Auron's Sweet 666

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The mists of time blur the past, but it is said that long ago the Spirits bestowed their blessing upon humankind. As a symbol of their benediction, the mystic ones gave the Spirit Stone to their chosen people, the Icarians. It is also said that the light of the Spirit Stone illuminated the world. Under its calming power, all people lived serenely in peace.

But the tranquillity was not to last. As humans flourished, their internal struggles increased and peace began to weaken. At the height of human prosperity, the peaceful era suddenly failed. The Spirit Stone shattered, scattering into seven fragments hither and yon. The Spurits vanished, and the fate of the Icarians was
lost in time.

/-------\              /-------\/-------\/------\
                  |       |              |       ||       ||      |
                  \--\ /--/              | ------/|  /-\  || /--\ |
                  | |                 |      / |  \-/  || |  | |
                  | |                 | /---/  |       || \|-\ |
                  | |                 | |      |  /-\  ||      |
                  \-/ ricrokra's      \-/      \--/ \--/\------+
                  **                                                         **
                  **                                                         **
                  **                                                         **
                  **                      G R A N D I A                      **
                  **                                                         **
                  **                                                         **
                  **                                                         **
                  Walktrough V1.0 - By Tricrokra    -
                  FAQ History
                  -.-- 08-07-2003 The date I started on this Walktrough
                  Some data on the version I played
                  Console: PlayStation
                  Region:  PAL
                  - Do and don'ts
                  - Some notes on the markings
                  - Character descriptions
                  1. Party Members
                  2. The Garlyle Forces
                  3. Other important characters
                  - The battle system
                  - A few playing hints
                  - Party member goodbye
                  - A note
                  - Walkthrough
                  -> Disc 1 <-
                  	 1. Gantz's Wager
                  	 2. Baal Museum
                  	 3. Marna Road
                  	 4. Sult Ruins
                  	 5. Java
                  	 6. Leck Mines
                  	 7. The Adventure Begins
                  	 8. Ghost Ship
                  	 9. The Adventurer's Society
                  	10. Merril Road
                  	11. Rescue the bride
                  	12. Rangle Mountains
                  	13. Dom Ruins
                  	14. Sulfa Weed
                  	15. Millitary Base
                  	16. Misty Forest, part 1
                  	17. Luc
                  	18. Misty Forest, part 2
                  	19. End Of The World
                  	20. Valley Of The Flying Dragon
                  	21. Dight
                  	22. Mount Typhoon
                  	23. Typhoon Tower
                  	24. Llama Mountains
                  	25. Gumbo
                  	26. Volcano
                  	27. Gumbo at night
                  	28. Twin Towers
                  	29. Sue's illness
                  	30. Mysterious Vanishing Hill
                  	31. Gadwin's Goodbye
                  	32. Isle of the Mermaids	    
                  -> Disc 2 <-
                  	33. Virgin Forest
                  	34. Cafu
                  	35. Petrified Forest
                  	36. Tower Of Doom
                  	37. Save Cafu
                  	38. Zil Desert
                  	39. Zil Padon (1)
                  	40. Savanna
                  	41. Brinan Plateau
                  	42. Laine
                  	43. Warp Space (Abandoned Laine Village)
                  	44. Goodbye Milda
                  	45. Zil Padon (2)
                  	46. Mogay Shrine
                  	47. The Grandeur
                  	48. The Way To Alent
                  	49. Alent
                  	50. Luzet Mountains (1)
                  	51. J Base
                  	52. Zil Padon (3)
                  	53. Luzet Mountains (2)
                  	54. Leen's Suicide
                  	55. Feena's troubles
                  	56. Justin lost his faith
                  	57. Spirit Shrine
                  	58. Icarian City
                  	59. Gaia
                  -> Side Quests <-
                  	60. Soldier's Graveyard
                  	61. Castle Of Dreams
                  	62. Temptation Tower
                  Do and don'ts
                  - Make use of this FAQ when you are stuck...
                  - Don't edit this FAQ
                  - Don't steal this FAQ
                  - When posting it on your own site, let me know and make sure that
                  - The FAQ is unmodified
                  - The FAQ is accessible free of charge
                  Some notes on the markings:
                  This FAQ contains a few markings....
                  ## When a part of the walktrough is marked like this it means
                  ## that I give you some optional things to do... What I say
                  ## in those parts is not required to finish the game, but
                  ## it can be very advisable to read it in order to get more
                  ## gameplay power...
                  $$$$ When a part is noted like this I'm discussing a boss
                  $$$$ enemy... My directions on boss enemies will on most
                  $$$$ bosses be very short since I already wrote a Boss Guide
                  !! This marking is used to introduce important new things.
                  !! In this FAQ mostly to introduce new party members.
                  Character Descripitions
                  >>> 1. Party Members
                  *** Justin
                  End of battle quotes:
                  Normal:          All right, we won!
                  Perfect:         What a finish
                  Dead ally:       That was close
                  Escape:          We're in trouble, retreat!
                  Boss:            All right, big win for us 
                  Special Boss:    YEAH! We won guys!
                  Joins:           Start of game
                  Leaves:          Never
                  Advantage:       Good avarage character at first... If you use 
                  my "Dragon Cut" training method, he'll be 
                  almost invicible.
                  Disadvantage:    None
                  My Fav. Special: Dragon Cut & MidAir Cut
                  Justin is the hero of the story. An adventurer wannabe... 
                  Though he's simple minded and scatterbrained, he devellops
                  a strong personality as the story continues... Was he in the
                  beginning of the game a rascal who only got in mischief all
                  the time, he'll be a very mature and thinking person in the 
                  end, who doesn't realize what great things he's done so far.
                  *** Sue
                  End of battle quotes:
                  Normal:          Hip, hip, hooray!
                  Perfect:         Pretty easy, right Puffy (Puffy: Puff, puff)
                  Dead ally:       Oh... Puffy? You okay?
                  Escape:          Bye bye, see ya!
                  Boss:            Big win, Puffy!
                  Joins:           Start of game
                  Leaves:          After completing the Twin Towers you must
                  do it without her. She officially leaves
                  after completing the Vanishing Hill
                  Advantage:       Long distance attacks and "Rah Rah Cheer"
                  Disadvantage:    Awfully weak!
                  My Fav. Special: "Rah-Rah!" Cheer
                  Sue is Justin's childhood friend. An orphan raised by her
                  aunt and uncle, but more at Justin's home than at her own.
                  Sue is a real blabbermouth, and her babbling can sometimes
                  get Justin in trouble... However Sue is a pure-hearted girl
                  in some sorts of ways.... Sue always tries to act as an adult
                  and does not easily take "no" for an answer, and is very
                  persistant in doing what she wants... When when it requires
                  more than she has... 
                  *** Feena
                  End of battle quotes:
                  Normal:           Not bad, eh?
                  Perfect:          Hahaha, pretty easy!
                  Dead Ally:        Everyone okay?
                  Escape:           DROP BACK!!
                  Boss:             That was pretty!
                  Advantage:        Good in healing magic and pretty fast
                  Disadvantage:     Low physical strength
                  Joins:            During your ship ride to Elencia
                  Leaves:           Feena stays there until the end of the
                  game, but there are 3 parts that you'll
                  have to do it without her...
                  My Fav. Special:  Zap! Whip
                  Feena is a young pretty female adventurer. Her pretty looks
                  and friendly personality makes her quite popular everywhere 
                  she goes. Feena is really inpired by Justin's spirit and 
                  his excitement to be an adventurer, and while she doesn't
                  really take him seriously at the first meeting she'll soon
                  disover that Justin really has potentional.
                  *** Gadwin
                  End of battle quotes:
                  Normal:            Come, try again!
                  Perfect:           You're no match for me!
                  Dead Ally:         Ho Ho Ho! You guys need more practise!
                  Escape:            You dare to run away?
                  Boss:              Like master, like man!
                  Joins:             After Justin challenges him for battle
                  Leaves:            After Sue left the party
                  Advantage:         Strong!!
                  Disadvantage:      Pretty slow
                  My Fav. Special:   Dragon Cut
                  Gadwin lives for training and becoming stronger as a warrior
                  and as a man. He believes in strong dicipline and certain
                  man's traditions. Gadwin senses a very strong warrior in
                  Justin, and intends to make a "man" out of him.
                  *** Rapp
                  End Of battle quotes:
                  Normal:             Heh, not bad, eh?
                  Perfect:            Come back with reinforcements!
                  Dead Ally:          Pwew, we just got out of that one!
                  Escape:             ?
                  Boss:               Seen that shot o' mine?
                  Joins:              When encountering the boss "Trent" in
                  the virgin forest (start of disc 2)
                  Leaves:             After defeating the final boss :)
                  Advantage:          Pretty fast, and acceptable strength..
                  Disadvantage:       Quite vulnerable, and no impressive magic
                  My Fav. Special:    Doppelganger
                  Rapp is a warrior from the village of Cafu. Rapp is a very
                  unmannered asshole, but still with a good sense of right or 
                  wrong. Rapp never thinks before he talks, and his talks are
                  sometimes very offensive, still Rapp has a good heart and
                  surely brave when he needs to battle
                  *** Milda
                  End Of battle quotes:
                  Normal:              Heh heh heeh... TADAAAAAA!!!!
                  Perfect:             No problem, WOOOH!
                  Dead ally:           Heh heh heh, uh.... oh...
                  Escape:              ?
                  Boss:                Big win... BIG WIN... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
                  Joins:               After she attacks you in the Tower Of Doom
                  Leaves:              After completing "Warp Space"
                  Advantage:           Pretty Strong
                  Disadvantage:        Slow, and no magic at all!
                  My Fav. Special:     Milda Hit
                  Milda may look very aggressive, but she's a very soft-hearted
                  girl once you start to know her a little better. She's very
                  respectful to people and very helpfull by nature
                  *** Guido
                  End Of battle quotes:
                  Normal:              Uhmmm, we won WE WON!!!
                  Perfect:             Peace o' cake!
                  Dead ally:           ?
                  Escape:              ?
                  Boss:                WE WON, WE WON, BIG-A WIN!
                  Joins:               When you must enter the Mogay shrine
                  Leaves:              When you reach Alent
                  Advantage:           Long distance attacks, and three way combos
                  Disadvantage:        WEAK!!!
                  My Fav. Special:     Mogay Hypo
                  Guido is a Mogay. People who look like rabbits. Guido is
                  dispite of his cute looks and way of talking, a very wise and
                  knowlegdable person.
                  *** ??? 
                  End of battle quotes:
                  Normal:              That was rather simple
                  Perfect:             That was an easy victory
                  Dead ally:           ?
                  Escape:              Let's retreat, for now
                  Boss:                *sigh* The evil ones are gone...
                  Joins:               I'll keep this a secret! :P
                  Leaves:              After the final boss
                  Advantage:           Nothing special
                  Disadvantage:        Not as impressive as you might expect
                  My Fav. Special:     RedShock
                  This is not a secret party member, but I would spoil too
                  much when I introduce this one here, however, I won't hide
                  the indentity later in the FAQ, so if you don't mind spoilers
                  look there, if you don't want to know it, yet, don't look there!
                  >>> 2. The Garlyle Forces
                  The Garlyle Forces are some strange kind of millitary. They are
                  excavating ruines, for mysterious reasons. This millitary can be
                  a pain. At the beginning of the story, you can't be sure if they
                  are allies or enemies... The story continues, their role will be
                  more clear. I'll introduce to you the most important members of
                  this milletary
                  *** General Baal
                  Baal is the leader of the Garlyle Forces. A man shrouded in
                  mystery. You can't make out if he's good or evil (that will
                  be clear on disc 2), but you don't want to trust him
                  *** Colonel Mullen
                  Mullen is Baal's Son. Mullen is very popular by the soldiers.
                  Mullen has very big questions on his father's true motivations.
                  *** Lt. Leen
                  Leen is Mullen's aid-a-camp. Leen is very friendly and pure
                  hearted and above all very brave. She wants to do everything
                  to help people no matter what it costs.
                  *** Nana, Saki and Mio
                  These three girls are a big pain in the ass... They never
                  learned manners and are very selfish, and "hate" is their
                  expertise. While Nana and Saki are most of all aggressive,
                  Mio seems quite calm, but is the most dangerous one, since
                  she seems to be the brain behind their evil plans.
                  Nana, Saki and Mio are not really evil-hearted though...
                  It's just their extreme selfishness that makes them 
                  And they all dream of becoming Mullen's aid-a-camp... 
                  Therefore they hate Leen!
                  >>> 3. Other important persons
                  *** Lilly
                  Justin's mother. Quite aggressive and hits Justing with a
                  tray all the time. But behind all this, there seems noone
                  who knows Justin better than she does...
                  *** Java
                  A retired adventurer, even though he'll never admit he's
                  retired. Java wants to see for himself how much potentional
                  Justin has as an adventurer.
                  *** Pakon
                  A pathetic loser who took over the adventurer's society when
                  his father died.
                  *** Rem
                  A humanoid boy captured by the Garlyle Forces. Rem is a very
                  kind hearted boy.
                  *** Doctor Alma
                  A hard working Doctor in Dight. Alma will take care of Sue
                  whe she needs it
                  *** Nicky
                  Rapp's apprentice, a very spirited an motivated kid, and
                  unlike Rapp, he did learn manners
                  *** Darlin
                  One of the three wise man, and Milda's husband.
                  Darlin will play a very big role in Justin's search to Alent
                  *** Liete Of Alent
                  Justin meets her in the Sult Ruins. Liete is a mysterious woman,
                  of whom it's unclear whether she is a ghost appearance or a 
                  living person.
                  It's Liete who starts Justin's adventure by directing him 
                  to Alent
                  The Battle System
                  Grandia has a unique battle system. It's a combination of Lunar's
                  walk around system and Final Fantasy's "Active Time Battle".
                  You see a gauge at the bottom of the screen...
                  |Wait ->                     COM |   ACT ->|
                  All party members and monsters move over this gauge from "Wait" to 
                  "COM". When a party member reaches "COM" you can enter his or her
                  move. The speed of the move from "Wait" to "Com" depends on your
                  Then your character moves from "COM" to "ACT"... The speed of 
                  this differs per move, and when reaching "ACT" the character will
                  execute the move and start again on the beginning of the gauge.
                  Quite a simple system, but you need to get used to it...
                  Once you get used to it, it rulez.....
                  A few playing hints
                  - When you find "Scenario Items" dump them in a "Stashing place"
                  as soon as possible. You can even use them then, and you got
                  an extra inventory spot open
                  - Each character has his/her own inventory... Please be careful
                  when giving items to somebody!
                  - Ignore the normal EXP, but train your skills in stead...
                  See my Skill guide for detailed information on that!!!!!!!
                  - When you got healing spells, use them first before recovering
                  at a save spot... Leaves you some extra skill experience.
                  - When a party member leaves he or she will leave all items in 
                  the stashing place, plus some scrolls to copy their skill
                  experience on one of the remaining chars... See "Party Member
                  Party Member Goodbye
                  The party members: Sue, Gadwin, Milda and Guido will not stay
                  with you till the end but leave halfaway...
                  However the skills you boosted on them is not going to be in
                  For each skill they have, they'll leave a scroll... For example
                  when Gadwin leaves, he leaves a scroll called "Sword Secrets"
                  which contains his sword experience... When you use this scroll
                  on Justin, he'll get a third part of Gadwin's sword experience...
                  Of course you can only transfer the experience to a person that
                  has the same skill... So you can transfer Gadwin's Sword experience
                  to Justin, Rapp, Milda and Guido, since these four can use swords...
                  You can not transfer it to Feena, since she can't use swords...
                  Aside from Gadwin's sword, he'll also give a scroll with his fire
                  and a scroll with his earth experience...
                  Here is a diagram with all scrolls, and my recommendations to
                  transfer them to:
                  | short name    | full name          | skill | best transferred  |
                  | BLUE CRYN     | Blue Crayon        | Water | Doesn't matter    |
                  | RED CRYN      | Red Crayon         | Fire  | Doesn't matter    |
                  | SKY CRYN      | Skyblue Crayon     | Wind  | Doesn't matter    |
                  | BRWN CRYN     | Brown Crayon       | Earth | Doesn't matter    |
                  | BOW BOOK      | Bow coloring book  | Throw | Rapp              |
                  | MACE BOOK     | Mace coloring book | Mace  | Doesn't matter    |
                  | FIRE BOOK     | Fire Secrets       | Fire  | Justin or Feena   |
                  | EARTH BOOK    | Earth Secrets      | Earth | Justin or Feena   |
                  | SWRD BOOK     | Sword Secrets      | Sword | Justin            |
                  | CHOP 'EM      | How to chop 'em    | Axe   | Justin*           |
                  | CUT 'EM       | How to cut 'em     | Sword | Justin            |
                  | BASH 'EM      | How to bash 'em    | Mace  | Justin            |
                  | MOGAY 1       | Mogay Secrets 1    | Throw | Rapp*             |
                  | MOGAY 2       | Mogay Secrets 2    | Sword | Justin or Rapp    |
                  | MOGAY 3       | Mogay Secrets 3    | Knife | Rapp              |
                  * = If you could transfer it to someone else tell me... Then you 
                  know of something I don't :P
                  A Note on the translation
                  As far as my information goes, the original character names have
                  been replaced in the English Translation pretty drasticly...
                  For this entire FAQ I keep the names as they are in the English
                  Very much is changed, but I don't know much about it...
                  All I know is that "Liete" is called "Riete" in the Japenese
                  When you got more names in Japanese, I'd like to hear them
                  so I can make a list on it...
                  **** DISC 1 ****
                  >>> 1. Gantz' Wager
                  You start the game in a wager with Gantz.
                  Gantz doesn't take Justin seriously as an adventurer and 
                  challenged him to find some items before sundown.
                  Sue has already found one of the four ones.
                  Talk to Gantz, now follow the river and find some stairs down.
                  Here you'll find a pot which Gantz calls "The Warrior's helmet".
                  Now find the docs, there's a pot lid, which is the 
                  "Shield Of Light".
                  Go back to Gantz and show him this stuff... Talk to him again and
                  he'll explain where to find the "Spirit Sword"
                  No find Gantz house, and try to open the chest (it's locked).
                  Talk to the woman here (Gantz' mom)
                  Leave the house and find Tentz. He asks you to promise not
                  to tell Gantz... Say that you'll tell Gantz and he'll say
                  he lost the key to Gantz chest. Search the area behind Tentz and
                  you'll find the key near the river...
                  Go to Gantz home and open the chest to get the "Wooden Sword"
                  ## Equip it on Justin :)
                  Go back to Gantz and you can get past him now, and you'll 
                  automaticly go to the "Seagull Restaurant"
                  Step behind the counter and your mother will hit you.
                  Talk to her again and she'll ask about mischief.
                  Say that you didn't do anything wrong and that she has to
                  ask Sue. (You'll still be wacked again).....
                  Now during dinner, keep talking to your mother until they start
                  repeating themselves and then leave.
                  ## Search your room for some money, a first aid kit and an
                  ## antidote.
                  >>> 2. Baal Museum
                  Go to the museum and go through the big doors and talk to the
                  curator. After he leaves examine the Icarian statue. (Will 
                  result into a disaster). Go to the Curator's office and receive
                  a letter of introduction. Leave the museum and the city of Parm
                  and go to Marna Road
                  >>> 3. Marna Road
                  Ain't much to tell just follow the road.
                  ## When you never played Grandia or Grandia II before I suggest
                  ## you hang around here for some battles to get the idea of this
                  ## system.
                  >>> 4. Sult Ruins
                  Show the letter of introduction to the soldier and he'll open
                  the gate. Now you'll first meet Nana, Saki and Mio. Show them
                  the letter of introduction and they'll destroy it.
                  Ignore their request to leave and enter the ruins. After the 
                  speech from Mullen and Leen you can continue....
                  Find Nana, Saki and Mio... Don't worry, they won't see you.
                  Close to them is a way to get further.
                  The rest of the ruins speak for themselves, and maybe the map
                  provided by your game can help out.
                  At the end a statue will open a gate because of your spirit
                  stone. Follow the way...
                  When the road splits take the way to the left.
                  Push the button on the panel twice.
                  Enter and push the button in the middle once.
                  Now you can reach a room where you'll have your first 
                  encounter with Liete. Listen to her.
                  On your way out you'll encounter Mullen and Leen.
                  You can lie to him if you wanna have fun, but it doesn't matter
                  what you answer, Sue will get you out of this mess.
                  WHen you run away you'll meet the first boss
                  $$$$ BOSS 01: Rock Bird
                  $$$$ Use V-Slash and criticals... This beast is easy!
                  After this fight, leave the ruins and go home and eat 
                  and sleep
                  >>> 5. Java
                  Go to the docks and talk to one of the sailors and he'll
                  tell you about a steamer pass, and how stowaways are thrown
                  overboard in a barrel. He'll also mention Java, who goes to
                  the cafe all the time...
                  Go to this cafe (close to where you found Tentz key), and talk
                  to the onwer (who's in front of it)... She'll mention that one
                  of her crew's men got the key so she can't open the cafe.
                  Go back to the docks and talk to this guy, and he'll give you
                  the key (if you don't know who it is, try everybody here until
                  you got the right one) :P
                  Now go back to the Cafe and give the owner the key...
                  (now you'll see what happens in the Garlyle Forces, meanwhile)
                  Go to the Cafe and enter it. Talk to the onwer and talk to the
                  customers. Java is not around so it seems. Then talk the owner 
                  and she'll give you Java's wallet.
                  Go back home and get once again wacked by your mother and eat
                  and sleep.
                  No go to the station and enter the train and you'll be dropped
                  by the Leck Mines. Around here is Java's house enter it.
                  Java will appear and will offer his pass when you pass a little
                  >>> 6. Leck Mines
                  This is an easy maze... There are no puzzles, so just keep 
                  searching and you'll easily find it. Your compass is a big
                  help here.
                  In the end you'll meet a boss
                  $$$$ BOSS 02: Orc King
                  $$$$ Kill his helpers first and cancel his strong moves.
                  $$$$ No big deal, but still dangerous.
                  Leave and watch the cool roller coaster movie :)
                  Java will now give you the pass.
                  Go back to Parm and Sue will leave (don't worry, she'll be 
                  back). Go home and eat and sleep.
                  >>> 7. The adventure begins
                  Go to the docks and show your pass to the soldier... When
                  you try to enter the ship somebody will notice a letter in
                  your pocket. Read it (even since it says "NOT TO BE READ BY
                  Now enter the ship.
                  Talk to serveral people and in the end you'll find Puffy
                  panicing (When you spoke to people in the crew's room, that
                  may happen)...
                  Follow Puffy and you'll see Sue in a barrel. Talk to Sue, and
                  then to the captain.
                  Keep talking to him until he offers you a job. Accept his offer.
                  Now you can rest in the crew's quaters. After the rest talk to
                  the guy here and he'll give you instructions
                  ## Optional parts here:
                  ## - Recite the rules of the sea to a sailor here and he'll
                  ##   reward you with a Beef Jerky. Not much, but it's 
                  ##   something
                  ## - You have the key to the first class rooms. Go there and
                  ##   clean the bath tub like the woman there request to get
                  ##   25 G.
                  Go to the deck and talk to the guy here and sweep the decks.
                  Don't have the illusion that you make it in time, and you 
                  don't have to...
                  Go rest in the crew's quaters and go to the deck to swab the
                  decks again...
                  Go back to rest and go to the deck and you'll meet Feena.
                  Now you'll get an autorest, and go to the deck and when you
                  want to swab it, it seems Feena did this for you. Now you'll
                  have a chat with her. Discuss all topic the game gives you
                  in random order, until Feena runs away.
                  Follow her to the bridge. Stand close to Feena and the
                  Ghost Ship will be discussed, and the captain and Feena will
                  Go to the deck and Feena is speeching about the situation.
                  She wants to investigate the ship and requests a helper.
                  Offer her to go with her. Once again three topics, discuss
                  them all in random order and Feena will join the party
                  !! NEW PARTY MEMBER: FEENA !!
                  Climb the rope to the crane and enter the ship
                  >>> 8. The Ghost Ship
                  The main door is locked so jump down in the hole to the
                  right of the door.
                  (here you'll have the famous "Justin you pervert" joke) :D:D
                  They way is pretty self explaining, but sometimes hard to see, 
                  which is really annoying!
                  ## Let Feena use fire magic all the time until she learns
                  ## "Burnflame"
                  After some searching you'll make it to the captains hut.
                  Examine the ship's log and encounter a boss!
                  ## Before starting on this boss make sure that Justin or
                  ## Sue (NOT FEENA) have a few spaces open... Without notifying
                  ## you this boss will get you your first mana egg...
                  $$$$ BOSS 03: Giant Squid
                  $$$$ In my opinion the hardest boss in the entire game!
                  $$$$ When you are lucky you get through in a breeze, if you
                  $$$$ are not, you'll have a hard time.
                  $$$$ Good to know is that this beast is pretty easy to cancel 
                  $$$$ with criticals...
                  Now you can leave the ship... Feena can enter the front door.
                  >>> 9. The Adventurer's Society
                  Go to the Crew's quaters and get some sleep.
                  Go to the deck and you'll be fired as sailors because the journey
                  is at an end.
                  Talk to Feena and say you are ready to go.
                  Leave the docks and go to New Parm.
                  ## At the store you can buy magic. You got one egg. I 
                  ## recommend to buy water magic for Justin!
                  Go to the adventurer's society and talk to the assistant.
                  Keep talking to her until she gives you the password.
                  Now go to Pakon's office.. Password: "I am Pakon's servant,
                  Talk to Pakon until he keeps on repeating himself.
                  Leave parm and go to Merril road
                  >>> 10. Merril Road
                  ## The way here is easy to find, but try the hidden tunnel here
                  ## and search the area behind it for an extra mana egg...
                  ## when you use it (in the store at New Parm) I recommend you
                  ## to take "Earth" for Justin.
                  When at Feena's house examine the panties and Feena will
                  get home.
                  You can discuss topics in random order once again, and when
                  you can play again, Feena is kidnapped by Pakon.
                  >>> 11. Rescue the bride
                  Go to New Parm, and go to the church. Enter the shed behind
                  the church and there's a way into the sewers there.
                  When you find a sluice you can open, open it.
                  Now you'll have to find the second sluice.
                  Open it, cross the water and close the sluice again.
                  Next room
                  ## Go to the room further on (ignore the square down here) 
                  ## and you'll find another sluice, open it and the water
                  ## should dissappear (when the water doesn't disappear 
                  ## sluice #2 is still open, close it and the water will 
                  ## disappear
                  ## Now go to the square, and decent the the square that
                  ## was at first under water.
                  ## At the North East of here is a tunnel. At the end you
                  ## can find an extra mana egg (I'll discuss it after
                  ## the next boss)
                  From the first square you can now go through a tunnel
                  From here you can access some stairs up...
                  When the "!" appears you can break the wall.
                  Now you'll find a save spot.
                  From here climb the crates and go to the upper door.
                  You'll see the "wedding" between Feena and Pakon.
                  Go to the end of this road and you'll automaticly jump
                  down and meet a boss
                  $$$$ BOSS 04: CHANG
                  $$$$ Chang may look like a total idiot, but underestimating
                  $$$$ him can be fatal. Most dangerous are "Tornado Punch" and
                  $$$$ spin kick... Using "Diggin'" once or twice reduces the
                  $$$$ danger a little... Keep some MP to heal too... If case
                  $$$$ of emergency "Rah-Rah" can help you out!
                  After the fight you'll end up in Feena's house.
                  ## When you followed my advise you got yourself an extra
                  ## Mana Egg... My recommendation for now is "Water" for Feena.
                  >>> 12. Rangle Mountains
                  ## Once again an easy road, but this place contains two Mana eggs
                  ## and I suppose you don't want to miss them.
                  ## From the entrance walk all the way to the left and then up, and
                  ## you'll find the first one
                  ## After the camp you can find the second one.
                  ## When you found the exit, don't take it but follow all the way 
                  ## left from it, and you'll find something that's shown as a 
                  ## normal item, but what is really a mana egg
                  ## Once you completed this place I recommend you use these mana
                  ## eggs for "Earth" for Feena and "Fire" for Justin.
                  ## Now that you got fire and earth, use the next couple of 
                  ## dungeons to train Fire to level 6 and earth to level 7...
                  ## If you reach these skills with sword level 16, you can get
                  ## a very powerfull move at the end of disc 1... That move is
                  ## part of a very well working training procedure for Justin
                  ## that will make him stronger than anything and everything.
                  >>> 13. Dom Ruins
                  ## To defeat the "Ent" creatures at the entrance, try fire spells
                  This place is a pretty mazey, but you'll find your way easily.
                  In updates I might put in an exact route...
                  ## When at the savespot at the entrance try to hurt yourself
                  ## with the angry looking faces in the wall, which are 
                  ## actually traps. Then heal yourself with healing spells
                  ## and use the savespot to regain your magic.
                  ## You may think it's senseless, but it's not, this playing
                  ## around grants you extra water experience, and you'll need it!
                  ## Try to get at least "Snooze"
                  As said the route to take will probably be in my update, but
                  at the end you'll meet an easy boss
                  ## To beat the "Vengefull Spirits" you need either fire spells
                  ## or the the holy mace. Only with one of these two you can hurt
                  ## them.
                  ## Near the boss is also a mana egg, it's stored in a chest.
                  ## make sure you find it!
                  $$$$ BOSS 05: GANYMEDE
                  $$$$ Far too easy... I let Justin go crazy with Diggin' to
                  $$$$ increase his earth level.... And that will make him even
                  $$$$ more easy.
                  After the boss you'll meet Liete again, who directs you to the
                  east pointing out that there's no "End Of The World"....
                  Now go back again and you'll find a wounded boy with horns...
                  You'll automaticly end up in Feena's house.
                  ## If you found the Mana Egg, give "Wind" to Feena.
                  >>> 14. Sulfa Weed
                  Go to the gate behind Feena's house. Now you got a simple maze
                  to find the sulfa weed, of which I may provide an exact route
                  in future updates...
                  You must find the RED sulfa weed. The WHITE ones are useless!
                  When you find it go back to Feena's house.
                  The next morning go outside and the boy is playing flute.
                  Try to talk to him (not that you'll understand him though)
                  And Nana, Saki and Mio will arrest you.
                  >>> 15. Millitary Base
                  Pick up the hefty pipe. After a sequence that follows you
                  can leave your cell.
                  In the next room you can find Feena, but there's nothing
                  you can do for her now.
                  Go to the next room and go through the door.
                  Justin will automaticly knock out the guard.
                  Pick up the key and leave...
                  SSSS U    U RRRRR  PPPPP  RRRRR  III  SSSS EEEEE 
                  S     U    U R    R P    P R    R  I  S     E
                  SSS  U    U RRRRR  PPPPP  RRRRR   I   SSS  EEE
                  S U    U R    R P      R    R  I      S E
                  SSSS   UUUU  R    R P      R    R III SSSS  EEEEE
                  Back to your cell... After your chat with Leen now she'll
                  "accidently" drop a key. Pick up the key and escape.
                  In the next room you can free Sue and Feena.
                  Now you can get in the ventilation pipes...
                  Just keep on going straight on... In some sideways you can
                  get in soldier's rooms which will start combat, but better go
                  straight on now, you can kill those soldiers later on.
                  Halvaway you'll overhear Mullen talking to the boy, who seems
                  to understand the boy's language. After he leaves contine your
                  way and you'll find a door with a code lock.
                  ## For the dirty minded fellows you can go into the other
                  ## pipe and sneak in Nana, Saki and Mio's locker room where
                  ## you just find them changing clothes... Not that you see
                  ## that much though...
                  Anyway the right code is "Right Right Left Left Down Up Down Up"
                  From here you can release the humanoid boy. After eating some
                  nuts you can understand what he says.
                  Now he'll follow you, but he won't take part of battles...
                  When you leave you'll have to fight Saki...
                  $$$$ BOSS 06: SAKI
                  $$$$ You may have guessed that you'll need to fight the other two
                  $$$$ as well, and Saki is the easiest of the three...
                  $$$$ To increase Justin's earth level I personally let him go
                  $$$$ crazy with "Diggin'" and let Feena and Sue get rid of the
                  $$$$ privates who are helping Saki.
                  $$$$ Saki is no threat at all...
                  After defeating Saki you can get a key to gain access over the
                  whole base....
                  ## To train Justin's earth and fire skills you can do a little
                  ## crazy on the soldier's around... My personal quotum (as I
                  ## used to call it), is to have at least earth level 7 at this 
                  ## point which is easy to get here, and needed later on...
                  ## Strongly recommended is that Feena has "Burnflame" by now
                  ## and Justin should have either "Tremor" or "Burnflame".
                  When you continue you may encounter Nana
                  $$$$ BOSS 07: NANA
                  $$$$ If you give Nana her way, she cancels anything and 
                  $$$$ everything. To reduce her danger, you must get rid of
                  $$$$ her privates ASAP... Use "Tremor" and "Burnflame" to
                  $$$$ get rid of them...
                  $$$$ Nana's "Spinning Yo-Yo" is most dangerous, but using
                  $$$$ "Diggin'" twice will reduce the danger drasticly....
                  Now you'll get in a giant room and near its exit you'll find Mio
                  $$$$ BOSS 08: MIO
                  $$$$ Mio is the weakest of the three, but by far the most
                  $$$$ by far the most dangerous one. Don't give her any chances
                  $$$$ or she'll kill you with no chances of defense...
                  $$$$ Mio can paralyze you and throw around nerve gaz balloons.
                  $$$$ especially those balloons are dangerous.
                  $$$$ Use Tremor and Burnflame to get rid of the privates, and
                  $$$$ try to cancel Mio whenever she tries to do a special move.
                  $$$$ Another bad thing... She's quick!!!
                  From here you can get into the train... Enter it...
                  During this ride you'll be attacked... Just beat all the
                  soldiers and watch the sequence and you'll end up in the
                  misty forest... (Pretty nice how you'll fool Nana, Saki and Mio
                  by the way)...
                  >>> 16. Misty Forest, part 1
                  When you try to enter, it's too misty. Rem will clear the mist
                  and run away... The Misty Forest is just a matter of finding the
                  way... I must warn you that your compass is not always trustworty...
                  It points out where you need to be, but not the way to go...
                  Always remember that!!!
                  >>> 17. Luc
                  Visit the elder, and he wants you to bring some nectar to get you
                  the blessing from the God Of Light.
                  At the back of the village is the way.
                  This a very small dungeon and at the end you can pick up the nectar.
                  Bring it back tot the elder. Keep talking to him until we get 
                  Go to Rem's house and accept his mother's offer to eat.
                  After dinner the Garlyle Forces will attack.
                  Go back to the place where you fond the nectar.
                  You'll have to fight some soldiers to get there...
                  At the top you'll meet Leen who turns out to be Feena's sister.
                  After this sequence you'll get a mist clearing nut. Go back to Luc
                  and leave it by the exit nearby this one... 
                  >>> 18. Misty Forest, part 2
                  Well, I gotta say the same here as in section 16... :)
                  >>> 19. End Of The World
                  This part is a little crazy... The way up is easy but there are
                  traps... I'll try to give an exact route ASAP...
                  >>> 20. Valley Of The Flying Dragon
                  After passing the End Of The World you'll end up in the 
                  Valley of the Flying Dragon, but Sue is gone...
                  Don't worry, find your way in this chaotic place...
                  Halavaway you'll find Sue's shoes...
                  Keep on going until you find Puffy...
                  Follow Puffy and you'll meet Gadwin.
                  $$$$ BOSS 09: GADWIN
                  $$$$ Don't have the illusion you can win this fight.
                  $$$$ Gadwin is invulnerable. He'll keep on defending
                  $$$$ and in the end he'll use "Dragon Cut" to knock
                  $$$$ you out...
                  !! NEW PARTY MEMBER: GADWIN !!
                  After the fight you'll be reunited with Sue and Gadwin will
                  join the party.
                  Before you can continue you have to make a "man-to-man" 
                  promise to Gadwin...
                  ## Now you can continue your way... You might wanna know
                  ## that you can find two extra mana eggs now...
                  ## One is hidden behind the plant that becomes a
                  ## winding staircase...
                  ## Behind one of the "turning flowers" is another one...
                  Now you can get Dight
                  >>> 21. Dight
                  In Dight Gadwin will leave for awhile...
                  Go to the inn and you'll meet Guido.
                  Guido is a strange one. You can talk to him to get some clues
                  on what is going to happen, but Guido is very font of riddles...
                  Take a rest at the inn, and you'll meet Gadwin again again
                  who starts to panic when it seems to rain... Hmmm... strange...
                  Follow Gadwin... Gadwin will volunteer to go to the Mount Typhoon
                  to take care of the rain... But two heroes are needed. Justin
                  will volunteer to accompany Gadwin. Feena has a bad feeling about
                  Leave Dight and go to the "Mount Typhoon"
                  ## Before you leave give "Wind" to Justin, and you may have
                  ## one spare egg now... You can give Sue "Water" for
                  ## emergency cases, but it won't make sense to train her much
                  ## on this since she won't be in the party for that long any
                  ## more...
                  >>> 22. Mount Typhoon
                  Watch out for the poison rivers here
                  ## Search for the mana egg
                  The way here is pretty easy...
                  >>> 23. Typhoon Tower
                  Many people got stuck on the beginning here....
                  And then to think that there are two ways here :D
                  To the right you can get a stairway up by pressing a green
                  button on the floor...
                  The most know way is from the entrance left and push the barrels...
                  The monsters will turn berserk and try to attack you, but some could
                  destroy themselves on a crystal revealing a button to get you a
                  ## THERE'S A MANA EGG HERE!!!!!!
                  Now follow the way and press the button at the end to get yourself a 
                  Find this bridge and use the savespot...
                  ## It would be great if Feena has "Fire Whip" by now...
                  Stair up and....
                  $$$$ BOSS 10: SERPENT
                  $$$$ This guy is pain.... There are two ways to kill it...
                  $$$$ you can kill all the heads, or you can go for the main body...
                  $$$$ Choice is yours....
                  $$$$ Fire Whip and Dragon Cut can do a great deal...
                  $$$$ as well as V-Slash (or maybe even MidAir Cut if you would have 
                  $$$$ it)
                  Push the button on the floor....
                  Go up...
                  Examine the tablet...
                  After the sequence examine the tablet again
                  Choose the mirror you like, and Feena will interupt...
                  Feena will choose the mirror... But she hesitates...
                  Say that you believe in Feena...
                  Feena will open the mirror...
                  Enter the mirror Feena opened...
                  Go up and take the spear out of the walll..
                  Leave and the tower will collapse...
                  After the sequence leave the Mount Typhoon and go back to Dight...
                  Back in Dight go to the elder, who is at the beach. Now go up the hill
                  and trust the spear in the ground.
                  Go down and watch the sequence and talk to Gadwin after that.
                  You'll leave Dight automaticly...
                  ## You have two mana eggs when you found them at mt. Typhoon.
                  ## Justin and Feeana should already have all magic groups.
                  ## Gadwin can't take any, and don't waste it on Sue. Sue will
                  ## only take part of the quest for three more dungeons and
                  ## then she'll leave the party permanently...
                  >>> 24. Llama Mountains
                  ## Personally I use this dungeon to train up Feena's fire
                  ## and wind to level 15... This requires some patience, but
                  ## once you got it that high and your whip level 24 you'll
                  ## obtain "Zap! Whip"... Feena's best move against boss enemies.
                  ## You can especially do this when you're near the save spot
                  When camping you should especially talk to Gadwin... When you
                  discussed all topics with him, before you can continue. For the
                  rest the way is easy to find.
                  The cable lifts may sometimes be hard to activate... Just stand
                  in the middle and press "X"... Sooner or later it has to work.
                  >>> 25. Gumbo
                  Things seem terribly wrong here. Search the chief's house and
                  when he thinks that Justin and Feena are lovers, pretend that
                  he thinks correctly (even though Feena senses bad things on this)
                  After the party go to the inn and take a rest...
                  Now go to the big tent again and talk to the chief and say that
                  you are ready for what comes next...
                  You'll get catapulted to a volcano.
                  >>> 26. Volcano
                  Search the big round rock and push it to open a new path.
                  Take this new path and you'll catch up with Sue and Gadwin.
                  The way up is easy, but watch out for the traps that are lying 
                  around here. Once up you'll meet the Mad Dragon
                  $$$$ BOSS 11: MAD DRAGON
                  $$$$ ## I recommeend that you already have MidAir Cut for Justin
                  $$$$ Innvulnerable for fire spells (how come :P)
                  $$$$ If you got Zap! Whip now is the time to use it
                  $$$$ MidAir Cut is also very good... Gadwin should open with
                  $$$$ his famous Dragon Cut...
                  $$$$ keep an eye on your HP... This guy can be harder than you
                  $$$$ think... He's not extreemly hard, but he can have some
                  $$$$ terrible surprises!!!
                  You can leave the volcano now and automaticly end up in Gumbo.
                  >>> 27. Gumbo at night
                  Go to the big tent and talk with the chief, after the party go to
                  the beach and go to the small island....
                  After the sequece you'll end up in camp...
                  >>> 28. The Twin Towers
                  Go to the pier and a guy will await you with his boat, to bring
                  you to the Twin Towers....
                  After seeing that the Garlyle forces are here take the west way
                  and follow all the way to the north... Here you can enter the
                  labyrinth which is awfully easy... I may provide an exact route
                  in my update...
                  ## Avoid the Medusa dancers, when you value your items...
                  ## they block you magic, and that's a real pain!!
                  When you meet soldiers pretend to be the local guides...
                  Try to enter the small building. You'll hide automaticly for
                  Nana, Saki and Mio. Now enter the building again.
                  After you see the dead end try to leave and you'll meet
                  Mullen and Leen...
                  After the sequence Justin will be alone. The way is easy.
                  In the end you have to save Leen from the monsters...
                  Another sequence...
                  Just follow the road and read the chats between Leen and
                  In the end you'll have another encounter with Liete.
                  She'll give you a medal, that medal will be important
                  MUCH later in the game...
                  Leen will help you to get out of this place....
                  When following the way south you'll catch up with Feena
                  and the others...
                  Go back to the boat and you'll end up in Gumbo
                  >>> 29. Sue's Illness
                  Go to Dight and talk to the elder. After the talk Sue
                  will collapse... She will need a long time to recover. 
                  Your next stop is the Vanishing Hill... Sue doesn't
                  want you to wait for her... You must go to the hill, she'll
                  wait for you to recover...
                  Respect Sue's wish and go to the Mysterious Vanishing Hill
                  >>> 30. Mysterious Vanishing Hill
                  You can enter the cave at the start, but there's nothing to
                  do there yet.... Follow the way up the mountain...
                  Step on the button to the right to create a path...
                  Find the chest here... When you open it you'll get a key, but
                  a trap will spring surrounding you with monsters... Not that
                  they are hard, but just keep it in mind...
                  Go back to the savespot and open the door and meet a boss
                  $$$$ BOSS 12: MASSACRE MACHINE (1)
                  $$$$ The massacre machine has a few powerfull attacks, but
                  $$$$ when as well Feena as Justin got the "Alheal" spell,
                  $$$$ there's nothing to worry about...
                  $$$$ Powerfull moves do good here, like Dragon Cut, Zap! Whip
                  $$$$ and MidAir Cut....
                  Use the elevator to go up... Follow the way to the left, but be
                  close to the backwall, elseway a trap will make you fall down
                  getting you surrounded with monsters (not that they are hard, but
                  The pressure plates you'll find do either release monsters or
                  create a stairway to another key... The monsters are a laugh
                  so don't worry about them...
                  Go back to the savespot...
                  ## Best to save SP and MP now as much as possible...
                  ## There are no more savespots in this dungeon and there is
                  ## a second boss...
                  Stand on the plate on the right to open the path...
                  To get over the disappearing brigde, RUN over it...
                  Not normal walking... RUNNING!!! (Can in the PAL version
                  be done with "O"... Don't know about the NTSC version)...
                  From here go up with the elevator... And hey didn't I see that
                  one before
                  $$$$ BOSS 13: MASSACRE MACHINE (2)
                  $$$$ Same story... He got new moves, but the concept is
                  $$$$ Exactly the same!
                  The puzzle that comes next is easier than it was meant to be...
                  I think it was meant to get you stuck for hours... Well... Maybe
                  it would when you do it the game makers intended you to...
                  Step on the three plates in a row...
                  Go stand on the plate appart and stay there until you hear 
                  a second click
                  Repeat this pattern until you created a stairway...
                  Not the official method, but by far the easiest one!
                  Here you can find the teleport orb... Find your way out of the
                  hills and go back to Dight...
                  Go to Dr. Alma's place, and Sue will give you the shocking news.
                  She will stop adventuring.... Dr. Alma says it would be best
                  when Sue goes home...
                  Justin decides to use the telport orb...
                  Sue will join the party for the last time and Gadwin will leave...
                  Go with her to the Mysterious Vanishing Hill...
                  Enter the cave and use the orb on the device...
                  After the sequence Sue will be back in Parm...
                  ## Sue has permanently left the party now. Her items are
                  ## stored in the stashing place, and her skill experience is
                  ## there now too... Read the "Partymember Goodbye" section for
                  ## more information...
                  Go back to Dight....
                  >>> 31. Gadwin's Goodbye
                  Go to the inn where Gadwin is waiting for you. Once he left
                  go to the Valley of the Flying Dragon and go all the way
                  to Gadwin's house...
                  Gadwin wants to test you if you are ready to take on the Sea
                  Of Mermaids... For that you have to beat him in battle...
                  $$$$ BOSS 14: GADWIN
                  $$$$ The only thing to watch out for is "Dragon Cut"...
                  $$$$ When you watch your HP there's no danger...
                  $$$$ When you loose this fight, just talk to Gadwin to start
                  $$$$ over... You'll never "die" in this battle... When you're
                  $$$$ HP is out the game will give you a new chance
                  $$$$ (Gadwin doesn't want to kill you, remember)
                  Now out of respect for your growth as a man, Gadwin will
                  teach you "Dragon Cut"... When you got Sword Level 16, Fire level 6
                  and Earth Level 7 you can use it...
                  ## And use it on all not-boss enemies you'll find to get Justin
                  ## strong in no time... Keep on using it like crazy....
                  ## especially when equipped with an Axe...
                  ## Gadwin has permanently left the party now. His items are
                  ## stored in the stashing place, and his skill experience is
                  ## there now too... Read the "Partymember Goodbye" section for
                  ## more information...
                  Go back to Dight... At the pier Dr. Alma will be waiting for you.
                  Tell her your ready to go, and with Gadwin's boat you'll set sail..
                  >>> 32. Isle Of Mermaids
                  You'll have a chat with Feena... It doesn't matter what you say
                  to her... After the chat you'll hit a girl with the boat...
                  She wants help... Even though Feena distrusts this girl, Justin
                  wants to go through... (Feena may sound jealous, but her anger
                  on this, is not just jealousy)....
                  This isle is a maze... Just avoid all enemies, since there
                  are no save spots around and the boss here, can be hell...
                  In the end you'll meet more girls... After talking to her
                  enter the cave, and you'll meet a girl who really thinks you're
                  $$$$ BOSS 15: GRIN WHALE
                  $$$$ The irritating this is that the "Lure" will contineously
                  $$$$ use entice to make Justin fall in love getting him into
                  $$$$ a trap... This is very time consuming and can rid you
                  $$$$ of many attack chances...
                  $$$$ That makes it very important to have Feena stand by with
                  $$$$ healing and stuff...
                  $$$$ Casting Diggin' once or twice is a big help here...
                  $$$$ Move like "Zap! Whip" and "MidAir Cut" rule!!!
                  ****** END OF DISC 1 ******
                  **** DISC 2 ****
                  >>> 33. Virgin Forest
                  You'll get in the Virgin Forest... A very strange looking forest...
                  Find you way here... This place has very strange architecture, 
                  so it may take awhile...
                  ## And when you got the chance, use dragon cut whenever you can!
                  You will meet Guido again... Discuss all topics with him...
                  Guido will give a few more clues, but once again, he's not really
                  making much sense... At least, not enough to get the message...
                  After a rest you can continue your way
                  ## You can talk to Guido to recover and save... However
                  ## Guido charges 10G for recovering...
                  Find your way, hard as it may seem... (I see if I can put
                  the exact route in one of my updates, but no promises)...
                  When you find a little boy, you are on the right way...
                  Continue the road and you'll be caught by the people of Cafu...
                  Now you'll meet Rapp, who's not really friendly...
                  Rapp thinks you're an enemy and intends to kill you...
                  When he sends out the little boy Nicky, a giant tree will
                  attack Nicky...
                  Rapp will run away... Follow him and offer him help to save
                  !! NEW PARTY MEMBER: RAPP !!
                  $$$$ BOSS 16: TRENT
                  $$$$ Fire spells like "Burnflame" and "Burnflare" do great
                  $$$$ deal here... Fire Whip is a good one here...
                  $$$$ Rapp's missile and Justin's MidAir Cut can do a lot
                  $$$$ of damage... Don't allow the trent to put you to sleep!
                  Rapp will appologize for thinking your an enemy, and consider you
                  a friend now and will join the party... Rapp will stay with you
                  till the end, so don't worry about that... Follow the way out
                  of the forest and head for Cafu.
                  >>> 34. Cafu
                  ## You should have some spare mana eggs... Use them all on Rapp
                  ## I guess when you found all eggs I found you have 2 now...
                  ## use them for Water and Earth...
                  Go to see the Elder... He's really not very open minded, but
                  he allows you in the village for the time being...
                  Now you can rest and save (you can't before meeting the elder)...
                  Leave Cafu and go to the Petrified Forest...
                  >>> 35. Petrified Forest
                  The way here is easy... No puzzles around
                  ## But there IS a mana egg!!! Use it on Rapp for Wind...
                  >>> 36. The Tower Of Doom
                  As you enter the Tower Of Doom you'll meet a Berserk
                  woman, who thinks you are an enemy... She knocks Rapp out
                  and then starts to attack Justin and Feena...
                  $$$$ BOSS 17: MILDA
                  $$$$ She's not that hard, but beware of the move "Milda Hit"...
                  $$$$ Diggin can make things a little easier...
                  $$$$ Use your strongest specials and you'll win pretty soon...
                  Now that she's down this woman doesn't seem so bad as she appears
                  to be... This woman, named Milda is pretty kind hearted, and now
                  that she knows that you are not members of the Garlyle Forces she's
                  be quite calm and join the party
                  !! NEW PARTY MEMBER: MILDA !!
                  Before you can reach the goal of this dungeon there are two 
                  computers you must destroy...
                  They can be hard to find...
                  I'll try to think to give an exact route in the update...
                  But I can say that one computer is covered by lasers,
                  and the other is behind a field with red flashing floors...
                  ## Go back to the savespot as much as you can to recover and
                  ## go crazy with Dragon Cut... If you have the chance to let
                  ## Feena cast Snooze, than do it... She'll need the water 
                  ## skills...
                  Now you may find a machine with two buttons... You can
                  press them to access bonusses, but don't touch the machine
                  when you want to go straigt to the end (when you go for the 
                  bonusses, bring the machine back to its original state before
                  you can go furth)...
                  When you go furth you'll be introduced to a creature named Gaia...
                  This creature will be very important from now on...
                  After this sequence a boss will appear
                  $$$$ BOSS 18: GAIA BATTLER (1)
                  $$$$ This is the first of the four Gaia Battlers you'll find...
                  $$$$ They are incredibly easy, but underestimating can still be
                  $$$$ fatal.... Just use Doppelganger (or missile when you got
                  $$$$ a throw weapon on Rapp), Zap! Whip and Milda Hit...
                  $$$$ This guy will be history soon...
                  They way out of the castle is easy now that all guards are petrified.
                  >>> 37. Save Cafu
                  Go back to Cafu and talk to the elder at the gate... You cannot
                  enter the village anymore... Doesn't matter... Get a meal at the
                  inn, and Feena will walk off..
                  Follow her.
                  Talk to Feena... Soon Rapp and Milda will come too and say that
                  the village is under attack.
                  Go back into the village and some soldiers attack you...
                  Nothing to worry about...
                  Go to the gate... Another fight... No trouble once again...
                  Go to the back of the village... One more fight and you'll
                  meet Leen...
                  Now you'll see that Leen is really an Icarian...
                  After the sequence go back to the inn and get another meal...
                  The next morning the elder will request you to leave and never
                  come back... Rapp can't live with that, and decides to leave too...
                  And so you'll leave Cafu...
                  >>> 38. Zil Desert
                  ## Finding the way here is no problem, but you must know that
                  ## from Zil Desert there are two side quests available...
                  ## The "Castle Of Dreams" and the "Soldier's Graveyard"...
                  ## Personally I can advise to leave the Graveyard what it is for
                  ## now, unless you're up to a challenge... But I advise to come
                  ## back for it later, after completing Alent...
                  ## As for the Castle Of Dreams... You can pick up some treasures
                  ## since there are nice ones here.... Don't challenge the boss
                  ## yet... You're gonna loose it...
                  ## Don't go into these dungeons to challenge monsters...
                  ## The skill points you get and the experience SUCK in the
                  ## side quests
                  ## I'll tell you when the time is right to take on everything
                  ## assuming you take my advise to go crazy with Dragon Cut...
                  ## At the bottom of this FAQ I'll go into more detail on the
                  ## side quests....
                  >>> 39. Zil Padon
                  Very large town... Find the hotel and talk to the people in
                  front of it... They seem to be fighting over something...
                  Enter the hotel and get a meal...
                  After the meal you can leave Zil Padon and head for the 
                  >>> 40. Savanna
                  Go straigt on all the time to find the exit...
                  ## THere's a mana egg in this place, and the way to the
                  ## side quest "Temptation Tower"... It seems that the 
                  ## Temptation tower can only be found here after Alent...
                  ## don't know that, but even if you can access it now
                  ## I advise to leave that place alone (for now)...
                  >>> 41. Brynan Plateau
                  The way is easy, but there are two gaps you can't cross...
                  One leads to a bonus, the other to the exit...
                  When you find these gaps, search for a small snowball and
                  push it... THe snowball will get bigger and fall in the gap
                  Making a way...
                  Easy, huh?
                  >>> 42. Laine
                  As you enter the village you'll meet Darlin. Milda's
                  husband... Darlin is a "Wise Man" and will give some guidance
                  to Justin... He'll direct you to Derlin, another Wise Man.
                  Go to Derlin and talk to him...
                  Then go to Dorlin, the third Wise Man... But he's not really
                  wise anymore... He's completly out of his mind...
                  Leave Laine and go to the Abanoned Laine Village
                  >>> 43. Warp Space (Abandoned Laine Village)
                  The update will contain the exact route... I'm working on it...
                  The exact route of this place in op top of my priority list
                  when it comes to this FAQ.....
                  For now I must say just to search your way, until you meet
                  the boss in the end
                  $$$$ BOSS 19: GAIA BATTLER (2)
                  $$$$ Remember the first one... Then no more addition is required!
                  Open the chest the battler was guarding to get Dorlin's Horn.
                  Now go all the way back to Laine...
                  >>> 44. Goodbye Milda
                  Go to Dorlin's house and use the Horn on him, and he'll give
                  some information. He's directing you to Zil Padon.
                  When you leave, Milda will say goodbye...
                  ## Milda has permanently left the party now. Her items are
                  ## stored in the stashing place, and her skill experience is
                  ## there now too... Read the "Partymember Goodbye" section for
                  ## more information...
                  Go to Zil Padon
                  >>> 45. Zil Padon
                  Go to the big fountain and a female Mogay called Gina will
                  appear. She wants you to meet the Mogay Elder.
                  Go to the Elder's house and meet Guido...
                  Guido will ask why you want to go throughh with this...
                  Say that you want to protect the world...
                  Guido (who appears to be the Mogay Elder) will join you now...
                  !! NEW PARTY MEMBER: GUIDO !!
                  Go to the fountain... All the water is gone now...
                  !! IMPORTANT !!
                  Once you go trough now there's no turning back... Be sure you
                  are ready before going going in!
                  >>> 46. Mogay Shrine
                  ## This a good place to boost skills :) 
                  ## keep close to the save spot and kick some butt with 
                  ## Dragon Cut...
                  !! IMPORTANT !!
                  The way is easy to find, so no more information on that, but
                  one warning... In this level you can make an error on which you'll
                  never get out when you make it, obligating you to press "Reset"...
                  You may have seen those gaps with a button raising a block opening a 
                  door way... There are two of them...
                  NO WAY OUT BUT THE RESET BUTTON!!!!
                  I don't need to repeat myself do I?
                  From this point solve the floating plate puzzle (easy, but you may
                  fall and when you didn't open the two doors then you are trapped)...
                  At the end you'll meet a boss
                  $$$$ BOSS 20: SHRINE GUARD
                  $$$$ Newbies will have to do this one over and over again...
                  $$$$ this is one of the tougher bosses.... However when you were
                  $$$$ so wise about my training with Dragon Cut, this one is MUCH
                  $$$$ easier.... However don't use dragon cut on him... Use
                  $$$$ MidAir Cut, Zap Whip and Doppelganer (or missile)...
                  $$$$ When Justin runs of SP out let Guido power his SP with
                  $$$$ Mogay Hypo...
                  After the boss you'll get the Medal of Wisdom... This medal is
                  your ticket to Alent...
                  When you go back you'll see that the Garlyle Forces are here...
                  Time to pick another road...
                  Before the boss you may have noticed a way down you couldn't access
                  before... Now you can.... Now follow all the way until Mullen
                  catches up with you... When the Golems awake, make a run for it, 
                  until Feena's body starts to act strange... 
                  Justin will end up alone in some strange place...
                  It's just a matter of finding your way in this easy maze...
                  (Exact route is on top of priority list as well as for Warp Space)
                  At the end you'll meet Mullen...
                  What you'll find out now is something you could have known...
                  Without knowing it herself Feena is just like her sister an 
                  Icarian, and therefore, Baal wants her badly...
                  Time to save her...
                  Take the elevator up and leave the building...
                  You can't prevent Baal to take away Feena, but Rapp and Guido 
                  will show up and get you on board of Baal's ship...
                  >>> 47. The Grandeur
                  ## Try to kill all soldiers with "Dragon Cut"...
                  ## It'll really pay off in skill points...
                  The way is easy here...Follow the road until the square
                  go downstairs and go to the gate...
                  You'll get in some kind of engine...
                  Here's a save spot... Use it for God's sake..
                  And next...
                  $$$$ BOSS 21: Nana, Saki and Mio
                  $$$$ Just what you needed all three in one battle...
                  $$$$ First of all, use "Evade" to create distance between
                  $$$$ Justin, Rapp and Guido... This because of the "Trinity
                  $$$$ Attack", the girls strongest move... With the "Trinity
                  $$$$ attack the three girls will join their forces performing
                  $$$$ a heavy range attack... By increasing the distance
                  $$$$ between our heroes, that "Trinity Attack" is suddenly
                  $$$$ less dangerous... Using "Diggin'" to weaken Nana's Yo-Yo
                  $$$$ is a good idea, and head straight for getting Mio out of
                  $$$$ the battle.... Mio is the weakest, but the most dangerous
                  $$$$ one with her nerve gaz ballons, plus, Mio is the only one 
                  $$$$ with healing magic, so when she's out there's no more healing
                  $$$$ for the ladies... On top of that, all three of them need to be
                  $$$$ active for the amazing "Trinity Attack" which can't be performed
                  $$$$ anymore when one is out....
                  After the fight, the girl will make a run for it... Rapp will
                  intintiate the self-destruct secquence, and so all chaos is 
                  complete... Go further and you'll loose Rapp and Guido when
                  the ship breaks in two parts...
                  Keep running and you'll meet Baal... He fools Justin in saying
                  that he'll release Feena in exchange for the spirit stone.
                  Justin gives the spirit stone and falls in a trap...
                  After climbing out continue your way and when you find a big
                  chair examine it... From here you'll reach Baal, and this
                  time he'll try to kill you...
                  $$$$ BOSS 22: GENERAL BAAL (1)
                  $$$$ Go crazy with MidAir Cut... This boss is soooo easy!
                  Go to Feena and watch the secquence... Now there are no more doubts...
                  Feena *is* an Icarian...
                  You'll end up in Brynan Plateau...
                  Enter the tent and talk to Feena...
                  Now the party is complete again... Leave this place and go to Laine.
                  >>> 48. The way to Alent
                  Go to Darlin and he'll direct you to Dorlin...
                  Talk to Dorlin and he'll open the gate to the mountain behind
                  Laine which is the way to Alent... Go there....
                  The way to Alent is without puzzles, it's just finding the way, and
                  you'll find it pretty easily...
                  At the peak of this mountain is the entrance to Alent...
                  A beautiful spring... Justin will throw the medal in the spring
                  and a rainbow will appear... Justin, Rapp and Feena will enter,
                  but Guido will stay behind...
                  ## Guido has permanently left the party now. His items are
                  ## stored in the stashing place, and his skill experience is
                  ## there now too... Read the "Partymember Goodbye" section for
                  ## more information...
                  >>> 49. Alent
                  ## First there's a mana egg near the entrance...
                  You need to find the shrine, and for to reach that you'll
                  have to fight three bosses
                  $$$$ BOSS 23: HYDRA
                  $$$$ The hardest of the three... Especially the "Recovery Gas"
                  $$$$ may make this fight last forever.. However when you trained
                  $$$$ Justin very much with "Dragon Cut" he'll be strong enough
                  $$$$ to rid rid of him soon with "MidAir" cut... When you didn't
                  $$$$ I think you can better get rid of the "Nice Head" first...
                  $$$$ BOSS 24: GREAT SUSAN-O
                  $$$$ He's so easy... Much easier than his brother in the Mogay
                  $$$$ shrine...
                  $$$$ BOSS 25: PHANTOM DRAGON
                  $$$$ Just use all power you've left... This dragon should be
                  $$$$ no problem at all...
                  Now you'll get in the shrine, swamped with images of Liete...
                  They are all illusions and will disappear when you talk to them
                  Talk to all of them (The one standing before the door will only
                  disappear when you spoke all the others)...
                  Now you can enter and meet the real Liete...
                  Talk to her....
                  After much of story, Justin can convince her to join the party
                  !! NEW PARTY MEMBER: LIETE !!
                  Maybe you understand now why I didn't want to name the last
                  party member at the introductions... When I played the game
                  I never expected her to join... :)
                  Anyway, leave Liete's study and go down to the surface...
                  ## Okay, personally, I go NOW for the side quests
                  ## "Castle Of Dreams" and "Soldier's Graveyard"...
                  ## This is the last chance to do it...
                  >>> 50. Luzet Mountains
                  It's most of all a matter of following the road...
                  No problem at all
                  ## Going crazy with Dragon Cut now (and if you did the
                  ## Soldier's graveyard and equipped the energy ring on Justin
                  ## you can do that very much times) this will make him VERY 
                  ## strong
                  >>> 51. J-Base
                  Turn right after entering the building... Enter the huge door
                  and go to the door right...
                  Push the statue to open a secret passage, and you'll find
                  Mullen and Leen...
                  Next to them is a way down, go there...
                  Now it can be hard to find the way in all the junk, but this
                  place is not really a maze either...
                  ## When you find the savespot for God's sake use it!!!
                  After the savespot is an elevator go up and meet Baal
                  $$$$ BOSS 26: General Baal (2)
                  $$$$ This guy is murder... His human side will cause status
                  $$$$ changes with every blow, and his Gaia side won't give you
                  $$$$ any chances of victory... Therefore put all your enerygy in
                  $$$$ his Gaia side, in order not to give him any chances to do 
                  $$$$ something, and win the battle with that... When his Gaia
                  $$$$ side is at 0 HP you'll win the battle....
                  Watch the secquence and you'll end up in a millitary camp...
                  Go find Feena and talk to her... Now go to the TACOM tent
                  and meet Leen...
                  Now leave the camp and head for Zil Padon
                  >>> 52. Zil Padon (3)
                  Turn right after entering and fight the Gaia Horns...
                  Find now your way to the Mogay section and you'll have
                  another fight...
                  Leen will come and be knocked out... But she's okay...
                  After some talk Gina will come...
                  Talk to Gina...
                  Now you'll hear monster grawl... Go there for a familiar boss
                  $$$$ BOSS 27: GAIA BATTLER (3)
                  $$$$ Same as always!
                  After the secquence go to the entrance and enter the Mogay tent...
                  Meanwhile Leen will try to convince Mullen to do things elseway
                  but Mullen cannot be convinced
                  Now leave Zil Padon
                  >>> 53. Luzet Mountains (2)
                  EXACTLY the same as before, with the diffrence that the monsters
                  are stronger now...
                  ## Remember "Dragon Cut"?
                  >>> 54. Leen's Suicide
                  Enter the building, turn right enter the big door, take the left
                  door, follow the road until you meet Mullen.
                  After the sequence, enter the machine room...
                  Solve this simple maze and meet Leen outside who'll sacrifice her
                  life to stop Gaia for now and to buy time....
                  >>> 55. Feena's troubles
                  You'll end up in front of the tent... WHen you turn the camera you
                  can see Rapp and Liete... Talk to them both and Mullen will come 
                  and enter the tent... After the talk leave the tent and Gina
                  will come telling you, that you are summoned by the Elder (Guido)
                  Go to Guido's house and talk to him...
                  Now go back to the tent and you'll see that Feena's gone...
                  Go to the emcampent and go to the Lyonlot and Justin is powerless
                  in his attempts to stop Feena for the suicidal mission she took on...
                  >>> 56. Justin has lost his faith
                  Go back to Rapp and Liete and they'll go away because of your
                  coward acting at this moment (Don't worry, they'll be back soon)...
                  Leave this place and Nana, Saki and Mio will give the just the
                  "pep talk" you needed...
                  Leave this place and go to the savanna... You'll end up in Zil
                  Just walk the same way as you would walk to find Guido's house
                  until you come at a bridge that's blocked by a Mogay...
                  Go to the just fixed foundation of a house, to the right of
                  this bridge and meet Guido... Talk to him, keep talking
                  until Sue, Gadwin and all the others will appear...
                  They'll restore Justin's faith and Justin is now sure again that
                  he has the power to change the future...
                  The spirits will see Justin is ready now and open the gate to
                  their shrine... Enter it...
                  >>> 57. Spirit Sanctuary
                  ## One warning... The savespot at the entrance is the only
                  ## one is this entire dungeon, so don't push it!!!
                  Keep going straight on until you see the boss (but you can't
                  reach him now)... Go back to the savespot
                  ## When you go left (from the entrance) you can have some nice
                  ## bonusses, the the "Force Knife"... Cool weapon for Rapp...
                  ## Don't worry about SP and MP here, because you need to go
                  ## back to the savespot to continue the quest...
                  When you go right (from the entrance) you can continue...
                  The only really hard puzzle is the one with the colored paths...
                  Take the red path first
                  Then the green path
                  Then the blue path
                  Now you can go further... In the end you'll find the boss
                  $$$$ BOSS 28: GHOST MAGE
                  $$$$ No big deal... Get him at full force... Keep an eye on your
                  $$$$ HP though... He has a few bad moves...
                  Now step in the teleporter... In this room just follow the path
                  the spirits set for you and read Justin's speech...
                  In the end they'll give you the spirit sword... The most 
                  powerfull weapon in the game (Only Justin can use it)... The
                  spirits will send you to J Base... 
                  ## Don't forget to equip Justin with the Spirit Sword.
                  >>> 58. Icarian City
                  Enter J Base and go to the back of this room and go through the
                  broken wall... Enter the staircase, and take the first door of it.
                  It's just following the way, but at a few spots you get some 
                  puzzles... Like the sinking floor... It's easy to get out of it,
                  but I might give a full solution in one of my updates...
                  ## Nice to know that you can get the spirit shield for Justin 
                  The second puzzle is those colored pressure plates... You
                  can only press them in a specific order, but nothing happens
                  when you press the wrong one, so the easiest way is to keep
                  trying them all until the door opens... However by pressing
                  a right plate you'll also release some monsters... Keep that
                  in mind...
                  The last puzzle is the colored ball step in it by standing
                  on the red plate and press the button... Step out of it by 
                  pressing the button when it is yellow. It goes pretty fast
                  so you need to time it just right...
                  At the end of the road you meet... Hmm never seen that one 
                  before (sarcastic)
                  $$$$ BOSS 29: GAIA BATTLER (4)
                  $$$$ Yawn....
                  ## After the Gaia Battler it's wise to turn back to recover...
                  ## not that what's to come is hard, but still... :)
                  After the Gaia Battler you'll meet Mullen and Feena...
                  Justin will explain how the spirits truely think...
                  Mullen, stubborn as ever, thinks that Justin has a too big
                  mouth and wants you to proove yourself...
                  $$$$ BOSS 30: MULLEN
                  $$$$ Keep on using MidAir Cut... When you're strong enough
                  $$$$ you'll even get a victory without him even hurting you.
                  After the secquence go outside and see how everybody has
                  joined the fight against Gaia... Enter the cave and you'll
                  get inside Gaia's body
                  >>> 59. Gaia
                  Lots of strange body parts around this place...
                  The way is easy, and you'll meet a boss here
                  $$$$ BOSS 31: GAIA TRENT
                  $$$$ EEAAAAAAASYYYYYYYY!!! A stronger copy of the Trent, at the
                  $$$$ start of this CD... But somehow much easier...
                  After the trent a way will open... Go there...
                  From here you can enter deeper into Gaia's body, and'll look
                  even stranger here...
                  The big ball here, will turn everything around... Step in it...
                  When you step out the plateau in it will shrink... Walk until
                  you hear it grow again and step in it once again now you'll
                  meet the last boss before the Grand Finale...
                  $$$$ BOSS 32: GAIA ARMOR
                  $$$$ Remember the Massacre Machines? This one is even easier...
                  $$$$ watch out for his "Gravity" though...
                  ## It can be advisable to go all the way back to the savespot
                  ## before continueing...
                  Go to the spot where the boss stood and activate the action icon
                  to open the doorway...
                  You'll get into some colored tunes of veins or whatever you call
                  it. The easiest way is to go trough all the tubes with a color of the 
                  rainbow... They are in order... Starting with red, orange, yellow
                  and so on...
                  You can't enter the purple one, but you can enter the indigo one...
                  Push the ... well... er.... colored "things" here... and go back
                  and the purple road is open...
                  ## Here's the final save spot... USE IT FOR GOD'S SAKE...
                  When you go trough, step on the gray circle to continue...
                  Does not work so well... You need serveral tries before it works...
                  Okay... Time for the Grand Finale!!!
                  $$$$ BOSS 33: GENERAL BAAL (3)
                  $$$$ This mutated form of General Baal is hell...
                  $$$$ Strong spells, and don't power up, cause he'll dispell it all
                  $$$$ Don't waste energy on his body parts... Head straight for the
                  $$$$ main body
                  Now step on the grey circle and you'll get in the final area...
                  There's a stashing place here... Take out all items to restore all
                  your MP and SP... When you continue the final fight will begin
                  $$$$ BOSS 34a: GAIA CORE
                  $$$$ First take out the Mega Gaia's ASAP... When you're history 
                  $$$$ when you don't.... Keep an eye on the gauge... When 
                  $$$$ the core is close to performing a spell, cancel him...
                  $$$$ Then the Mega Gaia's are both gone keep on using Criticals
                  $$$$ on the core... (Don't was your SP)...
                  $$$$ BOSS 34b: EVIL GAIA
                  $$$$ Evil Gaia is a laugh... He has a few killer moves, but he
                  $$$$ seldom uses them... He'll try to power down you instead...
                  $$$$ Just go with full force
                  Now a door will open... Enter it and you've won the game!!!
                                         ***** SIDE QUESTS *****
                  >>> 60. The Castle Of Dreams
                  When exploring this whole place you can find very valuable
                  items... The Bloody Knife, a mana egg and more stuff..
                  When you enter the study open the closet and enter it...
                  From here you can enter the tower...
                  Talk to the girl and meet a boss
                  $$$$ OPTIONAL BOSS: LORD GHOST
                  $$$$ When untrained the worst boss of the game... The
                  $$$$ only way to beat him is to train much with Dragon Cut
                  $$$$ on normal enemies to get Justin strong... Keep on
                  $$$$ cancelling him with criticals and strong moves...
                  When you win you'll get a Lightning Sword...
                  >>> 61. Soldier's Graveyard
                  ## The savespot at the entrance is the only one, this this
                  ## place is big...
                  I'll save myself the trouble of giving an exact route, since
                  this place is too big for that, and the road is not that hard
                  to find either...
                  I can say that the doorway to the deeper levels is pretty
                  well hidden... Turning the camera can help finding it...
                  Once you get in the building, I should tell you that this
                  place is swamped with secret passages... 
                  When you find a big door, you need to open a secret passage
                  nearby to find it's key...
                  Behind this door is a boss
                  $$$$ OPTIONAL BOSS: KUNG-FU MASTER
                  $$$$ Remember Chang? This guy does the same...
                  $$$$ This only bad part is that he regenerates 238 HP all the
                  $$$$ time... You need to go at full force to or this fight
                  $$$$ will take forever...
                  Now search all walls in this area for secret passages
                  (they are easy to find)... There are some Soldier's souls
                  hidden here...
                  When you see a gap with a chest in the middle... Don't go into
                  the gap... You can't reach the chest anyway... Not until you
                  found all souls...
                  On the moment you got all souls the game will indicate it...
                  Go to the chest and get the Engery Ring out of it
                  ## Always equip it on Justin :)
                  Now go out of this place..
                  >>> 62. Temptation Tower
                  This is the only part of the game I can't help you with...
                  All I know is that it's located in the Savanna and that the 
                  monsters here are murder... Since it's a sidequest you can
                  always ignore it... When you want to gimme a full walktrough
                  on it... Send it to me...
                  My FAQs can be found on:
                  When you want to host my FAQs... please let me know

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