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Radiata Stories


Apart from the Humans, here are the rest of the Races.


"Faerie" is a generic term given to all members of non-human races. Specifically, the faerie races include dwarves, dark elves, and light elves. In fact, the friction between faerie's and humans will set off several plot points throughout the story.


The dwarves in Radiata Stories are what one would expect the stereotypical dwarves to be like; they live in mountains, mine ore, and enjoy metalwork as much as the more-than-occasional drink. Of the three faerie races, dwarves seem to have the most contact with humans, as they sell the weapons and armor they craft to them the most.

Dark Elves

Dark elves tend to dwell more in shadows and dark places than the other races, hence their name; however, "dark" does not imply that these elves are an evil race. Like the dwarves, they also seem to have a working relationship with humanity.

Light Elves

The light elves are the oldest of the faerie races. They sport wings and are able to fly freely about the air. Being lovers of nature, they tend to dislike humans the most, as they destroy nature for money.

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