of their ritual Elixir. They can make another
one with Oasis water, though.

Outside, you'll see Niccolo. Yup, he drank the elixir, and got drunk off his
rear end. In a drunken rage, he'll attack you.

SUB-BOSS: Niccolo
Wail on him. That's practically it. A helper will help a bit, but Niccolo
shouldn't deal very much damage at you.

Go back inside. The nuns want you to get some water from the Oasis to make
more of the Blessed Elixir.

Head to Geo. Talk to the guy in the back of the bar (the same one where
Kathinja relaxes in), and

Go to Lumina. Talk to the bartender (west section of the city). Say "yes"
twice and and you will suddenly have a "barrel in your soul". Weird.

Now head to the Duma Desert and go to the East Side. On the west end, there is
an obscured place up north. You'll find the Oasis there. The barrel will fill
itself up, and you'll find yourself back in the Gato Grottos.

The Blessed Elixir can be made again. The world is saved! Or, maybe not.

The Lucky Clover|

Alone (that means without Bud or Lisa), go to Domina. Enter the pub, and talk
to Elazul in the east end. Have him join you.

You'll bump into Pearl as you try to leave. After some talk, go to Geo on a
Gnome Day.

Enter the city. You should run into Esmeralda. If not, leave the city and
come right back. Now, go to the inn, and wait for Jinn Day. Go to the school,
and then to the classroom. Talk to Esmeralda. Elazul will find out that she
is a Jumi, and she'll tell more on an Undine or Gnome Day. So, leave (or use
the "Sorry, Carl!" cafe for a couple of days), and come back in the city
on one of those two days. Head to the school again, and to the library in the

Talk to Esmeralda again. The group will talk about the Jumi a little more, and
you'll officially begin your quest. Now, leave a bit and come back on a
school day. Talk to Esmeralda in the classroom. Then, wait 'til Undine or
Gnome Day and come back in the library, talking to her again. After more on
the Jumi and their customs, accept knighthood. Esmeralda will join you. You
have to talk with Mephinase - he teaches classes on Dryad Day. Go to the inn
a couple of times, 'till Dryad Day appears. Go into the principal's office
(above the classroom), and Esmeralda will search the place for a jewel, and
steal it. Leave, and go to the inn. The innkeeper will deny having a jewel
core, so go to the palace. Search it for a jewel core, then return to the inn,
and search it for the third jewel. It's not here, so leave the section of the
town. Esmeralda will ask you to return and check the inn again. Do so, and
now, you got all three jewels! Unfortunately, the teapot ain't happy. So,
Esmeralda tells her sad, sad story...

...and the teapot will be rainin' all over the place in angst. And the jewel
thief is watching...

A note will be outside. You'll read it, and you'll find out that the jewel
thief Sandra will nab Esmeralda's jewels. But Esmeralda will leave to the
academy, and get kidnapped (Inspector Boyd will be at the academy, totally
PO'ed). Head back to Elazul after you see the Inspector and then go to the
palace. Enter, and go to the basement. Talk to the statue. You'll be trans-
ported to the battle area.

BOSS: Jewel Beast
A lot more difficult than the first Jewel Beast in the Tower of Leires. But
attacking in the back should help, and Elazul's a pretty good fighter.

You arrive too late. Sandra, the jewel thief, will steal Esmeralda's core, and
she disappears from the face of the planet. Diana (the statue) will give you
Vizel's Gold. You will be back at home, and Elazul will try to tell about
Esmeralda and Diana to Pearl... but he just cannot.


Walk outside from after "The Lucky Clover". You'll find Elazul outside. He
tells that Pearl has been kidnapped! Help him out.

Outside, a letter will fly to a certain location (I had the Mekiv Caverns).
Enter that place. You should see a duck smoking a joint. B-) Talk to him.
Go northeast, and take everyone's advice as you follow the path. You should
find Pearl and Sandra after a bit.

After quite a bit of talk about the Jumi and their inability to shed tears,
Sandra will scratch Elazul's jewel core, crippling him. And Pearl, the most
useless character in RPG history in the Tower of Leires, suddenly becomes the
most powerful fighter you've ever seen. No, really.

BOSS: Jewel Beast
Another one! You've got Pearl (er, Lady Blackpearl) here, so it ain't gonna be
too hard. His level was actually quite low (21 in my game). Just watch out
for his charging attack.

When you finish, Sandra and Lady Blackpearl will leave, and Elazul will be
sent back to your house. You can't recruit him for a while, though.

In Search of Faeries|

Go to the Gato Grottos. Head north to the Temple of Healing. Go to the back
room with Matilda. Talk to her and she'll ask you to find Daena. Based on
the chapter, head for the Forest!

Go to the Forested Ruins, and take the northwest route. Talk to Rosiotti, and
he will tell that Daena is at Lake Kilma with Tote. Leave, and head straight
for Lake Kilma.

Take the north and west paths to see Tote. He'll tell that Daena wanted to
jump into a circle of faeries to become a Faerie (or something like that).
Leave and go back a couple of screens. You'll run into Daena again. You will
talk a bit, then she will leave. Follow her by going southwest, then south
on the screen with two faeries.

There will be some talk with Daena and Irwin, then they leave. Irwin seems to
be invincible. Go southwest a bit more, and you'll find that Daena is kid-
napped by the faeries. Go to the faeries' previous position, and a monster
will come crashing down at ya.

BOSS: Boreal Hound
Nyaaah! His lightning attack is nearly impossible to avoid without going to
the other side of the screen. When he seems to be charging up, stand back, and
after the lightning shot, charge in and wail on him.

After winning, you will see Matilda. Give her the bad news about Daena, and
leave. Silva of the Four Winds will return and have a talk with Matilda after
you leave. This is very pertinent to the story, though I won't say much more.

Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 3|

Geez, these sequels of Niccolo are popping up faster than the "Rocky" movies!

Go to Lumina. Go north to the store, and talk to Niccolo. He'll want to see
the psychokinetic Flowering in the Mindas Ruins. Go there. Take the same dir-
ection to the monolithic structure you entered in the "Teatime of Danger".
Only, go past it.

Go west. Talk to the bottom Flowering, then the center Flowering. Take the
southwest route a bit. You'll meet up with a Flowering that Niccolo wants to
steal, and make tons of mad money by putting him up on display. However,
the Flowering escapes, and Niccolo declares it a fake. Leave the place. Sadly,
you don't get jack for helping him.

Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 4|

Head to Geo. Go to the bar (the one with Kathinja), and talk to Niccolo. He'll
want to go to Watts' shop. Head to the Ulkan Mines and enter Watts' place.
Niccolo will try to con Watts out of some lucre. Go in and out of the cave,
and eventually give one of those Gator Skins you've been collecting throughout
your adventures. Nothing much will happen, though Niccolo will run off with
some of Watts' merchandise.

Niccolo Calls it Quits?|

Go to Geo. Head due north to the Palace of Arts. They're in trouble - it is
found that they're bankrupt. They owe ten BILLION Lucre to Niccolo for some
kind of medicine to cure Kristie. Hamson and Skippie ain't too happy about
that, either.

Head for Polpota. You'll find Niccolo on the west end of the city, on the shore
on the screen's right side. Talk to him. Apparently, he seems to have amnesia,
and can't remember anything. He SHOULD be able to join you if you do not have
a partner with you. If not, do a couple of quests, then return. If he does
join you, you will be able to continue on. Go to Geo.

Once at Geo, head for the Palace of the Arts and enter the main palace, past
the screen with Hamson and Skippie. Once inside, Niccolo will give the cure
to Kristie... for free! Now we don't have to stick up Bill Gates to get the
dough to pay for it.

Head to Domina. Niccolo will say, "Something's calling me..." and run off.
Now, go back to Polpota and pick him up at the western shore. Then head to Gato
and go all the way west and north to the Cancun Bird's Nest. Niccolo will now
get the cure. Leave and return to Geo, and back to Kristie again! After giving
more of the cure, Kristie will send Sotherbee to follow you. But, he wost you!

Now go back to Gato and the Cancun Bird's Nest again. This time, Niccolo will
get thrown out after he got the last leaf, and he'll fall way, way, way down.
How far? Go to Polpota. You'll find him in his usual location... back in his
capitalistic self again.

You'll be sent to Geo and in the Palace of the Arts. There's NO WAY Kristie and
Sotherbee can ever pay ten billion lucre, so Niccolo takes over the entire
palace, and Kristie and Sotherbee become managers of the place. It's finally

Pokhiel: Dream Teller|

Enter the Ulkan Mines. Listen to Pokhiel's story, and learn about Escad's past
from some kind of "flashback".

Follow him. Talk to Pokhiel, and learn more on Irwin and Matilda after each
stop. (Tell, "Yes" when you meet him the second time). Follow the path a bit
more, and watch and learn.

You'll regain consciousness by Escad. Tell that you're on his side (for now),
and that's about it.

The Path of the Blacksmith|

Go back Home and go to the Workshops. If you completed the quests of Watts, he
should be inside. After some talk, you'll be practicing forging weapons.

It'll take about three weeks' worth (according to my calculations) of constant
hitting for one million strikes, so just ask a bunch of questions, and even-
tually, he'll be off, after giving you some Lorant Silver.

The Fallen Emperor|

Using the Trembling Spoon, create the Underworld. Go there.

Note: You must be doing this alone. You can't have a partner for this.

A spirit will be there. Go to the macabre tomb and a voice will say that he'll
test your strength. When you awake, you'll see Larc, the Dragoon of Drakonis.
Agree to take the "test". You'll have to follow along a path 'til Larc tells
you to meet Olbohn, a Wisdom and the keeper of the undead. He'll give you
permission to be baptised with the Baptism of Flames. Talk to the ghost dude
that pops up, and go to the Baptismal Chamber. Talk to the ghosts and get
baptised by thousand-degree heat. It ain't THAT bad - you're dead already!
Well, sort of.

Go down a couple of screens (there is a purpleish glow to the southwest corner
- that is a door). Then enter another purplish cave, and keep descending a
couple of floors. There should be a one-way path all the way to the bottom, and
Larc will ask if you are ready to serve his master. Tell that you are ready,
and face combat...

BOSS: Hitodama
He's tricky. When he materializes as a ghost, bash away. When he disappears and
enters the faces, he's gonna fire away with his dark magic. Stay at the corners
to avoid his shots.

Once you win, you'll be at the Pulpit of Eternal Flame. Dragonis will appear,
and ask you to defeat three dragons for him. Accept. Larc will also give you
the Skull Lantern artifact. Finally! Another artifact. You know what to do
with it, right...?

Star-Crossed Lovers|

Go to the Gato Grottos. Enter the back room of the Temple of Healing. Daena
will suggest that Matilda go to the Land of Faeries to prolong her life.
You'll be sucked away by Matilda's spell, all the way to the Mindas Ruins.

You will be sucked underground by the Faeries. Just go east several screens to

I HATE these Flowerkey puzzles. You'll have to go west, solve a Flowerkey puz-
zle that will take you southwest, and find a confounded Niccolo that will take
you to the Temple of Wind. Save the game (if you want), and go upstairs.

You'll find Escad and Daena about to duke it out. Regardless of what you do,
you'll enter battle.

BOSS: Daena
(Note: I think the exact battle depends on who you side with. Does anyone know
about this?)
She's quite simple. Just watch out for her speedy attacks. Escad's around to
help, too.

After you take out Daena, you'll be with Matilda, who will tell about the
end of the world and the ancient war told on the tablet on the top floor...

Heaven's Gate|

Return to Gato after completing "Star-Crossed Lovers". Go back to the back room
of the Temple of Healing. You'll hear a story of how the world came to an end,
and how Irwin attempts to make it happen once again. Escad stomps out, deter-
mined to stop Irwin. He'll stomp out of the room, and Matilda will give you
the Brooch of Love artifact.

Note: At this point, take Bud with you, if you want to complete "The Seven
Wisdoms" quest.

The Brooch of Love will produce Lucemia. Enter. You'll hop a bird onto the
massive snake corpse. Take the long path all the way to the top, then enter
a perforation in the snake's skin. Use the east fork inside the Avenue of
Deterioration to get out.

Outside, you should meet Selva. After some talk, keep on climbin'. You'll soon
reach another perforation, a cave to the "Embracement of the Ancients".

Inside, take the path all the way to a fork, then go northeast. Take the second
exit tou see (the first is a dead end). Ignore ALL of Selva's comments, and
keep going on.

The third route is one-way. It's LONG, but that's about it. You'll enter the
"Destiny's Decay" section. Just tread through it.

By the end, you will see Escad (or Daena?) fall and vanish. Go all the way
westward up to Irwin, and talk to him. He will change into a huge demon and
fight you.

BOSS: Irwin
This one is about medium to difficult on the scale. He can throw fireblasts,
charge at you, and make himself temporarily impervious to your attacks. Special
Techniques and/or magic is a must.

Lucemia will crumble and collapse after the fight. The Cancun Bird will take
you back safely. Sadly, Matilda passed away while you were gone. You will get a
long story with Irwin and Matilda in the Underworld, and a bit of comic relief
with the Shadoles.

The Guardian of Winds|

Note: Larc must be with you for this quest.

The Skull Lantern will produce Norn Peaks. Enter.

Inside, Larc will suddenly notice a female dragoon attack. Her name is Sierra,
and after telling that Dragonis is tricking you, she'll leave. Follow her
through the peaks.

You'll be at the Village of the Wind after taking her path. There are many
bird-like dragoons of Akravator here. Talk to the group at the upper-right
path, and Larc will scare 'em all off. Continue on.

Go north and east two screens. You'll come across a boss.

SUB-BOSS: The Windcallers
Pretty darn simple. Watch out for his Wind spells. Counter with powerful
strikes, or Earth magic.

Keep climbing upward until you reach the top. Do not take a path blocked by
a statue or you'll have to start the climb over again.

SUB-BOSS: The Windcallers
Just like the first! I don't have to say much more, do I?

Now go west and fight a third Windcaller on the other side. Beat him, and then
go back northeast. Now, look at the statue. This time, it should disappear.
Continue up the path until you find a gang of Windcallers. But Larc will mow
all of 'em down with one shot. Go west and upward until you run into the
Wind Dragon, Akravator.

BOSS: Akravator
Depending on the level of your character, he's probably gonna be the hardest
boss you have ever faced. He's got real nasty spells, and can block and avoid
a lot of your attacks. Throw Power Attacks, and if possible, connect with a
Special Technique or two.

Larc will give you the Dragonbone artifact after winning.

The Field Trip|

Onay hetay Orldway Apmay, hetay Ragonboneday illway roducepay hetay Onebay
Ortressfay. I don't have to say it in another language! 8-)

In the Bone Fortress, you'll hear about some kind of field trip from the Magic
Academy. You need to get three ingredients for one of the students. I deduced
it to be some Fairy Scales, Star Sprinkles, and a Silver Mushroom. Make some
and you'll get some wacko drug. Then again, you can't use it; you'll get a
seed instead.

The Ghost of Nemesis|

Note: Larc must be with you for this quest.

Go to Polpota. Go to the western inlet (past all the shops). You'll see Thoma
grieve someone lost. A void suddenly appears and an undead knight named Thona
comes to the scene. He will talk about some kind of deed, taking out a creature
called a "Bone Dragon". You know where to go, right?

To the Bone Fortress! Go east after a couple of students tell about some kind
of roaring in the main part of the fortress. Once you do, Thona will be angered
at the fact that a dragoon is with you, and coerces you to leave. Refuse and
a fight begins.

SUB-BOSS: Skeletal Soldier
This is practically a break after the battle against Akravator. Just attack
with your strongest attacks, and a couple of Wisp spells (if possible).

At this point, you'll need a third member, either a monster or Golem. Go back
Home and get either one. Now, go to the Bone Fortress. Search the massive
skull's mouth to the east a couple of screens. Enter.

Now hit the center button in the Bone Fortress. It's found to be a trap! You
are separated from your golem/monster and Larc.

Walk around a couple of screens. You can't get out! Now, go to the Hallway of
Vertabrae (?) and talk to the flame (or skull) there. They'll help you. Go
inside the secret room, and talk to the warrior statue. He'll open another
door and you got your golem/monster back! Now get out, and go to the main
part of the fortress. Hit the two remaining switches, and the north door opens.

Once in the elevator, ask to go to the third floor. You get there to find the
uncompromising Sierra.

SUB-BOSS: Sierra
She's fast and powerful, especially if your golem/monster is weak. Use fast
attacks, and take her out quickly. She has a LOT of life bars, so be careful
about that.

Leave, and she'll leave behind a key. Take it and return to the elevator. Go to
the second floor. Head west a couple of screens, and you'll find Larc. Talk to
him a couple of times to wake him.

Now return to the elevator and pick the third floor. Go west until you come to
a massive staircase. Climb it. You will now be on a bridge. A being named
Deathbringer will be coming down shortly...

SUB-BOSS: The Deathbringer
He has "The" in his name... must mean that he ain't no walk in the park. How-
ever, I though otherwise. Nail him with powerful attacks. There are three
allies in this fight, so it might make the going a bit easier.

Yes, I said "Sub-Boss". You're not done yet! You've still got a Dragon to
destroy! Go east another screen, and you'll encounter a fight with Jajara.

SUB-BOSS: Jajara
While he gets my vote for being the coolest-looking boss in Legend of Mana,
his power doesn't match up. He was only Level 16 in my game! Just torch this
bag of bones.

That is still not a typo. That is STILL not the final boss...

BOSS: Jajara (2)
Kinda like the first Jajara, except he puts those two 20-foot-tall busts on
his back, and uses them to attack! Be careful of his ceiling-crashing attack
when you throw your shots.

That's all! Whew! After more Larc talk, you get the Green Cane artifact for
completing the quest.

The Dragon Princess|

Note: Larc must be with you for this quest.

The Green Cane is a cane tat is green. It also can be used to create the White
Forest. Enter. You will now be searching for Vadise, the White Dragon. As you
walk along, trust Larc's instincts - you're on the right path.

You'll be at the Ancient Tree... and so will Sierra. Vadise will also appear,
and just give Larc the Mana Stone, hoping he will soon see the error of his
ways. You also get some Ishe Platinum from Larc. Vadise also has other plans
for you - and wants you to test your strength!

BOSS: Vadise and Sierra
Eek eek. One, you are alone (unless you brought a Golem or monster), and two,
you have to fight TWO toughies. The bottom life bar belongs to Vadise. Sierra
has far more life than you think, so watch out. No real tips - just be careful
of Sierra's combos and Vadise's fire breath.

After winning, Vadise will ask you to go after Larc. No, she doesn't die At
least, not yet...

Diddle Had It!|

Oh, and he had the shot that would have won the game and the... Okay, that's
not it. 8-)

Go to Lumina after your Dragon-bashing with Larc. Enter the pub, and Diddle
will suddenly stop with the music and drive off in that machine. Talk to
Capella. Then, leave Lumina for the World Map, and you'll see four Shadoles run
right in. Go to the pub again, and Capella will run off. Go to the... yep, the

Once there, you have the option for Sierra to join you. Take her if you want
(or, if you want to complete "The Seven Wisdoms", take Bud instead). Examine
the tombstone to enter.

Go down all the way to the bottom again. Actually, a Shadole will suck you
to the bottom.

Note: This quest will be a LOT easier to do after you finish "The Crimson
Dragon" first. After you finish "The Crimson Dragon" (see below), just go back
to the Underworld and a Shadole will help with this quest, sucking you all the
way down to the bottom of the Underworld!

The trick here is to get to the top without getting caught. If one of the
Shadoles tags you, you'll be sucked down to the bottom and you have to try
again. Try to hug the bottom  and top walls as you pass massive groups of Shad-
oles, and find patterns in their movements.

Note: The more determined you are, the fewer Shadoles there will be. In other
words, if you keep getting sucked down to the bottom of the Underworld again
and again, the path will get easier.

Once you get through the long march up, you will run into a depressed Diddle
and an ecstatic Capella. Capella will try to comfort Diddle, with some limited
success. Then, you are told to have to fight to escape the Underworld, and the
boss appears.

BOSS: Ape Mummy
Not too difficult. Has a few damaging punches and throws, but that's about it.
Keep moving and hitting.

Once you win, you're back on the surface! Diddle and Capella are best buds
again, and that's the end of this little vignette.

The Crimson Dragon|

Go to the Underworld. On the surface, Sierra plans to look for Larc, her
brother. Let her join.

Underground, a gang of monsters will attack Sierra, but she nukes 'em all.
Continue to go as deep underground as possible. If you didn't complete "Diddle
Had It!" yet, a Shadole could help you get to the bottom much faster.

You will see Drakonis and Larc. After Larc knew that he was tricked, he chall-
enges Drakonis to a duel, but it doesn't happen. Drakonis changes Larc into
a super-being and he attacks you.

SUB-BOSS: Larc the Centaur
I don't know why, but I found this battle to be a cinch. Just watch your
health, and attack from behind.

After winning, you'll be in the Entrance of the Flames (or something like

WARNING! READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO ON!                                         |
Once inside, you CANNOT leave until you complete the quest (and possibly, the|
game?). I HIGHLY recommend that you write a new save game for this file if   |
you're gonna do this quest!                                                  |

Go inside the infernal place. I have NO CLUE how I did this (apparently, you
have to do something with those lights in the vertical hallways), but I
somehow reached the boss after much trial and error.

Fight him like you did against Larc earlier. Not too difficult, unlike this
PITA maze you're going through.

Once he falls, the Blue Crystal will shatter, and that will open some of the
vertical hallways. If at least half of the crystals are blackened, you can pass
the hall without falling. That's all I can really say. 8-)

Later on, I met the Sky Dragon.

SUB-BOSS 2: Sky Dragon

He's hard to hit, but that's about it.

Many more paths will open up. Go to one of the basements and you'll find the
third sub-boss.

SUB-BOSS 3: Land Dragon

Another wimp. Just hammer away. 'Nuff said.

After defeating him, all of the paths should be open. Go to the fourth floor
and go through the large double doors guarded by two spirits. Cross the path
and you should find Drakonis. After your usual vengance speech straight from
Sierra, you end up fighting Drakonis.

BOSS: Drakonis
This one's the hardest foe you've faced in the whole game! Okay, he might be
a little too easy, but don't understimate him.

Once you win... lots will happen. The Dragons and the Mana energy will return
to the earth, and everything's back to normal. But, BUT, the game isn't over
yet! (The quest is, though...)

And, the Underworld will be back to its normal self.

The Cage of Dreams|

Go back Home (presumably after completing all of the above tasks). There will
be MORE Sproutlings loitering in front of your house! Now, go to your Work-
shops (that's where the leaves are leading to), and you'll see Nunuzac and
Belle. In order to prevent the Tree of Mana from appearing, Nunuzac sent the
Sproutling to another dimension, not wanting Mana wars anymore.

Go outside. Pokhiel will be there. He'll persuade Nunuzac to free the Sprout-
ling. After Pokhiel leaves, talk to Nunuzac, and you'll be teleported to an
alternate dimension.

Once there, go southwest, and take eastern paths until you reach the Sprout-
ling. You'll get the Sword of Mana (!) artifact from him. A pink bush will
then grow out of his head.

Catchin' Lilipeas|

Return to the White Forest. The trio of Sotherbee, Hamson, and Skippie are all
here, and they must catch a ton of rare creatures called Lilipeas to pay off
their debts. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rescue the
Lilipeas from the two hunters. When you find a barrel, or a hunter, examine
them, and you should free the Lilipeas. There are five of 'em (three barrels,
and two chased by Hamson and Skippie).

Note: Sierra is several screens south and east of the entrance. You can have
her join you, if you need a partner.

At one point, you will be at a path with Reverend Nouvelle (the elk-eared pas-
tor of the church at Domina). You're also at the entrance to the Lilipeas'
village. If he says he isn't allowed to come in the village of Lilipeas, you
still have more to catch! But if he isn't around, and Hamson and Skippie are,
you will start TWO more quests. They are...

Legend of Hamson|
Legend of Skippie|

...Just kidding! (Well, the game had me for a sec. 8-) ) Enter the village,
and talk to the Lilipeas and Reverend Nouvelle. As you talk to both, Nouvelle
will walk west a bit, until he comes up to the village elder (the guy with a
bird on his head). He tells you to go kill a monster, and you must do so.

BOSS: Hegs Ant
He's strong, but a tad slow. Hit him in the back with Power Attacks, and always
stand behind him when he throws his attacks.

After winning, the village elder will give you some Ishe Platinum, and you will
head to Sotherbee, who's clueless where the hunter duo is.

Two Pearls|

Off to the Tower of Leires! Elazul will be there. He's off to find Pearl in
the tower. Agree to help him.

Like before, the path up the tower is very difficult. Take stairways all the
way to the seventh floor. Take the double doors somewhere in there, and use
the transportation crystal to the tenth floor. Take the stairs and one-way path
to the eleventh floor. Go to the Door of Fate.

Elazul will try to open the Door of Fate, but is unable to do so. Open the door
yourself, I guess. Inside, you see... TWO Pearls: Pearl herself and Lady Black-
pearl. Lady Blackpearl wants Pearl to sacrifice her life to save the Jumi, but
Pearl refuses. Elazul will intervene, and Lady Blackpearl will duke it out.

BOSS: Lady Blackpearl
She wields a mean hammer, so watch it. Still, she isn't overly difficult, es-
pecially with two characters (and a possible Golem/monster).

Once you win, Lady Blackpearl will say that she will leave Pearl alone... for
now. You are told to no longer intervene, but nothing SHOULD keep you away...


After the "Two Pearls" subquest, go to Domina. Elazul and Pearl will be there.
Elazul will go to Geo, so you're stuck with Pearl. Go to Geo.

Once there, head to the Palace of Arts, and go to the basement. Examine the
statue of Diana with Pearl, and say that you have a plan. Then talk to Kristina
and Sotherbee, and you will learn that you have to unlock Diana's heart in
order to free her from stone.

You need three keys to do this. Head to the Instrument Shop, and search the
circular table on the first floor. You'll find a key. Then search the prin-
cipal's office in the Academy of Magic. Mephinase'll let you have it if he's
there. It is on the right side of his desk. The final key is at the exit, below
the Save Point, just on the top of the stairs.

Now, head to the Palace of the Arts and go all the way to the Battle Arena in
the second basement. Examine the statue, and Diana will turn back to flesh and
blood. She'll explain the tale of the Jumi race, and more on the Jumi and their
tears. Suddenly, Sandra, the damned jewel thief, comes in and "assassinates"
Diana, stealing her jewel. After a little more talk, the quest ends.


Go back to Geo. Enter the jewelry shop. Suddenly, you'll be teleported to an-
other dimension!

You will meet Florina, the only Jumi who can cry tears of healing. Belle will
appear after Florina states her case. Give them your name when they tell you
to, and you will be asked to go on a quest to free Florina of her bad dreams.

You are now in some kinda black-and-white reality this side of the hit movie
"The Matrix". Talk to Niccolo, and allow him to guide you to the next section
of the dream world.

At this point, you are in a crowd of a bazillion fish dudes and one fish-human.
Just walk and talk around, and back to Niccolo. Have him take you to the next
part, with Li'l Cactus. Talk to the cactus dude for a bit, then talk to Nic-
colo. He'll take you to Lady Blackpearl and Elazul. Talk to Niccolo twice (once
to go to the Dudbear, and again to see Elazul and Lady Blackpearl again).

Note: At this point in the game, you should have so much Lucre that you can
waste it on Niccolo without having to get lost in the desert lands.

Go west a couple of screens after the part with Elazul and Blackpearl. Go west,
after the flowing sands have extinguished. Now you'll see Sandra (a vengeful
Jumi!) and Blackpearl. They'll have another talk about the Jumi, and Black-
pearl now wants to take down Sandra. But, Sandra leaves, and leaves you to
deal with...

BOSS: Jewel Beast
Yup, this quest is like The Matrix. You can get wiped out in virtual reality.
Anyway, just watch out for his super-attacks and hit him on the backside, where
he cannot attack you.

After winning, Elazul will find only Pearl, and you are teleported back to
reality. Florina can sleep peacefully, and this sub-quest ends.

Teardrop Crystal|

Return to Domina after finishing "Alexandrite" and "Fluorite". Go to the north-
east end of town, and you'll meet up with the heavily pro-Jumi Inspector Boyd.
Tell him about Elazul and Pearl, and agree to help him search an abandoned
jewelry shop in Geo, as it seems highly suspicious, and could easily smell of
the jewel thief Sandra.

Once in Geo, bust down the door to the abandoned shop, and search it. You'll
find nothing, but as you leave, you bump into Elazul and Pearl. Talk to them,
and they'll help with the search. Search the bright chest on the lower-right of
the store, and you'll be time-warped into Florina's room. Florina will open
Pearl to the dark side, and she becomes Lady Blackpearl again. After more talk
about their past, and Pearl's tragic past (and how she lost her memory), you
will get the Jumi's Staff artifact. Florina then dies, and you must go to the
Bejeweled City with either Elazul or Pearl. I chose Pearl, but I THINK that the
character doesn't really matter.

Leave Geo. With the Jumi's Staff, create the Bejeweled City. Enter.

Inside, walk around the circular path, starting north. Enter each building,
collecting a sapphire, topaz, emerald, and ruby from each pedestal. When you
reach the double doors with two pedestals, a sub-boss will appear.

SUB-BOSS: Jewel Beast
AGAIN! Fight this one like the one in the previous quest. Hit from behind. Your
partner is also a big help against him.
Note when fighting bosses: When you run into a boss, Pearl will transform into
Lady Blackpearl, so it should facilitate the fights.

After winning, put the sapphire and topaz on the pedestals, and open the door.
Go through to the next part.

Go around the corridors on the next part. You should get an amethyst and an
aquamarine. You also learn more on the Jumi's past. Then go to the door and
try to enter; another sub-boss will attack.

SUB-BOSS: Jewel Beast
Easier than the first, so I don't really have to say anything, do I?

Before continuing, go back to the first floor and re-enter all four doors, and
if there are any jewels, take 'em. You should have SIX jewels by now. Go up
to the doors. Use, from left to right, red, green, and blue. The door will
open. Before you enter the door, go back down to the first floor and get the
red, green, and blue gems again.

Go to the third floor. Enter the white door, and fight the golem. Take the
white diamond. Now, go to the door, and fight another Jewel Beast.

SUB-BOSS: Jewel Beast
Slightly stronger than the first two. That's all you really need to know.

At the door, the jewels are (from left to right): Green, dark blue, white, and
light blue. Enter the door.

Go up to the third floor. There's Florina and the jeweler Alex. Pearl and Alex
transform to their original selves, Blackpearl and Alexandra. Well, it seems
that Alex (jeweler) + Sandra (jewel thief) = Alexandra. Doesn't that just beat
all? Also, you find that Elazul (or Pearl, depending on who you picked) will
be the Lord of Jewels' 999th core. It takes a thousand to save Florina. So, now
you know why Sandra's been stealing Jewels!

SUB-BOSS: Lord of Jewels 999
Yup, that's his name. At least it's a break from the Jewel Beast. And, he's
damn harder than the Jewel Beasts, too! With Elazul, this might be a real
challenge. But with Lady Blackpearl's synchro ability (INSTANT Special Tech-
nique!), he might be easier. At least you're invincible as you are tossing a
Special Technique at an enemy. His attack power is VERY strong, so watch out!
Yes, Sub-Boss.

Alex(andra) will sacrifice her jewel to make it an even 1000 for the Lord of
Jewels. Now, the cycle is complete...

You're at the Sparkling Vortex. The Lord of Jewels will make his final attack
at you.

BOSS: Lord of Jewels 1000
Just as hard as LoJ999. Special Technique him if you're using Blackpearl, but
play it safe while using Elazul.

After you win, the Jumi are tragically sent to die out, according to Florina.
Your character cries over this, turning him/her to stone. But the Jumi are
revived because your character cried. They all make a teardrop crystal to save
your character, and you eventually return home after a long cut scene with Bud
and Lisa.

The Seven Wisdoms|

You take Bud along to find the seven Mana priests (Wisdoms) of some sort. Here
are the locations of some of them:

Rosiotti: Go to the Jungle, and get teleported to the Forested Ruins. Go
northwest, and ckeck the dude on the throne.

Tote: Go to Lake Kilma. I have no real clue how to get there (just go as far
north as possible, I guess), but you will find him at the precipice before you
fought the boss there at "The Gorgon Eye".

Gaeus: Go east a bit on the Luon Highway. Yup, the big rock dude stuck in the

Pokiel: Enter the Ulkan Mines. The second screen inside, immediately take the
first northeast route you find (NOT at the end of the cave section). You'll
run into Pokiel, another of the Wisdoms.

Selva: After getting through "In Search of Faeries", you should find Silva in
the Gato Grottos. You'll find him again on Lucemia, after leaving the Avenue
of Deterioration.

Olbohn: You can go back to the Underworld after you complete "The Fallen
Emperor". Take the same path to reach him. You can't do this until you complete
Larc's quests to defeat the three Dragons, though.

There is no seventh Wisdom; he's dead. B-)

'Course, when you are searching for the Wisdoms, Bud has to be WITH you! And,
you have to talk to all of them. Return Home once you talk to all of the
Wisdoms, and Bud will be quite excited.

A Siren's Song|

Go to Polpota after doing all the above. If you see Thoma, there will be a lit-
tle scenario with him, and he'll leave. If you don't see him, then skip this
and go to the next steps below.

Head to Lumina. Enter the tavern and go all the way west, and turn north at the
weapons shop. You should see Thoma and his knights looking for the lamp shop.
Go there. She's apparently gone.

Return to Polpota. Go north to the hotel, then down the stairs to the east.
You'll find Monique... and the soldiers after her like the police in the Blues
Brothers movie. But they find ANOTHER siren, and bag her instead, leaving Mon-
ique alone. Leave the hotel and go to the west beach. Three soldiers will plan
to wipe out the sirens as soon as they can. Talk a little, and leave.

Go to Madora Beach. This time, take the west route, going a tad north after you
reach the caves. You will make it to the lighthouse. After hearing more on the
sirens and the sinking ships, go up to Flameshe, the mermaid. Talk to her, and
Flameshe will be angry at ya. The trick here is to sneak in when Flameshe
leaves her post. How? Go to the right end of the screen WITHOUT leaving it.
Flameshe will blow a bubble and disappear. Right after she does, run right in
the door and open it. If you blow it, try again.

You will fight the second line of defense of Elle and the lighthouse right
after you come right in.

BOSS: Tropicallo (remember him in Secret of Mana?)
Another damn hard-to-beat boss. Aim at the parts connected to the ceiling, and
then defeat the parts after you chop 'em down. If you are having difficulty
fighting, take Lady Blackpearl (return to the now-Jumi-populated Bejeweled
City, and go to the third floor palace), and stay next to her at all times.
You will get unlimited Special Techniques, giving mega-damage and temporary
invincibility as you throw 'em.
When you "kill" a part (it is on the ground and not moving), STAY AWAY FROM IT.
It will throw a shock wave that will deal insane damage to anything next to
that defunct piece of plant.

Once you win, Elle will be free to roam around and sing... and that's all,
folks! No, not the end of the game yet!

Gilbert: Resume for Love|

Head to Geo. Go to the Palace of the Arts and go to the basement (one floor
down). You should see that statue of Gilbert in the basement by now. Examine
it. He will soliloquize about Monique, even as a piece of rock.

Head upstairs and talk to Sotherbee. He can't find a buyer for the statue of
Gilbert. Too bad eBay doesn't exist in Fa'Diel, so head for the Ulkan Mines.
Take the Dudbear Express at the entrance once there.

Inside the cavern where the Dudbear drops you off, there will be a book of
poems in the upper right-hand table in that room. Read it. Roger will run right
in the room and snatch the book right out of your hands. Then the cavern will
start to collapse, and Roger throws you out. Go back inside. Go down the stairs
on the far end of the top, and go down them. Go west a bit, and go north at a
doorway. You'll be in an abandoned room, with the statue of Gilbert again.
Examine it, and he tells of his love for lots of women, mostly for Monique.
Leave the place and back to the World Map.

Now go to Lumina and go to Monique's lamp shop. Talk to her, and she'll have
nothing to do with Gilbert; she will leave for the beach. Off to Madora Beach!

Once at the beach, use Boink to go straight to the lighthouse. Inside, there
will be Monique and Elle, and Flameshe will appear and help, giving a magic
spell that could lift Kathrinja's stone spell off Gilbert. Listen to ALL of
Flameshe's words in her spell? You'll need 'em!

Now return to the Ulkan Mines and go back to Gilbert's statue downstairs in the
abandoned room. Monique will be there, too. She will ask you to help her with
the spell. The answers are:
1. earth with life...
2. The ancient memories
3. Of Mother Earth fill
4. The truth that
5. Of energy for all

Once you finish, Gilbert will be back to normal, and both he and Monique are

Diddle Kidnapped!?|

Head to Domina, and to northeast to the St. Mana Church. You will find that
Roger and his Dudbears took over the entire place. Head for the Park in the
same city. Diddle will act depressed again, and the Dudbears suddenly take him
away. They forgot his Weinermobile (whatver Diddle plays music on), so a second
Dudbear runs back and takes it.

Go to the White Forest. Take the west and north paths. Make sure to clock EVERY
Dudbear you find (just "talk" to 'em). Otherwise, they'll kick you out. There
are about six or seven Dudbears to take out.

After you finish your bear bashing, you will reach Roger and Diddle. Capella
will be there, too. The Dudbears dug up some kind of monster, and you must
fight it.

BOSS: Chimera Lord
Do NOT stand in frony of him when attacking. He has a laser beam that can turn
you to stone, and deal lots of damage. Hit from behind (Special Techniques do
the trick here, as always). Partners (you can get Sierra after a bit of
searching) will help a lot in the fight!

In the end, Diddle will tell that it was fun being kidnapped, surprising the
overly ecstatic Capella.


At one point late in the game, go to Domina, and go to Mark's house to the
southwest part of the entrance. Go upstairs. If you see Rachel and Mark talking
to one another, you can begin this quest. After talking to them, leave and go
back to the Weapons Shop (Knight of Jema) on a day Rachel's mother is working
there (i.e. Gnome Day). Then head upstairs and you'll find Mark, afraid that
Rachel's run away. Didn't she mention something about magic? I don't know why,
but Teapo is very hilarious in this sub-quest.

Go to Geo. On Salamander's Day (use the cafe in town to manipulate the days),
go to the Academy of Magic and to the basement library. You'll see the lab of
Thesenis explode with a mighty crash. Talk to the group, and leave, heading
back to Domina.

Rachel will be back... sort of. She seems to be in a completely different, more
interested and cheerful. Talk to Rachel's mother in the shop next to the for-
tune teller. Then leave, and come back on a day where she runs the Weapons
Shop. Go upstairs, and you'll find Mark and Rachel again. Talk to them. Leave,
and go to the marketplace next to the fortune teller again. If you see Rachel's
mom there, talk to her. Otherwise, leave the city and return on a different
day. After Mom's rant about Mark, go to the Weapons Shop, and you'll see...
Duelle!? The onion dude!?

Go upstairs. After some talk (and ANOTHER reference to a green wiggly) about
some kind of ultra-convoluted story about an illusionary Rachel and much on
telepathy, the quest will end.

Buried Treasure|

It's the "fourth" sub-quest of the S.S. Buccaneer, but you have to do some
stuff first.

Go to Madora Beach, and go crab-stomping. Smash as many crabs (just touch 'em),
and try to get at least 20 within a path east, then north and west through a
bunch of screens. The lone crab will insult you and crumble himself. You will
then leave and go to the World Map.

Head for the S.S. Buccaneer. Go to Ramtiger again, and go west, then north,
then west. You will be summoned to the Captain's quarters. Agree to help him.
He'll give you 15 Halo Coins to help sway away the Dudbears.

You'll be on Madora Beach. The Dudbears are at it again. You'll have to do a
bit of trading to get through this one. Give a Halo Coin to the middle Dudbear
on the east end of the screen, and the gang'll leave. Go east a few screens,
and enter the cave. Go to the closest Dudbear and give him a total of three
Halo Coins. You'll get three Li'l Bottles from him. On the lower-right end of
the screen, give a Li'l Bottle to him, and he'll leave. Take the one-way path
a couple of screens east to meet even more Dudbears. Go to the one closest to
the large circle of white light, and give him both Li'l Bottles. He'll give
you two Pucashells. Go to the exit up north. Give a Pucashell to that Dudbear,
and he'll leave.

You're now outside. Head west, and enter the next cave. Continue the path, and
go to the Dudbear on the northwest exit. Give him the other Pucashell, and he
will leave. You will then run into the treasure... but Roger will catch you.
He will use his Dudbears to take you out. Bribe 'em with a Halo Coin and they
will take Roger away.

You are now back in the ship. The Captain will thank you, and he will end up
giving you, yep, ANOTHER CRAB. Plus some Wendel Silver. The sub-quest is at an

Gilbert: Love Is Blind|

Head for Polpota again. Take Boink, and you'll be one screen east of the light-
house. Go to the lighthouse and enter. Talk to Elle, and have her join your

Okay, everyone mentioned that I will find Gilbert at Polpota Harbor at the res-
taurant, but I could never find him there. I wonder why?

The Wimpy Thugling (theoretical)|

(??? - I THINK that's the name of the quest.)

You need certain mana levels for the Duma Desert. (Put the Mana Tree next to
it when you get the Sword of Mana). Then... I don't know at the moment. Some-
thing to do with fishes and the Oasis, as far as I know from putting together
dozens of e-mails.

Pee-Wee Birdie (theoretical)|

Note: I was unable to do this quest as of this update.

You need Domina's Wisp and Salamander (?) levels at 3. (Place the Mana tree
next to Domina.)
Inside the Domina Inn, Miss Yuka will need a bunch of items from you for some-
thing. I don't know what they are; like I said, I was unable to do this quest.

This quest shouldn't be difficult, especially at the late game, where you have
loads of stuff. The problem is, this quest is incredibly obscure.

The FINAL Quest - Legend of Mana!|

Using the Sword of Mana, create the Mana Tree. Enter. The wind you hear is
from the intro of Secret of Mana for the Super Nintendo, in case you didn't

Inside, Pokhiel will greet you. Talk to him, and then start your climbin'. I
think this is a one-way path up the tree, many screens to the Sanctuary of
Mana. Fight all of the enemies inside, taking paths to meet 'em all. Defeat
them, and you will be transported to the final boss.

BOSS: Goddess of Mana
Pretty difficult, but she should go the way of all the other bosses - toasted
with Special Techniques quickly. Hit from behind.

A sweet FMV and credits will roll at the end of the game. Watch it, and feel

--------------------------------- THE END ------------------------------------

....WAIT UP!

I'm not done, and you shouldn't be, either. New stuff (and all of the Cactus
Diaries) should be your quest in the "Clear Save" (the save has a music note
next to it). You start at the beginning, but get your level, Workshops, and
Cactus Diaries.

Clear Save|

Not a quest per se, but something to do when you run through Fa'Diel again.
After beginning a new game with your "Clear Save" (it has a musical note on
it), head down the stairs of your Home and go right, into your library. There
should be a new book there, the Forbidden Tome. Examine it, and it will ask
the following questions:

"Do you want peace?"
Yes: Nothing happens and you put the book away for now.
No: Go to the next question.

"Do you want a nightmare?"
Yes: Wham! All of the enemies will become 30+ levels stronger, thus increasing
the difficulty level of the game. Nice if you think Legend of Mana was too
friggin' easy the first time.
No: Go to the next question.

"Do you want a future?"
No: It's like the "Universe" level of Star Ocean, or the "Nightmare" level for
DOOM (for the PC). This game will suddenly become harder than a titanium crow-
bar - ALL of the enemies will get bumped up to Level 99! Even a Rabite is far
stronger than the Mana Goddess! If you think the Nightmare mode is too easy, or
if you want a real challenge, go for it!
"..." I think you put the book away. Nothing happens.

By the way, you get lots of extra experience (up to 54 EXP/crystal) for harder
difficulties. So... choose wisely.

Oh yeah, you keep all of your Cactus Diaries and other stuff (level, items,
etc.) from your previous game, though your helpers will get bumped way back to
their early levels.

The Other Stuff

Weapon Types|

This section will tell about weapon types, and their advantages and disadvan-
tages. (Weapon power and names will come in a future update).

A long one-handed weapon.
Strengths: Can use a shield, and quite powerful and fast. Quite well-rounded.
Weaknesses: None really, except that it might not be too powerful in the late

Equipped in each hand, and used for close combat.
Strengths: Very speedy and quite powerful.
Weaknesses: Can't use shields. Not as strong as the Sword.

A one-handed weapon used by swinging down.
Strengths: Powerful, though not as much as two-handed weapons. You can equip
a shield with this, though.
Weaknesses: Feels slower than the Sword.

Two-Handed Sword
A two-handed weapon capable of great destructive power.
Strengths: VERY powerful. Screw speed - one Power Attack will clock the enemies
for quite a bit. And a Special Technique can drain 60 (yes, SIXTY) percent
of health from a boss!
Weaknesses: Other than the fact that you can't use shields? Nothing.

Two-Handed Axe
A two-handed weapon ust to attack by swinging down.
Strengths: Powerful as a Two-Handed Sword. The Special Techniques are quite
Weaknesses: Slow, and can't use shields.

A two-handed weapon used to attack by pounding.
Strengths: Strong as the two-handed sword and axe.
Weaknesses: VERY slow. Makes me feel defenseless when I make an attack.

A two-handed piercing weapon.
Strengths: Multi-hit attacks and distance. You can hit with a four-hit combo
(other weapons can go for only three) if you're close enough. Power Attacks
are so you don't have to be point-blank range to wallop your foe.
Weaknesses: Need to be in point-blank range to use the four-hit combo.

A two-handed weapon with a long reach.
Strengths: Long reach.
Weaknesses: VERY weak. I never used this piece of junk in my life!

Two-handed pounding weapon used in close combat.
Strengths: Fast attacking, and can allow you to throw speed combos, without
the "recoil" of many other weapons.
Weaknesses: Shorter than even the Knife! Weak, too.

Two-handed weapon capable of various attacks.
Strengths: Easy to hit enemies, and can throw combos quite easily. Fast, too.
Weaknesses: Fairly weak. Two-handed, so you can't use a shield.

Bow and Arrow
A two-handed weapon capable of long-range attacks.
Strengths: Distance. Unlike Secret of Mana, these arrows can go the entire
distance of the screen! The Power Attacks can hit multiple enemies, too.
Weaknesses: Not very powerful. Special Techniques aren't very strong.


This guide will tell what location each artifact will "produce".

Artifact                        Location
Mailbox                         Home
Colorblocks                     Domina (town)
Wheel                           Luon Highway
Jade Egg                        Mekiv Caverns
Stone Eye                       Lake Kilma
Firefly Lamp                    Lumina (town)
Medallion                       Jungle
Flame                           Gato Grottos (town)
Sand Rose                       Duma Desert
Ancient Tablet                  Mindas Ruins
Torch of Coral                  Madora Beach
Broken Doll                     Junkyard
Moon's Mirror                   Tower of Leires
Frozen Heart                    Feig Snowfields
Rusty Anchor                    Polpota Harbor (town)
Tome of Magic                   Geo (town)
Pirate's Hook                   S.S. Buccaneer (ONLY in water)
Bottled Spirit                  Ulkan Mines
Trembling Spoon                 The Underworld
Skull Lantern                   Norn Peaks
Brooch of Love                  Lucemia
Dragonsbone                     The Bone Fortress
Green Cane                      The White Forest
Sword of Mana                   Tree of Mana
Golden Seed                     The Orchards (You need to harvest a LOT of
                                fruit from Trent at Home to get this.)
Jumi's Staff                    Bejeweled City

Some Unanswered Questions|

What will happen if Li'l Cactus completes all of his diaries?

Do the mana levels (seen on the lower left-hand corner of the screen) do any-
thing? If so, what exactly do they do?

What the heck is that Sproutling doing all day in front of your house? Why
can't I boot him out for loitering? 8-) I KNOW it's for a quest later on, but
why is he ALWAYS there every single friggin' day, saying "People with pure
hearts can go to a whone new world"!?

And, why does Li'l Cactus talk as if he is a three-year-old, yet, writes in his
Cactus Diaries like he's someone at least ten years older than himself?

And finally, this is only a rumor: If you played other Square games (like FF7,
FF8, Xenogears, etc.), and have saves on the same memory card as your LoM game,
some little things will open up in the Legend of Mana game. Can anyone confirm

Top "Legend of Mana" Quotes (in my opinion)|

"I'm Bud the Malignant! Son of Master Magician Heim!" - Bud
"You're not feeling love, it's preliminary petrification!" - Kathinja
"Yeah, baby, I'm getting hard! So hard for you, baby!" - Gilbert (in a poor
Austin Powers rip-off)
"Forsake the lake to see the sea. See?" - Penguin Pirate
"My handle is, 'The Green Wiggly'" Magic Student
"I'm so bloody well bleedin' lonely! I'm gonna spill!" - Teapo
"There he goes again! This is starting to look like Bad Humor 101." -Magic
"The cow isn't anywhere. He's inside my mind." - Sproutling
"Shadoleebeez." - Li'l Cactus
"We ain't alike, but we're alike." - Hamson, to Skippie in the White Forest
"He says if he closes his eyes, he sees a green wiggly." - Reverend Nouvelle
(in the White Forest)
"A big big big big snake snake snake!" - Li'l Cactus (on Lucemia, in a Cactus
"He got hard?" - Li'l Cactus, commenting on Gilbert being turned to stone by
Kathrinja (Submitted by Steven Seeger (

Any other interesting quotes, e-mail me!

Top Ten Signs You Know You Play Too Much Legend of Mana|

10. You have a half-basilisk girlfriend (or boyfriend).
9. You loiter in front of a house only to give a super-artifact at the end.
8. You think "The Matrix" was a rip-off of this game structure. (I almost did.)
7. You break into a jewelry shop only to steal just one Jumi core.
6. You've been to Hell and back just to tell that the head demon does jack.
5. You want a flying rug as a teacher, like Nunuzac.
4. You have a gang of joking penguins terrorizing your neighborhood.
3. You have a barrel in your soul.
2. You write an entire diary of someone else's (epic) adventures.
1. If you close your eyes, you see a green wiggly.

The Song of Mana|

Apparently, the Song of Mana is in Swedish. The original lyrics and the English
translation (courtesy of Tim Siren) are both below:


Jag hörde en nostalgisk sång
Någonstans långt bort
Den rörde djupt i mitt hjärta
En ung styrka talade om livets sång
Jag är född av dig
Och jag kom tillbaks i en sång
Både vänlig och grym
Mitt liv tog en vändning
Jag är född på nytt

Jag skyndar mig för att få vara dig nära
Om och om igen längtar jag efter dig
Jag skyndar mig för att få vara dig nära
Om och om igen längtar jag efter dig
Min längtan är ej nån diamant, bara en liten kristall
En likhet med ett sandkorn i öknen, en droppe i havet
Men i högmod kommer jag

Årstider kommer och går
Och jag följer samma spår
Allt jag vill är att sova
Omfamnad i min sång
Allt jag vill är att vänta
Kura ihop i en dröm
Följer min längtan
Till dig

Satt ridande på en vind
Ekar långt din sång
Kastad av vågor svallar jag mot dig
Ung energi, en nostalgisk sång
Ditt leende jag håller så nära i mitt hjärta
Och jag fortsätter min färd

Det är ont om tid och jag måste skynda mig
Trodde att jag var fri, fri från att vara i flyktnad
Men mångfärgade minnen
Blommar djup i mig
Äntligen, äntligen
Ååh, ja vi hör min sanning
Och ser min dröm, min vackra dröm

Årstider kommer och går och jag följer samma spår
Trodde att jag var fri, fri från att vara i flyktnad
Men mångfärgade minnen
Blommar djupt i mig
Äntligen, äntligen når vi han


I heard a nostalgic song
Somewhere far away
It touched deep in my heart
A young strenght speaked of the song of life
I am born of you
And i came back in a song
Both kind and cruel
My life took a turn
I am born again

I hurry to be close to you
Again and again i long for you
I hurry to be close to you
Again and again i long for you
My longing is no diamond, just a small crystal
Like a grain of sand in the desert, a drop in the ocean
But in vain i come

Seasons come and go
And i follow the same track
All i want is to sleep
Embraced in my song
All i want is yo wait
Cuddle up in a dream
Follow my longing
For you

Sat riding on a wind
Echoing your song far
Thrown by waves i surge towards you
Young energy, a nostalgic song
Your smile i keep close to my heart
And i continue my journey

There's little time left and i have to hurry
Thought i was free, free from fleeing
But colorfull memories
Bloom deep in my heart
Finally, finally
Ooh, yes we hear my truth
And see my dream, my beautiful dream

Seasons come and go
And i follow the same track
Thought i was free, free from fleeing
But colorfull memories
Bloom deep in my heart
Finally, finally we reach him

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Copyright 2000 Fred Delles. All rights reserved. This FAQ is not in any way
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(2) that I am given credit for this work, and (3) that you do not make ANY
money off this FAQ in any way, shape, or form. Other than that, go nuts! 8-)

Thanks to the folks (70+ e-mails!) who helped me solve the Li'l Cactus, the
Teatime of Danger, and the "Nic Calls it Quits?" scenarios. Also for info on
the unsolved quests I have yet to complete so far. I got bombarded by so many
e-mails regarding these subjects, I can't really credit one specific person.
But you all are a great help. I appreciate it.

Thanks to Dave Munro ( for the "Golden Seed" artifact.

Thanks to Javier Alicea ( for more on the "Heaven's Gate"

Thanks to Sean Kelson ( for information on some of the ob-
scure quests (the rare Duma Desert one, etc.)

Thanks to Matt Nelson ( and Simon Chung (
for info on the Forbidden Tome. If I missed someone who mentioned the same
subject, well, I thank you for it, too. B-)

Thanks to C. J. Chappell ( for a specific walkthrough
for the "Buried Treasure" subquest.

And thanks to Aphel Aura ( for the info on the Forbidden
Ring in "The Wisdom of Gaeus" subquest.

MANY thanks to Tim Siren ( for the lyrics to the "Song of
Mana" theme (both Swedish and English).

Legend of Mana is a trademark of Square, Co. Ltd. Legend of Mana is copyright
1999, 2000 Square Co, Ltd.

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